The Cam Virgin

"What do you mean you've never cammed?" wrote Jackie, via Messenger "it's 2017, cams have been around for at least a decade - you must have cammed by now?"

"I skyped my Aunt once," replied John, "but that was because she was sick and about to die. It was really awkward. I hated it"

"Well, duh" said Jackie "this will be different - A LOT different! :) "

"I dunno" fudged John, who was not at all keen to cam with Jackie. Sure, he wanted to watch her on cam but he did not want her to see him. He was at least ten years older than her for starters, and overweight as well. She was hot and he was... not.

All of a sudden John was feeling like he'd bitten off more than he could chew. He'd talked the talk but now he wasn't so confident about walking the walk. John's midlife crisis was now staring him in the face - he was confronted with his own stupidity. John felt like such a cliche. When John turned 45 he became stuck on the idea that he was Old and that life had passed him by. His efforts to rebel had somehow led him to this point with Jackie, a woman he didn't even know in the real world.

"Do you want to see my tits or not?" typed Jackie, snapping John back to attention.

"Hell YES!!" replied John, realising the train was about to leave the station "I would absolutely love to see those glorious breasts of yours"

"Good, because I want to see your cock. I want you to jerk off for me while I play with my boobs - can you do that for me?" asked Jackie.

The ping from the Skype app told him there was no going back now. She had called him and he would have to accept. The app on his laptop kept chiming, it seemed to be getting louder and louder...

Completely flustered John suddenly stood up, dropped his pants, and accepted the Skype video call.

"Wow!" said Jackie, her voice sounding like soft velvet "you don't waste any time!"

All she could see was John's dick, filling her screen. It was a nice cock, average in size, but it would do. She just wanted to get off and John had intrigued her so today she picked him. What he lacked in size, she decided, he made up for by being a cam virgin. It had been so long since she cammed with a newbie and she relished the opportunity to pop another cherry.

The trick would be to not have him pop too soon - which was always a distinct possibility with Cam Virgins.

"That looks nice John, I like the closeup view" she purred "but you're a bit floppy - would you like me to show you something to perk you up?"

"Yes, please!" said John, a little too desperately.

"And what would you like to see John? You have to tell me, I want to hear it" replied Jackie, who was already feeling warm between her legs.

"I want to see your tits" croaked John, his mouth suddenly dry "I want to see you play with your nipples"

"Like this?" purred Jackie coyly as she pulled the sleeves off her shoulders and pushed her stretch top down to her waist. John's jaw dropped as he gazed at her large breasts, lovingly encased in a white lace bra. He could not believe his luck, it was all true, why hadn't he done this years ago? There really were women out there willing to cam with strangers and show him their tits.

"Oh my god, you're beautiful" beamed John, talking to her tits.

Jackie unclipped her bra at the back and then flipped it off at the front, grabbing a full breast in each hand. She jiggled her tits up and down as she stared at John's cock, which was now fully erect. Gloriously erect.

"Like what you see?" she asked, grinning.

"Oh god yes," said John "they're magnificent!"

"Good, then wank that cock for me John" said Jackie, as she squeezed and massaged her boobs sensuously "I want to see you nice and hard - you like looking at titties and I like looking at stiff pricks - so show me how great these big luscious tits are John. I bet you'd love to get one in your mouth, wouldn't you John?"  Jackie traced her finger around her areola and gave the nipple a playful flick before stopping to look directly at the camera. She said nothing but her raised eyebrow said 'what next?'

"Can I see you play with your nipples?" asked John, as he started slowly stroking his cock. It felt stiff in his hand but he knew he could make it harder. He started to stroke a little faster as Jackie grabbed her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers and started rolling. He was surprised at how quickly they hardened to her touch. He had had no idea what to expect but he'd hit the jackpot with Jackie. Big boobs and big nipples. Her nipples were exquisite - long and stiff - just how he liked them. Exactly how he liked them.

As John stared at the screen Jackie was staring at hers just as hard. John's cock looked great as he pumped his fist up and down his veiny shaft and she could see the head was turning a nice shade of purple. Her breasts felt great in her hands and she was enjoying the look on his face as she tweaked her nipples. His eyes were totally fixated on her swollen nipples and she could tell he was going to erupt soon. And she hadn't even shown him her pussy yet! Maybe she would save that for next time, she thought, deciding there would be a next time.

"Your cock is sticky!" she laughed, observing the glistening shaft as he jacked his fist up and down his dick.

"Oh god, it is too!" replied John, as he stopped what he was doing and stuck a finger on the tip of his wet prick. He tapped the head and a bead of pre-cum spread from fingertip to cocktip. Jackie moaned at the sight of it, and realised she was quite wet herself. Her pussy ached for attention but she ignored it and continued fondling her own breasts. She pulled one up to her mouth and dropped her tongue to the nipple, swirling all around the areola, licking herself.

"Oh god, that's so hot" said John, "keep doing that..."

John's voice trailed off as he resumed fisting his cock. He was pumping it hard now and Jackie realised he had given up any pretense of putting on a show for her. He was trying to cum now, trying to get himself off. Jackie wanted to get off too, but she would do that later, after the cam session was over. Right now all she wanted was to see John shoot his load all over his lap top. That's what got her off - seeing a man so overcome with his own lust he'd fire a hot sticky mess all over his keyboard.

Sometimes they got so worked up they even hit the screen - she loved that! A jet of hot cum erupting so fast it splattered onto the screen before slowly dripping down... a grey smear on her window that she wouldn't have to clean up.  She would touch her screen as if she was scooping it up and then mime licking their jism off her fingers. They loved that, but what she was really doing was wetting her own fingers - which 30 seconds later would be in her sopping pussy. As soon as she had said "thanks babe that was great, let's do this again" before hanging up on them, of course.

"C'mon John, wank that cock" instructed Jackie, who's wet cunt was telling her to hurry things along. "I want to see your fist fly all up and down that nasty dick of yours, yeah make it rain baby, jerk that cock for me John, I wanna see you cum, mmmmm I'm gonna cum too John, your dick looks so good..."

It wasn't the sight of her big tits and her stiff nipples that got John off, nor the dirty talk. What finally finished John off was the look she gave him as she begged him to cum on her tits. Her lust was so intense it was like she was there in the room with him, not halfway across the country in a different time zone. She grabbed both breasts and thrust them at the camera, her hard nipples seemingly ready to break the glass barrier between them.

Jackie could tell John was about to cum and cupped her boobs in both hands and offered them up to the camera. "Cum on me John" she implored, "shoot your filthy mess all over my beautiful breasts. Paint me with your seed John, splatter me with your spunk..." Jackie twisted her nipples, hard, for good measure.

John grunted loudly as he fired his load, eyes closed. In his head he was pumping his cock between Jackie's warm bosom, spurting his cum all over her tits as she clasped them together for his pleasure. His hand gripped his cock at the root as his free hand squeezed his balls, wringing out the last of his orgasm. He hissed through his teeth and shook his neck, making it crack. The tension was now fully released, just like his sperm, and he exhaled deeply.

"Thanks babe that was great, let's do this again" giggled Jackie, as she hung up on him. John opened his eyes to see the Skype window blank, and his computer screen smeared with cum. Just like his keyboard. It was everywhere. His two thousand dollar laptop was covered in cum and he had no idea how on earth he was going to be able to clean up all that mess.

He cursed Jackie - that scheming bitch had probably done it on purpose!

And then he smiled. Maybe next time she would show him her pussy? Yeah, that would be hot - watching her finger herself while he masturbated...