Mason & Hunter

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21 May. '17

"And where did you meet them?" I pondered, brushing my hair.

"At the strip club," she replied, strolling into the bathroom with me. "I bought at least ten lap dances from Mason as he only wore a black g-string."

"A: bullshit and B: do you always have to prance around naked?" I questioned, seeing us both in the mirror.

"What?" she asked, turning to me. "Don't you like my naked body?" she inquired, shaking around somewhat.

I turned to her too and scanned her body from top to bottom. "You have nice proportional tits, a flat stomach, skinny legs, a cute face, lovely blonde curly hair and to top it all off, a sexy landing strip. Yes, I like your nude figure, but I'm not a lesbian. I swear, I think you are trying to bring me to my knees to your mercy," I pointed out, shaking my head. "You are like a sexual ghost haunting me; you know that? No matter how much you show me your body, I'm not gonna suddenly just start liking girls, Chasity."

She closed the gap between us and brought her face within a couple of inches of mine. Her eyes glanced down at my breasts, and she licked her lips for a few seconds.

She pulled on my right bra strap. "Would you like to kiss me and change that?"

"Sure," I answered before I smooched her cheek. "Oh, I'm sorry, I'm still not gay," I informed her before peeking back at the mirror.

"Too bad, I'm sure I could rock your world in bed if you'd give me the opportunity. I've seen you completely nude too, and between the two of us, we could create some magic," she muttered, peeking down at my crotch. "You could also just strip out of that bra and pair of panties and show off your naked body, Mariah."

"I've kissed you on the lips at least five times in the past three months, but yet you keep trying. I applaud you for you preserving, but it isn't gonna happen. I'm sorry to close the door on you and lock it, but I have to. You just can't get everything you want out of life."

"Well, I got you as a friend," she reminded me before she turned around and leaned on the sink. "And I get to see your ravishing figure whenever I want."


'Neither of us is speaking, but even as I'm doing my hair, I'm still noticing that she is checking me out. I know she has a crush on me, but damn.'

"Seriously, where did you meet them?"

"Actually, through an ex. I ran into them at the store, and all three of them are friends. I met my guy, Mason, and he introduced me to Hunter. As soon as I saw Hunter, I thought of you. He is a brunette like you and seems kind. I know I just met Hunter, but Mason vouches for him, and that's good enough for me. If we're lucky, maybe we'll both be down on our knees in front of them sucking on their big cocks on the first date. Don't you love it when that happens."

"Chasity, first of all, that happened once. You can't say it like it takes place frequently, and secondly, I'm not looking to have sex on the first date."

"Mariah, don't pretend like you didn't like it. I saw him soak your face, and he did it like his rod was a fire hydrant. I didn't hear any complaining from you that night."

"It was bucket list item at best, and we were both horny," I giggled, bumping into her lightly. "One minute after it happened, I regretted it a bit. It is a good story for us to talk about, but that's it."

"It was also the first time you saw me underdressed outside of this bathroom. You can admit it; you liked that too," she whispered before she kissed my cheek.

"Maybe, but it also wasn't the last," I reminded her, turning to her and putting the brush down. "As I recall on our last double date..."

"I know, I fucked both of them. I'm sorry, Mariah, it was a bitch move on my part," she confessed, setting her palm on my shoulder. "You've already accepted my apology, so let's move on. You can't keep bringing it up."

"Then stop bringing up the double blowjob date, Chasity," I told her before a small pause. "By the way, you didn't even need to get naked; we just gave them head, that was it. The guys only splattered our faces. As ravishing as you are naked, are you going to slip into some clothes? I'm pretty sure it is against the law to go out in public nude."

"Fine, but prepared to be swept off your feet tonight. I know I'm bringing Mason back here, so are you ready to transport Hunter's sexy ass back here too? I'm sure you'll need some condoms, so do you have some?"

"Yes, I have condoms in my room, but again: I'm not looking to get laid tonight. If Mason shuts you down just because that Hunter doesn't get lucky, then maybe it isn't worth letting him see your dazzling body."

She grinned and stayed silent for a few seconds. "So, you do have a thing for me?"

"Shut up and get dressed," I laughed, pushing her slightly.

"Fine," she said, turning around. "Whinny lady."

I watched the back end of her naked figure walk towards her bedroom. "She is gorgeous, but I'm not just interested in the ladies. I just want one cock, that's it."

We both got dressed in somewhat casual attire, as we were just going to a bar. We drove in separate cars, just in case something happened with her and Mason. We walked into the somewhat small place together though.

As we got about ten feet in there, she grabbed my hand brought me to a little corner with my back to the wall. "You are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen in my life. Your brown hair, somewhat plump stomach and your private areas make you a total fox."

"Thank you."

"Your welcome. The point is: I've never meant for you to feel uncomfortable, but you make me feel comfortable just to be myself. You always have me feeling alright about showing off my body. I also don't think you judge me for my sexual appetite, including my appeal for you," Chasity whispered before her face stopped just a few inches in front of mine. "I just hope if I ever do push you a little too far, you'll tell me to stop. You are my best friend, and no man or another woman could replace you."

I smirked and didn't speak for a few seconds. "I let you get away with shit because you are you, Chasity. I don't know what it is about you, but there is something," I pointed out, bringing my hands to her butt. "If you can get away with fucking those two guys on our last double date, then obviously the line is still a ways off. I'll let you know if get close, fair enough?"

She brought her hands to my butt too. "May I have one more kiss before this double date, pretty please?" she pondered, blinking multiple times.

I delivered my lips to hers.

My lips parted from hers, and we smiled at each other. "It could be love, just not the love that gets me into bed, Chasity." 

"Well, that was a ten-second kiss and was the longest one to date. How are you so sure I can't bring you to your knees to my mercy?" Chasity pondered, smiling.

"Keep dreaming, best friend."

"I will," she mentioned, stepping away. "Just remember, my bed is always open for you. I'd love to get you in there. After that, you'll be pissed if I walk around with clothes on. I'll make you moan in ways you never thought possible."

"Again, keep dreaming, Chasity. Have you masturbated thinking about me?"

"How about we leave that unsaid for the time being?" she asked before we resumed walking.

"Okay, is that them?"

"Yes," she answered, as we strolled towards them.

'They are both cute, and Hunter has a clean shave too.'

"Hi, Mason and Hunter. This is my best friend, Mariah," Chasity introduced me, sitting down next to Mason.

I grinned and peeked at Hunter. "Nice to meet you, Hunter," I greeted him, putting my hand out.

"The pleasure is mine," he replied, shaking my hand. "We bought you two a couple of beers."

'Oh, he does have soft hands,' I thought, sitting down next to him. "You have an excellent set of teeth, Hunter, and thanks for the bottle."

"Thanks, I like to show my teeth off when I smile."

I glanced at Mason and Chasity, and they were already chatting a mile a minute.

"So," Hunter said, placing his right hand on my leg. "Tell me about you."

I took a drink. "I work at a coffee shop, so I can totally get you some free coffee if you'd fancy. I like to stay in and watch movies rather than going out partying," I listed, nodding. "What all did Chasity tell you?"

He took a drink too. "Not much, the main thing I got was that you were a little mysterious. I don't think Chasity meant to imply anything bad or set us up if she thought we wouldn't work."

"True, but she is an evil woman. I could tell you stories, but I won't."

"So you are not a bitch?"

I broke eye contact for a few seconds, and I shook my head again. "I wouldn't go that far, but I'm definitely less of a hussy than her. I'm a woman just prefers some stuff to other things. Like: I love True Blood, but I will not watch Six Feet Under. One is very sexy and mysterious, and the other is just depressing. If you want to call that a 'bitch' quality, you can, but that's just something about me."

"So, if I asked you to watch the depressing one, how would you react?"

"Depending on how the relationship was, I might slap you or just say 'Fuck that bullshit.'. I'm not entirely sure."

"Okay," he answered, arching his head back.

The both of us stayed silent and failed to make eye contact too as we both finished our beers.

I began leaning forward and back repeatedly. 'Obviously, we're not clicking. Of course, Chasity seems to be hitting it off with Mason. Oh, yes, smile at the chick that you just met and are probably looking to fuck tonight. What, were you thinking that Hunter would be getting his dick sucked too? I'm sure if you give Chasity a chance, she'll fuck you. She loves to fuck on the first date.'

"Is there anything you'd like to ask me?" Hunter pondered.

"True Blood or Six Feet Under?"

"If it makes you happy, the one with the vampires. I must say, you are quite attractive: a red silk shirt and a white skirt with a belt. It is a sexy combo on you, Mariah."

"Thank you, and your white shirt with your blue flannel and blue jeans seems to suit you."

'Well, he is sexy, but I think I might need to know what is under the hood before I get into the car. I still don't want to sleep with him on the first date.'

Suddenly, Chasity leaned towards my right ear. "What the hell, you two are barely talking. It seems like you hate each other," she whispered.

"What did you expect? I just meant him twenty minutes ago and either you click, or you don't. Besides, you are hitting it off with Mason. We both know you mainly interested in getting laid, Chasity. Just have your date with him, and leave me alone."

"Whatever," she whined before she leaned back.

Mason and Chasity just went right back to talking.

I glanced back at Hunter. 'We're looking at each other, but I can't think of a single thing to say. Is it just him, or what?'

I clenched my fists and bit down on my bottom lip as I just kept thinking of something to say.

Hunter tapped Mason's shoulder. "Can we talk for a few minutes?"

Mason turned his head to him. "Can't it wait?"


Mason closed his eyes for a few seconds.

'Maybe Hunter is the pain in the ass friend, who knows.'

"Fine," Mason groaned before he got up.

Hunter quickly followed, and they left out the front door.

"What the hell, Mariah?" she bitched, lifting up her arms. "The Alan Ball show thing again? Why don't you tell him about the dentist pulling your tooth last week? Apparently, you two aren't exactly a perfect match, but work with him a little bit. Who knows, he could be your husband someday."

"Him? And you think you are gonna be hearing wedding bells at your own ceremony with Mason standing at the altar?"

She took a deep breath and broke eye contact. "I don't know, but we're both out here. You have to date at least a few guys to find that right one," she explained before she glanced back at me. "Just try a little bit, you don't want Hunter thinking that you aren't dating material at all."

"Chasity, I don't see you dating Mason. Maybe he'll be a fuck buddy that lasts for more a couple of days, but that's it."

She sighed. "I'm not gonna debate you, Mariah. The bottom line is, we're in our thirties now, and you are gonna want to give your parents a grandchild someday, right?"


"So, just throw this guy a bone. I'm sorry if you don't see yourself with him, but you are going have to put in a little effort. Dating is a two-way street, so if you really don't want to see him again after tonight, you don't have to. At least give him the benefit of the doubt on the first date," she explained before she bowed towards me. "If not for me, then for yourself, Mariah," she whispered before she kissed my cheek. 

"Fine, but I swear, if you were anyone else, I'd be out of here by now."

"Thank you."

We both sat there and waited for a little while in silence. We made eye contact a handful of times, but we didn't speak a word.

'What, are you about to gripe that I scared them away? You are giving me a dirty look with your arms crossed. If I set off Hunter's alarm and that made Mason's go off, then that's just bullshit on their part. You can't blame me.'

"Dude, what the hell?" she complained, leaning up. "They've been gone for over twenty minutes now. Where the heck did they go?"

"I don't know, Chasity," I sighed, standing up. "Screw this; I'm out of here. In the end, you'd get laid, but what if Mason has an STD, or he gets you pregnant?"

"I was planning on using a lot of condoms."

"No kidding?" I asked, placing my hands on my hips.

"Okay," she groaned, getting up.

She walked over to me and wrapped her arms around my neck. "How do I know that this isn't a ploy to get into my panties? I mean, being cold to your date, and getting them to run off? It just makes me wonder," she explained, playing with my hair.

"Chasity," I whispered before I kissed her on the lips. "If I wanted to have sex with you, I'd get you into my bed. It is just that simple, but I'm not bi-sexual like you," I mentioned, wrapping my arms around her neck. "I'm sorry, but the best you are gonna get from me is a kiss. Now I'm gonna go, if they come back, then maybe you'll get a threeway with them," I theorized before I backed away.

"See you at home, I'm just gonna wait a little while longer," she let me know, sitting back down.

"Later," I answered before I walked away and left through the same door. "Maybe Hunter would have been my soon to be husband, but I doubt it. I'm sure that's wishful thinking at most," I murmured, strolling to my car.

I pulled out my keys and put them in the lock.

As I turned the key, my head slanted up. "What the hell?" I muttered, prior to squinting my eyes.

I looked across the parking lot towards the back side of the bar. "I can't make anything out, but I see some movement. There is a little light, but not in the right place. It can't be what I think is, can it?" I wondered, leaning over my car slightly.

"Oh," I heard a male voice moan.

"Son of a bitch, I think so: a guy is getting his dick sucked over there. I see something going on down below," I giggled, putting my head on the top of my car and closing my eyes. "Well, at least he is getting blown."

I kept it there for a few seconds. 'Now my panties are wet.'

"Yes, Mason, just like that," I heard the voice moan again.

My eyes immediately opened. "Holy shit, did my heart just stop?" I inquired before bringing my head back up.

I cheesed, and my whole body began jiggling. "Wow, it is somewhere in the 40s out here, but I'm suddenly sweating bullets. So, that's what you've been doing for past half hour? That's a good reason to be gone for that long. Damn, Chasity would love to see this, but maybe I'll just take this to the grave."

I relocked my car and put my keys back into my pocket. I licked my lips calmly as I made my way around the car and began walking towards them. I managed not to speak, even as I got closer and received a better look.

I stopped, clenched my fists and closed my eyes. "Yep, it is them," I whispered, shuddering around and closing my eyes. "Holy shit."

I took a deep breath and stood there for a moment.

I opened my eyes. "If Chasity knew about this, she'd die. She loves this shit, and yet, it is happening: Mason is down on his knees with Hunter's schlong in his mouth as they are behind the bar. That is, in fact, critical, and it warrants you two guys leaving in the middle of a double date. Now I'm like one-hundred feet away, and they haven't noticed me yet. I'm out in the open now, so they could see me if they just look this way. Granted it is dark, but they could still see someone standing here. Yeah, Mason, thrust your lips onto his cock. I've never seen or felt it, but I'm sure it quite meaty."

My mouth opened completely, and still, I found my feet lazily stepping towards them. Everything besides the sight of them seemed to blur out, and then I became within a few feet of the bar.

I hid behind the corner wall, but let my head poke out. "Oh, yes, caress your boyfriend's head, Hunter and play with his black hair. I guess I don't know if you are boyfriends, or what. Maybe you are friends with benefits," I moaned, prior to my right hand slither into my skirt. "I don't know, but I'm just a few feet away, and this is way better than porn."

I let it voyage down into my silk panties, and then I slathered my lips once again. I rubbed my pussy lips going up and down at medium speed, and I couldn't stop vibrating to save my life. I just focused on Mason's head as it kept going back and forth lazily.

'My juice is coming out even faster than when I have sex. Son of a bitch, this is hot. Fuck that; this is scorching. Sorry, Chasity, but these two have made me cum more in last minute than you have in six years of friendship. Shit, I wasn't looking to have sex, but now, I'd fuck both of them. I'd suck their cocks, let them both stick them in one of my three holes at the same time and let them shoot their loads all over me. Damn, I guess I just really see it differently when it is right in front of me. Crap, how has he not cum yet?'

My wrist started to hurt enough to where I sparked a single tear, but I kept masturbating. I had juice flowing down my legs and sweat going down my chest and back, but I couldn't stop myself to save my life.

"Oh," I grunted, letting out a quiet orgasm.

"Fuck, Mariah," Hunter muttered, peeking at me and jerking back a bit. "You scared me."

"Hi," I stated, looking at him and evicting my hand.

I just stood there, and in the corner of my eye, I still saw Mason's head moving. My heart felt to be beating so fast, that it wasn't active.

"How long have we been gone?"

"Over a half hour, I just gave up and left," I replied before looking back at Mason and coming out from behind the wall. "Son of a bitch, your boyfriend knows how to suck dick. I apparently didn't scare him though."

I shook around even more than them, and no one objected at all.

"Yes he does know to blow me, so give the lady a show, Mason," Hunter muttered, scrubbing Mason's head.

My hand calmly made it's way back into my panties, and I closed the gap between us completely. I brushed my pussy with my entire hand, and my eyes stayed on the sexy action as I licked my lips.

"You know, I would have done that for you if you asked me nicely," I said, peeking at Hunter.

"You were planning on having sex on the first date?"

"No, but anything is possible. I mean, now that I see how big your pecker is. I guess that's shallow, but I'm still a woman that likes to have sex. I know Chasity loves sex and will sleep with just about anyone."

"You won't though?"

"No, I'm not a slut."

"With that said, you would have given me head on the first date if I asked?"

I nodded and brought my face over to his. "As I said, if you asked me nicely," I whispered before I kissed him.

Our lips stayed together for only a few seconds before they separated. "If the right guy is sweet enough to me, I'll do anything."

"On the other hand, you seemed pretty distant and cold earlier, did you not want to come here tonight?"

"No, I did not. I only came to satisfy Chasity," I answered, placing my left palm on Mason's head.

"Now you seem pretty attentive and hot," Hunter pointed out, positioning his left hand on my butt.

"Chasity is easy; I'm complicated," I explained before I kissed him again. "Now you are grinding your teeth, dare I ask: are you being pushed to the edge now?"

"Maybe," he mumbled, rubbing my butt. "If I ask sweetly, may I see you take some clothes off?"

"In due time, but not right now."

Hunter grinned, but then leaned his head back. "Oh, shit, the lady's presence has sealed the deal, Mason," Hunter moaned, taking his hand off my butt and other off Mason's head. "Oh, it is that time."

Mason's lips slowly slipped off Hunter's member and brought his hand towards it.

"No," I objected, stopping it. "Allow me," I offered, taking Hunter's cock in my hand.

Mason positioned his face about eight inches from Hunter's wood, and I stroked it for him. "Yeah, splatter Mason's face," I moaned, resting my head on his shoulder. "I want to see it spurt out of this massive dick."

"Sure, sexy lady," Hunter murmured, wrapping his arms around me.

He failed to watch, but I got the perfect view of Mason's face getting sprayed.

"Shit, that's sweltering, Hunter, keep going. Give your boyfriend all you have to give," Mason muttered, bringing his face closer.

I saw six shots of Hunter's cum bolt out of his manhood which all landed on his boyfriend's face and chest. With each passing stream, Hunter applied pressure to me, but he didn't hurt me. 

Once he wrapped it up, he loosened his grip and smooched my cheek. "Fuck, that was humid, you two."

Mason calmly stood up and came to me. "May I kiss you, Mariah?"

"Do you have an ulterior motive to get into my panties, Mason?" I pondered, placing my hands on his crotch.

"Are you wearing panties under that skirt?"

"I always wear them on first dates," I responded before I kissed him for a few seconds.

"Well, we both still love the ladies, in case you didn't figure that out. Would you officially like to join us now?"

"What, do you mean have sex out here on the ground? It is all dirty out here and what if someone sees us?"

"We've done it before," Mason confessed, reaching down to the ground behind him.

I saw they had a large blanket and he spread it out, so there was a good chunk of space. As he did that, Hunter's hands went around my stomach, and he kissed my neck a couple of times too. I had no choice, but to cheese as much as I could.

"I take it you like the idea; I feel you shimmering a bit now," Hunter mentioned, caressing my stomach.

"We're just not gonna let Chasity find out about this; I want it to just be for me."

"Is she still waiting out there?" Mason pondered, coming up to me.

"I don't know; I can't see through walls. Chasity could be though."

"I know I still have his seed drying on my face, but may I kiss you again, Mariah?"

I brought my lips to Mason's and my hands to his crotch. 'Oh, how many different ways can I say 'Jackpot.'? Wow, what would Chasity say if she found out about this? I don't know, but I'm not about to let her discover this. If I know her, she'll stay out there waiting for at least another thirty minutes. Now I feel Hunter pressing the head of his cock onto my butt.'

He came to my left ear. "May I undo your skirt?"

My lips lazily parted from Mason's. "I'm all yours, boys."

"Good," Mason said, grabbing the bottom of my shirt. "Arms up."

I brought them up, and he took off my shirt as Hunter undid my skirt. As I stood in just my bra and underwear, I watched Mason check out my the front half of my body as I kicked off my sandals.

"Wow," Hunter moaned, bringing his hands to my bra clasp. "You are stunning, Mariah. That matching dark green bra and panty set is amazing."

"And you haven't even seen my best parts yet."

"On the contrary," Hunter corrected me, undoing it. "Your best parts are your eyes."

I turned around to him and peeked into his eyes brown eyes. "Do you really think so?"

"Yes," he responded, dropping my bra. "I could view your tits right now, but I just want to keep looking into your alluring brown eyes forever," he let me know, bringing his hands to my butt.

"Are you looking for me to admit I'm a floozy for not giving you a chance?"

"No, we're not about to judge you, Mariah. You are standing here naked with us," he pointed out before he kissed me.

We made out for a moment, and as we did, I felt something else pressing onto my butt. 'I think that might be another cock head poking me down there. Would it be Mason's?' I had thought before our lips parted.

"May Mason take off your panties now? We promise to treat you with the respect that a sexy lady like you deserves."

"If you say so. Yes, you may, Mason."

A few seconds later, I felt my panties coming down, and I glanced at Mason.

As I stood completely naked, I peeked back at Hunter. "Oh, you look great in your birthday suit, Hunter," I commended him, coming towards him.

I grabbed onto his cock with my right hand and stroked it slowly. "Now that you see my breasts and pussy, are you still sure my eyes are the best part of my body?"

"Yes, they are beyond dazzling, Mariah."

"Good answer," I said before getting down on my knees.

My hands failed to leave his member, and he followed me down as we maintained eye contact. Although, that broke when I arched my back down and brought my lips towards his cock. I took it right into my mouth and sucked on it.

"Oh, fuck yes, your date has a great friend, Mason. Damn, your lips feel even softer on my rod than on mine, I love that, Mariah," he moaned, situating his hands on my head. "Suck that dick as my boyfriend sticks his into your pussy. And don't worry, he just put a condom on. You can pleasure both us with two of your holes," he muttered, caressing my head.

From one second to the next, I felt Mason's dick slump right into my slit effortlessly. I sucked Hunter's manhood as hard as I could right away and already felt myself twitching with Mason's schlong going in and out of my cherry.

'There is no reason I can't enjoy having their cocks inside me right behind the bar. Just like Mason, I know how to give head. I can do it well, considering I did get my guy to cum first that one time. I have Mason rubbing my ass and Hunter caressing my head. Wow, I completely didn't see that they were a thing, but I caught Mason sucking Hunter's cock like it was the sweetest lollipop in existence.'

"Don't get jealous, Mason. She is a great dicksucker, but you are clearly better. I love you, jackass, so don't you dare give that dirty look. You are fucking her with that magnificent schlong now, so enjoy it. If you ask her nicely, she may even give you head. That seems to the key when asking her to pleasure you."

I giggled somewhat but kept sucking on Hunter's wood. No one said anything for a few minutes, but I noticed none of three of us kept moving around in some way. I loved the results of only looking over behind the bar, but I was slightly worried about Chasity.

Even with her on my mind, I enjoyed having their cocks inside me. 'It is only slutty if I have no plans to see either of them again, I suppose I could at least start seeing Hunter from time to time. I'd just have to omit this threesome. I'll always remember it, that's for sure. What other time will I be able to suck on a cock with another thrusting in and out of my twat?'

"Yes, use that tongue down there, Mariah. You have me shaking and sweating now, it is like forty degrees out here, but yet, I feel to be in a sauna now. Deep throat me if you can, I want to see every single inch of my dick in your mouth."

I angled my head up and let some of his pecker out.

"Now you are smiling, sexy lady, did I flatter you?"

I nodded for a second, but then I let his manhood out completely. "Just let me know when you have to cum, I don't swallow on the first date. Although, I'll gladly let you shoot my melons," I offered, coming towards him. "If you like."

"I'd like that," he muttered before he kissed me.

After that, I went right back down to his cock and took it right back in my mouth. 'I think Mason might be getting a little jealous now. I'm sucking on his boyfriend's johnson, and Hunter is praising me too. I certainly enjoyed hearing the kind words from his lips, and just maybe, we can work together, and I'll make him spout off even more great things about me. Even if the motivation is purely sexual, I can live with that. He is beginning to scrub my head now, so I must be pushing him further to the edge now. I might be a prude to some extent, but I know I can still get a guy off when I set my mind to it.'

"Are you holding out now, Mason? When you stick your cock in my ass, you can never seem to hold this long. We both know that Mariah can get both of our dicks hard enough to go all night long, but you have to shoot sooner or later."

"Speak for yourself too, Hunter. This skanky lady has been going at it fiercely for about five minutes now, and you still haven't even featured your 'I'm gonna cum.' face."

"Did you forget that I shot your face not too long ago? Just shut up and let this beautiful lady pleasure us with her holes."

"Fine," Mason whined, grabbing onto my butt cheeks firmly. "I love you, Hunter."

"I love you too, now shut your yap and fuck her like you mean it."

He abruptly began shoving his member into my pussy and pushing and my Hunter in the process. I managed to stop my pleasuring to Hunter's wood, but it seemed just make me want to make him cum that much more.

"Oh, yes, Mariah, use that fucking lips too," Hunter moaned, breathing heavily. "Holy shit, lady, you are a sexual goddess, and I love that in a woman," he made clear, trembling a bit.

I knew it was just a matter of time, but yet, I didn't stop. I took even more of Hunter's member into my mouth and sucked as hard I possibly could. I immediately felt a headache coming on, but I didn't care. With each passing jolt received from Mason's cock, I felt the thrills of it going all throughout my body.

"Shit on a stick, I have to shoot, bitchy, Mariah," Hunter muttered.

I let his member out, leaned up somewhat and grabbed onto it. "Give me what I want then," I told him, stroking it for him with it aimed at my hooters.

He couldn't look at either of us, but then Mason pressed his body onto mine. "Enjoy it while you can, he is still mine."

"If you say so," I said, glancing at Hunter's face.

I kept stroking it quickly for him then I felt his first stream attack my boobs. "Yes, give me more than you gave him a little while ago."

He clenched his fists and delivered four more shots of his seed right onto my preferred target: my rack. It all lasted about twenty seconds as he just let it all blast out rather quickly. My hand remained on his junk the whole time, and it was steaming too. I couldn't help, but to cheese as the whole thing went down. I just watched Hunter the full time as the effects of it came upon him.

He covered his face with both hands. "Wow, you are intoxicating, Mariah."

"I know, wow, you drenched my bosoms, Hunter. That was sweet of you," I admired him, rubbing it in on my nipples.

He leaned forward to me and planted a single kiss on my lips. "You are so much sexier than Chasity too. Clearly, I got the right one."

"Yep," I agreed, grabbing onto his wood. "Would you like to stick your manhood into my pussy?"

"I would."

"What about me?" Mason wondered.

I stood up and they both quickly followed. I turned a bit so that I could peek at both Mason and Hunter at the same time. I snatched Mason's rod and stroked them both for a moment in silence. They both checked one another out and smiled too.

'I did get the right one; Hunter does have a bigger schlong.'

The whole time, I cheesed and jiggled around as my hands moved at medium speeds. "I want to see you two kiss each other."

They both calmly leaned towards each other and kissed. My mouth opened up widely, and I nearly felt like I had an orgasm just from seeing Mason and Hunter kiss. Their lips frequently moved around, and their tongues even made appearances too.

They went at it for over three minutes, but near the end point, my eyes dropped down to their cocks. 'Wow, Mason's condom is nearly full now. Could that be from me, or Hunter?'

I wasn't sure, but then I nonchalantly brought my other hand to Mason's pecker and gently pulled it off him. "Wow, that's a lot of cum, Mason," I praised him, holding it by the tip.

Mason came to me and placed his hands on my thighs. "Have you ever had sex with Chasity?"

"No, I'm afraid I'm not a lesbian. Chasity certainly wants it though," I replied, dropping the condom.

"I bet so; you are quite alluring, to say the least, Mariah."

"You have two more condoms, don't you?"

"I have a lot more," he replied before he kissed me.

Mason reached into his pants and quickly pulled out a couple more. "Would you like to put it on for me, Mariah?"

"Yes," I responded, taking one.

I quickly ripped it opened and placed it right on the head. "Have you ever had a threesome with another woman back here?"

"No," Hunter claimed, taking the other condom. "You should consider yourself unique."

I immediately turned to him. "You think I'm special?"


"Am I special enough for you to go on another first date with me?" he pondered, putting his condom on.

"Hey, I told you he was mine."

"Shut up, Mason, it won't hurt if I go on one date with this delicious piece of candy."

"And I do promise, if you treat me right, and ask extra nicely, I will suck your dick on the first date."

 "Good to know," he mentioned, leaning down onto his butt.

I quickly followed him and snatched his member.

I aligned it right with my twat and smiled at him again. "I've never gotten the actual opportunity to fuck on the first date," I admitted, slanting my body towards him. "I'm glad I could do it with you though, Hunter," I said before I kissed him.

"Don't forget about me, Mariah," Mason pointed out before sticking his cock into my asshole.

"Son of a bitch, Mason! You could have warned me that you were gonna stick that inside that hole."

"I'll inform you next time," he told me, beginning to thrust his wood.

I shed a couple of tears and peeked back at Hunter. "Your boyfriend is a pain in the ass."

"I know, but you'll learn to love him in due time," Hunter let me know, bringing his hands to my boobs.

Suddenly, I was the meat in their sandwich, and both of their cocks slowly moved in and out of my holes. Hunter couldn't move as much in his position, but he still managed to pleasure me. I couldn't help, but to keep my eyes right on his.

He looked right back at me the whole time and gave my bosoms several firm squeezes too. I had no idea why, but I felt connected to him emotionally. I suddenly just saw him as a sexy hunk, rather than so bore I had a double date with not too long ago.

 "Do you like that, Mariah?" Mason wondered, clutching my butt cheeks. "Do you? You can tell me. By the way, I did fill up that condom when I was fucking you doggie style. I do feel the need to cum when I kiss Hunter, but your slit did all the heavy lifting. You got me to cum, and to even fill up the condom. I've never seen Chasity naked, but I'm sure your body is ten times as sexy."

"Thank you, but Chasity is quite the looker herself, Mason. Now shut it already," I politely told him.

Both of them moved their hands to my thighs and held me rather tightly. I felt both of them expanding my holes like they were inflating balloons. With passing thrust from of them, I had just a small twitch, and I felt a little more out of it.

"Fuck, you two are taking an emotional toll on me now. I think you two suck in many ways; you just seduced me, didn't you? Letting see you just behind the bar? Smart plan, bastards."

"It is, not you need to shut up too. We need to keep the magic active, Mariah," Mason whined before he slapped my ass.

"Ow, fuck, that hurt!"

"You are a kinky woman, aren't you, Mariah?" Mason questioned, rubbing my cheek. "I'm filling up the condom again, do you like that?"

"Mason, shut the fuck up. Now let's pleasure her how she never thought possible."

I leaned down on Hunter and kissed him again. "You are a good one; I'll give you that."

"I know he is," Mason added, leaning down onto me.

Then I felt a little squished, but the pleasure suddenly skyrocketed. Both of their cocks went in as deep as they could, and they kept them there. I felt my entire body tense up completely, and I slanted my head back too.

"Holy shit, that's good, boys. Keep them there as you have they vibrate inside my holes. They are just for you, so treat them right for me," I moaned, prior to closing my eyes.

My whole body shook as if I was at the base of an earthquake. Neither Mason or Hunter moved at all, but they didn't need to. I just needed their dicks to seek the deepest shelter inside me. Although, as I had my eyes closed, I just imagined Hunter and I fucking each other in my bed.

'I shouldn't have been so cold, but it doesn't matter now.'

Suddenly, I felt his tongue down on my left nipple. "Oh, I like a pink nipple, Mariah. They taste so much better than red ones," Hunter praised me, licking it slowly.

I tingled yet again and noticed that their cocks were vibrating too. With each lick Hunter gave me, my heart felt like breaking out of my chest. I had to laugh somewhat as I just felt so good, I thought he was licking my funny bone.

Although, he just fondled my nipple nonstop for at least ten minutes straight. Everyone was quiet the whole time, and we all let the intimacy stay dominant. Of course, I thought that maybe someone might spot us, but I only cared about being pleasured my both of them.

With Hunter wearing a condom, he could still only thrust his rod a little bit. He managed to do that and lick my nipple too. After another moment, I arched my head back down and looked right at Hunter. I could still just barely see his eyes, but he was glancing at me.

"You like my nipples too, Hunter? You can tell the whore you and your boyfriend are fucking."

"That's not you, Mariah."

"You could have fooled me, Mariah," Mason pointed out, breathing rather heavily. "I love sluts, they are always down to fuck, and you always have great sex with them too. Fuck, this slut is ravishing."

"Don't call her a slut, Mason."

"Big deal, she is naked and fucking us behind a bar."

Hunter leaned his head to the right. "Just don't call her that, and show her some respect. She might be having sex with us back here, but you still better treat her like the lady she is."

"Oh, I love it when you talk dirty to me, Hunter," he moaned before yanking his cock out.

He ripped off his condom and came to the side of us.

"Here you go, you two," he muttered, stroking it.

"Cum on the ground, Mason. I'm sick of you being an asshole."

Even as I knew it was coming, I glanced back at Hunter. "That was steaming, Hunter."

"I thought you'd like it," he whispered, arching his back. "I'd never call a sweet, but bitchy woman a slut, I'm better than that."

"Oh, fuck you, Hunter," Mason grumbled, shooting the ground.

Hunter brought his hands to my butt and held me tight as he began thrusting a little harder. "I've never had such great sex with a lady before, Mariah."

Then we just stared off into one another's eyes, but I still noticed Mason was standing there. Neither of us said a word, but it didn't feel awkward. We both also smiled and massaged each other too.

"I've never felt my pussy so wet before, that could be because of your giant dick, would you disagree?"

"No, not at all," he moaned before he kissed me.

"Oh, fuck you two, I'm out of here," Mason bitched.

We made out for at least five minutes, and his rod never stopped moving at all. Mason failed to distract us at all; we just heard him grab his clothes and walk away. After those five minutes, his lips wiggled a bit on mine, and I heard him moaning slightly too.

'Oh, he just shot his load into the condom.'

"You tramp, Mariah!" Chasity wailed.

We both slowly parted our lips and looked to our sides.

"Not classy, but sexy," she mentioned, lowering herself. "You whore, Mariah," she praised me, tapping my back. "You fucked him on the first date?" she laughed.

"Yes, I did," I answered, breaking eye contact.

I got up and helped him up too.

"I fucked the hell out of him," I congratulated myself, tugging the condom off his cock. "And it is full too," I made clear, holding it up by the tip.

"Wow, Hunter, I'm impressed. Where is Mason though? Maybe I could have him fill up a condom too."

"I don't know where he is, but he could be looking for you though," Hunter replied, looking at her. "If I had sex on the first date, then so will he. I saw him eyeballing your boobs, so he is down to fuck."

"Cool, and you have a big one, Hunter. If I can't find Mason, would you be opposed to letting me join in with you two?" she pondered, leaning towards him.

"No, he is mine, Chasity. Now go find your guy, I found mine," I corrected her, wrapping my right hand around his dick.

"I suppose I should have seen that coming, she won't let me bring her into my bedroom so that I can fuck the hell out of her."

I happened to peek down at his wood. 'And his cock just got a little harder after she said that.'

"Come on, Hunter, maybe you'd like to take a ride back to our place, and I can show you my bedroom."

"I like that, Mariah," he answered before he kissed me.

"Okay, I get it, three is a crowd."

"Good luck finding Mason though, Chasity. Just don't suck his dick while he is driving, he might lose control," I advised her, stroking Hunter's manhood.

"Fine, but could I kiss you again? I'm just all horny now, and I won't ask you let me kiss him."

I glanced at him for a second. "Oh, fuck it," I said before I wrapped my arms around Chasity and glued my lips to hers.

She encased her lips around me too, and we made out for over a minute.

"I love this sight," he moaned.

Shortly after that, our lips parted and we both cheesed. "Oh, fuck it again. Mason is probably long gone by now, and life is too short. I can share my man for at least one night, and I know he'd love to have two women," I explained before we grabbed our clothes.

"Really, may I try stuff on you?" she pondered before she smooched my cheek.

"Let's see where the night takes us," I suggested before we started getting dressed.

"Good, by the way, I have masturbated thinking about us having sex."

"I figured."

We grabbed the blanket and all left to our place. I never told Chasity what happened between Mason, Hunter and me beforehand, that's just going to remain our little secret.