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I haven't published any stories yet. The suspense is killing you, right?
I haven't published any ads yet. The suspense is killing you, right?
As a kid loved watching and listening to stories, ghost / fantasy etc. As I grew up I continued to be interested by the way other had the ability to take me into another life by adding depth to the reality of the story. A great writer not only concentrates on the centre stage but also keeps you looking for what is going on out of the spotlight but that may tantalise you even more. I have written a number of stories and will start posting them here both from total fantasy to almost total reality of past experiences. I am a straight guy who adores women and can never play enough, I believe in spoiling a girl when she is good and punishing her / pleasuring her when she is bad. Very much an exhibitionist as well as a naturist, so group or public play is my blank canvas. I was a sub when younger, but as time progressed have found I love to be in charge rather than taken charge of. I have a total passion for massage and away from writing love to give more than receiving. Would love to connect we people on here and happy to exchange details with the right friends.
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