Transcribe your story

Info Sorseress
21 Jul. '19

Have you heard of all those famous authors who dictated their work, having others write them down for them?

This is something that states back long before our time.

Imagine how nice it would be.

You sit down with a cup of coffee (or tea, if that's what you prefer).

You switch on some music, to set the mood.

Your Persian cat settles in your lap.

You inhale deeply, relaxed, patting the cat, while thinking about the story you want to tell.

And then you press a button. Record. Let the story begin.

You might want another cup of coffee. 

You might want to eat something.

You think about it for a moment, pausing the story.

But alas, you remember that your hands aren't tied down.

All you have to do is tell the story.

A smile spreads on your lips.

You sit back in your armchair, looking at the gorgeous view.

And your story flows. Fast, effortlessly.

You tell it how it is and how it could be.

I will take care of the rest.


Any questions, please get in touch. For only £20, I will listen to a recording of 500 words and write it down. It could be a monologue, a dialogue, even a conversation between more than two people. The possibilities are endless, really. Think about it as a reverse audiobook, where the audio comes first. I will also correct mistakes, word flow, and anything else that helps make the story unfold. 

But don't forget, it's your project, I'm only here to help you put it on paper.