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I haven't published any ads yet. The suspense is killing you, right?
I'm a married, poly, mother of 2 in my 30's. I'm into a lot of different things, I don't do taboo but I do love things pertaining to DDLG and BDSM. I'm also BBW so I write some BBW related stories as well. A main theme is non-monogamy and multiple partners or multiple partners at once, that doesn't mean that I believe everyone in a poly relationship is having an orgy or sex with all their partners at once. My stories are fiction, based on events I've witnessed or taken part in. I do remember doing a lot of the things in my stories at one point or another. I am a WOMAN, I've been accused of writing from a male perspective. I don't understand the accusation because it's most definitely my perspective and I AM a woman. I'm the oldest of 3, born in Alabama and raised there and through-out the South. I'm not the typical "Southern Woman", I love the lands but not much of the people there. I now reside in Oklahoma and also love the lands here, the people aren't so bad. You may not get updates often from my stories as I'm a mother and soon to be nursing student. I've put it off for too long and now I REALLY just need to go and do what I've been wanting to do since high school. I do promise to try and update more often, as long as I can get some feedback (Negatives aren't needed, I take criticism if you can approach me in an adult manner and speak positively.)