My first house party

Info iamtish
16 May. '17

A little background on me.  I married my first husband when I was seventeen. He walked out when I was 5 months pregnant with our second child when I was twenty one.  My second husband had three kids that he needed a mother for and I spent sixteen years with him, raising his and my children.  He was a typical redneck who had a raging fit every time a man even looked at me. When the kids were all old enough to be on their own he decided he wanted a divorce and I was only too glad to leave.

That brings me to my third husband.  I met him on line, we chatted and emailed for a few months and finally he made the trip to meet me.  He turned out to be everything I could ask for in a mate, and a year later we were married.

The first year was wonderful, full of laughter and sex. He taught me things I didn't know were possible about sex, and about life for that matter.  He was, and still is, over twenty years older than me, and has been around the world far more than I have.  As a successful, and retired, business man we have most everything we need.

During the second year of our being together he mentioned to me that I would be free to have sex with any man I chose to as long as he was with me.  I didn't think much about it at first, but as the time went by I started fantasizing about what it would be like to have him watch me as I took another man to bed with me.  I asked him if  was serious about allowing me to do that and he assured me he was.

I got online and posted my profile on a few sites to see if there would be any interest. It turned out that many men replied and I chatted with several, even cybered with a couple of them. It turned me on to play with myself while being watched by other men. I really didn't think I would ever do something like that.

One of the men I cybered with was really insistent that we meet, so my husband arranged for us to meet him half way between the cities we live in at a hotel. The evening was a true delight for for three of us, and after that we met a few other men for the same type of get together. We also received an email from a couple who wanted to meet us. It was during that weekend that I found out I didn't mind my husband being with another woman.  I was riding the man while looking at my husband getting a blow job from the other wife and realized it was just sex, no emotional ties, just plain old fun sex.

As we were parting from that weekend the other couple asked us if we would be interested in attending a house party the following weekend.  My husband immediately answered that we would gladly attend.  He later told me what a house party was as I had no idea at the time.  Yes, I was really that naive.

The following Saturday came and I got ready for the trip. The party was being held at the home of a couple our friends knew and they emailed directions to us. It was about seventy miles from our town so I was sure the only people we would know were the couple we had spent the previous weekend with.  That in itself made me a little apprehensive.  We were told there would be about ten couples attending, all of whom had partied many times together before, and we would be strangers to the group.  Our friends assured me that they would be there to make introductions and to make us feel welcome and at ease.

We found the house and were greeted at the door by the host. He showed us around and I was quite surprised to see people in various levels of dress, or I should say undress.  I had never seen a group of people where most of them were exposing body parts.  I went to an empty bedroom and took off my clothes and put on a short silk robe while hubby fixed me a drink. When I got the area where the bar was set up he handed me my drink and said he'd be back in a bit. I wandered out to the patio and sat down close to a couple who were performing oral sex on each other. I was still in a bit of a daze when John, the host came out and grabbed my hand and asked me to go with him. We went back in the house and on the way to one of the bedrooms another man asked him if he would need any help with me and John answered that he would.

We got to the bedroom, John took off my robe and gently pushed me down on the bed. The other man, whose name I didn't even know at the time pushed my legs apart and proceeded to lick my clit like no other man had ever done. At least that's what it felt like at the time. John stood at the edge of the bed and rubbed his cock over my face before telling me to suck it, which I did. It took only a couple of minutes for me to have my first orgasm of the evening because of what the other man was doing with his tongue and fingers. I couldn't do much other than groan with John's cock in my mouth but my thrusting myself into the man was quite obvious.  He got between my legs and slid his cock into me and started slowly fucking me and I came a second time. I heard the man tell John he wanted to switch positions and John took his cock out of my mouth and told me to turn over. The other man got in front of me with me on all fours and I took him into my mouth while John mounted me from behind.  It only took a minute or so before the cock in my mouth started shooting cum almost faster than I could swallow, but I managed to get it all. He got up and John told me to turn around again and he put his cock back in my mouth.  Again after just a bit he started shooting his load.  He left it in my mouth as it softened and finally pulled out.  John thanked me for being such a good sport and told me he'd go fix me a drink.  I laid there for a bit thinking about how I had not been in the home for more than an hour and just gotten fucked by two guys, the name of one I didn't even know, and taken two loads of cum to swallow.  And, my husband was nowhere to be found.  I wondered if I had done the right thing, but the more I thought about it the more I realized I just had a really good time getting double teamed.  I liked it.

I put on my little robe and went to the bar area.  John was there and had fixed a drink for me, and the other man I had just been with introduced himself as Frank.  We talked for a bit and Frank then called out to another man and introduced me to him. Frank told him I was someone he should get to know which I took as meaning he should take me to a bedroom. Bob, the man Frank introduced me to asked if I would like to join him in one of the bedrooms.  I took a long swig of my drink, grabbed his hand and told him to lead the way.  Before the evening was over   I met and played with seven men.  It was a night I could never have imagined happening to me in all of my life.

The couple that originally invited us to the party never did make it.  I talked with them later the next week and they had car trouble on the way to the party and had to be towed home.  The day after the party my hubby asked how I felt about the last evening.  I told him I was thrilled with what had happened and wanted to do it again.  He assured me it would be the first of many such parties.