First Ever Erotic Story Bitcoin Contest

First Ever Erotic Story Bitcoin Contest


Once in a while, great minds come up with an idea that changes the world. One example is the airplane, invented by the Wright brothers. Almost equally important, but less celebrated inventions are selfie sticks and ... butt plugs. Did you know that butt plugs are much older than the other sticks and were originally intended as a medical device? They exist at least since the late nineteenth century. If you ever time-travel 100 years back, ask for Dr. Young's Ideal Rectal Dilators, which, very much to the delight of the modern day connoisseur, came in different sizes. Just take $2.50 in cash with you, as bitcoins weren't invented yet.

Bitcoins are fun

Cold hard cash and funky bitcoins bring us straight to the next topic, which is the launch of our latest erotic stories contest. What do bitcoins have to do with our contest? You guessed it, the winner will receive bitcoins ... well, a fraction of a bitcoin, but hey, don't be greedy now (please)! You may ask why, and the reason is that we think bitcoins are a great invention, one that will turn our world into a better place, unlike selfie sticks, which are used as instruments of torture in the despairing metropolis.

For all of you who haven't heard about bitcoin yet or are skeptical, please let me try to explain a little about them. For more information visit or r/bitcoin. Bitcoins are the first, and still most popular cryptocurrency in terms of market share. Cryptocurrencies are currencies like the US Dollar, but come with some major differences:

- Bitcoins are stored on a wallet. The owner can access her bitcoins using her private key, which is very important to keep.
- Every bitcoin transaction is recorded on the blockchain. The blockchain is a public ledger, and everyone can have a look at it and copy it. This is to prevent manipulation.
- New transactions are added to the blockchain by miners, who verify them. Miners are paid for their service with new bitcoins, that are mined (=created) in the process, and transaction fees. Everyone can be a miner, but it's recommended to learn the ins and outs before starting.

A jury will decide on the winner

Back to our contest. It will launch on November 2nd and you can submit stories until November 22nd. The winner will be selected by our jury, and announced a few days after the submission period has ended and the jury has made its decision. The jury consists of three pioneers in the erotica sphere on the internet, which I'm very very fond of having. Please allow me to present them to you in a few words.

Adam Gunn: Adam Gunn is an erotic fiction author who publishes stories online since 1994. He started publishing on Asstr, found through some unkown guiding force (bring more) his way to Noveltrove and has since become a much loved and respected part of our site.

Bacchus at ErosBlog: Bacchus was among the first sex bloggers ever and is active till this very day (more here). Bacchus does not only cover a wide range of sex topics on his blog, he is also concerned about the future of the internet and our planet in general.

Kayla Lords at Kayla is another veteran sex blogger who mainly writes about BDSM, but you will find her writings all over the internet on a variety of subjects. She knows how to add a personal touch and is not afraid to write openly about her own feelings. Kayla also just got married! Congratulations, we all wish you happiness & love!

We have settled on a jury instead of public voting as we wanted to try a different venue, and we are sure that it will be a success and fun for everyone involved. Please refrain from contacting jury members to "bribe" them. They will take your bribe and spend it on magic mushrooms (Ok, that's what I would do), but it's not going to work in the way you intended, unless you were eager for a spanking session in my personal dungeon, full of broken promises (mine) and selfie sticks (yours). Comments as well as story upvotes and downvotes have no influence on the judgement of our jury.

The winner gets a bitcoin wallet

For the most eager of wolf pack, here's what you were waiting for, here's what's in it for you. The winner will receive the private key to this wallet 1zXaURs9eV5HP2AqNvJzZggFVzeykehvu, which contains 0.019295 BTC. That's $100+ at the time of writing. Think of the future and spend it wisely.

Contest rules

Our contest is anything goes, but strictly within the general guidelines of our website. Anything outside won't be considered, no matter how well-written. Anything goes means that it can be gay, sad, straight, fetishistic or romantic, whatever you want. In order to take part in the contest, you need to choose the category "contest" when submitting. It has entered the contest once it's online, as long as it's pending it hasn't. The content of your story must be original, as we really don't like plagiarism in order to win a contest. You don't need to submit an image with your story, but you can if you want.

The only thing that you have to include in your story is a time machine. You can either use it to travel into the past or future, or to dive into a parallel universe. Let your creativity flow freely.

Please keep your story under 7,777 words. The jury members will judge your story on what they perceive is important to a story. This most likely includes spelling, thus double-checking your story won't hurt.

For comments please use the comment section below. Good luck and have fun!

As ever,
Arti ^_^

Images by juliaorige and Bitboy, CC0