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I haven't published any ads yet. The suspense is killing you, right?
I'm long term happily married. I started writing erotic fiction after reading it on e-books for about 2 years, and thought I have enough ideas I could write like that. Then I found this website and others and that was the incentive I needed to start writing in Feb 2018. Many of my stories have a strong biographical content, either the whole story, just a scene or maybe a character. I will try and let you know if the story is real, but how much or what person I am in it is up to you to imagine!!! The story my girlfriends sister is very very real but who am I in the story, I could even be the girlfriend!!! I love oral sex, both giving and receiving and threesomes, preferably FFM. If anyone would like me to write a story for them, please let me know, give me a brief idea of what scenarios you want, and description of characters tall, short, blond dark etc. and I will try and make it as realistic for you as I can.
Adventure, Fetish & Kink, Straight