The Girl Who Wouldn't

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25 Apr. '17

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The white sheet was soft and clean, the man was urgently licking at my lady parts, trying to get me to come. I could have told him it wasn’t going to happen, I’ve never come in these situations, only when my husband Ken screws me, but I was enjoying the guy’s efforts. My eyes were closed, concentrating on the quick laps at my clit and listening to the exhibition on the next bed.

It seemed Ken was having a pretty good time, I could hear the other woman, Jackie I think her name was, moaning loudly. Then I heard her say, “Honey, I want him to fuck me. Is it okay?” Here was the part where it got a little sticky, where this guy might try to get me to do him while Ken was doing her. It wasn’t going to happen, I’ve never gone all the way with anyone except my husband. Jackie’s boyfriend sidled up to me, whispered in my ear, “You want to do it with me?”

“I like you,” I said, “but we told you I don’t do that. If you want, I’ll give you a blow job.”

“Okay,” he resentfully agreed, and then more loudly to his girl, “Yeah, go ahead.”

I watched as Ken got a condom, unrolled it onto his dick, then approached Jackie. She laid on her back, spread her legs and let Ken crawl above her, bury himself within her. It didn’t bother me that my husband was making it with another woman, not at all.

I’d promised my guy so I knelt beside him, my mouth next to his belly. One hand grappled with his balls, big and heavy, the other circled the purple shaft. My mouth descended onto the tip of it, I swallowed as much as I could handle. On the back of my head I felt the guys hand, trying to get me to take it deeper, I ignored it. I bobbed, let spit dribble out of my mouth to soak his dick, stroked it hard with my hand. I felt the tool start to pulsate, forced my head up, let him come all over my tits. I didn’t stop stroking him until he was totally dry, then I kissed him. Guys like it when you kiss them after you give them a blow job. And I hadn’t promised him he could come in my mouth.

Ken and Jackie were still going at it, rocking around, I figured Ken was trying to get as deep into her as he could. She was giving off a deep whine with every lunge. The guy got me to lie down, started playing with my tits and pussy, not with any serious intent, just because he had to have something to do while his girlfriend was fucking on the other bed. Ken began his low growl, I knew he was coming, I watched his cramped face, closed eyes, gaping mouth as he pumped into her. I was glad he was having such a good time. 

After it was all over we chatted for a couple of moments, it was sort of what you did, then Jackie and her friend put some clothes on, she told Ken she had a great time. I didn’t ask the guy how he felt, perhaps he thought he’d been cheated, but maybe he figured they’d gotten what they’d bargained for, I don’t know. Then Ken laid beside me, I felt his dick, the one that had been screwing another woman moments before and asked, “Have a good time, baby?”

I was a virgin when I said my vows. Maybe that explains it, maybe it has nothing to do with it. Who knows what a shrink would say, not that I was going to talk to one about it. I’m happy, I’m well-adjusted to the realities of my world, who cares?

Ken and I were high-school sweethearts in our medium sized town, all four years. Oh, every once in awhile we’d get mad at each other and date somebody else for a couple of weeks, but we always got back together. In our senior year, I let him go to third base pretty often, but as much as he wanted to I never let him go all the way.

When he went off to college, I didn’t worry about it. I knew we were still young, and if he wanted to bang some coed, what did I care. (And, yes, he did get it on with five girls over three years I later found out.) I entered a nursing program at our community college, two years later I got a job in the local hospital, I dated around some. Yes, on the third or fourth date, I’d let them feel me up, if they had their own place I’d go up there and let them take my bra off. I’d go ahead and do the things Ken and I had done, some of them were quite happy with my hand and mouth. But I never let my panties drop. It was lucky I was never date-raped.

When Ken came back home, I’d drop what I was doing (or not doing, according to some of the guy’s complaints) and date him. But even for him, I never went all the way. Oh a couple of times we got a hotel and I let him get me completely naked. He was the first guy to come on me after a blow job. And I let him finger me and lick my pussy; in fact, one night I had a tiny orgasm, the first ever with a guy that wasn’t made out of plastic.

In his senior year, Ken and I started getting a little more serious. He was prepping for his LSAT, I was tying to help him as much as I could, being quiet if he needed it, or ‘relieving the stress’ if he wanted me to. He wanted to screw me pretty bad, heck I wanted it too, but I couldn’t bring myself to give him the okay. Ken did pretty well on the test, and on Valentine’s Day he proposed, I said yes. He got into a good law school in a big city about forty minutes from where we lived, we got married during his first year. And that night, I gave my virginity to my love.

Both of our parents helped, we scraped by. I got a job in a doctor’s office, we had enough money to eat and live. But Saturday nights, we went wild.

We found a few great clubs around, Ken got me to put some nice outfits on our credit card, I dressed up, we went dancing. I loved it, guys sometimes asked to dance even with my wedding ring on, Ken didn’t mind. It was fun being twirled around by a man that really wanted to get into my pants - I looked good! - but they had absolutely no chance. And yes, I’d get hit on at the office or maybe at a mall or when I was out to dinner with my girlfriends. That pleased me, but I was never, never tempted.

Ken and I had a great sex life back then, we screwed at least four times a week. Ken got really good at eating me, that was one way he could almost always get me to come. And I really liked the feel of his hard, spongy dick in my mouth. But one day, Ken admitted my blow jobs weren’t anything special. So I made him take me to a sex shop and I bought both a book and a video about how to give good ones, and I practiced! He loved that part. Eventually, I got very, very good at it. It wasn’t just the licking and sucking like I thought it was, but other techniques that counted was feeling his balls and stroking his shaft, making sure I stayed with it with my hand as he was coming and even a few minutes after that. Ken told me I could be a professional!

Ken got an internship with a law firm not far from our home back in town, then after he graduated they offered him an associateship, since there were only three partners he thought his chances of moving up were pretty good. And then we started trying to have a baby, only a few months later I missed the bloody fairy. The next few years were good, no problems at all to speak of. 

One night years later, Ken asked me if I missed the days when we went dancing. We got to recollecting about the guys who tried to pick me up, and then Ken asked if I regretted never getting it on with somebody before we were married. I told him I didn’t, but we started fantasizing about other people. Then the thoughts sort of took over my mind. During the day when Ken was at work and our son Joel was in school, I’d take an hour, get my rabbit out and pleasure myself, not thinking of my husband but somebody else; who, I don’t know, just somebody.

At the same time, Ken got his parents to babysit one weekend, we got a hotel in the city where we went to law school, and we went clubbing. It was a real bust, of course, most of the places we knew back then were closed, the ones that weren’t didn’t fit us anymore, we were too old. Over the next few months, we tried to find substitutes, hotels that had dance floors and such, but the excitement didn’t happen. 

Ken found a solution, but he wasn’t at all sure I’d approve. He came to me one night and said he’d heard of a place in the city that had some of the stuff we wanted and was for people our age, but there was one hitch - it was a sex club. Yes, that first time I was a little shocked, even said ‘Never!’ But I didn’t mean it, and within a couple of months we were discussing it. I checked out their web site and that of some similar places and found out about the world of Swinging.

That took my daytime romps with my dildo to a whole new level. I was a little shocked the first time Ken came into one of my fantasies, he was involved with another man’s wife while I was with her husband. But I didn’t mind at all, it was just sex, wasn’t it?

I discovered Swinging doesn’t necessarily mean wife-swapping, there’s all kinds of different ways. Some people, I found out, just go to a club to dance and watch other people have sex, if you didn’t want to go all the way you could do what they called soft swap where you kiss and hug and so forth but you stop short of full-on sex.

Ken and I talked about it, and it wasn’t hard for him to get me to agree to give it a try on the condition that nothing serious would happen. One Saturday noon we dropped our son off at my folk’s place and headed for the city. 

 The first stop was a boutique where they sold ‘clubwear.’ Little flashy outfits that just begged to be taken off. I let Ken convince me I looked good in a tight metallic wrap dress, it emphasized my breasts and ass by sheathing them snugly and stopped at mid-thigh. 

We checked into the hotel and spent a great hour messing up the bedsheets. Then I did my hair, made up and squeezed myself into the costume. I’m lucky I never let myself gain much weight, I only weigh seven more pounds than I did when I graduated from high school. 

Ken was a little nervous when we got to the club, I couldn’t have cared less. What was the worst that could happen, we had already decided we’d just drink, dance and see what was going down. When we got into the bar and dance floor area, I was amazed at the effect my outfit had on the guys, plenty of them were checking me out. And since I knew many couples came to have sex with other people, I wondered how many of them would ravage me if I was willing. It was quite the turn-on for a married lady who was going to be forty in less than two years.

We had a ball that first night. For three hours we stayed at the dance floor, there was popping electronic music you could really move to. It wasn’t long before other guys wanted to dance with me, Ken gave me up easily, if the men ground against my back I didn’t mind. The first time a guy reached around and grabbed at a tit, I moved away. But I saw Ken had seen and didn’t seem to mind, so the next time I let the guy feel me up a little. Ken danced a few times with other ladies, many of them had outfits that showed more than I dared, even topless, and if Ken grabbed an ass or boob, I didn’t care.

Eventually I wound down, it was after eleven, we went on a tour of the place. There was a big whirlpool with a bench all around it so you could sit and just your shoulders were above the waterline. We poked our head in to see what was happening, quite a few people were soaking, no clothes were worn, for the first time I saw a woman with some guy’s dick in her mouth. While it shocked me, it didn’t, if you can understand that. We went down a hall of closed doors, heard the plain sounds of sex. One door was open, there were a few people gathered before it, inside two women and three men were humping. I watched one guy, wearing nothing but a condom, his dick was in and out of a fairly attractive woman. At the end of the hall was an amphitheater, on the mattresses in the middle perhaps a dozen people romped, one woman was satisfying three men simultaneously, and when one climaxed and gave up she beckoned another to join in. I wondered if she knew the new guy’s name, or even cared. I wasn’t shocked. I didn’t want to join the crowd, but a part of me sort of wished Ken would go and be with the strange women. I didn’t think I’d be jealous at all. It was a very curious feeling.

On the walk back to the dance floor we passed the jacuzzi again, Ken told me he’d like to go in, I agreed. There were some shelves and hooks on the wall, I took off my dress and thong, grabbed a towel, walked to the pool. It wasn’t the first time men had seen me nude, before we had Joel we took a vacation at Miami Beach and Ken talked me into going to Haulover Beach. Yes, I caught a few of the guys checking me out, my nipples hurt they were so tight.

Some of the people were just soaking, there were a few who were involved in foreplay of one kind or another. I wondered if they were married, friends or strangers. After ten minutes or so I felt Ken’s hand on my knee under the water, I climbed up on his lap, we kissed, he fondled my tits and fingered me, I stroked his dick, now steel hard.

We were ready, he grabbed my hand, with only my clothes and purse in my hand and a towel wrapped around me we ran to a private room, Ken threw me on a bed and slid his prick into my very wet pussy. I’d like to say I came, but I didn’t. Sometimes when Ken and I are making love I have a nice orgasm, other times I don’t, but I always enjoy myself. If anything’s missing, I can usually bring myself off with a finger, and Ken understands it and doesn’t mind. Ken, on the other hand, pumped a gallon of sperm inside me. I figured he was thinking about the other naked girls he’d seen that night, wishing he was sticking it to them, it didn’t bother me at all. 

It didn’t take ten minutes until we were both happy and unhorny. In the bathroom we showered to get rid of the chlorine, I repaired my hair and makeup, we headed back to the dance floor. Ken told me to go ahead, he was winded he said, and I danced by myself until I was joined by others, both male and female. I was touched through my clothing, upstairs and on my rear, one guy pulled my skirt up, felt my ass. When he tried to get his hand between my legs, I stopped him.

At two o’clock they turned the lights on and kicked us out. If they hadn’t, we might still be there. In our hotel room, Ken made love to me again, he hadn’t come three times in twenty-four hours since Joel came along, that time I saw the stars, thinking about all the strange things we’d seen, the guys who had felt me up on the dance floor.

We couldn’t wait to go back! For the next weeks we talked endlessly about what we’d done, what we’d seen, what it was like. Ken was completely turned on by the fact that a man felt my ass up, talked about what would happen if he’d pulled my dress down and sucked on my nipples. I dreamed about that, of course, but also thought that if some  girl sucked on Ken’s dick it would be super. 

A few weeks later my parents asked if they could take Joel and his cousins to a theme park for the weekend, we said ‘Sure!’ So we headed for the city to repeat the adventure. This time I bought a red dress, halter top and the cowl neck drooped all the way to my belly button, a good shake would let anybody see my nipples. Once again we hit the dance floor as soon as we got there, not half an hour later a very cute guy was grinding on my ass, I could feel his hard on against my butt, his hand snuck around my front, slipped into the dress, my nipple was being pinched. I looked to Ken, he was smiling to beat the band and gave me a thumbs up. I twisted my head, kissed my partner while he held my naked breast.

We sat for awhile, talked to a man and his wife, found out they had been in the Lifestyle for over five years, had a bunch of friends, I had a vision about the attractive wife writhing under Ken. We explained we were new, only our second time here, and we hadn’t done anything yet. Ken said we might be ‘soft-swap,’ I wondered if he wanted to see if the other couple would go into a room with us. I was a tad upset about that, not because I wouldn’t have enjoyed it, but that we hadn’t talked it out, figured what we were comfortable with yet. Luckily, the couple didn’t bite, I got the impression they were looking for more than just a bit of foreplay, but they did say we wouldn’t have much trouble finding whatever we wanted there. And she told me to watch out for single guys, sometimes they got a little out of hand.

We repeated the hot tub experience again, this time I got Ken to sit on the side and took his prick in my mouth. Later, we headed for a private room, there was only one available with two beds. The club was popping that night, there was a naughty schoolgirl event going on. Ken asked me if I wanted to leave the door open, let people watch us as we screwed. I hesitated, but then agreed; the rule was that if the door was open people could watch but no one would come in unless they were invited. We were down to the buff, getting it on, when a couple interrupted us and asked if they could use the other bed, there was nothing else open. We let them, and they started making out. I liked the fact that we could watch them and they could watch us. We gathered a bit of a crowd at the door, as Ken fucked me I watched a single guy lick his lips and play with his cock. I didn’t mind, in fact I scooted around so he could watch Ken’s cock slide in and out of my pussy.

The next day, lying in our hotel bed, Ken and I talked about what was happening to us, where we wanted it to go. He plainly admitted he wanted to screw other women, wouldn’t mind if somebody else stuck his penis where only his had been. I was reluctant to go there.

It wasn’t religion. Oh, we went to church most Sundays where I’d been baptized and we’d been married. Other times, we went to Ken’s parents church. But I didn’t take the theology seriously, I figured if people were nice to each other it didn’t matter what prayers they said. And the people screwing around at the club didn’t hurt anyone as far as I saw.

A little bit of it was the fear of disease. With HIV and HPV and other stuff flying around, I didn’t want to get sick. There was the problem with pregnancy, when we decided Joel was the only kid we wanted Ken got a vasectomy, so there wasn’t a problem doing it with him and I didn’t really want to go back on birth control.

But mostly it was that I’d never given myself to somebody else, I had a notion I wanted to save myself forever for Ken. He was a little surprised at that, didn’t quite understand. When I told him that even though I didn’t want anybody else sticking it to me, I wasn’t worried if he fucked another girl it blew his mind. But, after talking it out, he accepted it as the way it was.

In the end, we made up some ground rules.

We would be soft-swap. We could do anything we wanted with other people, short of full penetration in my pussy. (I told Ken if he ever got the chance and wanted to, go ahead. He told me if I wasn’t going to he wasn’t going to. I told him he was being foolish and if he got into it and changed his mind he should have fun!)

If Ken did screw somebody, he had to use a condom.

We would only ‘play’ at the club. We knew there were some couples who got together in their houses, but if we played too close to home it could get out and hurt our reputations. As a local lawyer, Ken couldn’t let that happen. And no affairs, this was a team sport.

The last thing was about the single guys at the club. Ken said if I wanted to get it on with a guy it was fine with him. And if I didn’t mind, could he watch? I thought that was okay, in fact if he was there he could make sure the guy didn’t poke me ‘by accident.’

The next time we could talk my folks into taking Joel for the night, we were off to the city, hoping to break our cherry. It was much the same, we got to the club about 8:30, saw it was an average crowd, around a hundred people. The couples who go to the club can be split into three camps. First there’s the people who came having already planned who they were going to play with, cliques or foursomes. Second there were the people who weren’t going to play with anybody, were there only for the sexy atmosphere; that was us the first two times. Lastly there’s the the couples that are looking to hook up with somebody for a good time, we were now hopefully in that camp. (Oh, there’s a smattering of single guys and maybe one or two single girls. We’d talk to them if they were nice, but they didn’t really concern us.)

We started circulating, dancing. I was wearing lycra shorts that looked like they’d been painted on and a mesh halter top that really didn’t hide anything, I thought I was hot and the looks I got confirmed my theory. When we weren't on the floor, we were talking with couples, got a few nibbles. When we told them we were soft-swap, the first few couples lost their interest, they wanted to go all the way, I couldn’t blame them. Then we happened on an older couple, Ann and Tom, we found out they were in their early fifties (although they didn’t look it,) and they said they were soft-swap too. We started dancing with them, Tom seemed a little shy, didn’t try to feel me up, I could see Ken’s hands ranging all over Ann’s dress. A little while later when the guys went over to get some drinks Ann told me they thought we were a cute couple, wanted to know if we would go in a room with them. Tom wasn’t my dream boat, a little overweight, but we were horny and wanted to lose our ‘virginity’ so I told her I’d talk it over with Ken. We went over to the side and I told him we had the offer, he thought Ann was sexy even if she was a little old, we went over to them and said yes. It took us ten minutes before everyone gathered their stuff and we found a room that was open, two beds. 

We were talking, suddenly it seemed a little awkward, like nobody knew how to get it started. Finally, Ann led Ken to one of the beds, they sat on it and she started kissing him. So I got Tom on the other bed, we started making out. He was a pretty good kisser, he started feeling my tits up, I was having fun, I pulled my top off. I helped him pull his shirt over his head, and then he took his pants and boxers off, I was making out with a a naked man with an erection! His dick was about the same size as Ken’s, but I was surprised to see a big curve in it. He was able to get my nipples tight, the way he licked at them was somehow different from the way Ken always sucked me. 

I caught Ken’s eye, he was naked and Ann was down to her panties. He was feeling her up down there, she had his dick in his hand, rubbing it. By this time, Tom was pulling my shorts down, he saw my thong. Then when he laid beside me and started kissing me, his hand traveled down there. I don’t quite know what I expected, but I was stunned when he pushed the little strap to the side and put his finger inside me. Maybe, I don’t know, maybe I thought I’d be with a guy and they’d never put anything up there. But there he was, finger fucking me. And by this time, Ken was licking Ann. So, since it was happening to me and I couldn’t go back if I wanted to, I relaxed, let Tom go to work. It wasn’t bad. Oh, I wasn’t close to coming, I was way too nervous, but I liked the way his finger was working it. He was concentrating on the side of the tunnel, something Ken doesn’t do much, and I got to liking it. Then he shifted, put his dick near my face, it was obvious he wanted me to suck it. But I didn’t want to, I still didn’t want a strange prick any place inside me. I looked over, Ken was kneeling over Ann’s face, his dick was in her mouth, sliding in and out, and I could see a look of happiness on his face. So I got Tom to lie down and licked his thing a little bit. It didn’t taste bad or anything. I got my hand real wet with my spit and started giving him a hand job. The dick got even harder, and just before it was going to go off - I figured I’d let him spit on his stomach, I guess - Ann came over, told me she’d take it from there, and I went over to the other bed. I saw Ann on top of Tom, they were already going to town, and I got on my back and let Ken stick it to me. He was so excited from what Ann did to him that he didn’t last more than a couple of minutes. Ann and Tom were still going at it, she was having a pretty good orgasm and I heard Tom give one long ummmm, they were done.

I wondered what would happen after that, and was surprised when we all just laid around for maybe fifteen minutes or so without our clothes on, talking about stuff. They told us they went to a house party every once in awhile, how it was really hot, if we wanted they could get us an invitation. After awhile Ann came over to our bed and we started feeling Ken up, both of us. He loved it! And Ann held my breast, told me I had real pretty ones. Yeah, it felt a little weird, but not like I didn’t like it. Then we decided to put our clothes on, we all kissed again, and we went back to the party.

As I was dancing with Ken, I was a little freaked out. I mean, I’d just let another man touch me all over, Ken had his dick in a girl’s mouth, and we were acting like nothing had happened! Ken realized something was wrong, he took me over to a little quiet area, got me a drink, and got me to calm down. My perspective came back, it was what we wanted, wasn’t it? I started looking at the other sexy couples dancing, and it didn’t seem so strange anymore. But that night we didn’t go down the hall to watch the orgy, and we didn’t go into the hot tub, I didn’t want anybody else to see my naked body. In fact, we left early, a little bit after midnight.

The next morning Ken and I were lying in bed and he started feeling me up. And then I took his dick in my mouth and thought how it had been in Ann’s, it seemed okay. A bit later Ken went down to eat me, and I wondered what it would have been like if Tom had done that. And then, when Ken and I got into a very comfortable position and we were making slow love, I thought about how sexy everyone was at the club and how I’d handled a dick that wasn’t my husband’s and I let myself go and had a long, wonderful come, and all was right with the world again. 

We went back to the club three weeks after that. We were dancing with a guy and his wife, it started getting pretty hot, I don’t know who first suggested we head for a room, we found one with a huge mattress. Rather than him with me and Ken with the girl, it turned into a pile, everyone kissing and fondling anybody else. (Except for the two guys, they didn’t touch each other.) I found out it wasn’t bad kissing another woman, letting her touch me, and a bit later the guy went down on me. I liked that! Ken got the girl to come with his mouth, and we all had a great time. They turned into regular playmates.

We went back to the club as often as we could, given that we had a son we couldn’t get away from often. Usually we got there every six weeks or so, but there was a time when Joel went on a long vacation with my folks and we were able to hit the place on a Friday AND a Saturday night two weekends in a row.

We were regulars, and we knew maybe sixty percent of all the people who were there most nights. The word got around we were soft-swap and although everyone was nice, there were still a lot of people that wanted more than that, so we didn’t talk to them a whole lot. We did pretty well picking newbie couples up. Most experienced couples didn’t want to deal with the rookies, too much can go wrong, it can get a little dramatic. (Like it did with me after that first time with Tom and Ann.) But we were able to handle it, and had a lot of fun breaking a few couples in. And if nothing seemed to be happening early in the evening, we just waited. Sometimes, after midnight, if a couple hadn’t found anybody to play with all night, they might say yeah, we could do soft-swap. Probably we were able to hook up five out of six nights; the times we couldn’t we made love with each other, it was fine.

The next couple of times we were there we went into a room with couples. We got better at getting over our initial awkwardness, it got easier to take our clothes off and get it on. I got to liking it when the guy would eat me out, although I still never came close to coming. And I didn’t mind when a guy would put a finger inside me, in a way I didn’t think that was any worse than the dildos I used.  The third time I got my guy to come in my hand, and the girl Ken was with let him come in her mouth. That was okay with both of us, hot even. 

But I still didn’t want to take another guy’s dick in my mouth. Ken and I talked it out one night when we were driving home. He didn’t understand my scruples about that. I tried to tell him, something about keeping it special just for him and he laughed, telling me we weren’t fucking other people, wasn’t that special enough? I didn’t agree with him, but I thought about it and wondered if I wasn’t just being a little silly. What would it hurt?

Luckily, the next time we were at the club, the couple we found had a little mousy woman, but the guy was tall and handsome. So when we got down to it, I put my face in his lap and it smelled really nice. I licked it and liked the taste, so I went ahead and let the tip between my lips. And then, my training took over. I bobbed on him, I sucked and licked, I fondled his balls, I stroked the shaft. And within a couple of moments, I felt him coming, tasted the pre-cum, and I lifted my head. It’s not that I had any problem with Ken coming in my mouth, I even swallowed sometimes with him, but I still didn’t want other guys actually gushing inside any part of me. It didn’t matter, the guy loved it! Later, when we were just lying around afterwards, he told me my blow job was better than some girl’s fucks.

Don’t think we weren’t a little picky. There were a lot of couples where she looked okay, but he was either much older or overweight. (Or both!) We left those people alone. And the fact that I was smoking (many guys told me that,) maybe got us some couples that hoped to convert us once they got us in a room.

One night, we got it on late with a couple we knew to be very experienced, Corey and Cassandra. She was one of the hottest girls there, he was quite good looking in a bad-boy way. They hunted us down, danced with us as dirty as you could get. I was wearing sort of a miniskirt that night, Corey got his finger between my legs and felt me up. Then he asked me if my blow jobs were as good as guys said they were, I whispered back if he wanted to find out I was game. So we went into a room with them.

It was immediate get-it-on time, full on kisses and handling all around. We were naked in no time at all, and Corey went down on me, getting me as wet as I could. I could hear Ken and Cassandra talking to each other on the other bed, and she told Ken she wanted to fuck him. I couldn’t make out what he said then, and they shut up for a few minutes. (Later, Ken told me he said that was okay with him, but he told her he didn’t think I was going to screw Corey.) About five minutes later, she announced to us, listen, I’m going to fuck him, Corey said okay, I told Ken to put a condom on.

Corey leaned over to me and said he guessed that meant we were going to fuck too, right? I said no way, but I’ll give you that blow job. Before I went down on him, I watched as Cassandra climbed up on Ken and for the first time since we’d been married, Ken was screwing somebody who wasn’t me. While they were fucking - it was quite acrobatic, they kept shifting positions - I gave Corey my best. He seemed to love it, but he took a long time getting there, I noticed he was watching his girl friend with Ken. Finally, he asked me please, could he fuck me? Again I told him no, I wasn’t into that, so he said can I at least come on your cunt? I didn’t see any problem with that, and he knelt beside me - I kept my knees together so there wouldn’t be an ‘accident.’ Pretty soon I heard him grunt and I felt the warm wetness spurting onto my pussy lips. A little bit after that, I heard Ken start moaning, I knew he was coming inside Cassandra, I was pretty happy about that.

They didn’t stick around, before they left they told us we were really good, they wanted to try it with us again, we said sure why not! I cleaned myself up, and then Ken got down between my legs and started tonguing me. I thought about Corey’s sweet dick, I had a great come! The upshot was Corey and Cassandra barely talked to us after that, and I heard he told some other guys my blow job wasn’t anything special. We just laughed about it.

We continued to attend the club as often as we could, most nights ended up with us in a room with others. We got fairly close to one couple, Mark and Nicole, and we played maybe five or six times with them. We knew they were full swap sometimes, but we all liked each other so much they didn’t mind we didn’t go all the way. Mark really liked my blow jobs, Nicole liked the way Ken ate her out and kissed her nipples. We talked about it, they accepted I didn’t want anybody’s prick inside me, and they knew I didn’t have any objection to Ken fucking her, but she didn’t go all the way with him while we played. 

Then one night, we were at the club, Nicole was there by her lonesome. She told us Mark was out of town at a conference, and then later she got me in the restroom and asked for a favor. Would I mind if she borrowed Ken? She left no doubt that if I said okay she was gonna take him all the way. I told her to have a ball, actually helped her find a room, told her to go in and wait. Then I went out to the dance floor, Ken was having a drink with a guy we knew. I kissed Ken, gave him a couple of condoms, and told him Nicole was waiting for him behind door 14, I didn’t want to see him for at least an hour.

I danced for awhile, then I decided to take a dip. I was sitting there, steaming, and I got into a conversation with one of the single guys I knew pretty well but had never played with, Chuck. (Up to that time, I’d never let any single guy do more than kiss me or cop a feel out on the dance floor.) I was pretty horny, thinking about what Ken was doing with Nicole, so when Chuck pulled me to him, I cooperated and let him kiss me, and then he started feeling me and I handled his dick. It was long and nice, so after a few moments I got him to sit on the side of the pool and took his prick between my lips. It didn’t take him long, when he was close to coming I put the dick between my tits, kept stroking, he splashed all over me. 

We got back in the water, kept making out, I didn’t mind that he put a finger in me and screwed around. Then I saw Ken and Nicole coming towards us. She had that rosy glow women get after great sex, Ken had this big silly grin on his face. They got in, said hi to Chuck, after a few minutes I could tell Nicole was feeling him under the water. A little bit after that, Chuck got out, then a couple moments later Nicole followed him. I didn’t see her until much later, and she still had that rosy glow. I wanted to ask her if Ken was better than Chuck, but didn’t. 

We played with Mark and Nicole a couple of times after that, both times she got Ken to suit up. Mark never seemed to mind I was just playing around with him, he remained satisfied with my sucking.

So Ken was occasionally going all the way with Nicole, there was one or two women in addition to Cassandra that let him fuck them, I was happy. Ken and I still discussed my limitation every once in awhile. He knew I was quite satisfied with what we did ten or twelve times a year. But he would whisper in my ear every once in awhile that he’d love it if I went ahead and fucked another guy, sort of caught up with him. Sometimes in bed at our house I’d role play with him about actually fucking somebody else, and I told him if I ever decided I wanted to go all the way, I’d let him know. It began to seem less of a big thing, but still I didn’t let a guy put it in.

One night, Jackie and her boyfriend started chatting us up. This was the situation I told you about at the start of the story. They’d heard we had a pretty good reputation, even though I was soft-swap, after some dancing and fooling around we all decided to head for a room. Like I told you earlier, I gave him one of my blow jobs even though he wanted to fuck me, Jackie and Ken had full on sex. Afterwards, I asked Ken how good she was, (I always did, even if we just fooled around and he didn’t get laid,) and then we got dressed and headed back to the dance floor. I  was wearing a little mermaid outfit that night, feeling fine, and I twirled with a whole bunch of guys. Like always, they felt free to hold my ass, grab a tit, that kind of thing always turned me on.

It was after midnight, the place was beginning to wind down a bit, and I wanted to hit the jacuzzi. It was half full with people, Ken and I sat, he was satisfied from Jackie I could tell, we didn’t make out except for hands touching each other softly under the water. 

I heard Chuck say hi, then he was in the water. I stood, gave him a full-on kiss, rubbing my tits into his chest, trapping his dick between my legs. He sat on my left side, Ken was on my right. We started talking about this and that, Chuck told us about some work he was doing, and I felt his hand on my leg. I was very tempted, spread my knees so he had plenty of room. Before long, I felt him diddling my button, it felt very, very good. I turned to kiss him, Ken understood what was going on, reached around and pinched a nipple. Chuck had a finger inside me, pressed my g-spot, usually so hard to find, at the same time he was able to tease my clit. I was as close to coming as I’d ever been at the club, or with a man that wasn’t Ken.

A few steamy moments later, I turned to Ken and told him I wanted to take Chuck into a room and give him a blow job. Ken told me it was okay, but he seemed a little down about it. Then I told him he could come and watch, he turned happy. I told Chuck what I was planning, he agreed at once, he led us to a room with a bed and a couch, Ken carrying our clothing. We were already naked, had been doing foreplay, there was no need for any hesitation. I sat on the bed, Chuck stood in front of me, I took his beautiful prick into my mouth. One hand was on his balls, another on the shaft, I heard Chuck’s sweet moans. I could tell he was getting there, it had been very quick, so I suddenly stopped, I wanted it to last.

I stood, kissed Chuck passionately again. One of his hands was holding a breast, the other was on my back, pulling me close. His erection was against my stomach, it felt warm and nice. Suddenly, I wanted more. In his ear I asked him to eat me.

I laid on the bed, my ass a foot from the edge, raised my feet. Chuck was kneeling on the floor in front of me, his lips were at my clit, sucking it, nipping it with his teeth. It felt oh so good. All of a sudden a finger was inside me, rubbing my wet tunnel, he found my g-spot again somehow. My breath grew short, my nipples puckered. Was I coming? No, that was impossible, it had never happened before. But there it was, not a huge one, but an orgasm none the less. And I wanted more!

“Honey,” I said, “do you have a condom Chuck can use?” Ken seemed surprised and yet joyful, he handed Chuck a packet, I made sure it was rolled on properly. I put a couple of pillows under my ass, raising my hole to just the right level, Chuck stood in front of me, I grabbed his dick, rubbed it around on my pussy lips, only the second one ever to go there. Chuck pushed in, just a little bit, slowly, and I was getting fucked! He went deeper and deeper, I felt the strange sensation of plastic inside me, something I’d never felt before. Somehow, it was very different from anything Ken had ever done to me. And when my new lover started moving, it also was strange. I looked over my shoulder, my husband was there, as Chuck screwed me Ken and I shared a gaze of love and I held my husband’s hand. Then I turned my attention back to my lover. Chuck leaned down, we kissed. I shifted, he was somehow straddling one of my legs, holding the other high in the air, and he was pushing in and out steadily, eagerly. I looked into his eyes, watching him screw me, and suddenly I was overwhelmed!

Ken told me I kicked and groaned through my orgasm, I don't remember. I only know I saw streaks of bright neon, felt the shaking and hot spell spread all over me, lasting, Ken tells me, for a very long time.

Chuck stayed with me, when I got my senses back we shifted again, I was on my knees and he was behind me. That was when Ken got in front of me, put his dick where I could suck it, get him hard. Then I found myself straddling Chuck below me, slowly moving so that the tip of his dick touched every speck of my hole. My husband was standing on the bed, letting me suck his prick and squeeze his balls, and then I heard Chuck’s moans start, I tightened my pussy, pressed down as he spurted his love juice inside me, wanting even a little more.

We collapsed, I held and kissed Chuck passionately, peeling his dick out of the latex, fondling the mass, bending down to take it once again inside my mouth and taste the remnants of the sperm. A few minutes later, Ken grabbed me, roughly turned me around, he was on top and didn’t take long before I was being nakedly filled with his semen. 

We rested, the two boys stroked me, I admit I paid more attention to Chuck than I did to Ken, he didn’t seem to mind. When I told Chuck he was the first guy, other than Ken, to make love with me, I’m not sure he believed it, but he seemed honored. Without his asking I sucked on him again, tried my best to get him hard and when I was successful, he put another condom on and we fucked again. The overhead light flickered, indicating we had just a few minutes left, and Chuck pounded hard into me, managed to release one more time.

We didn’t have many moments left that night, we cuddled quickly, Chuck told me yes, I gave the best blow job in the club, but I screwed even better than that. And then our clothes were on, I kissed Chuck one more time before we left, Ken and I drove home.

We talked about it on the forty-minute drive, I told him all I’d felt, got him to tell me what he saw, told him I was a little sorry he didn’t get his phone out and take some pictures. He promised he would if there was a next time. I told him I was sure there would be, I really wanted to get together with Mark and Nicole, that Ken wouldn’t be the only one who got screwed any more.

I guess we’re going to have to let the people at the club know we’re not soft swap anymore.


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