Explained: What is kink?

In the simplest terms, kink or kinky is all about sexual behavior. To many people, kinky may sound strange or perverted, but in reality, almost everyone has some type or degree of kinky behavior. For most people who have kinky behavior, the key reason is to spice up their sex life. Some people may try new sex toys, others role-play and yet others participate in weekend orgies.

The other thing to know is that kinky behavior is always in transition. What was kinky 3 decades ago may not be kinky today. For example, making a sex tape was considered kinky three decades ago, but today it is considered just part of normal sexual behavior-it's not unusual for couples to tape themselves. Many people turn to kinky behavior when their sex life becomes dull or they read about a sexual activity, not unlikely in an erotic story, and want to experiment with it.

Kinky behavior when it is confined to the bedroom or between two consenting partners, is perfectly fine. It only carries a negative stigma when the activity goes out of the bedroom. For example, if you get aroused peering through windows and watching women undress or like to pull down panties of unsuspecting women in public, then not only is the activity illegal but it can get you into a lot of problems.

Kinky behavior is not only confined to men; women are also into kinky stuff. But unlike men, women tend to keep the kink to themselves or only reveal their inner sexual desire to their most trusted partner.

The types of kinky behavior are as wild as one's imagination. Some people have the usual kinky behavior related to leather, S & M and threesomes and yet there are others who want to pee on others or be peed on themselves. Others like to use syrup or chocolate not only to smear themselves and lick it but also as a lubricant during anal and vaginal sex.

Kinky behavior also has extremes like humiliation, dominance, flogging, worship, leather, needles, pain, having sex with strangers in cinemas, and choking.

Probably the most common kinky behavior in the bedroom is role playing with a twist. Some women for example like to be tied down and/or spanked.

The problem with kinky behavior is that over time the same act or gimmick gets old and people start to look for something else. This search for extreme kinkiness can get them into trouble with the law. It is one thing to ask your partner to dress like a nurse and go ‘commando while shopping, but it is quite another thing to have sex with animals.

While solo kinky behavior is safe, if you plan to have a kink with someone else, you have to make sure that the partner will accept such behavior. Some partners may find it shocking if you just blurt out that you would like to ‘crap’ on them. Plus know your partner well if you plan to undertake risky behavior. You surely do not want to be hog-tied on your first date with a stranger. So go slow and play safe- sometimes kinky behavior has been known to lead to serious injuries and even death.

So as long as you do perform the kink in your own bedroom and you and your partner have no objections, happy kinking.

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