Gail & Jolene's Sexual Afternoon

“Do you have any idea where they’re going?”  Jolene asked urgently.

“To wherever it is they call home is my guess,” Gail answered casually like what she was doing was really no big deal.  She had her eyes on the four-wheeler that was a quarter of a mile ahead of them as they drove into the city known as Culverton.  “But I think we’re going to find out soon enough.  Cheer up, Jo.  We’re having a fun time together.”

“This ain’t my idea of a fun-time, Gail,” she said with mounting disbelief.   “My God, I can’t believe I actually let you bring me along on whatever it is we’re going with these strangers.”

“They aren’t strangers,” Gail explained.  “The one who’s driving, his name’s Leon; Steven is the other.  What’re you going to be doing at home anyway besides falling asleep like you mentioned earlier?  Listen to me, dear.  You need this more than you think.”

Jolene wanted to say something more but none of her thoughts wouldn’t translate to actual words.  She kept mum instead and looked out the window as they drove further and further into Culverton.  Jolene had been this way before but so far back she barely remembered the trip.  Even then, she doubt she’d ventured this further into the city as they were now.  She looked at Gail who had a perpetual smile on her face like she wasn’t thinking of anything else besides the men they were following.  Jolene wondered whatever conversation they’d had back at the Drive-Thru lot before Gail opted to follow them.

The four-wheeler made a right turn into a quiet residential street and Gail followed suit.  Here the houses all looked the same: simple or near run-down with short front yards and narrow sidewalks; even the streets looked narrow.  The four-wheeler pulled over to the curb and Gail slowed down too as she drew closer behind them.  The four-wheeler’s doors opened and the two black men came down from it.  Gail turned off her engine and unclipped her seat-belt.

“This is where the adventure begins,” Gail giggled.  “Hope you’ve got your pen and pad ready to take some notes.”

“You’re not really thinking about going to join them, are you?”  Jolene looked at her with fear in her eyes as if it wasn’t clear to her already what Gail’s intentions were.

“Yes, I am going to join them,” said Gail.  “And you are, too.  Now will you quit being a kill-joy for once and come on.  It’s going to be fun, trust me.”

Jolene would have preferred waiting in the car instead till whenever Gail got done with the men, but knew Gail wasn’t going to accept that.  She reluctantly unclipped her seat-belt then opened her door and came down.

The two men had walked over to meet them halfway.  Gail was first to meet them while Jolene came from around the car, looking just as uncomfortable like she seriously wanted to be elsewhere.

“Hi there,” one of the black men, the one who’d been driving, spoke to Jolene.  She was almost startled by her voice, not knowing he was speaking to her.  She lifted her cautiously hand for him to shake.  “How’re you doing?  My name’s Leon.”

“Nice to meet you, Leon,” Jolene said then retrieved her hand, wondering if he intended jumping her next.

“This here’s my buddy, Steven.”  Leon gestured at his riding partner who waved at her.  “You ever been this way to Culverton before?”

“No, not really.  It’s been too long, and I doubt I’ve been anywhere near here before.”

“Don’t worry.  As long as you’re with us, you’re safe.  Culverton ain’t that bad as it once used to.  How about we go on inside.”

Leon led the way past the compound gate beside them.  Gail and Jolene followed him while Steven walked behind; Jolene glanced at him, still worried that something bad might happen.  Leon dug out a bunch of keys from his jeans pocket as he came up the porch steps.  He unlocked the front door and ushered both women inside.

Jolene had no idea what to expect when she entered the house after Gail.  Her eyes shone with foreboding fear like she expected the men to immediately bundle her and Gail and throw both of them into a dark basement room.  She looked everywhere expecting to find hanging chains, handcuffs and whips of all kinds.  But neither was what her eyes picked up.  Instead they walked into a tidy living room with minimal decoration around except for an outrageous poster of a popular Rap artist that covered much of one wall.  A flat-screen TV hung on a wall and beneath it stood a cabinet that housed playable devices and plenty of music CDs to decorate a record store. 

Leon led both women to a sofa.  “You ladies care for anything to drink?”

“I sure can use a soda,” Gail said, dropping her handbag beside her.  “I think Jolene here can use one, too.  Won’t you, Jo?”

Steven left the room and soon returned with a handful of sodas that he passed around to the women before giving one to his friend.  They popped their tabs and drank to each other’s health.  Leon went rummaging in the cabinet.

“What kind of movies do you have?” Gail asked.  “I’m in the mood to watch anything.”

“Sure, we’ve got movies,” Steven declared.  “What sort of movie do you want to see?  We’ve got everything here.”

“Right now I’d like something hot and raunchy,” she said.  “You got any porn flicks?  I’d like to see something nasty.”

Jolene couldn’t believe what she’d just heard and fixed Gail with a wide pair of eyes.  The men seemed happy with her choice.

“Gimme a minute,” Leon said, rising to his feet.  “I’ve got something that’s hotter from my own private stash.” 

He rushed out of the room but returned minutes later holding a DVD case in his hand.  He got the disc out of the case and inserted it into his DVD machine.  He switched on the TV set and went to prop himself on the armrest beside Gail.  He aimed a remote at the machine. 

The TV screen came alive and a movie began to play.  It was a video recording done in a bedroom.  It showed a blonde-haired white woman sitting on a bed with nothing on.  A black man appeared from behind the camera to come join her; he too was naked.  Everyone recognized the black man as Steven.

“The fuck, man,” Steven exclaimed. He was sitting beside Jolene.  “The hell you brought out the one we did with Sheryl?” 

“Why not?” Leon answered.  “Ain’t nothing wrong with that.  I think our lovely ladies here would love to see it.”

“I’m enjoying it already,” Gail said.

Jolene didn’t want to watch the movie but desist from taking her eyes from it.

In the video, the woman and Steven shared a stick of weed with each other while the camera kept filming them.  They talked while they passed the weed back and forth, laughing now and then.  Leon aimed the remote and fast-forwarded the movie but stopped it when it showed Steven now leaning against the woman.  The woman was smoking the weed while Steve played with her tits.  Eventually he took the weed from her and discarded it while she fell on her back waiting on him.  Steve knelt beside her and she went ahead sucking his cock.  The audio was clear enough for them to hear the woman’s exquisite moans as she rolled his cock in her mouth.

“This looks good,” Gail said to Leon.  “Were you the one filming them?”

“Nah.  Homeboy here had all the fun to himself while I was across town working.  Wasn’t until after they got done that I got to find out what went down.”

“So you didn’t get a chance to bang her as well?” Gail asked.

Leon shook his head.  “The bitch already split the scene before I got back.”

“That’s too bad,” she adjusted herself where she sat.  “A good thing I met you boys before you got into your fighting match.”

“Yeah, what were you guys arguing about anyway?” Jolene asked Steven.

Leon answered the question by gesturing at his friend.  “I left this fool some money to hold so we’d buy some cable parts for a recording gig we’ve got lined up.  But now he don’t recall where he left the dough.”

“I told you I’m gonna find it, didn’t I?” Steven retorted.

“Yeah, right.  Out of your trifling black ass you will.”

“Come now, boys,” Gail soothed down the conversation while running her hand over Leon’s thigh.  “There’s no to get all huff and puff when you’re two lovely women before you now, is there?”

“No, there ain’t,” Leon said, enjoying the feel of her hand pressing his jeans.  “If you like, I can show you the rest of the pad.”

He came off the armrest and helped Gail to her feet, leaving the remote on the chair.  They left their soda cans on the table and Gail followed him but stopped to look over at Jolene. 

“Have fun, dear,” she chuckled before following Leon out of the room.

Jolene watched them slip from view, listening to Gail’s raucous laughter.  She almost jumped when she felt Steven’s breath against her neck.

“You’re very pretty,” he murmured.

“Thank you.  And I’m very married,” she waved her wedding ring at him like it were a magical wand to cast him off her sight.  All it produced was a snide chuckle from him and nothing more.

“Don’t matter, lady.  I can dig that.  What your old man don’t know won’t hurt him.”

“Not if I get to tell him, which I definitely will.”

“You sure you’d want him to know?  I kinda doubt that.”  His hand came on her thigh while he continued with his smooth-talking.  “You ought to know white women always want some black dick.  They don’t want nothing else.  I’ll bet your man ain’t been fucking you hard enough.  Tell the truth.”

“I think I’ve had enough of this.”  Jolene pushed his hand off her and came to her feet.  “I’m going to go look for Gail and tell her I’ll be out in the car waiting.”

Steven had a look of disappointment as he came off the armrest.  “You sure I can’t make you change your mind?”

Jolene shook her head.

“All right,” he shrugged.  “Come with me then.”

He went and picked the remote and killed the porn movie that was playing.  Jolene followed him as he led the way into the dark corridor. 

The corridor went both left and right.  To the right was a door and they clearly heard grunting noises coming from behind it.  Steven opened the door and Jolene went inside as well.

Gail was bent over on the bed naked except for her bra and panties that was pushed to the side of her butt.  Leon had rid himself of his shirt though his jeans and undershorts were jumbled down his thighs and he was busy fucking Gail from behind.  He looked up at Steven and Jolene as they entered the room but didn’t quit from what he was doing.  Gail, too, saw then enter and attempted at smile at Jolene as she stepped further into the room.

“Hiya, Jo,” Gail exhaled.  “Thought you and Steven would be making out by now.”

“Your friend don’t wanna give up the pussy,” Steven complained.  He was working at getting out of his clothes and looked at Leon as he peeled off his shirt and threw it on a chair.  “You game with me sharing some of that pussy, man?”

“Hell yeah,” Leon grunted.  “Bitch’s pussy is tighter than a fist.”

“Yeah, but you’re gonna stretch me out, aren’t you?”  Gail turned her head to gaze at him, still loving what he was doing to her.

“Damn right, bitch,” Leon replied.  Thrusting his cock harder into her pussy and then smacking her butt.  “Fucking tight pussy, you’ve got.  Gonna love fucking this cougar pussy you’ve got here.”

While Leon was still fucking Gail, Steven cursed himself for his clumsiness as he struggled with extracting his feet out of his pair of trainers and then his jeans.  He almost fell forward and had to grab onto of a chair so he could wiggle out of his clothes.  Jolene’s eyes went from him to watching his friend fuck Gail.  Gail’s clothes and shoes lay in a jumble by the foot of the bed.  Jolene thought there was no way now she could let Gail know how badly she wanted to leave.

Steven bundled up his clothes and threw them on a pile.  He kicked his shoes to a corner then went round to the other side of the bed to kneel in front of Gail.  She reached for his penis that was starting to become erect and stroked him.  Jolene went and settled down on the chair to watch the action taking place on the bed as she had nothing else to do.

Gail was moaning the whole time she stroked Steven’s shaft and he drew closer so she could suck on it.  Gail did just that while still grunting eagerly from the pounding Leon was giving her.  Leon at one time rested over her to grope her breasts still nestled in her bra.  He kissed the back of her shoulders while still working his hips back and forth. 

A curious thought occurred to Jolene as she sat there watching her friend being used by both men and it was enough to drive a wedge of fear into her heart.  She wanted to voice out a complaint but didn’t know how.  But just as she came to her feet, about to make her complaint known, Leon groaned one last time and pulled out of Gail.  Jolene realized then that he wore a condom and she couldn’t help feeling relieved as she lowered herself back on the chair.  No point voicing her complaint anymore.

Gail fell forward on the bed, gasping while Steven hurried with working the tip of a condom on his penis.  Gail saw what he was doing and came to his aid.  She helped roll the condom down his shaft and sucked his cock before deciding it was hard enough for her.  Steven came and lay on the bed while Gail got on top of him.  He held his prick for her as she guided him into her awaiting hole. 

“Aaahhhh, yes,” Gail sighed as she lowered herself upon him.  She whimpered as his prick sank all the way inside her cunt.  She brought both feet up in a crouching position and Steven wedged her butt with his hands while gently pumping his pelvis upward.  Gail rested her hands on her knees and was releasing her breath in panting gasps as she made like she was performing bench-presses on his dick.  Sometimes she paused to roll her butt over his shaft and Steven groaned from it as she then resumed slamming down on him.

“Ohhh fucking yeah,” she moaned, gulping a mouthful of air.  “That black cock feels so fucking good!”

From where she sat, Jolene had perfect view of her best friend’s butt and the black cock she was riding.  She watched as Gail eventually lowered her knees down on the bed then resumed working her butt against Steven’s cock who now was pumping his cock into her hard, picking up speed with each thrust he hammered into her.  Her cum coated Steven’s condom-wearing dick the more she rocked fervently against him.  One time she sat upright and reached behind to cup his pair of balls-sac in her hand while he kept thrusting his hips under her. 

Jolene had almost forgotten that Leon was in the room with them.  He had rid himself of his previous condom sheath and was stroking himself back to full erection again as he edged toward the bed.  Gail gestured at him to come closer.  Leon came on the bed and held her by her hair and slapped his cock a couple of times across her cheek.  Gail burst into a chuckling fit before managing to take accept Leon’s prick into her mouth.  Gail continued rocking her lower self over Steven’s hips while locking her hands on Leon’s waistline and letting him choke her mouth with his cock.  Leon kept shoving his prick into her mouth, groaning while he did.

At one time Steven held her forward, grabbed her ass cheeks and got to thrusting his thighs hard and fast.  Gail let go of Leon’s prick as she now leaned forward whimpering from the onslaught.  Steven kept on relentlessly fucking her.  Amid Gail’s whimpering cries came the sound of Steven’s thighs slapping against her butt.  Jolene watched with gross fascination as his testicles slapped against Gail’s butt while he kept fucking her pussy.

Steven gradually stopped and Gail rolled off him. Jolene saw his condom sac was filled with semen.  Steven got off the bed and hurried out of the room while Gail turned her attention to Leon as she went back to sucking his cock.

“Ohh God,” she moaned as she slobbered her tongue over Leon’s prick like a dog hungry for a bone.  “I love black cock so fucking much.”

“You look like you want it so bad, ain’t you?”

“You’ve no idea,” she said, then turned to wink at Jolene.  “See what you’re missing, Jo.”

“What’s up with your friend here?” Leon smirked.  “Why’s she acting all stuck-up unlike you?”

“Oh, don’t mind Jo,” Gail said while still stroking his shaft and rolling her tongue over the enlarged tip of his prick.  “She hasn’t being with a black man before.  It’s her first time.”

Leon laughed.  “Well, first time’s always a charmer.  I’ll bet she can’t wait to try one.  Why else did she wanna follow you here?”

“I didn’t,” Jolene snapped.  “I had no choice but to come—I was with her.”

“Well, you’re here now.  Why not come over and have some of this here dick.  I’ve got plenty of rounds here to spare.”  Leon took his cock from Gail and aimed it at Jolene, laughing while he did.

Steven returned to the room looking like he’d just taken a quick shower as he was running a towel over his body.  Leon decided then to lie on the bed and Gail waited for him to settle down before mounting him.  Leon’s prick slipped into her pussy with ease and they fucked that way while Steven came and stood beside them, offering Gail his cock to play with.

Jolene thought then that she’d had enough.  She came off the chair and searching through Gail’s jeans.  She unearthed her car keys that were in her pocket then dropped her clothes on the chair.

“I’ll be out in the car waiting for when you get done, Gail,” she said before leaving the room.