A Walk in the Park

I'm walking down a path in this nature preserve kind of thing. I don't have a backpack or anything, just a canteen at my hip and perhaps a knife to mark my way through the trees. Anyway, I'm just there for the day, and I'm enjoying nature... I find a small clearing, and go to stand in the middle of it, drinking in the nature smells and sounds. I hear a bird singing, and I close my eyes to enjoy it...

Suddenly, something lands on my back. Well, at first I thought that something had landed, but as I turn around to look, I see that a beautiful woman has softly placed her hand right between my shoulder blades. No doubt my mouth falls open, for not only is she extremely beautiful, she has also surprised the hell out of me. "I saw you walking," she says, softly, coyly... "I saw you walking, and I couldn't help myself... I just had to follow you..." She looks down at her feet, and then up at me, through her eyelashes. I think of what to say for a moment... it just seems that she is the most beautiful creature I've seen anywhere. She's got long dark blonde hair, her eyes are green, and her lips, which are slowly working back and forth over each other, are red. Her pink tongue quickly darts out to grab something invisible off of her lip (no, she's not a frog...). Her ample breasts, encased in her white tank top, are slowly moving up and down with her breath. Her waist is slim.... no extra poundage that I can see. Her hips are medium-sized to large, and her legs are long and smooth.

“What's your name?” I ask her. “Emma Caroline” she replies, almost whispering. "I'm Arthur" I say, doing my best to sound confident. "Well... perhaps you'd care to walk with me...?" I finally get the words out after what seems like an eternity of deliberation.

So we walk for a while, occasionally sharing words, savoring nature all the while. Occasionally she glances up at me... more often than not, we make eye contact. More often than not, she breaks away first... but as time goes on, she gets bolder, and the gaze is held for longer times. She is looking more beautiful by the minute... and soon it appears that we are savoring the beauty of each other more and more, and the importance of the nature around is slowly getting less and less.

Eventually, we get to another clearing. Only God knows how far we've walked together, or exactly where we are... However, I can hear the faint babbling of a creek. I know I'm not all that lost.

She moves to the center of the clearing, and stands with her back towards me. I walk up to her, as softly as I can... but it looks like she knows I'm there, for when I get within about three feet of her, she turns to face me. We look into each others eyes... for what seems like another eternity, we gaze. Finally, she breaks the gaze... she half-closes her eyes, and swiftly closes the distance between us. She comes to me, and as I am about to put my arms around her, I hear her whisper something that sounds like "I need you..."

As the hug extends itself in time, I start to run my hands up and down her back. She hold me tighter, and I give her a squeeze... She starts to do the same to me. Conveniently, her tank top is outside of her khaki shorts, so I take the invitation, and place my hands on the bare flesh of her back. It is smooth and cool... I think that it is much unlike my own must be. I run my hands along her spine... the groove that it makes is well defined. She pulls my black shirt out of my khaki shorts, and she begins to feel my back as well. It is heaven.

I change to running my hands in circles. Eventually I get to her bra, and, after a moment's thought, I deftly undo it. Surprisingly enough, she doesn't pull away... she keeps her arms around me, and whimpers just a little bit -- almost inaudibly. Her touch gets stronger, more insistent... I move away just a little bit, in order to look at her. Everything about her says 'YES!'... her eyes gaze soulfully into mine, and her hands reach out to rest on my shoulders. Then they swiftly move to the buttons of my shirt, which they deftly undo... she puts her hands inside my shirt and hugs me again. I hear a definite 'mmmmm....' as I raise her tank top as far as it'll go. She obligingly steps away briefly, and allows me to whisk the garment above her shoulders and off, onto the ground. Her bra falls to the ground as well, and her gorgeous breasts shake free. I place my hands around them, lovingly cupping them... my jaw must be at my feet, for she whispers "So you like them?" I nod my head, looking at her only briefly.

I fall to my knees, kissing and licking her breasts. She shucks my shirt for me, and begins to knead my shoulders.

After a while, I move my ministrations to her stomach. The warmth coming from her lower regions is palpable now; I can feel it on my face as my tongue nudges into her bellybutton. I move lower, I undo the top buttons of her shorts, I undo the bottom buttons. Her shorts fall to her feet (with a little help from me), and suddenly she is wearing nothing but bikini panties, shoes, and a necklace. My hand reaches up to cup her mound, and I look up... her eyes are closed, and her head is tilted back in ecstasy. My hand, now moving with a will of its own, pulls her panties down around her ankles. Her vagina is now radiating heat like a heatlamp... I knelt on the ground, looking up at this beautiful woman. I lowered my head, licking her, her wet sweet on my tongue. Palms cradling her hips, I held her, raised her like a chalice, lips pressing tight while my tongue sought the point that would bring her home. She screamed in pleasure...

As the echoes died away in the woods, I sat back on my forelegs. She came down to meet me, a prurient smile on her lips. She pushed me to the side, then quickly got on top of me. Closing her eyes, she kissed me... what a kiss. Before long, her tongue found its way into my mouth and started exploring. Meantime, her hands were exploring the bulge in my shorts. Her hands seemed to have wills of their own as they undid the button at the top of the garment, then sliding the zipper down to the bottom if its track. She bade me raise my hips off the ground, so she could slide my shorts down... Then she ran her tongue down to the rock hard member inside my briefs. Hungrily, she pulled them off, freeing Mr Happy to stand on end. She licked it like a lollypop, then she put her mouth around it and began sucking in earnest. Licking, sucking... I went out of my head. But before I came, she moved her head back up onto mine... she moved her whole naked body on top of mine. In the midst of the resulting long, deep kiss, I entered her. She moaned as I did, and continued moaning as I moved inside of her.

An instant later and yet an eternity, I found release... she did too, several times. We lay together, exhausted... we must have fallen asleep together, for the next I remember, it was getting dimmer as the sun went down. We quickly got up, got dressed, and began walking back to civilization, arms around each other.