The Escort's Taxi Ride - Part 2

2. Mario


Suzanne made me forget where we were, who I was, who she was. Oh, wait, that time I didn’t even know anything about her, nor did I care. I had picked her up half an hour earlier for a taxi ride, and now… Well, we were stark naked, in a hotel room, getting it on. All I knew was her name, and all I could see was her intense blue eyes pulling me in. My cock was ready to burst, and as much as I was enjoying every moment of her teasing, I wanted to be inside her. Like right that moment. I wasn’t sure I could last, and I wanted to give her one hell of an expperience (or shall I say, one hell of a ride?). Call it pride if you like, but I wanted to give her more than what any other guy could. I didn’t ask her anything, not even why she was running. Nope.

Not because all I wanted was to fuck her, but because she made sure I didn’t want to know more. No questions asked, just two strangers having a good time together. A great time, actually. Even as her lips were wrapped around my cock, her curly blond pigtails bouncing as her head bobbed up and down, even then I knew this was all a distraction for her. It was hard (excuse the pun) to concentrate on the threat that was lurking in the dark though. I let out a small moan, trying to contain the pleasure that was ready to burst through me. Who was following her? Why did she need this distraction in the first place?

Her soft lips felt like a tight silk blanket wrapped around my cock. She was driving me insane, her crystal blue eyes never leaving my green pair as she sucked on my cock. Up and down she went, massaging my balls at the same time. I cleared my throat, knowing that if I didn’t stop her, this exquisite experience would end too soon.

“Stop, please.”

I pleaded, but she didn’t listen. Suzanne smiled, with my cock still in her mouth, and took it in even deeper. I couldn’t help but buck my hips, matching her movements. God, she knew how to make sure I would never forget her. Even though I knew I would never see her again, she would always be the woman in my fantasies. The one that got away. But, luckily for me, only after she fucked my brains out.

“Please, I don’t think I…”

I hissed as she bit down on the tip of my throbbing shaft. I was so close I had to bite down on something myself, otherwise I would have released my load into her hot, wet mouth right there and then. I was sure that was what she wanted, but I had my own agenda. I wasn’t going to waste a minute of this incredible luck I stumbled upon. I grabbed her pigtails, pulling on them slightly, and she let out a soft moan. Okay, she was into the kinky stuff then. I wondered how far she wanted me to go with this, but I also had a feeling I was about to find out.

I watched eagerly as my cock disappeared into her wet hole once again, and I glanced over at her delicate ass. She must have sensed it (or I might have been too predictable, I’m not sure), but she wiggled it a little. She was still wearing the white lace thong, and the exually soft cotton knee-socks. Her checkered skirt and poor excuse of a shirt had ended up in different corners of the room a long time ago. She had made sure to strip slowly, deliberately, teasing me to the limit. Oh, God, was she teasing me… She was driving me nuts.

She clenched her asscheeks, as if mimicking the sucking movement of her lips on my cock, and my member throbbed in her mouth, threatening to explode in response. I inhaled sharply, trying to avert my gaze. But I’m human, and there is only so much one can take. Her lips gave a popping sound as I pulled her head up, away from my dick. Just in time, I must admit. If she carried on a minute longer, she would have been in for a surprise. Or a treat, depending on the way one looks at it. And, judging by the grin on her angelic face, she would have loved it if I did let go. But it was my turn to tease. She smiled at me, licking her lips. Of course, the notion made my dick twitch, but I ignored it this time.

“Oh, so you think I’ve earned my ride already?”

She asked and I smirked at her, swiftly turning her around and pushing her down onto the bed.

“Nope, not even close.”

I leaned close to her butt and hooked my thumb under the soft fabric of her thong, slowly rolling it down her thighs, skimming her sun-kissed skin with my fingers. She shuddered, grabbing onto the bedsheet. She pulled a cushion to her face, most probably to stifle her screams. I chuckled, knowing too well that she wouldn’t be able to hold on. The cushion would do nothing to suppress the sound of her screams, either. She must have known what she was doing, but so did I.

For a moment I contemplated taking off her socks and heels, too, but I had a better idea. I left her side and gathered her stuff. I never had an idea that this kind of thing would turn me on, but it did, big time. I wasn’t into schoolgirls, not at all (God, I wasn’t a pedophile or anything like that), but the way this woman wore the school uniform made my head spin (and other parts of my body ache to be inside her tight holes). Yes, that moment I wanted her, all of her. In any way she would let me. And all that while she was wearing the skirt and the shirt, the whole works. I cleared my throat, throwing the fabric onto the bed. I should have felt silly for making her get dressed when she went to all this trouble getting undressed for me, but I didn’t care. She was paying for the ride, or so she said. Well, I was about to make her pay hard. Really hard. She looked at me questioningly over her shoulder, then nodded knowingly. How many perverts asked her to do this? The sad thing was that I didn’t care. I just wanted to fuck her.

“I want you to put them back on. Fast. And then I’m going to fuck you. Are you okay with that?”

The urge to go cave-man on her was so strong, so primal, that I nearly wasn’t able to wait for her to obey or react, but somehow I managed to restrain the beast. I could even watch as she wiggled into her checkered skirt, the one that barely covered her shapely thighs, and she finally tied the knot on the barely-there shirt. I didn’t hand her the panties or the bra, but she didn’t object.

“That’s a good girl.”

I blushed a little as soon as I said it, but my cock didn’t agree. She might have looked the part, but she was no bimbo, that’s for sure. Her innocence lasted only till she got hold of my dick. I groaned, knowing that I was rock hard, having to bury myself deep inside her – soon. But not yet. I allowed myself to watch for a moment, stroking my cock gently. I took my time, and she enjoyed it as much as I did. Suzanne grabbed the pillow again, biting her lower lip. I knew I should have taken her, that she didn’t want me to tease her any longer, but I was mesmerized by her beauty, and it took all my strength to break the spell and walk up behind her. Not that the view was any less breathtaking that way.

She leaned further down, exposing her wet slit. She even opened her legs wider. I placed a hand on her left cheek, pushing up the material at the same time. Her skin was soft yet firm to the touch, and she smelled exquisite. Her musky scent combined with peaches and lemons. Suddenly the desire to taste her was so strong I couldn’t resist. I didn’t even want to. I heard her gasp as I blew on her clit, then my tongue darted out to explore her folds.

Her moans told me that I was doing something right, and she started to wiggle. I withdrew my tongue and smacked her butt, because I wanted her to stay still. As she still wouldn’t obey, I smacked her harder, but all I got was a shriek and a moan.

“Fine, missy, but don’t expect me to continue until you stop moving. You don’t want my tongue to go astray now, do you?”

It was a shy attempt at finding out just what she was into, but her emotional sigh told me everything. I bent down again, licking her wet pussy eagerly. She not only smelled like peaches and lemons, but her fruity taste was a perfect match, setting my senses on fire. I pushed a finger inside her pussy, then another, smiling to myself at the tiny whimper she let out. She even clenched her inner muscles around my fingers, indicating that she was ready.

Her pink folds were crying out for my cock, and the mentioned part of me was dying to comply. But I wanted more, not just a quick wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am. It wouldn’t have been enough with this Goddess. I wanted all of her, and I wanted to give her all of me. As I said, I needed to make this little time we had count.

My tongue found her sensitive nub, and I pressed down on it ever so lightly, curling my fingers up deep inside her. It didn’t take long for her legs to buckle, and that was my cue. I pushed a finger into her asshole as quickly as I could, matching its rhythm with the other two fingersdeep inside her pussy. I increased the pace, pumping both her holes, while stimulating her g-spot from both directions, also lapping at her clit. She cried out nearly instantly, and for a second I wasn’t sure whether it was a cry of pain or pleasure, but then her orgasm took over, shaking us both to the core.

Both her pussy and her asshole clenched down on my fingers, and it almost sent me over the edge, too. My cock was painfully hard, and all I could do was think about how she would feel around my cock. I was right. The pillow did nothing to conceal her enjoyment, neither did it help to keep her in place. She collapsed onto the mattress, completely spent. But I wasn’t done. Not even close.

“Now I’m going to fuck you. Hard. Any objections?”

She was panting, her pussy dripping onto my fingers. I pulled them out, one by one, making her shudder over and over again.

“I guess that was a no.”

She nodded, unable to say a word. My grin widened and I grabbed my cock, positioning it at her wet slit. But I didn’t push it in all the way, just rubbed it along her clit, while my hand came down onto her asscheek.

“Oh, fuck, yes, give it to me, cowboy…”

Nope, that wasn’t good enough. I pushed it in an inch, then pulled out, rubbing my cock on her clit once again.

“Nah, I need a bit more than that, babes.”

Her grip on the bedsheet tightened. She purred in a husky voice:

“I want your hard cock deep inside my dripping pussy. Is that better?”

She knew too well that it wasn’t. I didn’t want just any line she would use with her clients. It didn’t feel real – and this was very real, what we had. But two could play this game, as it turned out. My weapon backfired, and I was contemplating fucking her already. Only God knows how I managed to insert the tip and pull out instantly once again. I placed a hand on her ass, circling her tight asshole with my thumb.

“Nah, that’s just cliché and what everyone would say. I want something naughty. Something that would make me want to fuck you. What do good girls say?”

I was running out of breath, and I knew that she could notice it, too. She was panting heavily as well, and her ragged breathing made my cock twitch. Not that I needed any encouragement, but I was really getting into this whole role-play stuff. I have no idea why, but looking at her silky blonde pigtails, her slender legs covered in white knee-socks, the rolled-up checkered skirt and her dripping pussy and anus, I just couldn’t help but want to watch my cock disappear inside one of those mentioned holes. She giggled, the sound sending shivers along my spine. Ones that ended at the base of my dick, threatening to make it explode.

“Okay, how about this: I’ve been a very, very naughty girl. Would you punish me, please?”

Another portion of my blood (and my sanity) left my head and traveled south, into more sensitive parts of my body at her words. I gulped, not wanting to sound off-kilter when I replied.

“And what kind of punishment were you thinking of, exactly?”

She giggled again, and I held onto her hips, steadying myself. My cock was at the entrance of her pussy again, my finger at the opening of her ass. I pushed in an inch and closed my eyes, counting slowly. Just keep it up, you might last another five seconds. Ten if you are lucky.

“Well, as a starter, you could punish my asshole. Do you think you could do that?”

I broke out in cold sweat and pushed in another inch. She sighed heavily, no longer in a playful mood. But then neither was I.

“Like this?”

I asked, pushing my index finger inside her butt, stretching her tight hole. She moaned, pushing back against both my finger and my dick. So much about me being in control. Maybe I had never even been the one who set the pace, she just let me believe that I was.

“Oh, yes, exactly like that. But…”

She deliberately trailed off at the end of her sentence, and I knew I shouldn’t have, but I walked into the trap head-on (or should I say cock-on).


She glanced back at me, blue eyes sparkling with mischief and desire.

“But I wish it was your big, hard cock fucking my ass, not your finger. Would that punishment fit the crime?”

I nodded, because that was all I could do before I pulled out of her pussy and positioned myself at her asshole. She reached back, pulling her cheeks apart. I tried to push in as slowly as I could, I really did. But I had to realize for the second time that it wasn’t me who decided when, where and how. Before I knew it, she pushed back once more, and my cock disappeared into her ass. God, she was so tight I had to close my eyes again.


She started moving, and my balls tightened.


I thought about sheep, kittens and anything that had little or no interest to me.


The initial tightness ceased a little, only the hot, wet pulsation was present. Maybe I could survive this – and what’s more important, maybe I could last long enough.


She reached down, playing with her clit and I groaned.


I lost count. What was it again? How many minutes had passed? Only seconds!? Fuck…


Okay, that’s it. I pulled out, only leaving the tip inside her ass, then slapped her cheek, making it red and burning under my fingers.

“Fuck, do that again.”

But I didn’t. I needed to catch my breath and restart the counting. This minx was totally making me lose my train of thought. How was I supposed to carry out what I had planned? But she wasn’t having it.

“God help me, if you don’t fucking spank me again, I will…”

But I never learned the second part of her threat. My hand came down instantly, and I slammed back in at the same time. I didn’t have to count this time, and I couldn’t have, even if I wanted to. We came at the same time, with a force that threatened to sweep me off my feet. My legs trembled, and so did my cock. It kept pulsating and pumping my hot load into her ass, while her inner muscles held me their prisoner. For a moment I felt dizzy, having no blood in my brain, not to mention the tightness of her hole squeezing the life (and other essences) out of me. And yet, I wouldn’t have pulled out, even if the world was falling apart. My world was complete right then, and I never found anyone to fulfil that gaping hole she left inside of me. Never.

But, just like anything that can only happen once in a lifetime, this ended, too. Now that I think about it, I wish that I lasted longer. I wish that I gave her more orgasms. That I fucked her pussy, too. I wanted to cum on her ass, on her tits, on her face, in her mouth. But time was running out. They were coming for her, and we both knew it. Now that the delirium was wearing off, we could see through the purple fog. I knew that what had happened between us was a beautiful dream, but it was only that, a dream. Never to be repeated again, never to be remembered. What she asked me before she left made sure of that.

“That was great, sugar. How about you and me have a little chat?”

And with that, she pulled her skirt down, straightened her shirt and sat down, patting the mattress beside her. I joined her, knowing too well what was coming. I was prepared to tell her that sure, we could be friends if that was what she wanted, never to see her again. But never in a million years would have I thought that she would make a proposition. One that I have wished so many times I agreed to. But I didn’t, and so it’s my fault, and my fault alone that I haven’t seen her since.


I let out a sigh, grabbing my erect cock. Oh how many times I have jerked off, fantasizing about her full tits, her tight ass gripping my shaft, as if she never wanted to let me go. I close my eyes, imagining those blonde pigtails bobbing up and down on my dick. I can no longer feel the grip of my rough hands, but the soft teasing of her peachy lips and her tongue as they run up and down my entire lenght. I can feel her arousal mix with mine, I can smell peaches and lemons.

I groan loudly, not having to hold back anymore. I am home now, not in the hotel where I fucked Suzanne, the elite escort those years ago. Although, my cock could argue with that. For him, it seems like it was yesterday. I can still recall the curve of her ass, the taste of her clit. I open my eyes, glancing down at the purple head and reach for more lube. I sigh, inhaling the peachy-lemony scent. At least this much reminds me of her. Oh how many bottles have I used. Should I mention that whenever I can, I jerk off, coating my cock in this scent, in her scent? Like this, it’s as if she has never left.

Her last words still haunt me, and those are the ones I hear in my mind whenever I climax into my hands. The words that send me over the edge every time. A few tiny words, ones that made her become the one who got away.

“I wish you said yes.”

I shudder as my orgasm takes over. It’s nowhere near the one I had while her ass clenched around my cock, but this has to do. God, it has had to be enough since that day. Because I would never see her again. I grab a tissue, cleaning up the peachy-lemony mess that I’ve made. My heart breaks every time I masturbate thinking of her, but is it my fault that I fell in love with an elite escort? Like a moth to a flame, I flew too close and I got burnt. And now I jerk off to her memory. Yep, exactly like in those fairy tales. End of story.

There is a knock on the door, but I don’t care. It must be one of my colleagues or neighbors. They can wait. I wonder whether I was too loud, but I shake my head at the thought. Nobody cares anyway. But then there is another tentative knock and I roll my eyes, pulling up my clothes. I shout at the top of my lungs, annoyed and irritated at the intruder. Of course they couldn’t have known what I was up to, but still, I don’t like anyone disturbing me, or my memories. I open the door a bit faster than I should have, only to freeze to the spot.


I breathe her name like a prayer, raising an eyebrow. The blond elite escort nods, stepping inside and walking past me, leaving me standing there, mouth agape. I hear her trembling voice from behind me, and I’m too afraid to turn around. I must still be dreaming.

“We need to talk.”

I let out a sigh, not sure whether I should be glad that she was here, or pissed that her voice is cold as ice. What had happened to her since we met? Was it only me who reminisced about that night? As if she waved a magic wand, my cock hardens instantly. This is just great. I spin around, trying to brace myself for whatever she has to say. I have a feeling that she isn’t here to chat about the weather or patch up. Not that I would mind the latter. Not at all. And neither would my dick. But I guess he will have to wait…



To be continued…