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Hi. My name is Alexandra. Please, pull up a chair and let's get started: I have so much to tell you. Probably too much, to be honest. I wrote my first erotic story around ten years ago and erotica quickly became an obsession. Soon afterwards, I made a very interesting discovery: I am only able to write when I'm horny; however, I quickly realised this would be no handicap, as I am horny most of the time. I do tend to write stories in a variety of genres with some degree of sexual content rather than simply a sexual description to get oneself off, so you may or may not find what you are looking for on my page here. I do like to stretch myself - quite an apt turn of phrase in the circumstances - by writing from both female and male perspectives. Unfortunately, I have yet to explore (in any sense of the term) other genders but hope (in every sense of the term) to do so before too long. My seven erotic short story anthologies, a book of pervy poetry and a naughty novella can be found on Amazon by searching for Alexandra Amalova or by following the link below. Hope you can find the time to take a look :) While you're there, please peruse the first five volumes of 'The Inversion Chronicles', a sexy sci-fi saga set in the distant future in an even more distant solar system. Please be aware, when settling down to read, that my stories often contain strong language and graphic descriptions of 'adult behaviour'. You have been warned! It is never my intention to offend. Thanks a million for reading my naughty shorties and - if you can find the time - commenting on them too.