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A.G. Davis is a writer and Desmond “Deetz” Mac Innes’s official biographer. The two met at an Aikido dojo in Chicago during Deetz’s wanderings away from himself. Davis has a doctorate degree in clinical psychology and has worked in social services as a therapist and a program administrator for over 38 years, helping people with wide-ranging backgrounds but who had one thing in common - they were trauma survivors looking for love. "The Roswell Discrepancy:a human romance in three parts" is the start of a series of books titled The Glamorgan Progeny focused on how longing and romance are experienced and lived differently by men. Davis currently lives just outside of Detroit, Michigan with a partner-amateur chef, “Mr. Grumpy”, a whimsical daughter-writer, “L.G.”, and an old, neurotic dog named Sadie. These stories were inspired by the lives of males, gay, bisexual, and straight, who were survivors of childhood sexual abuse and sought therapy from me in hopes of becoming open to real love despite what was done to them. They were not only victims groomed by trusted adults but also of a society that has, until very recently, ignored them or refused to label their experiences as trauma. May this book and the ones forthcoming in the series offer some hope for those I tried to help and the hundreds of thousands who I was never blessed to know.