Buy & Sell On Our New Marketplace!

Buy & Sell On Our New Marketplace!

Update Januar '18

If there's one thing we all have in common, it's our love for erotic stories. No matter what it is that tickles one's fancies. For some of our readers, it's enjoying the mental image that comes up in mind while reading, or the inspiration. When it comes to our authors, some write “just” for fun, and some write for fun and pay, or hope to do it one day. While Noveltrove is free and always will be (at least until the world turns flat), making money with erotica is not something I frown upon. I believe it has its place, like free erotica. The advantage of free erotic fiction is, that it has a much larger audience (like everything that's free), whilst as we all know, money is money.

Why am I torturing you with my simple words? The reason is, Noveltrove is launching a free marketplace - - for customized erotica, and related services. What does that mean? Our marketplace allows authors & artists to offer customized paid services, like writing a story, or recording audio stories. More precisely, authors may offer to write customized stories and readers can find an author to write it for them. What's the point? For authors, it's the challenge of putting a customers ideas into a coherent and beautiful result, and to earn a little on the sidelines. For readers, it's a chance to get something that's exactly the way they want it, for example one dedicated to a girl-, or boyfriend.


How does the marketplace function?

It's simple, trust me. ;)

For authors & artists:

If you want to offer your services to our visitors, simply send me your ad per mail to Your ad should include the following information:

- A short title that describes what you offer.
- A text body, where you describe in detail what you offer and what you charge. Please keep it under 1k words.
- An email address or any other handle for your prospective customers to get in touch with you (like a skype handle). Please be advised that this contact address will be visible publicly. If you are in need of an anonymous email address, we think (free) will do a good job for you.

What's important, everyone who gets in touch with you is your customer, and it's up to the both of you to agree upon work and pay. Please keep in mind that Noveltrove is unable to help with any disagreements between you and the buyer.

For buyers:

If you are interested in an offer you find on the market, just reach out to the seller. Please keep in mind that Noveltrove is unable to help with any disagreements between you and the seller.

I really hope you will enjoy our marketplace. Everyone who wants to be on it, please send me an email to If you haven't seen it yet, here's a link to our marketplace -

Please comment below if you have any questions, or to let us know what you think.


Images by Kaboompics // Karolina, CC0