Tiffany's Quirk

I smiled to myself as I waited for Tiffany to come out of the ladies room at the restaurant.  The short skirt I’d picked out for her was sexy all by itself.  It wasn’t sexy because it didn’t cover her up.  It was long enough to do that.  The hem stopped at about the middle of her shapely, sexy thighs.  The real threat was that the skirt was a tight fit, and when Tiffany sat down, she had to be careful.  If she wasn’t, the skirt would ride up, and anyone looking could catch a glimpse of her black boy short panties.  It wasn’t just the lacy edge around her thighs they’d see, either.  If Tiffany didn’t keep her thighs together, what people would see was the rounded contour of her mound and the little bulge between her thighs.

Tiffany knew this would happen.  I’d shown her in her bedroom mirror before we left.  She blushed bright pink, but she still put the skirt on.  The tight cotton blouse I’d picked out completed the picture.  It didn’t show anything except the seams of her bra, but then, Tiffany has big breasts and her bra had a lot of seams to show.

The door to the ladies room opened just as I was remembering what Tiffany had inside that bra, and she quickly walked to our table.  Her face was flushed, and as she walked she kept smoothing the skirt over her hips and looking around is if waiting for something to happen.  

She grinned when she slid into the chair beside me, then blushed and pulled down her skirt.  I chuckled.

“You did it?”

Tiffany nodded.

“Well, give them to me then.”

Tiffany reached in her purse, pulled out the black boy shorts and pressed them into my hand.  I wadded the filmy nylon and lace into a ball and put my hands to my face as if to cover a yawn.  Tiffany’s scent wafted to my nose as I inhaled.  I smiled as I stuffed the panties into the back pocket of my jeans and then put my hand between Tiffany’s tightly closed knees.

“The guy at that table across from us was watching you when you came back.  Wanna give him a little show?”

I nudged Tiffany’s knees apart just a little and slipped my hand up to the hem of her skirt.  Tiffany was desperately trying to keep those knees together.

“Open up, just a little.  I want to see his face when he looks again.”

“I…I can’t.  He’ll see and think I’m some sort of slut.”

“Then cross your legs.”

Tiffany caught her breath.

“If I do that, he’ll see all the way up to my…my…”

I chuckled.

“Probably all he’ll see is a little hair…probably…unless you leave your thighs open a little.  Then, he’ll see something that’ll make him choke on his spaghetti.”

Tiffany’s hand was shaking when she pulled mine from her thigh and crossed her legs.  

The guy was looking then, and while he didn’t choke, he did grin.

Tiffany tried to act as if she was just eating her dinner, but I knew different.  She kept looking up from her steak to see if the guy was still looking.  If he was, she’d quickly look away, but she’d be grinning as she did.  Tiffany was getting a thrill out of knowing a strange man was looking up her skirt and seeing one of her most private places.  Tonight would be a great night.

I suppose some people might think Tiffany’s a little different, and she is, but it’s something I really love about her.  I didn’t know, of course, that day we met.  It took a while for me to figure it out.

We met, sort of, at Walmart of all places.  I say we sort of met because it lasted only a few seconds.   I rounded the end of the aisle with coffee, tea, and creamer and started down the aisle with soft drinks.  Tiffany was standing on her tip-toes and trying to get a two-liter of soda down off the top rack.  She’s not very tall, and she was having trouble.  I thought it would be nice to help her so I walked up and asked which one she wanted.

She smiled the most beautiful smile I’d seen in a long time.

“The cola.  I don’t know why they have to put stuff up so high.  I’m just not tall enough to reach.”

I pulled the bottle out of the rack and handed it to her.

“You just need one?”

She smiled again.

“Yes, for now.  Thanks.”

The woman put the bottle in her buggy and walked away, but not before I determined several things about her.  One, she had really great legs for a small woman, and her hips were fantastic.  Her shorts were short enough and fit snugly enough for me to tell that.  Two, though her loose top didn’t show much of anything, it was pretty obvious the woman was well endowed.  Three, she didn’t wear any rings on her left hand, but did wear an engagement ring and wedding ring on her right ring finger.  Patty, one of the women at work, wore her rings like that, and told me it was to signify she’d been divorced.  I suppose it was to tell any man if he couldn’t live with that to stay away.  Patty sometimes wore a T-shirt that said “I am not a bitch, I am THE BITCH, and to you I am Ms. Bitch.”  I mostly stayed away from Patty.  That shirt was very appropriate.

Then there was that smile.  It was devastatingly beautiful, and made the woman’s face the same way.  I honestly thought about trying to catch up to her and introduce myself, but I’m no kid anymore, and she looked pretty young.  I figured she’d be polite, but that was about all that would happen.

Saturday afternoon wasn’t my usual time for grocery shopping, but I went back to Walmart at the same time the next Saturday.  I suppose it was wishful thinking.  A lot of people shop at Walmart at that time of day.  It wasn’t likely I’d see her again.  I did though, in the canned goods aisle.  I’d been thinking about the age difference through the week, and I knew some women like older men.  I decided to find out if she was one of them.  After taking a deep breath, I pushed my buggy up beside hers and started looking at the canned carrots.

The woman looked up and smiled again.

“You’re the man who helped me last week.”

“Huh…Oh, yeah…that would be me.  Need any more help?”

The woman smiled again, said, “Nope.  I can reach these.”, and bent over to pick up two cans of peas.  When she straightened back up, she gave me an odd look.  I suppose it was because I was standing there with my mouth hanging open.  It was that way because when the woman bent over, her shorts rode up a little and I could see out the delicate curve where her hips met her thighs.  She smiled again then, but the smile looked a little impish, and her face was a little flushed.

“Mister, are you all right?”

I shook my head, and grinned.  She had to know that would happen, and knowing she knew made her all that much more interesting.

“I’m fine.  I was just having a daydream.”

I stuck out my hand.

“I’m Bill.”

The woman took my hand and shook it gently.

“I’m Tiffany.”

Well, after that day, I started buying my groceries on Saturday instead of Wednesday night.  I usually saw Tiffany somewhere in the store. Sometimes she’d just wave when she saw me.  Sometimes we’d talk for a couple minutes about nothing in particular.  It took another two weeks before I asked if she ever dated men.  Tiffany chuckled.

“I don’t date other women if that’s what you’re asking.”

“No, nothing like that.  I just thought maybe you’d like to have dinner some night.”

“So you’re asking me out?”

“I haven’t yet, but I was going to.  Do you like pizza?”

Over pizza the next Saturday night, I learned a lot about Tiffany.  She was ten years younger than I, and had been divorced for a while.  She didn’t say much about her marriage, just that she was glad to be out of it.  Even though I didn’t know any details, I found myself not liking her husband very much.  Tiffany was a pretty woman with a great figure, but she was much more than that.  She was a very intelligent and interesting woman.  Her outside appearance was just the icing on a very rich cake.  I couldn’t understand how any man could treat her so poorly that she’d leave him unless he was a complete ass.  I don’t have much patience for complete asses, and I told her that.  She defended him a little.

“He wasn’t like that.  He just didn’t understand what I needed.  I guess he never learned from his dad, and he didn’t want to listen to me.”

“Well, some guys are lucky to have someone to tell them.  I guess he didn’t.  I didn’t either.  I had to learn it on my own.”

“How did you do that?”

“Trial and error in my old sixty Chevy mostly.”

She chuckled.

“Front or back seat?”

“Uh…front.  Never made it all the way to the back seat.  Girls would let a guy play a little, but except for a couple, they wouldn’t let a guy get too far.”

Tiffany grinned.

“I was one of those girls - not the ones who got in the back seat -the other kind.  It was a thrill knowing I had something guys wanted, and it was a real thrill teasing them, but Mom would have locked me in my room until I was twenty if she thought I was doing more than that.”

“I guess I never thought girls got off by teasing guys.  They seemed pretty reluctant to let you even touch them.”

“My mom told me the touching would feel good, but nobody buys a used car if they can get a new one for the same price.  She said it’s better to leave something to the imagination.  I got all excited thinking about what boys were imagining about me.”

I could sympathize with the guys Tiffany was talking about.  If she looked anything then like she looked now, they’d have been fantasizing about all sorts of things…just like I was at that very moment.  I thought just maybe Tiffany was a little excited by our conversation.  I could just make out the rounded bumps of her nipples against her top.  They hadn’t been there before.  I was liking those bumps way too much for a first date.

I laughed.

“You got excited?  What you girls did to us guys was a lot more than make us excited.”

“And what would that be?”

“Well, a guy can’t really hide being excited very well, if you understand what I’m saying.  I mean, it’s bad enough that at that age it seems to happen all by itself a lot, but when a girl dresses up in little shorts or a tight T-shirt, well…”

Tiffany gave me a sheepish grin.

“So, are you saying I’m doing that now?”

“Let’s just say I need another cup of coffee before I take you back to your house.”

Tiffany giggled.

“OK, I’ll try to be good.  No…what I meant was, I’ll try to make sure that problem go away.  Oh…not that either.  I’ll just sit here until it does and not do anything else.”

My problem did go away about half way through the second cup of coffee, but only because Tiffany asked me about my job.  Somehow, talking about being an engineer and erotic thoughts don’t go very well together.  The problem came back when I drove away from her house though.  As she said goodnight, Tiffany touched my arm and thanked me for dinner.  That was enough.

We dated for the next three months about every weekend, and I noticed a gradual change in Tiffany.  She started to ask if I liked what she was wearing.  I know better than to say anything except she looked great.  She wouldn’t let it go at that.  She kept asking me if she looked sexy or not.  I didn’t have to make up that answer.  Tiffany would have looked sexy in sweatpants and a sweatshirt.

One night after we’d finished dinner, she asked what she should wear on our next date.  I wasn’t really sure what she was asking, so I decided to tease her a little and fulfill one of my fantasies at the same time, if only a little.

“Well, you know, every time I take you somewhere, guys are staring at you.  Maybe you should be like you said and tease them a little.”

Tiffany blushed.

“You mean, show something.”

“Well, not everything, but a little peek wouldn’t hurt.”

I waggled my eyebrows a couple of times and then grinned.

“I know I’d like it.”

“OK, so what should I wear.”

I thought about that for a minute.  She’d probably never go for it, but…

“OK, do you have a top that’s sort of loose, and is made of some sort of knit?”

“I think so.”

“Well wear that next Saturday and we’ll go to the zoo.”

Tiffany smiled.  

“I don’t see how that’s going to show anybody anything.”

“It will if you don’t wear your bra.”

Tiffany turned the cutest shade of pink.

“Why…why anybody could see how big I am and they could see my …my… well you know.  I’d be embarrassed to death.”

I laughed.

“Well, you asked, and I told you.”

There was that sheepish grin again.

“I suppose you’d make me wish I had dressed that way if I didn’t, too.”

I hadn’t really expected that, but since she’d asked…

“I could probably think up some way to punish you, no hitting or anything like that, just something that might embarrass you more.”

I wasn’t sure how she’d be dressed when I picked her up the next Saturday.  She wore the top I’d asked her to wear, but she was also obviously wearing a bra.  She didn’t say anything when she got in my pickup, but she did smile at me, and she shrugged her shoulders.

Later that afternoon, after I bought us some sodas, Tiffany chuckled.

“I guess you see I chickened out?”

“Yes, I’m not too surprised though.  I figured you might.”

“So, when do I get punished?”

I shrugged.

“Let’s go to Opry Mills on Saturday and look around.  You can wear the same outfit then, but that won’t be your punishment.  That’ll come later.”

“What are you going to do to me?” she giggled.

“You’ll see.”

I pulled my pickup into Tiffany’s drive a little after lunch the next Saturday.  When I knocked on her door, it took her a while to open it.  When she did, she stood behind the door and just peered around it as she let me in.

“Tiffany, what’s the matter?”

“I…I don’t know if I can do this or not.  That’s what’s the matter.”

“Do what?”

Tiffany closed the door and then let her arms fall to her sides.

“I didn’t put on a bra, and look.”

I was looking.  Actually, I was staring.  Tiffany had on the same loose top as the Saturday before, but what she was doing to it without a bra was fantastic.  The thin material seemed to cling to her skin in places, and her big breasts stood out a lot.  So did her nipples.  They made big sexy bumps in the top.

I chuckled.

“I don’t see anything wrong.  All I see is a woman, a really sexy woman, granted, but still a woman.”

“But my boobies stick out and they wobble when I walk and my nipples get stiff and they show and…”

I cut her off.

“You can go put your bra on if you want, but you’ll have to pay for it.”

“More than for last Saturday?”

“Oh, definitely more.  I can hardly wait.”

Tiffany frowned.

“OK…I’ll go this way, but don’t you dare leave me alone, not even for a second.”

I had no intentions of leaving Tiffany alone.  I wouldn’t have strayed from her side for any reason.  She was just too damned great to look at.  The men sitting on the benches waiting for their wives to get done shopping thought so too.  When Tiffany and I walked by, what had been frowns turned into grins, and they followed her every move.  I could understand that, because Tiffany’s every move caused her big breasts to do a seductive little dance under her top.

If their wives happened to be sitting there beside their husbands when we walked by, those men grinned too.  Their wives, not so much.  I saw a couple women give their husband a whack on the arm, and some quiet, but animated conversation seemed to always follow

I was watching more than the way Tiffany’s heavy breasts moved around under her top.  It was obvious that while her face looked a little fearful, she was enjoying herself.  Her eyes were always a beautiful part of her face, but as we walked past people going in and out of the shops, they were wide open and almost glittering.  I didn’t know if Tiffany was becoming aroused, but her eyes said she might be.

Her nipples said the same to me.  One man, an older gentleman, winked at her as she walked by.  What had been two soft bumps in the front of her blouse quickly grew a lot bigger and longer.  Where before from a distance, the bumps could have been only a shadow or fold in the material, now there was no question about their origin.

We walked from one end of Opry Mills to the other and then back, and I think Tiffany probably turned on every man who saw her except for one quy who was obviously very in touch with his feminine side.  I know by the time we started back, the only thing keeping me from developing a tent in my jeans was watching the guys watching Tiffany as much as I was watching her.  As it was, I only had the stiffness of anticipation, anticipation I knew I shouldn’t press.

Tiffany’s eyes were still shining bright when we got in my truck to go home.  As I pulled out onto the Briley, she looked at me and grinned.

“That was fun.  I was terrified, but it was fun.  Did you see how the men looked at me?”

I laughed.

“Well, Tiffany, you made a whole bunch of guys really horny today.  I thought you were enjoying it.”

“I tried not to show it.  How did you know?”

“Well, your eyes got really big and bright, and your uh…nipples…they got stiff and pushed out the front of your blouse.”

Tiffany looked down and stroked the soft bump on each breast.

“I didn’t realize they were doing that.  I’d have been embarrassed to tears if I had.”

“Well, they were.  They did every time a guy looked at you, well, almost every time anyway.”

“So, I did good?”

I laughed again.

“If that wasn’t good, I don’t know what is.”

“Does this mean I don’t get punished?”

“No, just that you did good today.  You still have to pay for last Saturday.”

“What are you going to do to me?”

“Nothing.  You’re going to do it yourself.  See that semi up there?”


“I’m going to pull up beside his cab.”

The pickup responded to my foot on the accelerator, and we were soon cruising along beside the semi.

“OK, Tiffany, flash the nice trucker.”


“I said, flash the nice trucker.”

“I’m not showing you my boobies.”

“You’re not going to show them to me.  You’re going to show them to the guy driving that truck.  Now, pull up your top and let him see you.”

Tiffany put her hands on the bottom of her blouse and lifted it a little, then touched my arm.

“Please don’t make me do this.  I’ve never shown anyone but my ex and my doctor my boobies.”

I chuckled.

“There’s a first time for everything.  Now up with that top or I’ll think up some other way to punish you.”

Tiffany took her blouse in both hands again, looked up at the trucker, and quickly lifted the front over her breasts and then pulled it back down.

“There, I did it.”

“No, you didn’t.  He was looking down the road.  You have to leave your top up for longer than a second.  Come on, be a good girl and let the guy see what you have.”

“What if he decides to follow us and when we stop, he gets out and…well, he might do something to me.”

“I’m sure he’ll want to, but I can outrun him…,”  I chuckled, “probably.”

“Oh, I can’t.  I don’t even know him.”

“Yes, you can…unless you’d rather flash him with something else.  You do have a sweet bottom, you know.”

“Oh, no, not that.  I couldn’t ever do that.”

“Well, then up with that top.  There are other cars coming up behind me.”

Tiffany took a deep breath, pulled up her blouse and leaned toward the side window.  For a couple seconds, nothing happened.  Then, I heard the blast of an air horn, three times.  Tiffany giggled.

“I think he liked me.”

She hadn’t yet pulled her blouse back down.

“I can see why.”

Tiffany looked down and then gasped as she yanked the blouse down to her waist.

“Oh, God, I flashed you too.”

I glanced over at Tiffany.  Her face was pink again, and her eyes flashed with a gleam that could only mean she was enjoying herself.

“Yes, you did.  It was pretty great too.  You can flash me all you want.”

Tiffany giggled as I passed the semi.

“He waved at me, and blew me a kiss.”

“I figure that’s not what he’s wishing he was doing to you right about now.”

“So, am I done now?”

“Well…it took you a long time for this one.  I think you’ll have to do a couple more.”

“Two more?  I was scared to death.  That’s why it took so long.  I can’t do it again.”

I looked over at Tiffany again, and grinned..

“I see another truck up ahead.  Get ready.”

Tiffany flashed the second truck a little faster and held her blouse up for almost half a minute before pulling it down.

“He stuck out his tongue and wiggled it at me.  I guess he didn’t like me.”

I had to laugh.

“Oh, he liked you.  He’s telling you what he’d like to do for you, that’s all.”

“He’d like to lick my boobies?”

“Among other parts of you, I expect.”

“I never thought about that, I mean, I have, but not from a guy I don’t even know.”

“Want me to pull over and introduce you to him?”

There was a little tremor in Tiffany’s voice.

“You wouldn’t really do that…would you?”

“It might be fun to watch you flash him up close and then watch what happens.  Ever been in the sleeper of a semi?”

“Oh no…in your truck in one thing.  Close enough he could touch me is another.   Getting in his truck… Don’t you dare stop.”

I sighed.

“OK, but you better give a good show to number three.  He’s coming up in a bit.

Trucker number three got an eyeful of Tiffany’s big breasts pressed into my side window.  It was touch and go for a second, so to speak.  The semi veered off to the shoulder a little and then the driver overcorrected and started into my lane.  I hit the accelerator and passed him by just as Tiffany shrieked.

“He was gonna hit us.”

“Well, you evidently made an impression on him.”

She giggled.

“Maybe it was my boobies flattened out on the window.”

“That’d do it for me.”

“Are we going home now?”

“Unless you want to make another trucker’s day.”

Tiffany giggled again.

“I think I’ve had about all the excitement I can handle.  Wanna get a pizza and eat at my house?”

I was thinking I’d love to give Tiffany some more excitement, and when she asked if we could eat at her house, I briefly entertained the fantasy of her naked beside me after I’d shown her just how desirable she really was.  She didn’t seem to understand that, somehow.  I supposed it was how her ex treated her, though I couldn’t fathom how any man could see Tiffany as anything except a treasure to be kissed, caressed, and stroked until she became the lover I suspected she would truly be.

I knew it was just a fantasy.  Though I was pretty certain Tiffany had been aroused by what she’d done, I wouldn’t take advantage of that.  If and when it ever happened, Tiffany would tell me it was time.  Until then, I’d just enjoy having her with me.

After that day, Tiffany would usually ask me what she should wear when we went out.  I kept her bra-less look for the times we went to a mall or to Walmart.  If we went someplace else, I usually said she could wear her bra.  I always asked her to wear either little shorts or tight jeans.  I loved the way her sexy butt looked in both, but of the two, the tight jeans were my favorite.  She had a couple pair that were cut very low in the waist, and if she bent over, her panties would peek out.  If she stooped down for something, sometimes the start of the separation between her cheeks would show just a little.  

I loved seeing both, and so did any guys who happened to be within a few feet.  We spent a lot of time shopping on Saturday at Walmart where I could find  reasons Tiffany should bend over or squat down.  She knew why I was asking that, and always giggled when I asked.

“You know what’s going to happen if I do that.”

“Yep, I do, but the guy coming down the aisle doesn’t.  Show him that sexy bottom.”

Tiffany would blush pink, and then try to argue.

“But he’ll see my panties.”

“Yeah, I expect he will.”

“He’ll be thinking I want him to do something to me.”

“Probably so.  I could ask him if he’d like to go home with us if you’d like.”

“No, no, no…I could never do anything like that.  Don’t you dare say a thing to him.”

“Then bend over and pick up some cans of beans for me, or I will.”

Tiffany would blush again, but she’d bend over.  Usually, the guy would stop, smile, and then push his buggy down the aisle.  Once, an older guy said “nice ass, Honey” as he went by.  Tiffany caught her breath when she heard that, and then turned around and put the cans in her buggy.

“Did you hear what he said?”

“Well, it’s true, you know.”

“You really think so?”

I chuckled.

“Why do you think I always walk behind you.”

When the weather started to cool off during the day, I had to change my strategy a little.  Cold weather meant at least a jacket for both of us, and shorts were pretty much out of the question.  Even Tiffany’s low cut jeans didn’t show anything because her jacket or coat covered half of her sensuous hips.  

It was on a trip to McMinnville that the idea hit me.  I hadn’t asked Tiffany to dress in anything special that day.  We were just going to one of the nurseries to pick up some shrubs Tiffany wanted in her yard, and I didn’t figure there would be many people there.  As I drove down the highway, I was remembering how Tiffany reacted to flashing truckers that afternoon, and realized she could show more of herself now.  

“Tiffany, how about taking off your coat.”

“Why would I want to do that?  It’s cold.”

I reached over and turned up the heater control a little.

“It’s gonna be hard to take off your top if you still have your coat on.”

“I’m not taking off my top.  I’ll freeze.”

“No, you won’t.  You can put your coat back on afterwards, well, after you take off your bra too.”

“Then I’d be naked under my coat.”

“Yep.  All naked and sexy.”

“And you’re going to make me flash truckers again?”

“Nope.  But you are going to flash somebody.”


“I don’t know yet.  Maybe some guy looking for an apple tree.  You can show him your apples.”

“I don’t have apples.  Mine are more like grapefruits.”

I chuckled.

“I’m sure he’ll enjoy them even more then.  Now, off with the blouse and bra, unless you’d like a little more punishment.  There are a lot of trucks on the road today.  I’ll bet they’d love getting mooned by your sexy butt.”

Tiffany took a deep breath, undid her seat belt, and unzipped her coat.  Once her coat was laying on the seat beside her, she unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it from her soft shoulders.  About then, a car passed us.  Tiffany grabbed her coat and covered herself up.  

I laughed.

“Tiffany, this is a four-wheel drive truck.  We’re too high up for anyone in a car to see you.  You don’t have to cover up.”

“I do if I’m going to take off my bra.  Now, don’t peek.  If I have to flash somebody, I want to flash them, not have you staring while I get my bra hooks undone.”

I kept looking down the road until Tiffany said, “OK, I have my coat back on now.”

Except for her blouse and bra in the seat beside her, I couldn’t tell any difference, and that was what I wanted.  She’d feel safe and at ease until I asked her to do what I was going to ask.

She wanted a barberry, and there were many from which to choose.  They were all sitting in rows in their burlap root ball bags out in a large area beside the nursery office.  Tiffany went from one to the next, looking at the prices.  I watched to see if anyone was walking our way. There was one guy about twenty feet away and pretty soon, he started walking toward us.  Tiffany was bending over to look at the tag on the shrub in front of her.  

In a quiet voice, I said, “Tiffany, open up your coat.”

Tiffany snapped upright.


“I said, open up your coat.”

“Out here? In front of everybody?”

“Well, everybody is just one guy, and I don’t think he’ll mind.  Of course, if you’re too slow, I’ll have you walk around a little with your coat open.”

“But this place is so open.  Can I just show you instead?”

“Oh, all right.  I suppose, but you better leave that coat open for more than a couple seconds.”

Tiffany stuck out her little pink tongue, but unzipped her coat.  After taking a deep breath, she opened it a little.  I saw beautiful, deep cleavage, and a little of the round lower part of her big breasts.  After a couple seconds, Tiffany closed her coat, zipped it back up, and smiled.

“Satisfied now?”

“No.  I didn’t see much, and you’d better hurry.  There’s another couple walking this way.  Maybe his wife would like to see you too.  I think when they get closer, I’ll ask her.”

“No.  Not another woman.  I’d just die.  Come closer and I’ll just show you.”

Tiffany unzipped her coat again, and stepped a little closer yet.  When she opened her coat, I’m sure my mouth fell open, because she giggled and said if I didn’t close it, I’d swallow a bug.

In truth, I’d seen Tiffany’s breasts before, just one short flash from the side and the reflection of them in my side window when she’d flashed the truckers, but I’d never seen them this close.  I’d also never seen them this cold.  In the few seconds Tiffany held her coat open, her dark pink nipples went from soft rounded bumps on her nipple beds to stiff, dimpled nubs surrounded by circles covered with little ridges and tiny bumps.  

I also hadn’t seen just how beautiful her breasts were.  They were large, which I love, but they weren’t like some.  Her breasts sat proudly on her chest, and her nipples pointed up and out and not down.  I was still staring when Tiffany closed her coat and giggled.

“Now are you satisfied?”

“I don’t think I’d ever be satisfied with just one look.  You’re beautiful.”

“So, you’re going to make me do it again?”

“Oh, yeah, just as soon as this couple goes by…unless you want to flash them now too.”

Tiffany grinned.

“No, I’ll just flash you today, if that’s OK.  I kind of like seeing you with your tongue hanging out.”

“My tongue was not hanging out.  I’d have noticed something like that.”

She grinned again.

“Maybe I’ll keep my coat open longer next time, just to see if it does come out.”

By the time Tiffany had opened her coat three more times, twice on her own and within sight of people with their backs turned, I was more than ready to take her right there on the ground.  It wasn’t the sight of her bare breasts.  It wasn’t the nervous grin on her face when she opened her coat.  It was all of that and more.  Tiffany was beautiful, but her little quirk was the trigger.  I’d always dreamed of having a woman other men lusted after but knowing she’d only come home to my bed.  Tiffany seemed to enjoy making other men feel that way.  I didn’t dare ask her about the last part.  While she was more desirable than any other woman I’d ever met, that choice was one I’d leave up to her.

Tiffany bought her barberry bushes and I put them in the bed of my truck and tied them down.  On the drive to her house, Tiffany was pretty quiet for a while and I had no inkling as to why.  She’d been happy, even a little giddy about flashing me at the nursery.  Now, she sat and stared out the window.  

I finally had to ask her what was wrong.

“Tiffany, did I do something back there that you didn’t like?”

“No, I liked everything you said and did.”

“Then why so quiet?”

“That’s the problem…I liked everything you said and did today, and I liked going to Opry Mills with no bra, and I liked showing my boobies to those truckers.”

“I’m confused here.  If you like doing things like that, why are you not talking to me?”

“I’m trying to figure something out.”

“And what would that be?”

“If I’m crazy or not.”

I laughed.

“Why would you think you’re crazy?”

“Because I’m terrified of doing things like you’ve been telling me to do, but I do them anyway and I don’t know why, and it makes me feel really good afterwards.  Now I want to do it all the time.”

“Well, that’s not crazy.  A little different maybe, but not crazy.  I like the difference, by the way.”

“Well, what would my mother think if she knew I ran around showing my boobies to strange men?”

“I don’t know.  Maybe she likes doing it too.  Ever think of that?”

“Not Mom.  She never even showed any cleavage, even at home.”

“I wouldn’t worry too much about what she thinks unless you do it when she’s around.  What you’ve been doing isn’t going to get you into trouble, well, unless you go parading around buck naked in your back yard.”

I grinned.

“You gonna start doing that next?”

“Heavens no.  What would my neighbors think?

“Well, the men would think it’s great.  The women…probably not.”

“So, I’m not crazy?”

“Nope…sexy as all hell, but not crazy.”

We had another pizza at her house that night.  Tiffany seemed very happy, and I patted my ego on the back thinking it was because I’d said she didn’t belong in a rubber room.  After two slices of pizza, Tiffany rubbed her tummy and said she couldn’t eat anymore.  Then she said she had to go do something, but she’d be right back.

“Right back” meant five minutes to me, but in my experience, a woman’s clock works differently than a man’s.  I forgot all about clocks and experience when she did come back.

Tiffany had changed from her jeans and blouse to a filmy, black nightgown that was held closed by one simple black sash.  That in itself would have been erotic enough.  It was nearly transparent, and her black lacy bra and black lacy panties were in such contrast to her skin, it didn’t take any imagination to see them.

Tiffany grinned.

“Your mouth is hanging open again.”

I shut my mouth, and then opened it again.

“Tiffany, what are you doing?”

“I’m going to flash you.”

“I think you already are.”

Tiffany put her hands on her hips, pulled back her shoulders and grinned again.

“I am not.  I have clothes on and you can’t see me, see.”

She turned all the way around slowly, slow enough I could see her bra was just thin straps attached to two lace cups, and her panties…well, in front they looked like panties, but in the back…there really wasn’t a back, just one thin strap that disappeared between her soft cheeks at the bottom, and emerged at the top of her hips to make a little “Y” at the waist band.

“Tiffany, if you get any more naked, …I don’t know if you want that.”

Tiffany untied the string of her negligee and slipped it from her shoulders.

“Remember when I said showing myself was fun?”

“Yes, I remember.”

Tiffany unhooked the strap on her bra and then slipped the shoulder straps off her arms while holding the cups over her breasts.

“It was more than fun for me.  It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, but I was always too afraid.  Having you tell me what to do was so nice.  I was still afraid to do it, but it wasn’t me telling me anymore.  It was you.”

Tiffany slowly let the bra cups fall away from her breasts.

“I need to have you keep telling me what I should wear so I can keep doing it.  It makes me so…well, just look at me.”

I was looking.  Tiffany’s nipples were long, stiff and thick with ridged sides and a little dimple in each beautiful tip.

Tiffany hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and pulled them down over one hip.

“It does more than that to me, too, things that never happened before.  I get these feelings and they won’t go away unless I…”

Tiffany pulled the panties down over the other hip.

“unless I think about how the men looked at me and what they were thinking they’d like to do to me and then I have to…well…you know.”

Tiffany pulled the skimpy piece of black lace down to her knees.  They fell to the floor and she stepped out of them.

“I was hoping that showing myself to you might make you want to take care of that for me.  You liked it this afternoon.”

I was at a loss for words for a few seconds.  Tiffany standing there, naked and beautiful and so very desirable, was wreaking havoc with my thoughts.  Half of me wanted to pick her up, carry her to the bedroom, and show her exactly what I was thinking about.  The other half said I needed to be sure that’s what she really wanted.

“Tiffany, there’s only so much of this I can take.”

She walked over and put her arms around my neck and pressed her bare breasts into my chest.  She was trembling when she spoke.

“Promise you won’t think I’m crazy?”

“I already told you you’re not.”

“Then tell me what you were thinking this afternoon when I showed myself to you… and then I want you to make lo…to…to…to do me.”

“I’m quite a bit older than you.  Are you really sure?”

Tiffany grinned as she closed the distance between us.  She stroked a finger down my chest.

“I’ve been meaning to tell you about that, but I didn’t know how without you thinking I was crazy for being that way too.  I like being with you.  You make me feel safe even when I’m scared and you understand how I think.  I’m sure.  I’m as sure as I can get.  Now, what were you thinking about when I flashed you?”

“Well, I was thinking about how sexy you are.”

Tiffany’s fingers moved to the top button on my shirt.

“And what else were you thinking about?  Maybe that you’d like to have me in bed with you?”

“Well, yes.  I wouldn’t be a man if I didn’t think about that.”

The top button on my shirt slipped out of the buttonhole and Tiffany’s slender fingers moved down to the second button.

“Tell me what you’d do to me.”

“It might be better if I just showed you.”

My shirt gapped open as the second button came undone, and Tiffany slipped her hand inside it.

“Then tell me while you’re doing it.”

“Well, let’s see…First I’d have to feel those big boobs of yours.  I’ve wanted to do that for weeks.”

I stood up, lifted Tiffany’s right breast, and squeezed gently. Tiffany caught her breath.

“Do you like the way I feel?”

“Oh yeah.”

“I like it too.  What else would you do?”

“Something like this.”

I pushed Tiffany’s stiff right nipple down and then let my fingertip slip off it.  It popped back up, stiffer than before, and she caught her breath again.

By this time, my shirt buttons were all undone, and Tiffany was stroking my bare chest.  As she lightly raked her nails through my chest hair, her voice was low and soft.

“Do the other one.”

I was pretty sure her big breasts grew just a little firmer when I cupped them both and let my fingertips brush her nipples.  Tiffany made a little gasp and pulled my shirt open and out of my jeans.  I was still cupping her breasts when she put her arms around my neck and pushed them into my chest, then moved them back and forth.  I had to chuckle.

“I did all that with just my fingers?”

“Yeah.  Do more, a lot more, and tell me what you’re doing.”

“I’m going to squeeze your hot little ass cheeks next.  Think you’ll like that?”

“I don’t know.  Do it and I’ll tell you.”

I grabbed a very smooth, very female ass cheek in each hand, squeezed them and then lifted them apart.  Tiffany shivered and I had to chuckle again.

“I think you did like it.”

Tiffany kissed my ear and then nuzzled it.  Her whispered response raised my cock enough to be uncomfortable.

“Yes, I did.  What comes next?”

She pressed both breasts into me hard enough I could feel her rigid nipples trying to bore holes in my chest.

“Well, what comes next is I get out of these clothes before my cock rips open my jeans.  Then, I’m going to lay you down on this couch.”

“Will you look at me…at my…my…between my legs?”

“Oh, you can count on that.”

It was hard to unbuckle my belt with Tiffany mashing her little rounded tummy into me, but I managed.  Getting the jeans off was more of a problem.  I had to take off my boots first and I couldn’t bend over.  I pushed her away gently, and after shucking the boots, jeans and my shorts pulled her back into my arms.

“Now, where were we.”

Tiffany nibbled my ear lobe.

“You were going to lay me down on the couch.”

“Ah, right.  Here we go.”

As soon as I laid her down, Tiffany crossed her legs and put one hand over the dark bush on her mound.  I grinned.

“Still bashful, I see.”

She grinned sheepishly.

“You have to tell me what to do.”

“Well, to start, take your hand away from that bush.  I want to see it.”

Tiffany blushed bright pink, but she pulled her hand up to her tummy.

“Like this?”

“Yeah, like that. Now, open up, so I can see you.”

Tiffany got even pinker, and I thought her nipples got a little longer too.

“I can’t.  I’m not pretty down there.”

“I’ll be the judge of that.  Now open up those legs.”

Slowly, Tiffany spread her thighs.  The hair was a little matted, but I could still see full, pouting lips, and just the hint of some very delicious looking inner lips peeking out from between them.

I sat down between Tiffany’s spread thighs, lifted one to the back of the couch, and eased the other to let her put her foot on the floor.

“You’re wrong, Tiffany.  You’re gorgeous.”

“My ex thought I was too big there.”

“Then your ex was an idiot.  I’ll show you what I think.”

Tiffany moaned when I touched her mound.

“Don’t forget to tell me what you’re going to do.”

“I’m going to spread these gorgeous lips and have a look at what’s inside, that’s what I’m going to do.”

As my fingers gently separated the dark brown strands, Tiffany’s hips rocked slightly.  When I separated her outer lips with my thumbs, she moaned again.

Her inner lips were full and rippled, and glistened with wetness.  I’d been right about the act of exposing herself making Tiffany aroused.  I’d just been a little off about how much.  I ran a finger between her inner lips and she gasped.

“Are you going to do me now?”

“No, I want to do something else first.  I think you’ll like it.”

“What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to see if you taste as good as you look.”

Tiffany raised her head and looked at me.

“You’re not going to…to put your mouth there, are you?”

“Oh yeah.  I’m going to do that a lot.”

Tiffany’s eyes opened wider.

“Tell me how you’re going to do that.”

“I’m going to lick every little ripple and fold, and then I’m going to lick that little button I see at the top of your slit.”

I didn’t wait for her to say anything.  I just buried my face between her satin thighs and licked her from bottom to top.  I thought she was going to buck me off on the floor when she heaved herself up off the couch.

“Oh God.  Do that again.”

Without saying anything, I ran my tongue over both Tiffany’s inner lips, and then slipped it between them.  She gasped and I felt her hands touch the back of my head.

There wasn’t much talking after that for a while.  I couldn’t talk with my mouth full of Tiffany’s inner lips or with my tongue stuck inside her as far as it would reach.  She didn’t seem to be in a talking mood either, but she was anything but quiet.  Her little murmurs about how she felt turned into low moans that kept getting louder.  When I pushed in my tongue and licked all around her entrance, she gasped and her hips rocked up again.  When I finally licked beside her stiff little clit, Tiffany groaned and her fingers clenched in my hair.

“Oh God, put it in.  Do me now.”

I raised up enough to look at her face, and I had to smile.  What I’d often wished was becoming reality.  Tiffany’s face was flushed, her mouth was open and her breath was coming in quiet pants.  Her nipples were rock hard and her nipple beds were pebbled and wrinkled so much they seemed to push her nipples even higher.  

“Nope.  I get to do this first.”

I slipped my hands around her ass and up to her breasts.  After finding both nipples with my hands, I rolled them and then pulled them up.  At the same time, my lips sealed around her stiff clit and I sucked.

That was all it took.  Tiffany cried out and arched her body off the couch.  I went with her, sucking her clit and tugging on her nipples.  Three more times she cried out as the waves of the orgasm swept her away.  I could feel her clit moving in and out as I kept it trapped between my lips.  With a final gasp, she fell back on the couch, and gently pushed my face away.

“No more.  I can’t.”

I pulled my hands from her breasts and gently stroked her mound.

“You wanted me to, what was it you said?  Oh yeah, you wanted me to do you, remember?  I haven’t done you yet.”

“Yes, but I already…”

“Just relax and let me drive.  If you really can’t, I’ll stop.”

“What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to do what you wanted me to do.”

“Can I watch?”

I helped Tiffany scoot back until her back was against the arm of the couch and she could look down her body without having to hold up her head.  Her mouth fell open when I slipped my cock between her soft lips and probed for the entrance,  As I entered her, she grimaced a little, so I pulled back out and then pushed in again.  This time, I pushed in about half my length and pulled out again.  Tiffany moaned as my third stroke bottomed out inside her.

I figured she’d be too sensitive for a while, so I just stroked in and out slowly until I felt her hips begin rocking into each stroke.  She was still watching, and with each stroke, her lips would purse and she’d suck in a breath.  As I pulled back out, she’d exhale, though sometimes, the breath came out as a little moan.  After her third moan, I decided to push her a little.  I thought she might like it, and I knew it would make this better for both of us.

“Tiffany, I want to see you play with your nipples.”

She didn’t say no or that she’d be too embarrassed.  She just took her right nipple between two fingers and rolled it.  Her little gasp told me I’d been right, and I told her as much.

“That’s right.  Do what makes you hot..”

It was obvious Tiffany knew what that was.  What started as gentle rolling of each nipple soon became tight pinches and then pulling on them enough she lifted her breasts into cones.  It was working on her.  I could tell because she was getting wetter, that warm, sticky wetness that meant she was getting lost in the sensations her body was feeling.

When Tiffany began to thrust her hips into my strokes, I sped up a little.  I could tell she was getting close because she was no longer watching my cock sliding in and out.  Her face was rolled to the side, and she was beginning to pant again.

“Tiffany, play with your clit for me.”

Slowly, her hand slipped between us and I felt her finger moving in circles at the top of her slit.  She gasped and moved the finger faster, and I followed by stroking faster.

After a minute or so of that, Tiffany shrieked and arched high again.  That drove my cock inside her a little more and I couldn’t hold back.  I groaned as seed raced through my stroking cock and splashed inside her rippling passage.  She shrieked again as the second spurt made me gasp, and began to shake as the third drained me.  I kept stroking until she sighed and eased back down on the couch.

It took Tiffany a couple minutes to stop panting, and a couple more before the little contractions around my cock stopped.  She looked up at me and smiled.

“Will you do me again tonight?”

I chuckled.

“I take it you liked what I did?”

Tiffany stretched, making her big breasts do some really erotic things, then pulled her legs to my sides and held me there.

“Everything…I liked everything.”

“Well, we’ll see about doing it again.  I need a little recovery time.”

“Just as long as it doesn’t take a week, like with my ex.”

I chuckled.

“We could spend the week going places where you could show yourself some more.”

“What would you tell me to show?”

“Well, maybe you could wear some really short shorts…and not wear any panties.”

Tiffany gasped.

“I could never do that.  Men would see my…my…”

“Yes, they’d see it if you bent over just right.”

“Would that make them want to do things to me?”

“Tiffany, the only way it wouldn’t is if they were too stupid to be alive.”

She giggled.

“I wouldn’t want anybody like that doing me, but you can do me again.”

“Oh, I will, but one of these times we’re going to try something different.”

Tiffany’s voice was low and soft again.

“Tell me how we’re going to do it.”

“Well…You’re going to be naked so your neighbors could see if they looked.”

“They’d see my boobies, wouldn’t they?”


“Would that make the men get hard?”

“Yep.  Just like they’re making me hard again right now.”

“So, we’re going to do that now?”

“No.  The couch is OK, but I think we’ll do it on your bed this time.”

Tiffany grinned.

“I have a window beside my bed.  Somebody might see us.”

I smiled and bent down to inhale Tiffany’s left nipple, then raised back up.

“Probably so.  They might even see your hot little ass and see my cock going in and out of your tight little pussy.”

Tiffany grinned.

“Nobody ever told me it was tight before.  Is it really?”

“I was snug as a bug in a rug.  It was fantastic.”

“I think you better do me again before it gets too late.  My neighbors go to bed really early sometimes.”

I’m not sure where we’re going with this.  Tiffany seems to be very happy with the way things are now, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like it too.  We’ll see what we see, I guess.  Until then, I’ll keep telling Tiffany what to wear, and she’ll keep getting excited. I’ll keep doing her, as she says, when we get back to her place.

Since it’s gotten warm again, she wants to have a picnic this Saturday.  I think she’s going to wear a tank top with no bra and short shorts.  Half way through the afternoon, I’ll talk her into taking off her panties.  That ought to be good for a fantastic evening, and probably a really fantastic morning too.