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I live in Clayton, North Carolina, USA; which is a small town south-east of Raleigh, the State Capital. 20+ years ago when we moved here it was a lost little town, today with expanded new housing construction and new highway planing it will quickly become a suburb of Raleigh. Soon you will not be able to distinguish one city from the other.  I was with my first wife for 39 years, married for 36 years. In 2018 she lost her 25 year long battle with breast cancer. We raised 2 kids, adults now, our son (32) who's divorced and is now very happy with an old flame from high school (30). My daughter (29) has not lived much, but was a God sent Angel, as she put her life on hold and took care of her mother and me for many years. I am disabled and was forced with a medical discharge from the NC Army National Guard, into early retirment, due to chronic pain and other serious issues with my back. Because of that and my other medical issues I end up in bed a lot resting and not doing too much else. I worked for almost 40 years in a wide variety of tasks and jobs across a lot of different technologies.  Building computers, fixing and testing commercial avionics, testing and certification of production and packaging of pharacuticals.  Next I oversaw, testing and repair of Motorola walkee-talkees and cellphones. I then joined the NC National Guard and US Army, as Resources Conservation Manager to conserve resources, improve efficiencies and develop operations utilizing Green Energies, wind, solar-electric, solar-thermal, geo-thermal and eliminate waste across all operations and missions. Today I say that I have a good brain, but it is inside a bad body. I can’t do some things, but I can tell YOU how to achieve great results. I am waiting for cyborg or robot development then I will switch ASAP my brain into a new high tech body. I am now single after 39 years there is a new world out there, even before my marriage, I didn’t “play the field”, too much respect for women. Females were/are God's gift to man, and should be honored, respected, cared for and treasured. I put a great value on every woman and could not consider “one night stands” for me, with them. Hope is on the horizon, through E-Mail/PenPals I was introduced to a wonderful woman, in a foreign country, Germany, expanding her nursing abilities in college. She was born in Scotland, part of the British Conglomeration of the United Kingdom. How we found each other, fell in love and are planning our future together, has got to be a gift of Devine Intervention, how else do you explain it??? I have always professionally written documents, manuals, procedures and instructions, so now I am trying my hand at writing as a distraction and my personal pleasure. Please tell me how I am doing, what I am doing wrong, along with what I could be doing better! I will accept all the constructive criticism, just will not permit nor encourage haters, no time for them!!!! Who knows what the future holds, but with your help maybe I can create the next great novel, but sexy stories may be more fun..... Hope you enjoy what I write, but I am always open to new suggestions.........