Katy and Lucas

She was leaving the office after a long day of signing papers and filing even more. Her hands hurt from typing on the keyboard and all she had on her mind was a hot steaming bath. Walking into the elevator she felt relief as the elevator doors came to a close, dropping down into the office parking lot she thought it would be a straight shot down. She was there much later than the rest, except now the elevator stopped. The doors swung open and Katy thought it was a dream come true. Lucas. His tall figure emerged into the elevator and his brown eyes gave her a look up and down. They’d been arriving to work at the same time for the last two weeks, always riding the awkward way up the elevator. She wasn’t the smallest girl in the office, she felt like she was nowhere near the prettiest, but suddenly she felt his hand brush up against hers. Katy had thought that his looks were merely her over-thinking things. That there was no possible way he would be interested in a girl like her. He was far too attractive, he could have any girl in the office. Yet something inside her made her feel like she had a chance. Just a small touch had sent a flaming heat through her body, a sudden hunger for more. She brushed his hands slightly as the elevator came to a stop at the lower floor. Thinking that was all she would get from him, she let out a deep breath and gave up. Just as she was about to exit he reaches out and grabs her hand. Lust consumed her and Lucas pulled her towards him. Turning to see his face his eyes were wild in temptation. He brought his hands around her face and found his lips with hers. Katy felt her body melt into submission and she fell into his warm embrace. She could feel his hands around her face begin finding their way to her shoulders, and then to the buttons of her cashmere blouse. One by one she felt her breasts feel the open breeze around them. Still in the bottom floor elevator she decided to throw out her nerves, and finally fall into the urges she’d only been dreaming of in her bathtub. She pulled Lucas’s tie with her to the corner of the elevator. Her blouse already off revealing her silk lose bra, she lifted herself onto the small railings of the elevator. Lucas was there to keep her steady, bringing his pelvis directly in-between her legs. He gripped her tight skirt and shoved it up her legs, giving her freedom to open herself up to him. He put his lips to her neck, Katy was immersed in good feeling and the mind-numbing sensations of having a man ready to please her. Katy gave him an easy start and slipped her hand behind her back, releasing the girls to give him a view. His face lit up and his fingers found her nipples, his hands were large and covered her rather large breasts easily. He rubbed them and brought her nipples to his mouth. He sucked lightly and carefully, until they were beaded and hard. Katy let out a sigh and reached for his buckle. With his eyes and mouth still drowning in her breasts he helped her bring himself to her. His cock was hard and ready, he slipped his fingers to her panties and felt the wetness she’d prepared. Lucas bit his lip and grinned at her as he shoved the panties to the side, revealing her slit for him to slip into. Feeling the tip find her opening she was already sighing in delight, he caressed her lightly and held her legs apart while he pressed himself into her. Pure bliss was all Katy could think of, her head flew back in a pant as she felt every inch of him surge into her. He stroked himself in and out, as he looked at her with the dark brown eyes. His lips were slightly parted and his eyes would wince as pleasure coursed over him. Katy could feel her senses escalate with eat pump and pull he gave her. The slight whimpers turned into moans as she pulled at his arms to keep him from stopping.

“Faster.” She moaned at him.

“Harder.” She bit her lip as the heat rose on her cheeks

Lucas obeyed to every command she gave him, submerging himself into her crevice she grasped tighter at him as her body fell into ecstasy. He pulsed in and out of her and the temperature was rising around them, her moans turned into a scream as her core shook and shivered the blissful awakening she’d been waiting for. It arched her back and tensed her muscles while he continued to stroke in and out. Pursing her lips together she tried to keep herself quite while still feeding off of his movements. Falling back into the corner of the elevator she saw he was close to finishing. Pulling him out of her she fell to the floor and brought his shaft into her mouth. He grabbed at her hair and leaned a hand against the wall to keep himself steady. Sucking slow and hard she added extra sensations as she gripped him with her hand. It was over in an instant, his body collapsed as he gritted his teeth above her. She felt him pool into her as she made one final suck. As she began to rise he gripped her breasts again kissed her neck.

Walking back to her car, she had never felt so good leaving work. The office was stuffy, the co-workers were anything but friendly, she spent more time there than she did at home. However, she would go through all that for the rest of her days, if it meant that once in a while she would get hot and steamy with Lucas.