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I haven't published any stories yet. The suspense is killing you, right?
I haven't published any ads yet. The suspense is killing you, right?
I am an inclusive queer writer. I write stories that focus on kinky and queer LOVE first and foremost, the exoticness of my stories is secondary to my desire to make sure all types of marginalized relationships are given dignity and grace. I dont write from a place of fetishizing queer sex, I write to show the uniquely human side of queer sex, my stories are meant to arouse and excite, but also to tell human stories. There is awkwardness, there is negotiation, there is checking in. I want my stories to speak to queer people, I want my writing to show that we are NOT just sex objects. I write queer interracial stories and I also I write stories from my perspective as a Black queer trans person. (Currently IDing as a queer trans man) I am still new to kink, and healthy kink relationships, so there is a fantasy element to my stories, and there might be a tad bit of romanticizing of kink and kink relationships. Not everything I write about is necessarily my kink, or even anything I'm remotely interested in, but as stated before, I strive to bring representation and care to a genre that doesn't always show the humanity of people outside of a certain scope. I am somewhere on the Ace and Aro spectrum, I experience little to no sexual attraction, for me the line between friendship and romance doesn’t exist, or is very heavily blurred. I don’t experience romance the same way that alloromantic people do. Yes, AroAce people can, and do enjoy kink. Kink is not an inherently sexual thing, but also, AroAce people can still desire sex, relationships, and other things of that nature. I currently have two amazing partners, one who is a nesting partner and another who lives right next door. It's a dream situation, I get to spend time with my partners when I desire, but when I need alone time to write, or do research, or just vibe with myself and get my head together, I can send my nesting partner to our other partner. It works perfectly! I have ADHD and Autism, I am incredibly awkward in social situations and cant be out in public for extended periods of time, because I get incredibly overstimulated. I am looking into getting a service dog, but currently don’t have the money for one. I am praying that at some point I can get an assistance dog, it will be the difference between me living a more comfortable life, as opposed to now where I am incredibly isolated, aside from my partners. I am disabled, I have spine issues, sciatica, asthma, and fibro (Possibly other things, but I haven’t been to the doctors in over a year due to medical neglect, medical racism and medical fatphobia) I want to begin writing more stories showcasing disabled, autistic, etc characters. Disabled people like sex and kink as well, it might be a bit harder for us, but we enjoy being fucked, or fucking too! I dove into kink headfirst, and wholeheartedly as a fresh faced 18 year old, and was soundly traumatized. I fell prey to predatory people (which was a theme in my life for years beforehand as well) but that didn’t snuff out my love of kink, and kinky people. There are good dominants, submissives, switches, etc out there, and I feel like I’m working towards finding them. I did recoil from kink for a while, but I came back. Kink is an important release for me, and I am leaning into my more dominant side after IDing as solely as a submissive for years. My wonderful nesting partner is an AMAZING sub and bottom for me. She is patient and respectful of my boundaries as a dominant. She doesn’t get angry when I reflexively check in after every sound she makes. I’m learning to be more confident. I have to remind myself that she doesn't expect or demand dominance from me, like so many submissives have, even when I TOO IDed as a submissive. People see my Blackness, and immediately view me as a dominant even when I’m clearly in submode, wearing a collar and everything. I ID as a switch at this moment, but definitely leaning more submissive. I still recoil at times from Dominance because of my negative experiences of being demanded to dominate people, even if I didn’t want it. Ok, I’ve rambled on enough, for now, no promises that I won’t add more to my profile at a later date and time