Greg and Jen

She looked at his photo again, it wasn’t a clear picture but she hoped it was really him. It is always a risk on these types of dates. His black hair, his five o’clock shadow, and the way he dressed to impress in his pictures. Jen rolled her eyes at the thought of what her friends will say tonight. It was her first date from the matchmaking site and she prayed it would eventually not turn into a C.S.I crime scene episode. Looking for the jet-black hair and eyes like a blue ocean. She scanned the room. It was a crowd of people, who would have thought that a Friday afternoon would be a busy day for the library. It was my fault. Jen thought. Greg was such a charmer, he loved books and Jen pretended she did too. If she would have known this was his suggestion she might have held her horny tongue. That as all online dates were for anyways, just a quick jump in the sack. At least that was what she wanted. Scanning the doorway, she saw him. She bit at her lip to hide the nerves, and went towards him. Tapping him on the shoulder he turned around, to reveal the blue eyes that made her body tremble.

“I’m Jen.” She said shaking his hand.

“You are beautiful. Have you been here before?” He told her.

“No. When you mentioned it I figured I mind as well try, what do you do for fun here?” She looked at him with her eyebrows furrowed.

“I have something in mind. I don’t know if you’ll be up for it.”

That was when his eyes lit with fire, he sent her a mischievous grin and took her by the hand. She gladly accepted and they walked through the crowds of people. Slowly but surely the people began to scatter, where they were going in the depths of the bookshelves she could feel the heat rise in her face from anticipation. Medieval poetry section? Jen thought and saw it was nothing but a dark empty room with old book bindings and pages scattered. Suddenly he turned around. His eyes were still hot with flame and he looked at her.

“Won’t we get caught?” Jen said, then realized there was no possible way someone would come back here. It started making her curious.

“Now, I am only offering. We don’t hav-” His attempt to be polite was quickly shut down by Jens hands all over him.

She helped him undo his pants while he frantically began undressing her. They were laughing and shushing each other until they found they were close to naked. She got to her knees and held his rising shaft in her hand. Stroking it, she wraps her lips around it and hears the deep sighs instantly. He props himself against a bookshelf and Jen wets him with her mouth. It seemed like her date was supportive of equality because he laid himself on the ground and pulled her legs to him. She straddled his head with her legs and kept her mouth carefully tending to his hard package. The minute his fingers stroked her inner lips a shiver of excitement went through her. He spread his fingers around, warming her up to his touch. With his tongue he massaged her center, she tensed at the small moments when he would find her secret place. She continued to focus on his pleasure, wetting him down as she raised and lowered her head.

“I need you. Come here.” He begged.

She swung herself around until her legs straddled his waist. His member pressing into her mound as they looked into each other’s eyes. He gazed at her deeply and he licked his lips with hope. She grabbed his length and held her breath as she lowered herself onto him. A subtle moan slipped her lips, while her wetness covered him. He put his hands on her hips and carefully helped her rise up and down on him. It had been a long time since she’d had the pleasures of a man between her legs, too long in fact. Her body started rising almost immediately. A shudder went through her, it started at the bottom of her stomach. Continuing to pulse into him, he could see her face flush with red fiery heat. His hand slipped down to the top of her folds, a place where he knew she would welcome him. Putting her arms onto either side of the book shelves she used them as balancers to help her stay steady. His fingers slipped around her clit, arousing her further and further. A soft whimper escaped her and she closed her eyes to embrace the feeling. A small orb of bliss earthed in her stomach. Jen could feel her clit calling for it eagerly, each press and pound built-up something inside her. He lifted himself off the ground and found her nipple with his teeth. It sent her over the edge. The orb of bliss inside her exploded throughout her body as he plunged his shaft deeper into her. Her fingers clenched around the books shelves, tightening her grip to no end. Arching her back she opened her breasts to his mouth and felt the ricochet of climax recoil inside her. Gasping for her breath as reality returned to her she found her date had the same idea. They were completely in sync and finished together. It was a date she would surely never forget.

Dressing herself she straightened her hair and he kissed her goodbye. She didn’t want to raise the suspicion of their hot moment, so she told him she’d leave first. Walking out from the back of the library she felt full of wile and grace. Her body was relieved of the build-up pleasure just waiting to be released. She smiled as she passed the avid book readers, who did not know what she’d just done. Almost reaching the door she took another long sigh and felt a tap on her shoulder. With a quick turn, around to see him she almost gasped at the sight.

“I thought you stood me up!” He stuck his hand out to shake hers.

“I’m Greg.” His white smile and ocean blue eyes looked at her eagerly.

A shock and chill coursed through her spine as the tiny hairs stood on her neck. Thinking back on her much too horny state moments ago, it would seem that the next time she found herself in this position. She would be sure to verify the name.