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After a long career in public service I am now a person of leisure. Plenty of time to read and write. I am well travelled and especially enjoy historical heritage and art galleries. Wine and fine food are always fun. I believe in random acts of human kindness and a voice for all humanity. I support Amnesty International actively. Some of my stories use Australian slang, expressions and place names. My location is 'Down Under.' I came to erotic writing because I realised we have all left our largest personal story untold, yet it defines us. Our genitals are life's signature inscription, our bona fida gift to each other with more than flesh attached. Sex like everything else keeps building associations. Consensual sexual memory is very powerful and always latently present in life and we do get lucky with sex sometimes and resilient in love eventually. My novel here; Pappus & Sonder; reflects the above. The short stories I post are designed to be racy, provocative; a tad naughty; but always respectful of human sexual impulses and diversity. They have a secondary motive; to tempt you to delve into my novel and explore for yourself that; ' memory tattoos even seemingly casual sex under our flesh. It will ripple back.'