Skydive and a Fuck

Info mysteria27
03 Feb. '16

I took a drive 
I needed to get away
I decided I'd sky dive
On that faithful day

I went and took a class
There she was looking hot
My instructor had a great ass
I was hoping to get a shot

She was sexy with big tits
That were poking out of her shirt
Yoga pants with an outline of her slit
Man this hussy was a flirt

I wanted to jump tandem
With this woman on my back
This sky dive was random
I wanted to feel her rack

We didn't need any gear
I was attached to the girl
This jump caused some fear
It was time for our air whirl

Into a small plane
I was scared as shit
I told her my name was Wayne
I was scared, I'll admit

She said if I did it
She'd let me fuck her
Was this even legit
She called me mister

I jumped into the air
We were up in the sky
I was totally prepared
We were doing this dive

I loved my jump
And after we'd fucked
She said we could hump
And she'd do a cock-suck

She took me into a room
And got on her knees
I was high from her perfume
She wanted to be with me

This beauty was named Katt
She adored my cock with a kiss
She sucked on my bat
This was heavenly bliss

She sucked on my dick
For a long while
She wanted to fuck my prick
I loved her fucking style

Off came the yoga pants
Then out came the breasts
I wondered if this was a romance
She had the best chest

I bent her over and entered her hole
Her pussy was so fucking wet
I was in complete control
Fucking her, I began to sweat

She was moaning like a cat in heat
I was fucking her tight box
This was an unexpected treat
She was loving my big cock

I blasted her with my come
She let out a big scream
Skydiving and fucking was fun
This was an amazing dream

I loved how she was so carefree
I loved her cute pussy landing strip
I knew this woman was for me
I turned her around and kissed her lips

A five hundred dollar sky dive
And a free fuck for the day
This made me feel alive
I didn't want to walk away

Katt and I dated for a while
She's now my gorgeous wife
This still makes me smile
I love my amazing life


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