Work and pleasure part 6

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27 May. '17

Augustus didn’t know where to start. He clearly couldn’t defend himself at this point, keeping in mind the fact that he had his dick in someone else’s mouth as soon as he returned from fucking his girlfriend. He had to tell Cara the truth even if it led to an end to their relationship. Cara sat at the end of the couch looking both confused and horrified. She had no clue as to how to react to what had just happened. She was a bit hurt because Augustus had cheated on her and a bit fascinated by the type of relationship he was in with Bianca. She’s always had a hot spot for the dominant and submissive thing but never tried it with Augustus; now she thought she should have. “I know what I did was wrong but I just couldn’t control myself. Bianca exercised so much control over me and for some reason I liked that control. I was enraptured by her beauty the moment I met her and when she made the first move I couldn’t stop her.” said Augustus. As he continued explaining everything to Cara she couldn’t help but get turned on by everything he told her. It was a bit disturbing on her part. What came out of her mouth next surprised both her and Augustus, “I want to meet Bianca.” Augustus wasn’t looking for any further drama so he tried to talk her out of it but Cara was very adamant to meet Bianca. Feeling helpless, he got up and called Bianca. He told her everything as soon she picked up her phone and requested her to meet Cara. Bianca wasn’t sure as to why Cara wanted to meet her but she thought it was better to confront each other like adults rather than mess things up even further. Augustus and Cara arrived at Bianca’s place at the decided time. Her butler guided them in to the living area. In a few minutes as Bianca came down the stairs Cara realized what Augustus saw in this woman. She was a total sex goddess and Cara couldn’t help but gawk. As Bianca walked down the stairs she couldn’t help but notice the leggy brunette who was sitting on her couch, ogling at her. “This must be Cara” thought Bianca. She was indeed very pretty. The innocent face with the big doe eyes and an ample bosom; for a second Bianca forgot that Augustus was in the room too. However she quickly gained her composure and greeted both of them. “I am Bianca. I know this is a very complicated situation and I hope we’ll be able to talk this through.” said Bianca as she shook Cara’s hand. “Erm, yes I hope that too” Was everything that Cara could utter. Augustus was stuck in this extremely awkward situation and he wanted to get out of it as soon as possible due to which as soon as everyone settled down he decided to talk the matter through with both the girls but before he could start Bianca said that she would like to have a conversation with Cara alone. This got him a bit confused but since he had no other option he quietly made his way to the den. He could only imagine what havoc would be created once the two women started arguing. “I know you must be considering me a hoe right now and that you must be very hurt because Augustus cheated on you but it’s totally not his fault. He told me beforehand that he had a girlfriend but it was me who forced him into this relationship. You see I’m a very driven woman and I’m used to getting what I want. This sexual lifestyle of mine may seem a bit unusual to most of the people but that’s how I am” said Bianca. “I know what you’re trying to say” said Cara as she placed her hand on Bianca’s as a gesture of understanding, “you see I’ve always fantasized about the dominant and submissive thing but I always stopped myself from trying it with augustus with the fear that he might find it way too bizarre.” This piece of information took Bianca by surprise while the fact that she has shared some very personal stuff with Bianca made Cara cringe. Bianca leaned in towards Cara so that they were really close and said “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have interfered in your relationship for my own advantage.” Cara looked down at Bianca’s full lips and suppressed the sudden urge to kiss her. This had never happened with her before. She had absolutely no feelings for women until now. Bianca noticed Cara looking at her lips with an uncertain look. They both were so close she could actually feel Cara breathing. She indeed felt a bit drawn towards Cara since the beginning and hence she decided to not waste the moment and leaned in to kiss her. Cara was taken aback but she thought damn her mouth feels so good. Bianca pulled back and almost apologized but Cara pulled her neck for another kiss. She opened her mouth and let Cara’s tongue invade it. Her hands reached for Cara’s breasts and she started fondling them. A low moan escaped Cara’s mouth as Bianca pinched her nipple. Her kisses got hungrier as Bianca slowly lowered Cara on the couch while still squeezing her boob. In no time Bianca was on top of Cara while they both rubbed their cunts against each other. Cara was very wet and so was Bianca. “We should go to my bedroom” said Bianca in a hurry. Cara nodded her head in agreement and followed Bianca as she led her way to her bedroom. She couldn’t wipe the smirk from her face. As soon as they got to her bedroom Bianca tore of Cara’s shirt as fast as she could and unhooked her bra. She then cupped her breasts in her hand and squeezed them hard. Cara took off Bianca’s top and was further turned on by the corset she wore inside. She trailed kisses along her neck and on her collar bones and lowered the cup of her corset which pushed Bianca’s boob upwards. She kissed her boob and nibbled on her already hard nipple. They both got out of their jeans and next went their panties. Bianca pushed Cara towards the bed and spread her legs wide. She kissed her again dipping her tongue far inside Cara’s mouth and then trailed wet kisses along her body. She licked the outer lips of her shaved cunt which left Cara squirming. She licked her clit softly and then made her way for her cunt. Cara could feel Bianca’s tongue probing inside her cunt. She gave out a loud moan and grinded her hips along with Bianca’s tongue. She grabbed her own boob and squeezed them hard and pinched the nipples. Bianca thrusted her tongue in and out of Cara’s cunt and rubbed her clit with the pad of her thumb simultaneously. Cara was very close and she soon had a shattering orgasm. Bianca wiped her mouth and got down the bed to retrieve a vibrator from her bedside table. “It’s my turn now” said Cara as she grabbed the vibrator from Bianca’s hand. She got on top of Bianca and probed the tip of the vibrator around Bianca’s clit. The sensation made Bianca moan as she grabbed Cara’s boob. Then Cara rammed the vibrator inside her cunt which made her cry out loud. Cara kept on ramming the vibrator in and out Bianca’s cunt while she sucked her boob. Bianca screamed when she came. Meanwhile Augustus couldn’t help but wonder what was taking both of them so long. He was become more and more restless by every passing minute. “Enough is enough” thought Augustus as he made his way to the living room but was surprised to find no one there. Even the butler was not in sight so he made his way to Bianca’s bedroom just in case Cara had left without telling him and if Bianca was still in her room. Cara slowly made her way to Bianca’s asshole. She probed her finger inside the opening of her tight asshole. Bianca moaned in pain and pleasure. She tried to get her finger deeper inside her asshole but just as she was about to the door flung open and she saw Augustus standing at the door looking shell shocked.