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I am an avid writer,reader,lover and dreamer. I have always tried to make my dreams come true by writing them down. When it comes to erotica I have found that writing in such a revealing way has made me learn so much about myself. As a believer in true love, I know that love comes in all sorts of ways and stories. With 27 years under my belt I know how to express myself and inner thoughts into making the readers relate and love with me. Writing Erotica is something I have always enjoyed. Within the twists and turns of life, I try to incorporate my wild imagination into the lives of those I create. As Erotica writers we are free to express ourselves without worry of censors, judgements, or hate. Like I said, I am an avid writer,reader,lover and dreamer. All those go into the makings of my career as an Erotica writer. xx