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I am 74 years old and an ex-teacher; I live in wealthy English suburbia where swingers and sex parties are regular occurrences. I have never written a storey like this before or tried to get it published, it was done to alleviate the boredom of self-isolation during the Covid-19 epidemic. I was devoted to my husband (now deceased) but he took a lover as he said I was unable to fully satisfy him sexually. His lover was a very strong woman; she moved into the family home and dominated our sex lives. She made me a submissive cuckquean and making us frequented regular swingers and sex parties. As a result of these parties, I was used by other dominatrix in their sex games with men. This story covers a year in our lives and is a love story, loosely based on my life experiences from the sex parties and my sexual fantasies, although I have changed the characters around making a man the lead submissive person and it details the making and adventures of a submissive cuckold husband.