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I haven't published any stories yet. The suspense is killing you, right?
I haven't published any ads yet. The suspense is killing you, right?
Amateur writer of erotic literature. Have written several stories on Brother-Sister Incest which have been published on another site and under a different pen name. I have a few stories on romance and a few stories on Lesbian sex. Have written one Non-Erotic Romance story with another currently in the works 10/15/19. In the meantime i have been busy writing more stories and proof reading other of the many stories i have finished. Unfortunately i have not been able to find a reliable competent editor. I am a retired Engineer with many years of engineering experience accompanied by many years of technical writing. Writing erotic literature is a completely new avenue for me. Principally i write for my own pleasure with hopes that others will enjoy my work. I enjoyed writing as a vocation and i similarly enjoy writing as an avocation. It keeps me busy and my mind active. However it’s not clear that i can post stories to this site by simply uploading my finished word file to the site. I have two non-erotic romance stories i would like to upload to this site if i can upload my completed WORD file. MetalMiner 06 January, 2020.