Adam was dancing by himself at the Meat Locker. The music spun like wheels around his head as he lumbered across the waxed, beer-washed floor, bumping into people and rubbing up against various women, occasionally copping a cheap feel.

Officially, the bar was the Sports Locker, but the regulars knew it as a meat rack. Quick pickups were the house specialty, and the action this Friday night was prompt and profuse. But Adam, having been there long enough to run up another 50 dollars on his bar tab, and strike out with every available woman in the place, was now reduced to dancing alone.

The DJ played crude tunes: Zappa`s "Broken Hearts are for Assholes," Madonna's "Virgin," and now this latest new group, The Love Biters singing "Succubus." Adam was having fun, but visibly drunk. He skittered sideways through a foamy puddle, managing to stomp on his own toes as the adenoidal Jamaican singer cried "Avaunt three!" and the band intoned rhythms about a devouring sexual demon named Lorelei issuing invitations down dark paths.

Exhaustion forced Adam off the floor. He flopped into a booth, his head bowed, the smell of bourbon rising on his sweat.

"You were very pretty out there. Why did you stop?"

Adam jumped. He hadn't noticed anyone else a moment before.

An incredibly beautiful lady sat opposite him in a shimmery dress of white gold. The shapely, graceful woman smiled with relaxed enticement.

"I'm sorry," his voice was slurry. "Am I taking somebody's seat?"

"No. I am perfectly alone. What is, may I ask, your name?"


She had a closed-lipped smile that curled up in the corners. "I am Lilith."

She was delicious. Her hair was silvery-blond, and her voice had a curious ring, almost Celtic. Adam admired her white, inviting cleavage. He wanted to swim inside her curling vowels. She asked him to dance together.

Adam was more drunk than he`d realized, having a hard time standing upright. It seemed as though Lilith, who was nearly as tall as he, was holding him up, her strong hands at his sides. He moved closer to her. Her large breasts rubbed temptingly in time with the music. He pressed his mouth to her neck, and she purred as he tasted her skin. She moved her hips with his, and when he pushed his tipsy randy erection to her, she wriggled against him. He passed his thumb over her nipple. It was hard and seemed to vibrate under his touch. He looked into her eyes and said that they shone dark blue. She moved her lips to his ear.

"Do we have to stay here?" She nipped his earlobe.

The were standing by his car moments later. LILITH took the keys from him and unlocked the door. She pushed him in past the steering wheel.

As Lilith drove, Adam scooted over to concentrate on her breasts. He undid her blouse and proceeded with a professional assessment, weighing them in the palm of his hand. "Excellent quality. I'll take two, please." She laughed and turned a corner.

They pulled up in front of a house he didn't recognize. "Your Place?" he asked stupidly.

"Of course, come on in. I think you'll like it."

"I think I'll love it," he said, with what he assumed was charm.

Set well back from the other houses, the place was overgrown with bushes. A flash of lightning outlined the small home for a moment, then the dark returned. They went up on the porch. Lilith pushed open the door and walked in.

"Don't you keep your house locked?"

"Oh, no. No one ever bothers me."

"Must be a nice neighborhood. Maybe I'll move here."

Lilith smiled. "It would be nice to have you around."

She didn't bother to turn on any lights, but led him assuredly through the house to a back room. The blue light from a digital clock was enough to show Adam that this was the bedroom.

Never in his life had he had so little trouble getting a honey into the sack. This one was practically setting an ambush for him. She pressed against his back. He turned and they were kissing. Her mouth was cool, and her tongue was sweet; it was like kissing a flower.

Her fingers went to his erection, stroking it through his slacks. Her touch was electric. She undid his fly, reaching in to find his rigid meat. His hands went to her creamy breasts; kneading needing. Their clothes slid away and they were naked.

She bent over and surrounded his cock with her mouth. Adam had never had it like this - slick and liquid, drawing him up, squeezing him out. She straightened up and kissed him deeply; he thought he could taste himself on her tongue.

She whispered, "Go ahead and get into bed."

She left Adam alone in the darkened room. He reached for the edge of the bed. Pulling back the heavy covers, he climbed in. He thought he kicked a pillow or something among the sheets, but when he turned over there was nothing there. When Lilith returned she had put on some exotic scent. Rain pelted against the house; somewhere in the distance Adam could hear a screech owl. Unlike anything he'd ever known; it made him think of the jungle.

When he began to eat her, it was like plugging into a light socket. She grabbed his hair with both hands, pulling at him as she writhed and twisted. His mouth and nose buried in the center of her, he could barely breathe. Lilith arched her back in orgasm just in time; he was becoming exhausted.

Moving up her body, he brushed his now somewhat softened prick over her wiry fleece, her wonderful supple belly, then back and forth across her breasts. He could feel her nipples with his balls. His cock had grown huge and hard once more, and he was trembling with need.

Lilith maneuvered him between her legs and pulled him inside - it was like being sucked in. Slippery velvet, she was better than anyone Adam ever had.

Lilith clawed and bucked, calling out in words Adam couldn't understand. He felt he was riding the wild ocean. Again Lilith arched her back. Adam watched her face as she came; her eyes were open and he could see them in the light of the clock; the blue seemed to emanate from within. Her orgasm went on forever; she threw back her head and opened mouth in a silent scream. Adam continued to ride her, vainglorious that he had produced this wonderful event.

At last she subsided and dropped back onto the bed, relaxed but encouraging him on with her hands on his ass. From the amount he had drunk tonight it should have been difficult for him to come, but this time it was different. He could feel her pussy sucking at his prick drawing the semen up out of him.

As she milked him, his balls tingling, Adam rubbed his face in her silver hair. Groaning, he shot into her. The sensation spread from his groin, filling his body. It was so good, he was passing out, just barely aware that she was chuckling as she enfolded him in her arms. His last conscious thought was that the covers were thrown back and he was cold.

Adam rolled over and saw daylight. The clock said 11:32. He was shocked. He hadn't slept this late in years.

His first impulse was to leap out of bed, but the effort of sitting up was almost too much for him. He was wiped out! There was a note by the clock.

Dearest Adam,

I had to leave early. Feel free to stay as long as you like.
I like having you in my bed.

Love, Lilith

The handwriting was ornate, classical, and very pretty - much like Lilith herself. Adam was tempted to take her up on her offer and just go back to sleep. But Saturday or no, he had to get up and get going. Can't waste the whole day.

He reached under the sheet and touched himself. Odd. Normally making love to a woman left his cock and balls a little tacky, but this morning they felt licked clean. He laughed thinking he would've woken up for that.

Adam struggled out of bed and wandered blearily around to locate his clothes. Although weak, he didn't feel hungover. He certainly should have been, considering the prodigious amount of drinking he'd indulged in. Instead, he felt simply drained. Like his very bones had been hollowed out.

His car was parked at the curb. When he got home he ate the biggest lunch of his life.

After dark, the rain started again. Adam felt a little possessed. He NEEDED Lilith. But for some reason the thought of going over to her house scared him.

"To hell with it," he muttered defiantly, it was time to book.

Her house was dark and looked unlived in. The rain became more fierce. Adam ran up the walk and took the porch steps in a single leap. Moments after he banged on the door, Lilith stood before him.

"I was expecting you." She kissed him long and reached the core of him. Taking Adam by the hand, she led him through the house.

When they were beside the bed she stripped him down quickly, efficiently. He was completely naked while she was still fully dressed. She went over him with her hands and mouth covering every inch. Lilith cupped his balls with one hand, tickling them between her fingers. She worked the head of his cock with her tongue, running her other hand up and down the shaft.

His essence churned inside him, pounding for release. He grabbed her shoulders and spurted over her lips and tongue, and she sucked him down. Adam collapsed before her, dazed as she took off her clothes. He looked up when a flash of lightning lit the room. She was beautiful in the cold fire, a goddess.

Lilith helped him to his feet, practically lifting him into bed. Climbing atop him, she passed her breasts over his face. Reversing position, she tongued his balls and pulled his pubic hair with her teeth. Adam could feel life hesitantly returning to his drained cock.

She licked her fingers and slid it into his anus. He groaned in pleasure, in reluctance. Turning around, she raised her hips and took his hardened prick, directing it to her pussy. A long moan escaped Adam as she settled down, and she too groaned with his penis deep inside her.

She rode him like a runaway horse, her hair flying and breasts bouncing. She rapidly worked herself into a frenzy, yet didn't take that crest to orgasm. Though she was emitting hoarse screams from deep in her throat, and clutched him in steel grips, she seemed to be waiting. Her gyrations increased and became more than Adam could follow. It was like fucking a tornado. Then he was screaming and Lilith was screaming, and she wrapped herself around him in release.

It was so incredibly good, and Adam didn't remember any more.


Daylight. It was 12:00, Lilith was gone, and damn, he was sore!

Adam lounged around for more than an hour before he got up. He always started the day off on the bounce, but today a fog had settled in on his head.

Driving home, the streets slick from last night's rain, he nearly ran a red light before a horn brought him out of his haze. He hadn't done any drinking the night before, so he couldn't blame his dopiness on that. Maybe Lilith was, literally, fucking his brains out?

All day Sunday he puttered around the house, not doing much. He caught himself thinking, waiting for the night. But that didn't make any sense.

That evening, though, like the rain, he did return. And Lilith was waiting for him. And it was good.

Adam awoke Monday morning. It took him ten minutes to realize he was late for work. As usual, Lilith wasn't around. He stumbled out the front door, tucking his shirt into his unzipped pants. His boss was pissed, but Adam didn't care.

To hell with it.


Thursday he couldn't get out of Lilith's bed. All day he dozed, rolled over, and slept again. When he finally made it all the way awake, evening was coming. He was so weak he felt as if he were dissolving. He actually began to believe that if he were to hold up his hand to the light, he'd be able to see right through it.

Wrenching himself around, the covers tugging and pulling like hands of a drowning man. Adam finally worked himself over to where he could see the sinking sun through the window. But by the time he gathered the strength to raise up his arm to his eyes, it was too dark to see. Sobbing he fell back on the pillow.

Lilith came in.

Adam was still naked from the night before. Lilith stood at the foot of the bed and disrobed. The rain began outside. A current of apprehension wound itself around his bowels. But she was glorious, her long silver hair flowing over her shoulders, breasts high, slim waist, thick pubic thatch. A slick, hungry yearning bubbled though Adam, smothering the fear in his gut. He ached for her.

Throwing back the covers, she crouched over his stiffening penis. She lowered her head to it, the touch of her breath was the first thing he felt, then her hair brushing over his stomach and thighs. She christened the head of his prick with a gentle kiss. Her tongue traced its length; he moaned low and long. She lifted her head and smiled up past the swell of his abdomen. He could see her eyes in the glow of the clock. Raising herself and, with her back to him, she straddled him. Her round, beautiful ass brushed over his stomach.

Positioned above his rock-hard dick, she lowered so its head pushed against her anus. She sank down. His cock slipped into her, and they both groaned. Life and strength poured into Adam, and his shaft. She rode him, pounding onto him, burying him in her ass. The feeling was so exquisite Adam could barely stand it. He grabbed her hips, pushing even farther into her, his pelvis banging her hot flesh. She was yelling and his breath came in shrieks. He couldn't hold back much longer; it had never been this good, not even with Lilith.

Clamping his hands on her shoulders, pulling himself up he hammered at her - Adam wanted all of eternity to be this moment. Suddenly, with a cry torn from him, his sperm went boiling into her, as though his blood and soul were spewing out through is prick into Lilith. Flowing out, on and on, Adam released her shoulders, falling back on the bed, his cock still spurting. Lilith ground her ass against him, lifting her hands above her head, calling out, "Yes, yes! So full of life, so YOUNG!"

Still deep in her, Adam felt himself give way. He sank into the bed. Gazing up at Lilith's sculpted back, he hugged himself. It was so good, so fine; his dick and balls tingled; his body danced with the fine disintegration of nerves.

But now he was cold. So very cold.


The next night Lilith escorted her new young man back through the darkened house. He was about 35, wore jeans and a black leather vest. Stitched across the back was Scott Thumper Davis, and a motorcycle patch was above which was the legend THE DEMONS. His breath smelled of beer, and he couldn't stop smiling.


She led him down the dark hallway and into her bedroom. Putting her hands on his chest, they began taking off each other's clothes. Scott kept stopping to fondle her breasts, impatient, about ready to throw her to the floor and have her on the spot. When they were naked she took his erection in hand, leaning close to kiss him. His fingers went to her pussy, exploring to see if she was wet. She stopped him.

"Go ahead and get into bed," she excused herself with a whisper.

Scott smiled stupidly and did as she said.

The bed was cold, cluttered and lumpy. "What the fuck-" Scott thought he kicked somebody, but as he slid down between the sheets, there was nothing there. TO HELL WITH IT.

Lilith entered the room. "Were you talking to someone, my sweet young man?"

He smiled drunkenly up at her. "Nope. Nobody here but me."