The raging thunder continued in menacing roar just outside their cabin, bringing with the downpour of rain which hadn’t looked like it would come to be earlier. Jefferson had been staring at her curves the entire night through from the party they had just concluded in the largest room the cruise ship had to offer.

Her movements seductively on the dance stage had been mesmerizing, and her tight fitted gown, which screamed out her curves in illicit display, did more than enough justice to her body as well. His throat felt parched as he downed the glass of whisky he had in hand, while seductively trailing his hand down her spine as they graced entrance into their cabin.

“You naughty boy”, Susan said to Jefferson, pulling him by his tie and kissing him briefly, before breaking away to pour herself some drink. They both still felt very much awake, and the night was still too young to fall asleep into it.

Jefferson had planned it to a fault, paying one of the ship workers whom had brought his bag up to his room, to get in some scented candles, a good amount of roses as well as help ascertain the room was tidy after he went partying, in anticipation of bringing back the one lady he had gotten on the cruise ship for and whom had invited him.

The night had begun with the tempting allure of the sky blue dress she had on, from their dinner party. Her blue eyes mirrored the beauty of the sky, as it shamed the moonlight glare in its perfection as she locked him in stare after they had begun discussing.

Falling prey to her beautiful sorcery, he pulled her closer to his already bare skin, before locking his lips briefly with hers, only to peel them off calmly, to find his way unto nibbling on her right earlobe. He worked his way down her neck, as he could hear her breath become heavy with each melting kiss.

“I want you Jefferson”, she had whispered into his ear as he gently laid her back into the soft embrace of the bed, while his ear made contact with her chest.

“I know you do”, he mumbled in reply as he multitasked himself, kissing her warm parting between her breasts, and trying to peel off her dress in duet.

Susan felt her dress give way from the shoulder, till it got completely pulled away from her alabaster skin. She felt his fingers trail her soft skin seductively, before the overwhelming warmth of his lips consumed her left nipple, in partiality, leaving the right one to rise on its own. It begged for attention, which his teasing tongue gave the left nipples so tenderly.

The moon lit through the window, as it bore presence to the start of what would be a magical night. Susan felt herself lose control; she felt the allure of Jefferson’s masculinity, as she gripped unto his flesh; she felt him harden through his pants, as her body detected the massive bulge in it. His storm was tempered beyond ease, and her boat was waiting willingly to be rattled in pleasure.

He peeled off his pants, tenderly, before taking his mouth off the left nipple to finally grant the right one some needed attention; Susan’s body shook desperately, making her succumb in body and to words that expelled out from her mouth in confession;

“I can’t help it. I want…I need…please!” She wasn’t above begging as her body moved seductively underneath him, needing him to do… something.

Her breath was warm upon his neck, and her lips tenderly threatening to peel away his skin as she kissed him all around passionately. He could barely keep himself sheathed, with the desire to let it all rip unfolding as she massaged his stiff penis gently with her hand. His masculine hands cupped her tender breasts in the process, feeling the soft pair, juicy and full to his touch on them.

He didn’t make her wait. While lying on her back, Jefferson crawled between her thighs and sat on his knees. His strong hands lifted her hips, bringing her center up to meet his large shaft at her entrance. He made certain to look into her beautiful eyes, just enough to let her realize he was in control, and what comes next was all his doing.

With one powerful thrust, he entered her completely. She gasped immediately, clawing away at the sheets, digging her nails into it as she struggled to let the right words out. His size was without doubt a thing of beauty, as well as thrilling to have inside of her.

“That feels so good,” she moaned as he fully sheathed himself inside her.

The wonderful sensation had her tilting her head back and closing her eyes. He set a steady pace, alternating between fast and forceful strokes, and small easier ones. He knew it drove her crazy, making her desire skyrocket, and it was exactly what he intended.

Susan moaned aloud, without caring for her voice being heard outside their cabin, even though the room looked sound proof. She felt her breath intensify, and her entire body shake with the need to be rattled beyond words.

He didn’t disappoint her though, making a good work of her already swollen and very much wet vagina, before flipping her gently with her hands against the wall, while he penetrated her from behind. He moans of ecstasy.

His masculinity exploited her body without fail, feeling her grip unto his manly arms with her face red with passion, and their entire body dripping with passionate sweat as they exploited the sensual state and drive their bodies craved in unison.

The night ended late into the morning.