The Moment

Setting: Restaurant at dinner.


        He was whispering in her ear, Lucy could feel the goosebumps rise across her skin. His touch was warm and his breath was cool on her neck. Pulling him closer to her body, they were pushed further into the wall. She could feel the broom digging into her back. The kitchen closet smelled of bleach and dust but with Kyle wrapped in-between her legs it didn’t matter. His large hands lifted her onto a small shelf and his fingers began tracing the edge of her skirt. Gently he moved higher up her thigh, his warm tracing made her stomach flutter. As she saw his hand disappear under her skirt she tried to hide her excitement by lunging towards him and biting his lower lip. He smelled of pasta and candles, but his cologne was seeping through as well. Cinnamon. She thought. Lucy grabbed onto the back of his neck just as he found her panties. The lace was soaked with her elevated expectations. He pulled the fabric aside and found her eager to continue. She let out a soft moan as he massaged her mound and she felt the jolts of pleasure begin, it had been so long. So long since she had been patiently loved like this. Just as she thought he would delve into with his hand her she found her grasp on his neck begin to lower, his head was falling below her hips and moving its way under her skirt to join his hand. She spread her legs willingly and sighed as soon as his cool breath hit her. Her senses began firing. His warm tongue traced around her entrance, she could feel him move in rhythm while her breathing started becoming rapid. He moved his tongue up and down her until a moment of bliss caught her by surprise. She shivered in delight and he froze. He found it. Her pink pearl of ecstasy and he stroked it with his tongue slowly. She could feel herself losing control, she wanted to feel the big release. The moment of internal intoxication. She felt herself moisten inside, she needed something more.

“In me. Now.” She demanded in a pant and pulled his face up to her head.

Grabbing his other head, she could feel him pressed tightly inside his pants. Unbuttoning him quickly she held his shaft firmly in her grip. Positioning herself perfectly she slid him inside her. A moan departed from her mouth unconsciously. Kyle’s passion for slowness suddenly disappeared. It was like a fire was lit around his pelvis and his mind was focused on one thing and one thing only, sex. His grip tightened on her back and reached his lips up to her chest and bit her neck. Working his way down her torso with his lips, he pumped himself into Lucy’s core. He found his way through the V-neck blouse she wore. She wanted his lips on her, all of her. She pulled up her blouse and silk bra exposing her hard nipples to him. He reached for one like a babe and slipped his mouth around it’s frame. Tickling her senses, she felt complete. He thrusted himself deeper and stronger until she was holding onto a napkin shelf for safety as the wall shook. Quickly with a constant beat he was propelling himself inside her. She could feel every inch of him fully and her mind started clouding with satisfaction. Her wetness gave them plenty to go on as he was easily moving in and out of her opening. As they let their bodies do the talking she could see him gyrating his hips to access her pleasure points.

“Don’t. Stop.” She said as the bliss started in her toes.

She couldn’t hold it back any longer. She grabbed his ass with her legs and started squeezing him tightly. He could feel her clit begin to tighten and she bit her lip to keep quiet. He thrusted once more and her fingers dug into the shelf. Her head was stinging with bliss and she felt the invisible paradise surround her. Thank god. Her heart was on fire, and her pulse was racing. She held onto it for as long as possible, hoping it would never end. Though as her desire started dying down, she knew it was his turn to release. She pulled him out of her and jumped to the ground. Just as he was about to object with a painful plea, she turned over to the washing machine. Grabbing onto it with her hands she opened her legs wide and bend over it, giving him full access to her at his will. His hands found her hips quickly and he mounted her in seconds. The machine was shaking and her breath was unsteady, but her body was enjoying every single hump he gave her. She could feel her body begin to rise as his rod shined in the dim lighting of the room. It was her proof of enjoyment.

“Harder Kyle. Harder.” She said as she gripped tightly to the metal container.

Her words sent him over the edge and she felt his knees buckle behind her. He leaned over her with his suit tie tickling her back. He slid his hand up her stomach and brought his fingers to her nipples. As he carefully caressed them he sent out his last few pulses.

The rest was quick. There was no more touching after that. She pulled her skirt back down to the appropriate length and fixed her hair to the place it was before. Kyle opened the door to see the walkway was clear and went to the right towards the kitchen. Lucy went left towards the bathroom. Taking a quick glance in the mirror she fixed her lipstick and walked back towards her table.

“You were gone a while. What are you ordering? A salad I hope.” Her boyfriend’s voice was thick with contempt.

“I was thinking of ordering some steak, I’ve been deprived of meat lately, but I’ve suddenly changed my mind.” She said in a hiss, realizing she was still catching her breath.

“What- are you pregnant? Jesus Lucy. You are so lucky to have me, do you realize the women out there who want me? And you talk to me like this? You little -” He was about to insult her further, but was suddenly interrupted.


“Hello. My name is Kyle, I will be your waiter for the evening. Is there anything I can get for you?” His voice was smooth like olive oil.

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