Never travel alone

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18 May. '17

She felt the sweat dripping down her cleavage as she sat in the stuffy train car. They were on the Autobahn for trains, traveling over 180 mph through nothing but the blank green terrain of Germany. The last stop was approaching, the train was packed full at departure. Though the closer they got to the final destination, the emptier it became. Lydia’s train car was down to seven people including her. The other six were scattered around, except for one. She found herself on a long four-hour train ride next to a man who looked a few years older than her. His copper brown hair was styled, and his hands were clutched tight into a book. Her loose top was still warm from the summer heat, even on air conditioned train she found herself too warm to concentrate. He was sitting right next to her, he could have moved seats at any point one became empty. He didn’t. Looking at his from the corner of her eyes she felt him staring at her. She played with her hair teasingly, knowing he was watching she slyly opened her legs as she sat in the seat. Looking out the window she saw the trees pass by in a blur, that was when she felt it. His warm hand slid onto her thigh, his touch was soft but sure. Thank god I wore a skirt. She said as her blood started to boil with anticipation. She felt him move higher up her legs, all the while she stared out the window. His hand froze just before it reached her mound, she was waiting patiently but he still wouldn’t give her the satisfaction. Turning to look at him she saw his face was close.

“Julian.” He whispered, his accent was erotic and she felt bubbles pop in her stomach.

“Lydia.” She whispered back.

No more words were spoken. The height of the seats blocked the view for the rest of the passengers, but she wouldn’t have minded anyways. His lips were on hers, she could feel the small stubble on his chin and the smell of his light cologne. She ran her hand up the back of his neck and he pulled at one of her legs to bring her opening closer to him. Are we going to have sex? She didn’t think it was possible. People might come in, the passengers might get up. As his fingers found their way to her slit, her cautious thoughts were gone. She wanted him. He kissed her lips and bit at her lip in a teasing manner. He was slow as he massaged her up and down. Touching her softly and awakening each sensation. He would slide in-between her folds and lightly brush against her secret spot. Her shivers and winces seemed to be his clues for finding her weakness. He found her clit easy after that, he lightly pressed and twisted his fingers to send more jolts of good feeling into her. Julian was toying with her body and it was only making her tingle with desire, he seemed to find it like a game. His dark brown eyes were watching her closely as he carefully caressed each inch of her mound. Her urges were starting to cloud her judgement and she reached for his pants. He slid two fingers inside her to keep control, slowly, he stroked his hand in and out. She felt her body shock as the pleasure coursed through her. She pulled at his pants again, and he leaned back quickly. Lifting the armrest, she realized what had been holding him back. Suddenly, he was a lion leaping for prey. Nothing was going to stop them now, not even the seats on a train. He pulled her legs apart and lifted her skirt to see his prize. He sent his fingers across her pulsing clit and continued to keep her entertained. She pulled at his unzipped pants and found him ready to go. His cock slipped out and he quickly hid it under her skirt. She could feel his tip caressing her. He massaged her with his cock until she couldn’t take it anymore. With her hands she helped him find her opening and pulled at him hard until he was deep into her. He bit at her shoulder to keep himself quiet. His moans were silent huffs of exhale. Pumping into her on a train was now the least of their worries. He seemed to hold his breath as he slowly girated his hips closer to hers. Her body started warming up with each full drive he sent her. They were little at first as they tried to keep their movement minimal, but with the passion and lust in their bodies they were clouded. Quietly he thrusted into her, her body feeling the cold bar along the train wall. He kept his head down while his hands found their way to her breasts. Her bra was nothing but a loose fabric top, he found her nipples were already hard and ready. The first touch he gave her breasts sent her mind into overdrive. She covered her mouth with her hand and let the sensations drown her. The feeling started at her clit, it’s warm welcoming feeling captured her into an ultimate high of desire. Her toes curled and her breath hitched, all the while he was still hitting her hard where he needed too. It was the longest climax she’d had in so long, her body was still tense as she came down from it. He buried his head into the nook of her neck. She felt him tighten his body around her and give his last few thrusts of joy.

She could still feel sweat dripping in-between her cleavage, but as she adjusted her skirt and Julian grabbed up his book. The heat in the train was not as hot as it was just moments ago.

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