Finding Thelma

You’d be amazed at how many people in a city like Nashville, Tennessee just up and disappear every year.  That’s what their relatives usually tell the Nashville Police anyway, that one day, the person woke up happy, went shopping or to work and watched the Late Show that night on TV, and was gone without a trace the next.  

The Metropolitan Nashville Police are a great bunch of guys and girls who ought to get more recognition than they receive.  They investigate every missing person report they get, and it they turn up even the hint of anything that suggests the person met with foul play, they’ll do everything they can legally do to find them.  They never stop looking either, even after years have passed.

Those missing people are the ones who want to be found.  There are probably more people who disappear just because they want to, and they really don’t want anyone to find them.  The police can’t do much about those cases since nothing against the law has happened and they don’t have enough resources to go finding every wife who runs off with the meter man or every guy who decides that starting over is the way to go.  That’s where the private investigator comes into play.

We PI’s are still supposed to stay within the law, but we can sometimes find out things the police can’t.  The people who know something are sometimes a little hesitant to talk to a uniform, but they don’t seem to have as much trouble with a friendly guy dressed in street clothes.

That’s what I’d just explained to the little brunette sitting across the desk from me.  She’d been pretty hot at the Metro boys when she came in, but she’d cooled off some.

“So they really can’t do anything to find my mother?”

“No, not unless you can give them reason to think somebody took her against her will.  It doesn’t sound to me like you have one.”

“Well, no, but Mama wouldn’t just up and go somewhere for two weeks without telling me.  She just doesn’t do things like that.”

I shrugged.

“A lot of times, people let you see what they want you to see, but not who they really are.  Maybe she just wanted to get away for a while.  She’ll probably call you in a couple of days or so.”

“Well, I still want you to look for her.  You said two hundred a day plus expenses?”

“Yes, with the first day in advance.”

Janet Swenson wrote a check and passed it across the desk.

“I know you’ll check it, but it’s good.  My husband owns Swenson Realty.  You’ll keep me informed, won’t you, whatever you find out?”

“You’ll know whatever I know by the next day.”

Janet left after filling out my standard questionnaire for missing people – name, address, age, any distinguishing marks, tattoos, etc., known acquaintances, last known whereabouts – the same stuff she’d told the police.  She was right.  I wouldn’t do anything until the check cleared.  I’d been burned before, and it’s not like I could repossess her mother once I found her.

I looked over the questionnaire out of curiosity more than anything since I didn’t have anything better to do. I don’t advertise much, so I don’t get all that many cases to work.  It’s serving notices that pays the bills and I’d already done a dozen that week.

Thelma Rogers was sixty-one, widowed, and from the pictures Janet had left, pretty foxy for a grandma.  My grandma was heavy with short, grey hair and liked wearing muumuu’s most of the time.  Thelma liked shorts and sleeveless tops in summer, and had the legs, ass and boobs to make them look hot.  I figured she dyed her hair.  Most older women do anymore, and the deep red didn’t quite match her light brown eyebrows.

She had a lot of friends and neighbors, and that was good because I’d have a lot of people to talk to for information.  It was also bad, because I’d have to spend days talking to all of them and put each little piece of information into the puzzle that would tell me where Thelma had gone.

She didn’t have any tattoos, not surprising considering her age, but she did have a birthmark on her right hip, just above the crease where it joined her thigh.  That wasn’t on the questionnaire.  I saw it on one of the pictures where Thelma was bent over in her little shorts and talking to one of her grandkids.

I tossed the questionnaire in my inbox.  It probably wasn’t going to be hard to find Thelma, because one of those friends or neighbors had to know where she was.  It was just going to be time consuming.  

I did have one active case, but it wasn’t time to work on it yet.  Amazon Amy wouldn’t be up until about five that afternoon.  Her real name was Deirdre Neflinger, and as Amazon Amy, she danced at one of the better gentleman’s clubs in Nashville.  Her thing was doing a handstand up against one of the brass poles, and then hanging there by holding the pole between her thighs.  

Deirdre was very tall, hence her stage name, and really well endowed, thanks to a very accommodating surgeon it looked like from her pictures.  When she was upside down, gravity pulled her gigantic breasts down too.  She’d hang there on the pole while licking her nipples, then do another handstand and come down to the floor on all fours with her thighs spread wide, and her thin, stretchy panties outlining her pussy lips in a perfect cameltoe.  

A twenty to one of the club bouncers yielded that information as well as the knowledge that she always got lots of tips, and if you tipped her enough, she’d come dance on your lap.  She didn’t go any further, though.  Deirdre had a boyfriend, one Rick Marsh, who saw to that.  According to the bouncer, Rick was not a very nice guy and he was usually in the club watching to see that Deirdre didn’t go too far.

Deirdre had sued the club after an accident.  She claimed one of the other girls had put petroleum jelly on her pole, and when she went to grab it with her thighs, they slipped and she fell on her head.  Her claim stated she had hurt her neck, and was in constant pain.  Her lawyer thought half a million would compensate her for lost earnings until she healed and that another half a million for pain and suffering would be just about right.  The club’s insurance company asked me find out if Deirdre was really hurt or was just trying to collect some easy money.

I’d done some surveillance on the house where Deirdre and Rick lived but she hadn’t showed herself.  After three days, I figured out she and Rick were night owls.  I never saw either of them during the day, but one evening when I was getting ready to leave, Rick walked out to the curb to get the newspaper.  He was wearing a bathrobe, and the way his hair was all messed up, I figured he’d just gotten out of bed.  I stayed a little while longer to see what would happen next.

When it got dark the lights started coming on in the house.  I could see shadows against the window curtains, and unless Rick had been hiding a pair of huge breasts under that robe, Deirdre was walking around in there straight as one of her dance poles. It didn’t look like she was wearing much of anything, either, much less the neck brace she claimed she needed.  I knew then she was faking it.  I just had to figure out how to prove she was.

That’s what I spent the rest of the afternoon doing after Janet left.  If I could just have gotten inside for a few minutes to hide one of my little cameras, I’d have her cold.  The problem is that Tennessee expects PI’s to follow the same rules as the police.  I could take a thousand pictures of Deirdre as long as she was outside in public, but I couldn’t take even one inside her home without her permission.  I didn’t figure she’d think much of that idea.

About five, my head was starting to hurt so I walked the three blocks to Joe’s Burgers and Barbecue for a cheeseburger and fries for my stomach and a scotch for my head.  I’d just pushed the plate to the side of my table and drained my glass when I felt warm breath against my ear.

“Hi…I’m Bethany.”

And it was, the same Bethany I’d helped a while back find out her husband was indeed cheating on her, but with another man.  She’d been really, really grateful too, so grateful I’d been tired for two days afterward.

“Hi Bethany… or are you Beth tonight?”

Bethany’s eyes flashed back the red and blue of the beer sign over the bar.

“Beth is the drunk me, and I don’t wanna be her again for a while.  I’m Bethany, thank you and I thought we might have a drink and then go back to your place for a while.”

“Ahhhh…Bethany, I’m sorry, but I’m working tonight, probably late too.”

“What’s up.  Anything I can help with again?  It was fun the last time.”

I’d let Bethany go with me when I did surveillance on her husband.  I was kind of fun for me too.

“Well, if you’re in for a night of boredom, I suppose you can come along.”

Sitting in the minivan just down the block from Deirdre’s house I explained the case to her.

“And she hasn’t come out of the house for what, three days?”

“Not unless she can pass for her boyfriend, and given the size of her boobs, I doubt she could pull that off.”

“Any woman who wants breasts that big is an attention whore.  Any other time, she’d probably parade naked in her front yard just so you could take her picture.”

“Well, she may be that, but she’s not stupid, and neither is her boyfriend.  I figure they sleep all day and stay up all night just so their neighbors don’t see anything they might tell somebody who’s asking questions about them…like me.”

About ten, it was obvious the night was going to be like the last three.  They’d stay up until dawn.  When the sun came up, I’d drive back to my office/apartment to crash for a few hours and feel like crap the rest of the day.  I was tired anyway, so I put away the cameras and we called it a night.  Well, I called it a night, but Bethany had another idea.

That idea started out with her massaging my cock as I drove back toward my office.  I was tired, but not that tired.  I was feeling pretty good when we walked up the stairs to my office.  I felt really good once we were inside and Bethany locked her lips on my mouth and tried to suck out my tongue.

“Mmmm”, she breathed into my face, “It’s been a whole two weeks and I’m horny as a frog.”

I chuckled.

“That’s horny as a toad, Bethany.”

“Well, what ever the hell it is, you better fuck me or I’ll go crazy.”

I squeezed her soft breast through her blouse and bra.  

“Don’t you want a little foreplay first.”

“Mmm.   Lots…as long as you fuck me in the end.”

I chuckled again.

“I’m kind of partial to the regular way, if that’s OK with you.”

Bethany did her best to crush her big soft breasts into my chest and her crotch into mine.

“I don’t care how you fuck me, just fuck me.”

One thing I’d learned about Bethany over the last couple of months was there was no telling her ‘no’ when she got like this.  Even if the idea hadn’t been really appealing, if I didn’t do what she wanted, she’d be rubbing her breasts on me or straddling my leg and rubbing her pussy on my thigh all night long, and the only way I’d have kept my cock out of her mouth was to cut it off.

I undressed her on the way to the bedroom, and while she was lying on the sheet being seductive I stripped off my own clothes.  As soon as I rolled in beside her, Bethany got a lip lock on my mouth again and started stroking my cock.  When I slipped my hand down over her tummy and curled a finger into her pussy, she was already wet and slippery.  

I pulled gently away.

“Damn, Bethany, you are hot.”

“I’ve been thinking about this and playing with myself all day.  I’m so hot, if you suck my nipples hard enough I might just cum.”

I didn’t know how hard she meant, so I started easy and worked up to it, or would have if she hadn’t kept whispering “harder” every time I sucked.  Right at the end, I was pulling all of her nipple and some of her wrinkled, bumpy nipple bed into my mouth too.  Bethany’s tummy lurched and she murmured, “other one, just like that.”

Three strong pulls was all it took.  Bethany kind of yelped, then went rigid for a few seconds, and then shook all over so hard I almost lost the suction on her right nipple.  I kept sucking until she eased back down on the sheet and sighed.

“Mmmm…that took the edge off.  Now I want your cock in me.”

Her hand started stroking me again.  I guess she figured I was hard enough, because she used my cock as a handle to pull me between her widespread thighs.

“Put it in me, Jerry”, she breathed.

“Don’t I get a taste first?”

Bethany reached down and pulled her slender lips apart.  All I could see was wet, swollen inner lips, her big pink clit, and the tight opening that kept moving in and out just a little.

“I might cum again if you do, but I’ll still want you to fuck me.”

Bethany tasted like she always does, a little tart and a whole lot of hot woman.  I sucked her inner lips into my mouth and let my tongue roll them around for a bit, and then pulled my face back and let them stretch a little as they slipped between my lips.  Bethany moaned, then moaned again when I ran my tongue up between them to the little cleft on the bottom of her clit and licked.  

I kept licking that little cleft until her clit started jerking up and down by itself, then wrapped my lips around it and sucked.  If I hadn’t had both hands around her hips, Bethany would have thrown me off the bed.  She arched up, quivered there for a second, and moaned,  “more, Jerry.”

I started sucking her clit to the pace of her rocking hips.  That lasted until Bethany grabbed my head, pushed it into her pussy, arched high and cried out.

“Oh, God…Oh…Oh…Ahhhhhhh.”

I had to pry her thighs apart to get my head out from between them.  As soon as I did, Bethany pulled me up over her body and kissed me again.  This time her tongue didn’t attack my lips.  It just sort of wormed between them and made me gasp when it touched mine.  Bethany let me go and giggled.

“See, I told you I’d still need more.  I want you to cum this time too…inside me.”

Well, by then I’d have fucked a knothole in a pine board.  Beth opened her thighs again and I sank my cock all the way inside her with one smooth stroke.  I had to hold it there for a minute because Bethany was pulling my face down to her right breast, but once I found her stiff, rubbery nipple, I started to stroke.

It was usually like this with Bethany.  She had to explode a time or two really quick, but after that, she was a dream, all stroking hands and rocking hips and nibbling mouth that took us both on a slow ride to cumming together.  While I mouthed her stiff nipples and licked the dimples in the tips, Bethany stroked my back, squeezed my ass cheeks, and kissed me until I had to pull away so I could breathe.  All the time, her pussy massaged my stroking cock and with each stroke, her hips lifted to let my cock go a little deeper.  

She was so slippery my cock sometimes made little wet sounds when I stroked in, and she got wetter the more I stroked.  She wasn’t saying anything now.  If her tongue wasn’t trying to find mine, her face was rolled to the side, her lips were parted, and little moans floated out of her mouth every time my cock bottomed out in her.

I knew she was getting close when her pussy started milking my cock.  It was like a little ring just inside her entrance was tightening and relaxing, over and over.  As the tightening got tighter, so did Bethany’s moans until the moans became panting breaths and the tightening threatened to make me cum too soon.  I reached between us, found her big clit, and rubbed it gently.  Bethany groaned and her nails raked over my back.  I started stroking faster and rubbed the pointed tip.  

Bethany started getting stiff, then lifted her hips up.   She moaned, then moaned again as her hips relaxed a little.  I pushed her clit to one side, then let it slide under my fingertip.  Bethany’s hips jerked quickly up, driving my cock in so fast my balls bumped against her ass.  She cried out, and her hips jerked up again, then again, then again.  Just as she dug her nails into my ass cheeks and pulled me as close to her pussy as she could, my balls tightened up and a spurt of cum shot through my cock.  

Bethany cried out, and her hips started jerking faster than I could stroke.  She pulled on my ass again, and all I could feel was the rippling in her passage, her pussy clamping down on my cock, and the sensation of seed flying through my cock and splashing deep inside her.  We were both panting when she eased us back down on the mattress.  When my cock slipped out, I moved up beside her and she curled up against me and purred.

“Mmmm.  Now that’s what I was waiting for.”

“Yeah, it was great.  Always is with you, Bethany.”

“That mean I can spend the night and have pancakes in the morning?”

“I was thinking you’d spend the night, you’d play cowgirl in the morning and then we’d go have pancakes.”

“Mmm.  I like your idea better.”

Well, Bethany stayed, and the ride the next morning was fantastic.  While we were eating, the bank called my cell phone to say Janet’s check was good which was unusual.  It usually took about five days.  I asked why this one was so fast, and learned that not only was Janet Swenson’s husband the owner of Swenson Realty, he was also on the bank board of directors.  Well, so much for waiting to find Thelma.

Bethany asked about the phone call, so I told her about the case.

“Can I help?  I know, it sounds crazy, but I really like doing what you do.  It’s exciting even if it does get a little boring sometimes.”

“Well, you could help me talk to her friends and neighbors.  Each one probably won’t know much, but if we put it all together, we might figure something out.”

There were fifty-six names on Janet’s list.  Most were Thelma’s neighbors, so I drove us out to Thelma’s house.  I took one side of the block and Bethany took the other.  Two hours later, we met back at my minivan and compared notes.  Most of what we’d gotten was the same.

Thelma was a nice woman.  Everybody we talked to said that.  The neighbors on each side of her and across the street said she always made cookies for them at Christmas.  Nobody had any idea where she might have gone or why.  We still had a few names of people Thelma knew but who didn’t live in her neighborhood.  

At the third name, we hit paydirt, but the paydirt kind of hit back too.  The little grey-haired woman glared at me when I asked if she knew Thelma.

“Why do you want to know about Thelma?”

“Her daughter is worried because she hasn’t heard from Thelma in a while.  I just want to ask her to call Janet and tell her she’s OK.”

“It’s none of Janet’s business where Thelma is.  Janet would just try to stop her.  Just tell her Thelma’s fine.  That’s all she needs to know for now.”

“So you know where Thelma is?”

“Yes, and I’m not telling you that.  She told me somebody’d be around asking questions and not to tell them anything.  You can’t make me, you know.  Thelma hasn’t done anything wrong.”

I was getting frustrated, and Bethany saw it.

“Jerry, go back to the car and let me talk with her for a while.”

About half an hour later, Bethany opened the door and got in.  She was smiling.

“You get her to tell you where Thelma is?”

“Nope, but I got a phone number so we can call her.”

“OK, how’d you manage that.  That little old lady would have taken a beating before she told me anything.”

“Her name’s Mary Goodsell, and she has three kids of her own and six grandkids.  You just have to know how to talk girl to girl.  We talked about her family for a while, and then I asked if her kids wouldn’t be upset if they didn’t know where she was.  Then I told her we weren’t going to bring Thelma back from wherever she is.  We just needed to know she was all right.  She gave me
this phone number.  We can trace it, right?”

We went back to the office and tried, but it was a pre-paid phone.  Thelma was beginning to look like one smart lady.  I started to key in the phone number, but Bethany stopped me.

“Let me do it, OK.  I sort of promised Mrs. Goodsell I’d make the call.  Go sit on the couch and don’t say anything.”

Bethany dialed the number and then waited.  After a few seconds, Bethany looked at me and nodded.

“Yes, is this Thelma Rogers…yes, I’m the woman who spoke with Mary.  I thought she might call you…no, that’s not what I want.  I don’t care where you are or what you’re doing.  Your daughter just wants to know that you’re OK…”

Bethany looked at me and raised her eyebrows.

“Well, that would be great…got it, Wednesday at one, at the Wild Horse…no, I won’t bring her, I promise…tell you what, I’ll wear a red skirt and white blouse with flowers on the front.  If you see her, you can stay away.  If not, come say hi and we’ll talk… Oh, that was Jerry…no, Mary just had him a little upset, that’s all.  She’s a really good friend, but I guess you already know that…not usually.  He’s usually a pretty nice guy…yes, I’ll bring him too if that’s all right…probably blue jeans and a plaid shirt…OK, we’ll see you then…Bye Bye.”

Bethany hung up the phone and grinned.

“We’re meeting her Wednesday at the Wild Horse.”

“I got that much.  What was all that about me?”

Bethany laughed.

“Mary thinks you’re a horse’s ass, but Thelma says that’s just how Mary is.  I think she’ll be OK with you now.”

“So how come she wants to meet us?”

“I don’t know.  She just said she’d have everything finished by Wednesday and would meet with us then.  She didn’t say what she was doing, but if it only takes a day for her to finish and then get back to Nashville, she can’t be very far from here.”

I spent the rest of the day trying to figure out how to catch Deirdre.  About six, Bethany still hadn’t said anything about going home, so I figured I’d better feed her.  We went downstairs for some of Minnie Chin’s twice cooked pork.  When we got back upstairs, Bethany said she was going to use the bathroom.  She came back out wearing nothing but a grin and dragged my ass off to the bedroom.  I won’t go into all the details.  I’ll just say when she finally had enough, I was hoping my cock would be able to stand up again someday.  

We had French toast at the pancake place the next morning.  That was after I was relieved to find that Bethany could make my cock stand up again…twice, in fact.  After breakfast, I got back into Deirdre’s case, and Bethany wanted to help with that too.

I went over everything with her, all the notes, interviews and logs of my surveillance.

“See, there’s nothing there except the night I saw her shadow on the curtains.  I have to figure out a way to get her outside so I can get a video of her doing something that a bad neck wouldn’t let her do.  I could probably plant a camera in the house somehow, but it’s illegal to take pictures of someone in their house unless they sign a release.  She’s smart enough not to sign anything until she gets her money, and even if she wasn’t, her boyfriend probably is.  I’m about out of ideas unless you…”

I was holding the notes I made when I talked to the bouncer and looking at one scribble I’d overlooked before because it was hard to read.  Deirdre had told him she wanted to be in movies.  He’d laughed and said with her big tits, it would have to be porn.  She’d said that’s the kind of movie she was talking about.

“You know, Bethany, there might be a way, if you’ll help me again.  If it doesn’t work, I’ll never catch her because she’ll be watching for me after that, but it’s better than anything else I’ve thought of.  Do you have a business suit?”

That night, about eight, I parked my rental car at the curb in front of Deirdre’s house.  We’d spent the day getting our cover together, and the more I worked, the better I felt about what we were doing.  The law doesn’t say I can’t lie out my ass to solve a case.  I hoped Bethany could lie just as well, because a lot depended on her playing her part.  

She was dressed for it, that was for sure.  The gray business suit over the white blouse with the lacy frills down the front fit the loyal secretary look I wanted.  So did the thick, but fake, black rimmed glasses she wore.  Her long, blonde hair was pulled back in a severe bun, and she wore no makeup at all.  Even with her bra straps as loose as she could get them, she still looked busty, but there was no helping that.  Her low, black heels topped everything off nicely, and so did the briefcase she carried.

My rented suit looked OK, and the gold cuff links matched the imitation Rolex on my wrist.  Instead of a tie, I had a couple of gold chains around my neck.  That’s what the porn producers wore in the pictures I downloaded off the net, so I figured Deirdre wouldn’t suspect anything.

My knock went unanswered the first time.  The second knock got a man’s voice saying “Hold on while I get dressed”.  The door opened just as I was about to knock a third time.  It was Rick.  I stuck out my hand and started talking fast.

“Hi there.  I’m Jim Slate, from Infinity Productions in Buena Vista.  You’ve probably heard of us.  You can call me Jimmy.”

I turned to Bethany and spoke like I was used to giving her orders.

“Mitzy.  Card.”

Bethany balanced the briefcase on one knee, opened it, and handed me one of the business cards I’d had printed that afternoon.  I handed it to Rick.

“There we go.  Is Amazon Amy at home?  I know it’s late, but our flight just got in and I wanted to make sure she can make the audition tomorrow.”

Rick scowled.

“What the fuck you talking about man.”

I turned to Bethany.

“Mitzy, you did send that invitation like I told you to, didn’t you?”

Bethany was almost as good at acting as she was in bed.

“Well, Mr. Slate, there were a lot of invitations and…well, I’m pretty sure I did, but I might have missed one or two.”

I turned back to Rick, sighed and shook my head.

“Sometime I think I’d be better off doing everything myself.  Mitzy here was supposed to send Amazon Amy an invitation to audition for my production company tomorrow.  Sammy, that’s Sammy Goode, maybe you’ve heard of him too? Sammy’s always looking for new talent and thought there must be some club dancers out there who’d want to make films.

I grinned at Rick.

“They tend to be in good shape and really stacked, if you know what I mean.  He had a few of his guys hit the clubs in most of the big cities and bring us the names and pictures of girls with certain assets they thought we could use.  We picked three girls in Nashville, and Amazon Amy was Sammy’s first choice.  If she doesn’t audition, Sammy’ll cut my balls off.”

Rick looked at my card again, then turned around and yelled down the hall.

“Deirdre, gitchur ass in here.”

She was tall all right, and the pictures didn’t do her breasts justice.  Even without a bra, they pushed out the short satin robe a good six inches.  She put her hand on Rick’s shoulder, chewed her gum a couple of times, and let her weight settle into one hip.

“Whatcha want Honey?”

“This guy says you’re suppose to audition for movies tomorrow.  Know anything about that?”

“No…what kind of movies?”

I stuck out my hand.

“Hi, …Deirdre was it, I’m Jim Slate, from Infinity Production.  We make films of an adult nature.”


“Well, we try to be a little more artistic with our work, but yes.”

“And the audition is tomorrow?”

“Yes.  I have the camera crew and the room for tomorrow only.  After that, we’re off to Chicago.”

I could see the wheels turning in Deirdre’s head.  If she went out, she might get caught.  If she didn’t, she’d miss the opportunity to do what she really wanted to do.  Deidre whispered something to Rick.  He shook his head.  She sighed and I knew she’d made the decision I wanted her to make.

“Mr. Slate, I can’t make it tomorrow.”

I turned to Bethany and scowled.

“Dammit Mitzy, if you’d just done what I told you to do…now I’m gonna get fired and I’m gonna see to it that you get fired too.”

I don’t know how Bethany got the tears in her eyes, but they were there.

“Mr. Slate, I just made one tiny little mistake.  Don’t fire me, please, don’t fire me.  I need this job.  You know my mother’s sick.”

“Well, unless you can figure out some way to fix this…”

Bethany dabbed at her eyes with a tissue, then looked up at me and grinned.

“Wait…Mr. Slate, I can fix it…I really can.”


“Well, we have one of the hand cams and a fill light in the car.  Why can’t she audition here, right now?”

“No, that won’t work.  She doesn’t have the right makeup or anybody to put it on.”

“I have the makeup case in the car too, and I can do her face.”

“What about the male actor to work with her.  Both of them are back at the hotel.  You have one of those in the car too?”

“No…but we have him.”

She was pointing at Rick and he was grinning.

“OK, so we have all that.  They’ll have to sign a release.”

Bethany dug around in her briefcase.

“I have those too, right here.”

“OK, but this better work or your ass is toast.  I’ll go get everything out of the car while you explain the release and get them to sign.  Unless you have a copier in that briefcase, they’ll each have to sign two so they have one to keep.”

I came back in with the video camera, the hand held floodlight I use to take pictures of evidence, and Bethany’s makeup case.  Bethany took the case and handed me three releases, one with Deirdre’s signature and one with Rick’s, and the third signed by both giving me permission to photograph their living room.  The fine print on all three releases gave me permission to use the video or pictures basically any way I wanted.  I put them in the briefcase.  About five minutes later Bethany and Deirdre came back.  Bethany had done a good job.

“OK, Deirdre stand over there in front of your couch.  Mitzy, you hold the light and do the directing so I can concentrate on the artistic stuff.  Crap.  We need a board with Deirdre’s name on it and the date or the technicians will never figure out what video goes with her name.”

“I can make one real quick”, answered Bethany.  She took a black marker and a sheet of paper out of her briefcase, wrote Amazon Amy on it in big letters and below that, the date.  Then she turned to Rick.   

“I need you to hold this up in front of Deirdre, and say what it says on the front so the techs can get the sound right too.”

Bethany turned on her light and I started the camera.

“OK, Rick.  Now.”

He stepped in front of Deirdre and said “Amazon Amy, December fourth, two thousand twelve…Action.”

I saw Bethany’s shoulders shake when he added that last, but she didn’t laugh or choke up.  She sounded so confident I almost believed her myself.

“OK Deirdre, first say your full name, and then take off your robe.”

Deirdre did as she was told.

“Good girl, now turn around…that’s it, all the way…great…now bend over…little more…little more…great…Sammy likes to see big boobs hanging down and he’s gonna love yours.  Now, stay bent over and turn around with your butt to the camera.  Sammy likes nice butts too.  OK, straighten back up and move your hips back and forth like you do when you dance.”

Deirdre’s spine looked like a snake slithering through the grass.  I figured she did get a lot of tips.

Bethany said “cut”, and I stopped the camera.

“Now, we need a couple minutes or so of you with a partner.  Normally we’d use one of our own guys because they know what to do, but Rick, you can do it, Honey.  I know you can.  Go sit on the couch.  We’ll do a BJ first.  Rick, Honey, you need to be naked too.  Deirdre, do I need to explain what I need you to do?”

Deirdre laughed.

“Not hardly.  I was blowing guys when I was nineteen.”

“Well…OK then.  Deirdre, as soon as you get him up we’ll start filming again.”

Bethany waited until Rick’s cock was standing tall, and then said “Action”.

I started filming and decided Deirdre had a right to be so confident.  She had Rick groaning and trying to fuck her mouth in less than a minute according to the clock in the viewfinder.  Bethany kept directing so there wouldn’t be any doubt about the condition of Deirdre’s neck.

“Bob your head up and down, girl.  Sammy’ll want to see you acting like you really like sucking dick.”

Deidre looked like a woodpecker on a hollow tree.  Rick was just sitting there with a smile on his face and a far-away look in his eyes.

“OK”, said Bethany, “now we need you two doin’ the dirty.  Sammy likes his girls to ride, so Deirdre, you straddle Rick, and Rick, you need to be slamming up when Deirdre comes down.  OK, Deirdre, reach back and guide him in…that’s good…now ease on down…Oh, Sammy is gonna love you…OK, now ride that dick like you mean it, and Rick, Honey, don’t forget your part.”

Deirdre rode his cock and put in a lot of moans and groans I suppose she thought would give her a better chance at porn stardom.  She even threw her head back and rolled it from side to side, and gave us a few shrieks of fake pleasure.  Rick’ groans were real, and I couldn’t blame him.  Every time Deirdre lowered herself over his cock, she rocked her hips and that had to be really pushing his cock deep.  After another minute of watching Deirdre’s ass shake when Rick slammed his cock into her, Bethany said “Cut”.

I told Deirdre she’d be hearing from us in a couple of weeks, but that I thought she had real promise as an actress.  Bethany told Rick that even though he hadn’t really been part of the audition, she’d be sure to tell Sammy about him because she though he had a gorgeous cock that our female watchers would love.  After a couple of good-bye’s we were out the door.

Bethany kept her cover until I steered the car around the corner.  Then she burst out laughing.

“I haven’t had this much fun in my whole entire life.  They believed us, they really believed us. When I was putting on her makeup, I told her to watch out for you when she went to California, because you’d been trying to get in my panties for years and you always took the new girls to bed before you’d sign them for a movie.  She just giggled and said that wouldn’t be a problem. I honestly think she’d have done anything I asked tonight.”

“Yeah, well like you said, Deirdre couldn’t pass up the chance to be seen in her own movie.”

“Did we get enough proof?”

“More than enough to prove she’s faking it.”

I felt Bethany’s hand stroking my thigh.

“I won’t be faking it tonight, Jerry.  I won’t need to.”

Well, at least Bethany waited until we got upstairs before she threw herself all over me.  I wouldn’t have minded if she hadn’t waited, except it’s damned hard to steer with a soft, wet mouth sucking your cock.  She didn’t do anything more until I’d locked the door.  Then she put her arms around my neck and did her best to mold her body to mine.

“Jerry, watching them tonight got me all hot and bothered again.  I want to do what we had them do.  Let’s take off our clothes and you go sit on the couch.  I’ll be right behind you.”

About a minute later I was sitting naked on the couch in my office with my half-hard cock twitching on my thigh.  It was twitching because I was looking into Bethany’s eyes as she bent over and let her big breasts wobble.  I reached for them, but she slapped my hands.

“Uh-uh…not yet Jerry.  You can’t touch me yet.”

Bethany turned around then, and I was staring at her the long, slender pussy lips that peeked out from between her hot ass and thighs.  She rocked her hips a little and then pushed her ass back at me.  I swear her lips opened a little all by themselves.  They looked wet too.

By the time she straightened back up and turned around again, my cock was about three-quarter mast and going up.  Bethany did the same rolling action that Deirdre had.  She wasn’t quite as snakey looking, but she didn’t have to be.  By that time, I was ready to grab her swaying ass and fuck her right then and there.

Bethany turned back around and knelt by my legs.  

“Now you hold still, just like Rick did.”

Well, I tried, I really did, but Bethany’s mouth was just too much to let me do that.  She sucked, swirled and stuck the tip of her tongue in my slit, then sucked and swirled her little tongue some more.  By the time she cupped my balls and rolled them in her hand, I was trying to get more of my cock in her mouth.  She giggled, “uh-uh”, around my throbbing cock head and wrapped her hand around my shaft to keep it where she wanted it.

I started lurching up anyway.  Bethany giggled around my cock head again,  and let it slide in half-inch more.  Then she rasped her tongue along the underside.  I groaned and pushed up again.  She sucked in hard and slowly pulled her mouth up and off my cock, pausing to lick the underside again before she let the head slide out.  She giggled again.

“Wanna let me make you cum?”

“It’s only gonna take a couple more licks.”

Bethany gave me a wicked look.

“I’ve been reading again.  I can keep you like this all night if I want.”

“You really want me to go nuts don’t you?”

“No, I want to fuck you like Deirdre fucked Rick.  Lay back, Jerry, and enjoy.”

Bethany straddled my cock, reached behind her and guided it to her entrance, then eased slowly down until she was sitting on my thighs.  She started riding, up and down and making that same little hip thrust every time her ass settled down on my legs.  Her nipples were long and stiff and bobbing around in front of my face.  After three tries, I caught the left one in my teeth.  Bethany pulled it out on her next up-stroke and shuddered.

“Oh God, do that again.”

Bethany’s other nipple was just as stiff and rubbery, and it only took me two tries to catch it. I sucked it in hard and held on the next time she raised up.  Her big breast stretched out against the pull.  Bethany didn’t make it all the way up that time.  She slammed her pussy down over my cock and her hips started to shake a little.  I sucked in a little harder and she ground her pussy lips into the base of my cock and moaned.

“Oh, Damn…I wanted this to last…”

I licked the dimple in the tip of her nipple, then squeezed it tight with my teeth.  Bethany jerked her ass down and forward, then raised up and slammed back down again.

“I’m gonna cum, Jerry.”

Well, she did just that, right after she pumped herself up and down on my cock for another minute or so.  By the time she mashed her breasts into my face and started rocking her hips over my cock so fast I couldn’t keep up, I was done for too.  I lifted us both up off the couch when the first wave hit me.  

Bethany shuddered, then cried out and I felt her tight pussy clasping my cock.  She was shaking so hard and moaning so loud, I couldn’t tell how many times she came.  I know it was more than once, because she settled down a little after the last surge of cum flew through my cock, but started all over when I kept stroking.   She finally collapsed on my thighs and tucked her face between my neck and shoulder.

We were sitting like that, my cock still feeling the movements her pussy was making when I notice the video camera was pointed at the couch and the record light was lit.

“Bethany…why is the camera running?”

She giggled.  I just wanted something for the nights when I’m not here.  I’m gonna trick you into signing my release next.”

“I don’t think you’ll need a release.”

“Damn…I really wanted to trick you.”

Well, I let her trick me anyway, not that I minded being tricked all that much.  It took her a while to suck the life back into my cock, but once she did she turned around and backed over my cock.  I got to watch her sexy ass as she pumped away and the way my cock stretched out her pussy lips.  She came just as hard that time, all rolling hips and panting and then shuddering as the spasms racked her body.  I pumped her hard and fast right at the end, and had to groan when my cock throbbed through three spurts.  

The next morning was somewhat of a repeat, though we took it slow to make it last longer.  After a quick shower where Bethany washed my cock about a hundred times, we grabbed some eggs and sausage, and then burned a couple of DVD’s of Deirdre’s audition.  Yes, we burned two of Bethany’s movie too.  She giggled when she put one in her purse.  

“I wish I could show this to my daughter.  The other day, she told me she was going to keep having sex even after she was as old as I am.  Little does she know…but I think it’s better if I keep it that way.”

Sam Miller, the lawyer for the insurance company watched the DVD, and smiled at Deirdre’s bending over and dancing.  He grinned really big at her blowjob, but got really quiet when she started riding Rick.  After I shut off the player, he asked about releases, and I gave him all three.  Sam smiled again.

“This will be great.  I hate to do it to Harry, her lawyer, because he’s a good guy, but I’ll buy him a drink or two after he drops the suit.  We’ll still be friends.”

Sam wrote me a check and Bethany and I went back to my office.  Bethany changed into the red skirt and flowered blouse she’d told Thelma she’d be wearing.  I didn’t have to change.  Jeans and a plaid shirt are what I wear every day.

About twelve thirty, we drove to the Wild Horse, found a table, and ordered lunch.  We were still eating when I recognized Thelma from her picture.  She walked up to Bethany and held out her hand.

“You must be Bethany.”

“And you’re Thelma.”

Thelma looked at me for a minute then looked at Bethany and nodded in my direction and grinned.

“That the horse’s ass Mary told me about.”

“Yeah.  Thelma, meet Jerry.”

Thelma grinned again.

“Hi Jerry.  I don’t really think you’re an ass.  Mary was just looking out for me and thought you were pushing too hard.  Oh, since I met your man, you need to meet the reason I’ve been gone.”

She motioned to a man about her age standing a few feet away.  He walked over and put his arm around her shoulders.

“Bethany and Jerry, this is Bill, and this is what I’ve been doing.”

Thelma held up her left hand and the large diamond glittered in the lights from the dance floor.

Bethany laughed.

“That’s what this was all about?  You ran off to get married?”

“Well, yes, but you don’t know Janet very well, and she doesn’t know me as well as she thinks she does.  Back in the sixties, I was part of a commune over in east Tennessee.  That’s where I met her daddy.  Bill lived there too, along with Mary and a few others.  We raised all our food and bartered for what we couldn’t raise.  In between, we went skinny dipping in the creek and”, Thelma grinned.  “well, let’s just say we had a lot of fun together.

“When the commune broke up, I went with Janet’s daddy and Bill here went with Judy.  About a year after I lost my Jack, I started looking on the Internet for some of the people I’d lived with.  I found Bill, and learned he and Judy had spit up.  We met again, about a year ago, at a resort outside of Atlanta.  We’ve been meeting there every other weekend since then, and yesterday, we got married there.”

Bethany asked why she didn’t want her daughter to know.

“I’m sure she’d have wanted to come to the wedding.”

“Maybe our wedding pictures would help you understand.”

They were your common, garden variety wedding shots, the bride and groom exchanging vows, pictures of the wedding party and the reception, and a final shot of the bride and groom being showered with rice.  Thelma looked beautiful and really sexy in her veil and garter, big smile and nothing else.  Bill was OK, I guess, in his bow tie, but I’ve never been much into looking at naked guys.  The whole wedding party was naked too.  

Thelma laughed when I turned to look at her.

“Jerry, close your mouth or you’ll swallow a bug.  See, you don’t know Janet very well.  I raised an old fuddy-duddy.  The resort is a naturalist resort. I don’t think Janet would have understood.  I don’t think she even lets her husband see her without clothes.”

I was remembering the picture of Thelma in shorts and a tank top, and mentally comparing them with her wedding shots.  I could see why Bill had a smile on his face.

Thelma grinned again.

“Ever been naked with a whole bunch of friends?  It’s really fun.  Call me when you have a weekend free and Bill and I will take you two to Atlanta with us.”

We left Thelma and Bill at the Wild Horse.  I’d promised to call Janet, tell her her mother was fine and that she’d call her the next day to explain.  It would have been fun listening to that conversation.  I don’t know what I’d think if I learned my mother was running around naked with a bunch of other naked people, walking in the woods, and playing volleyball and bingo.  I figured Janet was going to have to chew on that news for a while.

As we drove back to my office, Bethany was chewing too…well, more like nibbling, on my earlobe, so I stopped thinking about Thelma and Janet for a while.

“Bethany, it’s not even dinner time yet.”

“I know.  I have to go back home tonight, and I want something to remember until next time.”

“You have the DVD, don’t you?”

“That’s for nighttime when I get out my vibe.  This is now, and I want your cock.”

I grinned.

“I don’t know.  It’s the only cock I have.  What would you be doing with it?”

Bethany ran her fingernail down my chest.

“Well…I thought I might give him a kiss, so he knows how much I like him.”

“Yeah?  And then what?”

“Well…I’ll lick him and suck him until he’s all nice and hard, and then feed him to my kitty.”

“You think you kitty would like that?”

Bethany stroked my cock through the front of my jeans and stuck her little pink tongue in my ear.

“Mmm.  She’s gonna love it…she’s gonna love it several times.”

Well, by the time Bethany drove away I was feeling really great, even if it was somewhat of a problem standing up by myself.  She’s one of a kind, and I’m kind of glad about that.  If I knew two of her…

No, I don’t even want to think about there being two of her.  One is enough to leave my cock withered down to nothing for a day after she leaves.  Bethany’s coming back next weekend.  Maybe I’ll go down and ask Minnie if she has any Chinese herbs to help me out.  Herbie says when he needs a little pick me up, Minnie gives him some horny goat weed or something called “dong chong”.  If Bethany is her normal, horny self, I’m gonna need a lot of chong in my dong.