The Taboo Family Files: Chapter 1

I walked right to his door and took in a deep breath. "Just do it, how can he turn me down again?" I whispered, bringing my right hand to the door.

I knocked a couple times.

"Come in."

I opened the door, walked in and shut the door behind me. "Will you talk to me, please?"

"About what, Nadine?" he pondered, leaning up on his bed and looking at me.

'Damn, he is not even wearing a shirt. My step brother is so sexy.'

"So what if we're step siblings? I think we would make a good couple," I stated, strolling towards him. "We love each other, understand each other and we've seen each other in our undergarments already."

"It is still taboo, Nadine. I can't see us together while our parents living under the same roof. It's really weird, and I don't feel comfortable with that. Why can't you just let this go?"

My lips went into my mouth as I closed the gap between us completely. "Please, be with me. I've never felt so close to anyone else in my life. I'm eighteen, I've had three serious boyfriends and none of them made me feel the way you make me feel, Ted," I told him before I got down onto my knees.

"What are you doing?"

"Pleading, I guess," I replied, placing my hands onto his legs. "Can't we at least try being together, just to see if we really could work? Maybe you'd feel different if you kissed me."

"I'm sorry, but no."

I put my hands together. "Please? Every time I see you, my panties get wet. I've masturbated at least two-hundred times thinking about me sucking your dick with your hands on my head. I want to pleasure you so badly."

"Whoa," he protested, putting his hands up and backing away somewhat. "That is too much information, Nadine, I really did not need to know that. Please leave."

"Why, I'm a good looking lady that's willing to put your cock in my mouth. You are eighteen too and you want me to leave?"

"Believe it or not, I have a girlfriend. She gives me head, so I don't need you," he put on the record before he took a deep breath.

He stood up. "You are beautiful, step sis, but I'm just not interested. Even if I wasn't with Sherry, I still wouldn't be interested. I love you, but not as a lover. I'm not saying it could never ever happen between us, but I wouldn't get my hopes up."

I slanted my head down for a moment. 'Maybe it's time to pull out the big guns.'

I stood up with him. "Would it tip the scales if I showed you my boobs?" I pondered, grabbing the bottom of my shirt.

He bit down on his bottom lip.

He covered his face with both of his hands. "Please leave. Just respect that I'm with Sherry and I don't have any desire to be with you, Nadine. I promise I won't tell our parents how many times you've proposed this arrangement."

I pulled my hair and shed a couple tears. "Okay, Ted. Just know that my door is always open. Whenever you just get even slightly curious what its like to make love to a woman that wants nothing more than to be with you, come knock on my door," I let him know, prior to dropping my hands. "I'll do anything you want in bed, because that's how much I love you, Ted."

Our eyes met again, but no more words were uttered. After a few more seconds, I turned around and left.

I wandered back to my room and lied down on my bed. "I wonder if Sherry actually does suck his pecker. I guess the only way I could find out is spying on them when they have sex."

I pulled my blanket above myself. "Fuck it, I'm just gonna take a nap."

I eventually fell asleep, but awoke a couple hours later.

I rose up and rubbed my head. "Damn, my head hurts."

Suddenly, I stopped rubbing and listened carefully. "Is that a bed creaking?"

I licked my lips and calmly got off my bed. "Could they be having sex right now?" I pondered before I peeked out the window. "Oh, our parents aren't home, but it seems we have a visitor."

"Oh, shit, Sherry," I heard him moan.

I grinned. "That confirms my suspicions," I said before I headed to my door.

I opened it, calmly roamed out into the hallway and went to his door.

"I love it when you suck my rod, Sherry. Its one of the reasons I love you."

'She is doing it right now?' I thought, cheesing and bringing my right hand to the knob.

I grabbed it, but failed to twist it. 'Does watching them even for a few seconds make me bitch? No one knows that they are meant to be together, hell, Ted might belong with me.'

I bit my top lip and then felt a few drops of sweat flowing down my forehead. "Fuck it, I got to see what my competition is," I whispered, prior to cracking the door open.

I peeked in there. 'Oh, she is sucking his cock, and they are in the best position for me to see them. I can't see the head of his johnson, but it is long though.'

I peeked right at her face. "She does have a pretty face, but I think I have a prettier one. That just tips the scales a bit, but she does know how to suck dick too. She is using her right hand to hold it in place as she keeps sucking at a steady pace. She also looks at him in the process too, so I guess she gets another point," I whispered before my right hand slithered down into my pants.

It went into my panties and I immediately began rubbing my pussy. 'Fuck, it's soaked. My legs are becoming weak, and I feel like I'm gonna lose my balance.'

I managed to stay up and watch her suck the life out of his cock. I had never been a voyeur before, but with the subject being so hot, it was almost impossible for me to look away.

I licked my lips a number of times and rubbed my other lips mercilessly for a few minutes. 'Well, she does have bigger tits too, obviously, that was in the 'Con' column when he considered being with me. There is still one big question: just where will she let the cum go? She already is naked, so will she let him shoot on those knockers? Well, she is a blonde, so maybe she will. Even though I have black hair, I'd still gladly let him blow wherever he wanted on me. Maybe that's just the love talking.'

After another minute, I undid my pants and pushed them down slightly.

I kept my panties up and my hand dove right back in there. "That's better," I whispered, nudging the door open a little bit.

I rubbed my cherry with longer side to side strokes and my eyes never parted from them, not even for a second. I peeked back down at her melons and saw them shake around as if they were on a trampoline.

My eyes widened a little bit. "I guess I get it, if you look at the whole package. Big bosoms, pretty face and she is eager to please him too. I can't see her twat since her hand is on it, but I'm sure he can fit his schlong in there. It also is rather hot to see it keep appearing and disappearing into her mouth," I muttered, rubbing faster.

My bare feet rubbed onto the carpet several times, my cheeks became drenched with my tears and I felt my juices sliding down my legs too.

"Oh, come on, Ted, your hot girlfriend is giving you head. Can't you put your hands onto her noggin and moan very great things about her? I mean, damn, she is thrusting her lips perfectly. So give her some love too, asshole. Don't just keep your hands on your hips the whole time," I groaned before a small pause. "Oh, you are shaking now, dare I ask: is it time?"

"Shit, babe, I'm about to let loose now."

She leaned back and let his rod fall out of his mouth. "Douse these titties," she ordered him, lifting them up a little bit.

"Oh, yes, stroke your cock and shoot it all over those lovely tits. She politely commanded you to, so it's the least you can do, jackass," I moaned, lowering myself to my knees. "Damn, he has a great looking dong."

"Oh, fuck," he let out, shooting out his first shot of cum.

I slathered my lips multiple times as I watched him drench her hooters with several shots of his seed.

I squeezed the door knob as tightly as I could. "Son of a bitch," I mumbled, forcing my own juice out.

"Thank you for that, Teddy, that was great," she commended him, rubbing in his seed.

"Your welcome," he breathed heavily.

They maintained their positions for a moment, as did I.

"Thank you both," I whispered, rising back up.

I kept my eyes on them as I pulled my pants up.

She came back up too. "Are you just gonna keep staring, or are you going to kiss me?" she pondered, raising her eyebrows.

They glued their lips together and I felt my body shaking again. 'I better go before I get caught,' I thought before I shut the door.

I calmly made my way back to my room and shut the door.

I leaned back onto my door and put my right hand back onto my slit. "One way or another, I'm gonna find a way to get him to have sex with me. He definitely shouldn't just be giving one woman access to that massive dick."