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I'm a friendly, loyal, imaginative T-Girl who loves hanging out and being sexy. I haven't had any ops or anything, because I'm happy as I am. The one thing I love as much as being submissive is my little black bob - I've even written an erotic novel about it called 'My Black Bob'. Here's the lowdown: When thirtysomething trans woman Kelly gets her hair bobbed like her heroine, silent movie legend Louise Brooks, she sees it as the ultimate validation of her hard-won freedom and proof that she doesn’t need any operations because she is already perfect. However, when Kelly heads to Brighton for an ecstatic weekend of drug-fuelled sexual abandon, she encounters a cast of strange, beautiful and often terrifying characters who take her firmly in hand and make her confront the deeply erotic realm where fantasy ends and a delirious new reality begins. Kelly opens herself to it all as her exoticism and willingness inspire extremes of lust, twists even she can’t predict, and a climax she might not return from... Buy the novel here: I'd love it if you left a short review on Amazon! xx In other news, I'm 5'8", about 10 stone and very slim, although sleekly muscled. I work out a lot, and enjoy running, weights and cardio. I have no expectations that others should be anything like me and it's not a prerequisite; rather, it's how I love to be. I've got great legs and a fantastic arse, plus a lovely full mouth and large, very expressive eyes. The latter mean you will probably know how I'm feeling; I'm hopeless at hiding emotions. I have a large nose, but then so did Princess Diana and she did okay, up until '97 anyway. I really love wet hair, it's a fetish of mine although not one I've indulged in recently because I like to retain my style, plus we're in England and it can get chilly. I also like bathrooms; something about cool white porcelain, running water, mirrors - mmmmm... Plus watersports of course, I adore those. It's an intimacy you can go full-on with and not worry about sexual health, as well as an antidote to a culture that can sometimes overdo the cleanliness drive. One of my fantasies is to be dunked in a fresh vat of warm piss. I enjoy a drink, especially ice-cold white wine and prosecco, and appreciate other intoxicants. I'm a massive fan of poppers, not just for the sweet high but also the sense of being centred. I'm a sales woman for an international publishing company, and do so much better now I'm me. Deep down, however, I would rather be a transgender prostitute. Twitter