The Taboo Family Files Chapter 2

"Son of a bitch, is it cheating to just peek? I mean, Sherry doesn't mind if I watch porn, so could this be that harmful?" I pondered, pacing back and forth in my room.

I brought my hands to my forehead. "I'm sweating bullets."

Then I halted. "Oh, she turned the water off," I moaned through my teeth.

I clenched my fists and my entire body began vibrating. "What should I do?" I asked myself repeatedly.

"Oh, fuck it," I said before I opened my door and quietly made my way out.

With my heart pounding in my ears, I tip toed as quickly as I could into her room.

I failed to look back. "I'll get a good look from the closet," I whispered heading to it.

I opened the door and walked in. 'Crap, the bathroom door creak,' I thought, sneaking into the closet.

I shut the door while as I bit down on my bottom lip very hardly. 'Fuck, that was close,' I thought, trying to silence my breaths.

I looked out the small rectangular holes in the closet door for a moment. 'Where the hell is she? I heard the door creak open, I thought she'd come right into her room.'

I stood there for a couple more minutes, but I heard nothing.

I scratched my head. "Maybe I should go," I whispered before I grabbed the door.

"Damn, she loves to talk," I heard her mention.

I felt like my heart just stopped and my hands backed off. "Oh, there she is. I can see a wet Quinn, but with a purple robe covering her. Come on, Quinn, let your horny step son see what's under it," I muttered before my right hand dropped down to my crotch. "I have a hard-on just for you."

My eyes were stuck on her as she stopped right in front of her five foot tall mirror. 'Oh, are you striking some poses, Quinn? You definitely have a great body, considering the skin I've seen. You have given me the pleasure of seeing you in a bikini a few times before, so I know you can put most models to shame. Fuck those chicks in Maxim, you should be the one on the cover and on every single page too,' I thought before I undid my shorts and my right hand slithered into my boxers.

Even with the robe still covering most of her body, I stroked my rod and felt several drops of sweat flowing down my forehead.

'Holy shit, the robe is coming off now,' I thought as she disrobed. "Motherfucker, she is naked now," I cried softly.

I immediately brought my eyes to her bosoms and my hand went even faster. She rubbed her hooters from the outer sides of them and went inward several times. My entire body shook around and my mouth opened up widely.

"I have wonder if that fucker is cheating. If he gets full access to this body and yet, he neglects me, he has to be fooling around. It's always drinking with friends or some business bullshit. Then the times he is actually here, he never wants to have sex. Good thing we never decided to have our own baby. If he's already this uninterested in being with me now, then there is no way I'm gonna let him put a bun in my oven. No 'Hank' semen allowed," she chuckled.

"If I was married to you, I'd want to fuck you every single day until the end of days, Quinn. I don't know what my dad is always doing, but he is in fact a moron if he's neglecting you," I whispered before I rubbed my forehead. "Fuck me, she is turning towards me now. Yes, she has a sexy landing strip too," I cried, cheesing.

After another moment, I covered my mouth. "Shit," I moaned, before my seed came firing out.

I squeezed my cock and managed to minimize my cum, but I still twitched around.

My elbow hit the metal door. "Shit," I whimpered.

"What was that?" she questioned, peeking my way. "Is someone in the closet?"

'Fuck,' I thought before I urgently put my cock away. "Damn, she is coming over here."

"Hank, is that you?"

I said nothing, bit my bottom lip and clenched both of my fists.

Suddenly, she opened the door in a single lazy movement. "Ted? What the hell are you doing in there?" she inquired, covering her nipples and pussy with her hands.

"I'm sorry, Quinn, I'll go now," I sobbed, coming out of there.

I peeked at her for a quick second. 'Crap, she is pissed,' I thought, bringing my hands up. "Please don't tell my dad," I pleaded, before I turned around and ambled to her door.

"Hold it."

I stopped dead in my tracks as I had my hand on the knob. Nothing was said, but my heart sounded like my stereo was blaring in my ears.

"You were obviously in my closet for a reason as you knew we were the only ones in the house, Ted."

I stayed silent again and my entire body jiggled.

"Would you just turn around?"

I leaned my head back. "Why?"

"Well, if you don't, I'll bust your ass, that's why."

My lips ventured into my mouth and I nonchalantly turned to her. 'She isn't covering herself, she just has her hands on her hips. I don't know if that's a good or bad sign.'

After a ten second starring session, she smirked. "So, do you like what you see, Ted?" she asked, lowering her head.

My widened as far as they as could and I nodded.

"Well," she spoke, strolling towards me. "That was a stupid question considering what you are packing in your shorts," she pointed out, admiring my hard on.

She stopped only a foot in front of me. "Dare I ask: were you just masturbating to me in my closet?" she asked, glancing back at my face.

I stayed silent and frozen for about thirty seconds.

"Yes," I cried, shaking around.

"Oh, you did, you naughty young man," she moaned, bringing her hands to my arms. "There is no need to sob, I'm not mad. Although, it's quite taboo to even think of your step mom like that. On the other hand, you took it to a whole new level: you actually hid in my closet and jacked off to my naked body," she mentioned, squeezing my muscles. "Oh, you are jiggling nonstop now, Ted. I wonder what Sherry would say about all this."

I didn't reply and closed my eyes.

A few seconds later, I felt her hands let go of my arms and then land on my crotch. "Oh, do you have that giant boner because of me?"

"Yes, Quinn."

She rubbed it lazily for a moment as I just kept my eyes closed. 'What the hell?'

"Why are you doing this to me? You obviously know I have a thing for you, why won't you just let me go now?"

"Well, open those eyes."

"And you'll release me, go and not tell anyone about this?"


I waited a few seconds before I opened and saw her naked goodness again. "Holy shit, you are dazzling, Quinn. I'm gonna go," I informed her before I began to turn around.

"Well, hold on," he mentioned, grabbing my arm.

"What, Quinn?"

"You've seen me, so may I see your cock?"

"What? No, you can't see it," I objected backing away. "As you pointed out, Sherry probably wouldn't like this, so I'm just gonna go. Remember, you said I could go," I told her before I turned around.

"I lied, so If you leave, then you are screwed. Your girlfriend and dad will find out about this in less than a minute. Just let me see your dick. I'm not asking for a lot."

I brought my hands to my face. 'Why didn't I just lie down and masturbate thinking about her?'

I heard the floor creak and then she grabbed my arms.

She yanked down my hands. "Does Sherry know that you have a thing for your step mom?"

"No, she does not," I groaned through my teeth and failing to make eye contact.

Her palms slithered down to my crotch. "Do you I have your permission to undo your shorts now?"

"It's not like you are giving me a choice."

Then she came right to me and kissed me on the lips. "It's your call."

"Fine, Quinn."

She peeked down. "Oh, you aren't going limp on me, are you?" she pondered, rubbing it through my shorts.

"Oh, Ted, you are shaking, sweating up a storm and attacking me with your breath too. Are you just scared or nervous something might actually happen between us?"

"Both, I guess."

Then she undid my shorts and pushed them down a bit.

"I don't want to look, but I think your rod just flung out of your boxers. Am I right?"

"Yes, you bitch," I moaned through my teeth.

"Hey!" she snapped before her grabbed onto my dick. "Look at me."

Our eyes met.

"That's no way to talk to me," she informed me, bringing her face within only a couple inches of mine.

"Show your sexy step mom some respect."

Her left hand tickled my balls a bit while the other stroked my pecker. My lips went into my mouth and I leaned my head back a little bit.

'Oh, this is wrong, but do I stop her?'

After emotionally conflicting moment, her head leaned onto my right shoulder. "Do you like what I'm doing, Ted? Do you like my soft hands?"

"Yes and yes," I moaned, jiggling around.

She lifted her head up. "Look at me, buster."

I slanted my neck back and looked right into her eyes.

"Tell me you love me, Ted. I want my step son to tell me he loves me as I make him cum right onto my naked body."

"I love you, Quinn," I muttered, vibrating even more.

"I know, now kiss me."


"Why not, don't you want to kiss me? Wouldn't you like to see where it leads?"

My arms came up and I clenched my fists.

Then they came down and brought my palms to her face. "Fuck it," I groaned before I kissed her.

It lasted for five seconds before I parted lips. "There, happy?" I inquired, taking my palms off her face.

"No, tell me this: have you masturbated thinking about me before?"

I bit my lip and peeked away for a few seconds. "Yes."

"What do you have me do, Ted? Please, spare no details. I'm just a horny, but curious MILF."

I found myself sweating away and tapping my feet down on the floor repeatedly too.

"Shit, Quinn," I wailed, bringing my hands to my face.

She had my schlong aimed up towards her rack. "Give me some cum, Ted."

I fulfilled her request and delivered four good shots of my seed to her smoking hot body. I twitched and bit my bottom lip after each one, but she kept me contained.

I let out a very deep breath and glanced back at her. "Holy shit, Quinn," I let out, breathing heavily and peeking at her.

"I don't want to let go of your pecker, so will you rub it in for me?"

"No, that's disgusting."

"Hey, its on my bare boobs and stomach, I think you can rub a little in for me, dude."

I noticed a little splash right above her right nipple. I brought my fingers to it and rubbed it in for her, as her hands never abandoned my rod.

"That's sweet of you, Ted," she praised me in a slow tone. "If you wanted me, you could have told me. You didn't have to hide in my closet and spy on me, voyeur. A brunette MILF is meant to be enjoyed by everyone, don't you agree? Especially when she has a horny step son?"

I bit my bottom lip, brought my hands up and my own body vibrated. "Are you just fucking with me, Quinn?!"

"No, of course not," she whinnied, slanting her head down. "I love you, Ted."

I sighed. "I'm sorry for yelling."

She brought her head back up. "I could have just pushed you right out, but I got your cock out and gave you a hand job. I'd never fuck with you like that, Ted. Believe it or not, you mean a lot to me."

Then we had another awkward pause as I caught my breath.

"You never did answer my question, what do you have me do when you masturbate thinking about me?" she questioned, continuing to rub my wood.

I took a deep breath and stayed silent for a few more seconds. "I like to think about you riding me and with your hooters bouncing around."

"Oh, that's sexy, Ted," she mentioned, leaning towards me.

She held the position for a moment. "This is the part where you kiss me."

I instantly pressed my lips onto hers, placed my hands onto her butt and made out with her for a couple minutes. 'I didn't know whether to be turned on or terrified. This bitch is crazy, but sexy crazy, I guess.'

Her lips parted from mine. "You know, I have two giant boobs you could feel too."

"And no one will find out about this?"

"Unless you want someone to find out, you horn dog," she informed me, placing her hands at the bottom of my shirt. "I can keep a secret."

She yanked it off me and brought me to her queen sized bed.

"Have fun," she suggested before she pushed me onto it.

She yanked off my shorts and boxers and got right onto the bed right over me. "Have you ever fucked a MILF?" she pondered, reaching for my rod.


She seized it and guided it to her entrance. "Well, enjoy the ride," she advised me, prior to letting it slide right into her slit.

The entire top half of my body jumped up and zoomed right back down. "Fuck, your pussy feels so damn good on my manhood, Quinn," I murmured, shaking around nonstop.

She just stayed still and laughed a little bit for a couple minutes.

Eventually, she snatched my hands and tugged me right up with her. "Calm down," she recommended, putting her palms on my shoulders. "You are having sex with your step mom, so you want to remember this, right?"


She kissed me. "It might be better," she mentioned, snatching my hands. "If you feel these," she told me, setting my palms onto her knockers. "They are D-cups by the way."

"I know," I muttered, glaring at them.

My feet began wagging around and my hands rubbed onto her melons in small, but fast strokes.

"So, do you like them?"

"Yes, I do, Quinn."

"Shoot your load inside me if you want, I don't mind."

"Are you on the pill?"

"No," she answered, covering my hands with hers. "Does that bother you?"

My lips slithered into my mouth and I shook my head no.

"Good," she said, caressing my hands. "So when you have to shoot, let it blast like a cannon."

I seemed to be in a dreamlike state, but I could still make out her dancing around. She did have her boobs bounce around a little bit and my palms followed them the entire time. My cock felt to be on fire, but I resisted the urge to cum.

After another minute, she pushed me down. "Now, I'm gonna ride you, as per your fantasy, Ted," she informed me with her hands crawling onto my stomach.

She began bouncing a little bit, letting her cherry thrust onto my rod in the process. I managed to keep my hands down as she gave me the ride of my life. Our eye contact failed to break for minutes after that.

"You have a nice cock, Ted, one I wouldn't mind having inside me again. So, don't keep your fantasies to yourself, it's a little selfish, don't you think? Maybe I want to fulfill them for you, sense you've been such a good step son."

A few tears were released onto my face. "Shit, I'm cumming, Quinn," I cried, closing my eyes.

"Let it slither around deep inside me, Ted. Do it for me."

As hard as I tried not to shoot, it was just a waiting game. My cock shot the sweet baby juice right up into her twat without missing a beat. With each shot, I felt to be hotter on the outside, but colder on the inside. It lasted for about a minute before I was completely done.

"Oh, I liked that, Ted," she mentioned, getting up onto her feet.

She stood right above me and spread out her pussy lips. "Oh, there is that special stuff guys have," she said with my seed plummeting out.

It landed next to me, and then a minute later, she came down with me.

She placed her head onto my right shoulder and wrapped her right hand around my schlong. "I know you didn't last long, but was it as great as you fantasized it would be?"

"Yes, thank you, Quinn."

"If you really wanted to thank me, you'd at least wrap your arms around me or tell me you loved me."

"I love you, step mom," I let her know, enveloping my arms around her.

I held her for about ten minutes in silence. 'Well, this was cheating, but I just know it was worth it. You don't get to fuck your enticing step mom everyday.'

Then she got up and brought me up with her. "You better go, you never know when your step sister or your dad may just walk through the front door," she advised me before she got off the bed.

I leaped off the bed with her and kissed her. "Are we actually gonna have sex again?"

"Are you okay with cheating on Sherry? I mean, you two have been together for two years now, right?"

"I guess so, but I did get to fuck my ravishing step mom."

"Good answer," she praised me, placing her hands onto my butt. "Maybe next time, we can just skip the awkward part and just fuck each other. You could just tell me you want to have sex. There is no need to hide in my closet to see me naked, you silly young man," she informed me, prior to smooching my forehead.

"Okay, Quinn," I said, grabbing my clothes.

I kissed her one more time and made my way to the door as she kept her eyes on me.

"See you later, big man," she mentioned as I got dressed.

"Already then, hot step mom," I answered, opening the door. "Nice fucking you."

"The feeling is mutual," she replied, grinning and putting her right hand onto her slit.

I walked out and shut the shut the door with my hard-on in tact. "Motherfucker, I just fucked my hot step mom."