Jessica and Dylan - Part 1

“Give more than you take in this life people, we are all brothers and sisters here upon Earth, connected as one!” wailed a young girl. She stood atop of a tiny wooden makeshift podium and shouted into a bright red megaphone. A large equality sticker had been slapped onto its side. The girl had been speaking before a few hundred of her fellow pupils and faculty at an emergency community activist meeting. Outraged students and staff members of Columbia University recently gathered in the college’s center for a public protest. It was announced earlier that local government officials had decided to eliminate funding for several homeless shelters throughout the city. Her words bellowed all around the campus grounds with a sublime purpose of pride and passion. Behind the large crowd quietly stood a Junior year journalism student named Dylan Wood. He had been assigned by the head of the campus paper to document photographs and student testimonies of protesters who were in attendance. Dylan looked up at the girl on the box with annoyance. “Why do you always do this to me lord?” he thought to himself jokingly. The young girl continued with her speech. “We will no longer stand by as pacifist while our fellow citizens are left to die in these streets cold, hungry, and alone!” she declared fiercely. The enthralled audience before her erupted into a storm of claps and cheering as she raised her clenched fist and lead them into a unified chant. “We are worth it, we are one!” recited the crowd. Dylan leaned forward on his camera’s tripod and snapped a few photos of the scene. “Least these shots are coming out alright” he said. Dylan lowered his lens, watched among the sea of faced and hoped to find one of familiarity. After a few moments, his eyes were drawn to a petite brown haired girl wearing a light blue sun dress “Oh wow…” he whispered. He stood back in awe for a moment. Since he moved to New York for school, he had not seen a girl as gorgeous as the one that stood before him. “Who is she?” he thought. Dylan packed up his gear and navigated through the crowd towards the young girl. He approached her casually and lightly tapped her shoulder once he had gotten close enough. (Gasp) “Hey!?” she yelled. The startled girl whipped around and looked behind her to see Dylan standing there awkwardly. “H…Hey… I’m sorry about that” he said in a shy voice. “I’m here taking pictures and recording interviews for today event, would you be alright if I featured you in the upcoming article?” he asked. The girl smiled as her eyes lit up with intrigue. “Absolutely, I would love to!” she exclaimed. The girl reached into her purse and retrieved a small mirror. She gave herself a quick look over before starting the interview. Dylan could hardly contain himself in the girl’s presence. He could feel his heart pounding and his breath shortened significantly, what was this feeling? Dylan grabbed a notebook from his back pack and glanced back over to the girl. “Okay, so first off, can I have your name please?” he asked. “It’s Jessica Lauren” replied the girl. He looked at her with a slight smirk. It’s my pleasure to meet you Miss Lauren” said Dylan.” The two spoke further flirting back and forth for a few minutes. Dylan convinced Jessica to give him her number and invited her out for a coffee later in the coming week. The two met successfully and discussed their majors, home lives, and their goals outside of graduation. After several months of “dating”, Jessica embarked on a plan to bring Dylan back to her apartment for a special evening together. One night after a trip to the movies, she waited until they were alone in the elevator and asked if he would “see her to the door”. In reaction Dylan became excessively nervous. It was an incredible difference in comparison to the usual calm and cool demeanor he had developed around Jessica. The elevator doors peeled opened abruptly as the young couple finally reached the building’s 11th floor. Jessica stepped out first and motioned for him to follow behind her. “My room is right around the corner across from here” she said. Dylan peaked out and looked to both sides of the empty hallway before he stepped out the elevator with great hesitation. He looked up to her with a sense of shame and embarrassment. “Jessica.... I have to tell you something” he muttered. She became worried that he did not want to spend time alone with her and replied anxiously. “Okay… what is it Dylan?” she asked with concern. He kept his head down and replied. “I... I've never been alone... with a woman like that” he whimpered. She felt a sense of shock and relief as she stepped towards the young man in encouragement. “Oh Dylan... it's okay, I promise.” she said sweetly. Jessica grabbed Dylan’s hand softly and held it within her own. “Just relax and I'll take care of everything” she said. They walked down the hallway together toward a white door marked room #112. Once they reached the door, Jessica dug inside of her bag and retrieved the room key. “Come here...” she whispered. She opened it and forcefully tugged Dylan inside. The apartment was filled a strong aroma of scented oils and had been dimly lit by candles lined along the kitchen counter top. Jessica grabbed for Dylan’s belt, pushed him on to the bed, and launched herself around his waist. She stared deeply into his eyes with a yearnful lust and began to kiss on his neck softly. Dylan’s eyes grew wider, he felt the nervous tension and doubts vanish in an instant. He admired the softness of her lips as gently glided down his abdomen. Jessica inched herself lower and lower along his torso and grabbed his crotch firmly. She slid down to her knees, removed the remainder of his clothes, and started to gently tease the tip of his penis with her tongue and lips. “Oh...Je… Jessica…” he stammered and bit down on his lower lip. His voice held an unfamiliar tone of powerlessness as she had taken complete control over him. He loved every moment of that feeling. Jessica peered up to see Dylan's facial expression as she pleasured him with her mouth. He delicately held the back of her head and followed along with her fluent up and down motions. Jessica paused and rose to her feet slowly. She smiled at Dylan with a sensual look and started to lower the shoulder straps on her dress. It silently floated to the ground and revealed the matching pair of velvet red lingerie she had been hiding underneath. Jessica gradually twirled around in front of him showing of her irresistible curved figure. She smiled at him and began to delicately remove her bra and panties. “Do you like what you see?” she asked seductively. Dylan gradually nodded his head “yes”. Jessica crept up on to the bed and carefully positioned herself a top of him. She gasped and moaned as she felt every inch of him starting to slip further up inside of her. Dylan tightly gripped her waist as she reached down and tightly braced both of her hands on his chest. He could feel the air in her bedroom become thick with heat and sweat. “Jessica… please don’t stop…” he moaned. She started to grind on him faster, he tensed up as more and more pressure began to build. He grabbed her waist and shifted her underneath him. She started into eyes and kissed him passionately. Her legs were wrapped tightly around his waist as she pulled him deeper inside of her. Dylan stretched out his arms and locked hands with hers. He held on tightly and started to pound her harder and faster. Holding on was much more difficult than he imaged and after a few long strokes he had finished. They both laid on the bed and panted lightly while Jessica rested her head on Dylan's chest. She walked her fingers up his shoulder and softly caressed his chin. “How was that for your first time?” she asked. Dylan sat up and embraced her tightly for a kiss. “Simply amazing” he whispered. Jessica smiled and reached down to grab Dylan. “Let's keep going then” she said.