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NSFW’s Tales tells the Story of a Succubus named Natt Serene Fiona Williams. With her cold demeanor, it may be hard to believe that she fights for the oppressed and weak, to give them the tools they need to find a new strength to get through their life, but you better believe that this is the case. She may be doing this with some unconventional methods, but the results are just as effective as they are kinky. While this story is definitely “not safe for work.” It focuses on some of its parts on the explicit sexual depiction in some form, but it is way more than just simple porn. Following Serene through her life and her hardships give us the potential to build an immersive world full of heroes to root for, villains to condemn, and demons to get charmed by. NSFW’s Tales is created as a passion project by a duo that loves to write and draw alike. They are the Author @ScrivVener (they/them) and the Artist @Zliva_Art (she/her) that are joining forces to tell this ever-evolving story. Every chapter has at least one fully illustrated Artwork, ranging from essential Charakters to Pin-Ups and Hardcore Scenes. We need to speak about stories that are inclusive and empowering, especially for Women* and the GRSM Community. If you are a fan of some kinky tales with the standard of good storytelling, this might be just the thing for you! Consider supporting us here on Patreon, or follow us on Twitter and Instagram. For every Patreon we are having, we are Donating 1$ to the Global Network of Sex Work Projects. NSFW’s Tales is a Non-Profit Organisation that we believe helps and improves the lives of so many people that bring the naughty in our live. Let’s support and protect them because not everybody can be a badass Succubus. To find out more, visit their Website under nswp.org and maybe give them a little Donation as well! Where to find us: Patreon: patreon.com/NSFWs_Tales Instagram: Serene_Tales Curiouscat: curiouscat.me/NSFWs_Tales Twitter Handles: @NSFWs_Tales Art: @Zliva_Art she/her Text: @SkrivVener they/them