Trying to fuck a gay couple


I’ve known Paul for years.  He is not out to everyone, but everyone kinda knows he is gay and nobody cares.  Paul has been ‘dating’ (however one defines that) a guy called Jace for a fail while now and I finally got to meet Jace when they were heading to Sydney one day and dropped in.  Paul is my age but Jace is still at uni so a little bit younger than us.  Jace is cute though, he was a gymnast growing up and seemed pretty spunky and neither of them are flamboyant, they are straight acting and it isn’t obvious that they are a gay couple at all.

I honestly hadn’t thought of anything naughty with these guys, I’d known Paul for years and he was in a relationship.  However, after they left my place for Sydney I received a text saying that Jace thought I was hot.

That was interesting.  Now to the developments over the last few weeks.

First Attempt

This was the first time I’d really hung out with Paul and it being just the two of us.  I drove up to Newcastle for a weekend of partying and there was a football game on at the uni up there which Paul wanted to go to.  He works at the University in admin and he knew a bunch of people and we partied HARD!!!  We were both in great form and as I mentioned in the background, Paul is straight acting.

Early the next morning we walked back to Paul’s unit and we were having a night cap on the couch.  I was horny and we were both rubbing our cocks through our jeans – him rubbing his cock, me rubbing my cock.  It was getting a little uncomfortable so I undid my jeans, and started rubbing the front of my ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos.  I was soooo incredibly horny and I asked Paul if he wanted me to suck him off…..

He turned me down saying he’d love it but had to check with Jace.  I completely respected that and backed off.

We had another drink and went to bed, I had a shower and jerked off of course.

Second Attempt

This was the first time that Paul and Jace had hung out at my place and a big weekend of partying was planned.  They arrived at my place Friday afternoon after work.  It was a nice day so we went for a quick swim, then sat outside having a few drinks, BBQ’d and had a few more drinks.  The idea was to go down to the pub but we were shooting the shit and getting along.

I found out later that Jace was nervous and was super happy that he fit and everyone got along.

Things did turn to sex later in the evening and back in the house young Jace challenged me to a game of chess – I have a chess board sitting on my coffee table.  Now Jace seems like a smart guy, he is studying engineer at uni (3rd year) but I’m a computer nerd.  I love playing chess, Kip and I play chess and cards all the time even when we are separated by an ocean and the Rocky Mountains.  So if someone ever offers me a game of chess I’m in for sure…. if someone wants a wager…. now I’m really in.

Not sure how the conversation turned from sex to chess but it did and we had just been talking about speedos.

Naturally, the bet became, whoever looses has to wear nothing but speedos for the rest of the night.  Jace agreed and 10 minutes later, he stripped off his boardies to reveal a classic pair of black speedos.  After a while he was complaining so Paul and I stripped down to our speedos, Paul a pair of blue classic AussieBum’s that fit him just perfectly and I was wearing my ADIDAS 3-stripe.

I think it was Paul who went into my room and just crashed on the bed so it was Jace and I left in my tiny lounge room wearing nothing but our speedos.  Jace suggested we go join him.

There we are 3 guys, wearing only speedos in my bed.  Jace was in the middle and hand his hands all over the front of my speedos and my hands were all over the front of his speedos.  It was hot but then we heard Paul snoring – hahaha.  Neither Jace or I were hard so we decided to give up and blame the whiskey on our whiskey dicks.  I went out and crashed on the couch.

The next morning I was up early for a surf, we were all feeling pretty rough and after a big breakfast sex was not on the cards for anyone.  Why is it that after a HUGE meal sex is NOT on the menu.

Third Attempt

The third attempt for some naughty action with the Newcastle guys was two weeks after our last failed attempt and there had been some naughty texting/messaging going back and forth.  I drove up to Newcastle on a Friday afternoon/evening a little bit on a whim and Paul and Jace were partying it up at Paul’s unit.  There were some of their friends there and by midnight everyone had left and it was just the three of us in the lounge room.

I was super horny and ready for a full on threesome with these two guys.  At one point Paul got up to go to the bathroom and never came back, he has the most intense job of the three of us and he was shot from a big work week.

That left Jace and I on the couch and despite us both being horny we agreed that we’d try again in the morning.

I slept in the spare room and didn’t jerk off… I was hoping I’d need every last drop of jizz the next morning.

I slept like a baby, I had gotten up there late so hadn’t drank too much and awoke to the sounds of the coffee maker.  It was a beautiful morning and Paul’s unit overlooks the ocean and I got up, had a quick shower, put my ADIDAS speedos back on and walked out into the living area.  Nobody was about so I poured a coffee and went over to the open door of Paul’s bedroom.

By the way, I had woken up with a raging boner and I still had it.

I stood by the door and the guys were both in bed and Paul told me to come and join them, and that Jace had something he wanted to give me.

As son as I got into bed, Jace slipped below the sheets, pulled my cock out the leg of my speedos (he did try to pull it out the top but I prefer it out the leg) and he began to go to town on my cock.

It was sensational!!!

Jace had his hands all over my chest, my balls, my inner thighs and he didn’t take his mouth off my cock for a second.  Surprisingly I lasted a little while, Jace didn’t finger me which would have ended things much quicker.

Then I started to approach orgasm.  The sheets had been pulled back so that Paul and I could enjoy the view of Jace working my cock, my hips were off the bed and my hand was on the back of his head.  Then my cock exploded his Jace’s mouth.  It has to be the most intense orgasm I’ve had in months.  It honestly felt like a firehose going off in Jace’s mouth.

The little trooper that Jace is, he swallowed every last drop.

And that was pretty much it…. Jace and Paul had fucked and both cum earlier in the morning.  I kinda packed up my stuff, got in the car and drove home.  I have to admit, all day I felt a million bucks, no stress and just felt great.

Attempt 4 hasn’t happened yet but there are lots of messaging going around so it will happen…..