Just another Lover

The smell of sweat filled the humid bedroom. The queen-sized memory foam mattress was soaking up most of the pressure and pouncing Tanya and Peter were doing. Living on the second floor Tanya had never been more grateful for her “new house” gift from her parents than the bed that made no noise. Especially with Peter in-between her legs. They still had their clothes on, but Tanya was ready be free of them. She pulled Peter’s tank top off of him, his body smelled like sunscreen and sand. Miami was the place to lose yourself, and Tanya had been lost for a while. Peter pressed his lips against her neck, she could feel the slight tingle as he sucked on her skin. He slid his soft hands up her sundress and found her already expecting him. She was wet with excitement and he traced his fingers around her mound. She bit her lip and reached for his shaft, to help him find his way to her. There was no time for foreplay, not when she was expecting someone else. The v-line muscle at the bottom of Peter’s torso made his attraction sky rocket. His tan chiseled body preparing to thrust into her made the goosebumps rise on her skin. She spread her legs like a book and grabbed the bed for balance. He was wild. There was no slow going or easing into her slit, he was thrusting hard and cupping her tits in his hands. She could feel the steady rhythm and reached down to her mound with her hand to excite him further. She could feel herself through her fingers, watching him eye their parts intertwining was making her warm. Her body was growing sharper and she could feel each sensation multiplying. Just as she was about to let her body soar into ecstasy the door swung open.

“Oh shit. Sorry I am late.” Jared’s voice distracted her.

“Come on, hurry.” She said and beckoned him too the bed.

Pulling herself from Peter she propped herself onto the bed on all fours. With Peter grabbing her hips he found her opening easier to access. Hearing him moan in pleasure was something she would never tire of. Jared was stripping down, she could see him watching her and Peter and it made her want him inside her too. Thankfully he was already hard and ready, she pulled his thick cock to her and placed it around her mouth. With Peter’s thrusts slowing down she could feel her core beginning to rock. It was a steady hum of held in pleasure, she was ready to climax on queue. Jared’s shaft was soft inside her mouth and she used her hand to keep him warmed up. Peter started to mean and lose himself, he was moving at too steady of a pace.

“Not yet. I am not-” Too late.

She was holding onto releasing herself but her body had other plans. The climax came from nowhere, no build up or anything. Her head was spinning and her mouth squeezed tighter as she clung to the feeling. It began to die down and she slipped herself from both the men. Peter grabbed her and turned her around to were his cock was at her mouth. She was like a pinwheel between them, and eager to please. Jared was much bigger, and as he slipped himself inside her she pulled at the sheets with a moan. He grinded into her, and let his shaft disappear completely. She felt him inside her, the full feeling of desire surrounding her again. Gaining concentration, she slipped Peter into his mouth and looked at up at him to meet his eyes. She knew what she was doing. Within seconds Peter climaxed, his body shaking into her. She felt him untense as he flopped onto the bed and she discarded him like a used toy. Pulling her focus on Jared she flipped herself around so he could get a full decent view of her clit. What she didn’t expect was that Peter would recover so quickly and find his hands on her sweet spot. With Jared thrusting into her, and Peter massaging her gently, she was being fully taken care of. She let out her moans of pleasure and could feel her body starting to soar in satisfaction. There was not taming it this time, it was coming full speed and her body tensed and expelled all her worries. Her head was on fire and she could feel the heat seep into her fingers. Her entire core was shaking and pulsing with rapid sprits of delight. Peter flopped back onto the bed, and Jared continued to pound himself into her. Harder and harder until his body started jolting at an uneven pace. The sweat from his brow showed his hard work had paid off and he fell onto the other side of the bed. She could feel them both still breathing heavy, and her body felt released. Lying on the bed naked, with two men at either side she had no other cares in the world. Listening to the waves roll onto the beach she heard the partygoers shouting outside. Peter was the first to sit up, he began redressing himself and preparing to go. Jared was the next, he went into the bathroom to cool down and began gathering his things to go. Tanya just sat there, her mind still buzzing over the feelings of both men pleasing her completely.

“Same time next week?” She said as she saw Peter walking out.

“Of course.” He said and came to kiss her.

His mouth was still sweet and she saw him wave goodbye to Jared as he left. She finally sat herself up and watched Jared pull down his sandy beach t-shirt.

“When are you going to, ya know. Choose?” Jared asked her.

Oh yes. I still have to do that. She thought slyly.

“How do you know I haven’t already chosen?” She said and stuck her finger out and pulled him close.

The smell of sex was still on him. He kissed her on the lips and then said his goodbye to her as well. Now she was alone in the apartment. Not minutes ago she was having her mind tossed by two gorgeous men. They were handsome, good lovers, and both had sweet personalities, but they did not seem to be the brightest. Tanya was having far too much fun being with both of them, what makes them think she will ever choose.


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