Making Amends

Info Jazmia
24 Apr. '17

I followed you inside the hotel room. I felt flushed; my skin tingled from the sensations of the evening.

In the backseat of your car downstairs, just moments earlier, you punished me. Had it not been for the tightly sealed, tinted windows, and the near emptiness of the parking lot, I dare say someone would have come running to rescue me after hearing the sounds of my not so muffled screams and moans. Even now as I stood just inside the room, my heated backside pressed against the coolness of the door, I shivered with the delicious memory of your soft hand hitting my bottom soundly right on the curve of each cheek. When I would squirm or jump you ordered me to stay still. When I initially, reflexively braced myself, clamping my thighs together, you pushed my thighs widely apart, ordering me to keep them that way. But the sensation was too strong; my reflexes acted on their own pushing my legs together on your fifth strike.

The sound of your voice still filled my head, even now as I moaned softly dropping my head back against the door frame, remembering your soft, throaty statement that I had just doubled my punishment. Then you hooked my leg beneath yours– so that one leg lay upon the seat cushion and the other beneath your calf. It was awkward and so arousing being splayed so completely, my ass high over your thighs. My exposed pussy wept with the pleasure. I felt my juices pool in the cup of my vulva and spill over, running down my thighs and onto your lap.

““Jazz, aren'’t you forgetting something?””

My eyes popped open and I was returned to the present. There you sat across the room in the overstuffed hotel chair. Your thighs were splayed wide to accommodate your massive, throbbing erection. In the car you had not permitted either of us to peak, even though I came so close so many, many times. But now was my turn to regain your good favor. I took a step towards you, but stopped when I saw you raise your index finger, wagging it at me as you tsked your displeasure.

I stood there at first not understanding, and then as I watched your eyes slide over my body, I knew. You wished me to disrobe for you and assume the appropriate position of my training.

My fingers trembled as I slowly reached for the bow of my red silk wrap dress, and with one tug, had it open. I slipped it off my shoulders and watched the heat in your eyes blaze, as my large caramel colored breasts came into view, all but spilling forth from the black lace demi-bra that I wore for you. My fingertips dipped beneath the edge of my French-cut silk panties edging them down my hips slowly.

““Turn around, let me see my reddened ass, little one.””

Swallowing, I slowly turned feeling very embarrassed and aroused. You had told me my ass was a beautiful deep red in the car, and I imagined it still was since I felt the heat and the steady pulsing of blood in each cheek. I began again to inch them downwards. I knew to take my time for your pleasure, though I felt so shy, I wanted to cover myself – or yank them down quickly and kneel to hide parts of me,– but you would find such action displeasing, and I wanted your pleasure. All of it.

““Bend over, as you slide them down your thighs… and spread your legs as widely as you can.””

I did as you commanded, wincing a bit as the cool silk slipped over my sensitive cheeks, and then down my thighs. I balanced myself a bit awkwardly as I stepped out of each leg. I caught sight of you from between my spread legs. I watched as you repositioned your hard cock inside your slacks to be a bit more comfortable. I moaned softly and wet my lips. I wanted to taste you. My hips dipped, rolled and wiggled a bit with the thought.

Hearing your soft grunt of approval, I squatted a bit further, placing both hands on my widely splayed thighs, and arched my back high. I knew what you saw. My ebony curls falling sexily over my shoulders, and the long curve of my supple back rolling downwards forming into thick, plump, reddened cheeks,– widely splayed so you could clearly see the chocolate rosebud in between. Then lower you saw my pink inner lips, unfurled, wet, and shimmering: juicy folds of pussy meat just waiting to be devoured and used.

I moaned loudly, imagining your reaction to my rauncy display. Then, for added effect, I inhaled deeply, tightening my vulva and ass, pulling in my lips and cheeks, and then exhaled sharply so that my lips and asshole winked at you. I let my lips pulse open like this for several long minutes, so you would know without a doubt how hungrily my wet pussy and ass wanted to receive every thick inch of you.

You cleared your throat. Your voice was a husky, measured command.

““You may continue, Jazz.””

Slowly, I rose and turned back towards you, slipping my fingers behind my back to nimbly release the hook and eyes on my bra. Cupping the silky material against my massive orbs, I rolled them in my palms. Then, I lightly lifted my hands, letting the bra fall to the floor, as I filled my palms with my soft flesh. Using my thumbs and index fingers I squeezed the thick nipples, rolling them, pulling them, as I watched you watching my every move.

My tongue teased my top lip, as I watched the muscle in your jaw jump and flex. I moaned with the delicious knowledge that I was pulling at the seams of your control. I felt beautiful for you, sexy. As I teased myself, I teased you, and your look of barely restrained lust …teased me again still.

““Master, may I approach you?””


You leaned back further against the cushions, slipping another inch downward in your chair. Your cock pulsed and pushed high and hard against the fabric of your slacks. I felt mesmerized; your cock was my beacon guiding me each step. Reaching your side, I knelt on the floor between your spread thighs, hands on my widely spread knees, spine long, and shoulders arched backwards. My nipples were like thick, juicy licorice drops on a bulging hill of creamy caramel flesh. I bowed my head slightly, eyes downcast, desiring your approval, awaiting your command.

I did not have to wait long.

““Mmmmm, my sweet pet. Did you not say you wished to make your disobedience from last week up to me?””

““Yes, My Lord.” I whispered softly, meekly.”

““Then, do as you intended.””

I looked up at you from beneath the thick lushness of my ebony lashes.

““May I please you now My Lord.””

You gave me a slow smile, obviously pleased that I had remembered my training to ask your permission prior to acting.

““Yes, Jazz, you may.””

You leaned forward and brushed my cheek with your palm. I pressed my cheek against it, and then turned, kissing its center. You lingered there a moment longer, and then leaned back again.

Leaning forward, keeping my hands on my thighs, I brushed my lips along your pant leg. Kissing and rolling my cheeks between each inner thigh I made my way slowly to the epicenter of your crotch and nuzzled your balls through the material.

““Mmmmmm….”” You and I shared a deep moan at the contact.

I kissed your balls, letting my hot exhalations heat the already pulsing flesh. You arched your hips into my face. Your hand swept into my hair, twisting, until you had a tight hold, and pulled me up the length of your covered cock.

““Oh Master”,” I groaned against your distended flesh. The feel of your hand in my hair heightened my pleasure. My pussy pulsed and dripped its nectar onto the plush carpet beneath me.

““Release me with your teeth.”” Then tugging on my hair, forcing me to look up at you, you stared at me hard as you growled, “Be careful.”

““Yes, Master,” I said softly, obediently.”

Leaning up on my knees, my breasts now laid against your balls and the base of your cock. I pressed my chin against your thick length, to keep you pushed back against your groin, as I reached with my tongue and teeth finally capturing the tongue of the zipper, and slowly, very slowly slid it down. When I finally reached the bottom, I saw the thick head of your cock pop free. It glistened with your copious precum. my mouth fell open and watered.

““Master, please, “I begged. “May I taste you now?””

The upward thrust of your hips – brushing your slick head across my lips was your answer along with the tight pull of my hair in your fist as you guided my head downwards.

Staring up into your molten blue gaze, I slowly licked your essence from my lips. Enjoying the salty, strong, clean taste I reached out with my tongue and dipped the tip into the puddle of your cream collected in your wide slit. You moaned deeply as I suckled your thick head between my lips.


You brought your other hand to cup my head as you pushed yourself deeply into my mouth. I felt you hit the roof of my mouth, and slide slowly over the rippled flesh as you pushed deeper into my hot cavern. Moaning, I sought to take all of you in. I wanted to feel all of you inside of me, me surrounding all of you.

I reached upwards and unbuckled your pants. I released you from my sucking mouth for the mere moments it took to slide you free of your pants and briefs. Then, reaching for you again, I took your shaft into my warm palm squeezing you tightly as I sucked you deeply, pulling you strongly into the back of my mouth.

My lips applied greater suction as I stroked you in and out of my mouth. The inside of my cheeks sleekly fondled the sides of your thick cock as I pulled you deeper, until the head of your cock bounced against the back of my throat.

You cursed sharply, arching up high off the cushions. I gagged as you thrust an inch further into my throat. Coughing a bit, I released you, but only to the tip. I swallowed hard the thick mixture of saliva and precum that had pooled within my lips. I then sucked you in again deeper until I had to remove my fist. Inhaling deeply, I relaxed my throat and sucked you in the last inch and a half until your head rested in the tight fist of my contracting throat.

Breathing heavily through my nose, I swallowed around your thick length. My moans grew louder and came steadily. I was so aroused feeling you pulse inside my throat, filling me so completely that my jaw ached to encompass you. The vibrations of my moans made you groan and hold my head securely against you. I could feel your precum sliding down into my belly. Your moans of pleasure spurred me on to hold you there seconds longer. Then gasping, I slowly slid you free, releasing you with a greedy popping sound. My lips were wet, puffy, and parted as I looked up at you.

““Master, does your little one please you?””

““Yes”,” you growled, stroking my hair. Your cock bounced and flexed a bit as a shiver raced through you.

Grinning softly, I licked my lips. ““Master, am I forgiven?”

My tongue flicked out to slide over the thick rim of your head.

Your eyes studied my face, sliding between my pouty lips and glazed, limpid eyes.

““We will see, my Pet, we will see. The night is still young, and you have much left to do towards making amends.””

““Yes, My Lord,” I whispered, my eyes lowered as I moved to suckle you again.” A scant inch away, you stopped me with a firm tug on my hair.

““Not just yet, kitten. I have other plans for that wicked mouth at the moment.””


“”Yes, Oh”,” you said, mocking my curious tone.

Then you pulled me up onto my knees, as you leaned down. You cupped my face so gently, your eyes caressing my face, that I moaned softly. Your lips lightly skimmed over mine, testing me, but I remained still and compliant. Smiling your pleasure into my eyes, you cupped my head, and slid your tongue between my lips, giving me the sweetest soul kiss.