Dalliance Divine

You dally do you not,

as you caress me with gentle strokes

of your dainty, delicate fingers,

you dally,

taking time to tease,

and please your treasured lover,

your love.


I am that,

as are you to me,

and so I dally upon your divine flesh,

touching the transformed 

fruits of passion, 

quivering and trembling,

I dally.


But, no, my love,

it is not a dalliance,

unless divine,

truly filled with lofty


to live and love

as one

for eternity,

so I dally.


I rise, and you stroke,

and I dally upon the dimpled

landscape on your precious,



the body of lust,

and love,

we dally.


We dally in

divine dalliance,

we feel with all senses,

tasting honeyed dampness, 

and smelling drifting, heated breath,

and hearing our heaving, 

begging lust,

while both fondling

with a fondness,

a quietly calm fierceness, 

and joyous