Shanna paid the taxi guy and got down from the taxi, walking briskly with stiletto heels into the alley. The night was dark and heavy with silence, so heavy with silence she had to check again if she was moving to the right direction. Her GPS blinked green forward assuring her she was, but it didn’t help with the uneasiness she felt inside. What was waiting for her at her destination?

The alley was eerily quiet except for swishy sound her short leather skirt made as she walked, and the clamp clamp of her shoes against the hard concrete floor. She was a tall, slender but extremely busty girl in her late twenties, a ‘service girl’, who could be hired for so many purposes: sometimes she got hired for a twenty-four-hour hard fuck, sometimes she got hired by a rich sorry looking loser just to listen to him moan on about how sad his life was. This night though, she had absolutely no idea who was hiring her and for what.

Her GPS stopped moving at the back door of a really old looking building guarded by a huge black man in a leather jacket.

‘’Shanna?’’ was all he said to her. When she nodded in affirmation, he moved aside so she could go through the small door.

Inside was dimly lit, with cigarette smoke forming a hovering fog in the room. Metal music blasted from enormous speakers, although the room was empty. She saw a closed door ahead, tentatively walked toward it, pushed it open.

The room was excitingly eccentric. Padded from top to bottom with a soft red cushion, it looked like an erotic palace. On the left side of the room, a slightly elevated platform stood, sparkling with colorful lights, with a strip pole standing majestically in its center.

Shanna was so busy staring in wonder, she didn’t notice the two men sitting on a sofa, watching her, waiting for her. When she saw them, she had a sharp intake of air. The black one was huge and sturdy, his tight shirt exposing his chiseled abs than covering it. The other, a tall lean but muscular white guy, promised of slithery energy.

Before she could gather up her thoughts, white guy crumpled a piece of paper and threw it at her. It read two instructions:

Pole dance
Fuck us

‘’Fuck, if I was paid to do this, then I might as well enjoy it’’ she thought as she walked seductively to the left side of the room; the place where the colorful stage stood.

Seductively she removed her flimsy crop top and wriggled out of her short leather skirt leaving her completely naked. As liquid as a cat, she jumped up and latched unto the pole, slowly gliding down it. Just as her feet were about to touch the padded floor, she curled around the pole, crushing her breast against it as she uncurled herself. She glanced at her audience. She could see the desire in their eyes as she curled, uncurled and moved round the pole in liquid ease. Just as she was warming up to this, the black guy stood up and walked towards her, his pants bulging with his desire.

He carried her away from the stage with ease and threw her roughly on the sofa. She felt oddly aroused, as she had thought she wasn’t into that sort of thing. She gasped as he traced thick calloused fingers from her neck, down to the base of her tits and lingered there. Then, he cupped a full soft tit into his hands and crushed it roughly in circular motions as she let out series of soft moans.

Minutes later, he undid his pants exposing a huge, hard throbbing cock. Shanna gasped and knelt in front of him instinctively, taking his magnificent cock in her mouth. She slid her warm, welcoming mouth to and fro, sucking as she gained momentum at her own pace.

She glanced side-ways to see White guy furiously jerking himself as he watched her suck Black guy’s dick.

Shanna sucked even more intense as he rolled his head backwards, his eyes rolling involuntarily in pleasure. She moved fast, but he needed faster, so he held her in place and rammed furiously into her mouth, causing her to gag. He rammed on till he curled his toes and went into spasms as he shot hot cum in her mouth, making her choke. Like a vixen, she looked up at him as hot cum trickled down the corners of her mouth.

Like a panther, white guy strolled urgently towards her and shoved her roughly on her hands and knees. Kneeling behind her, he parted open her creamy ass, exposing her pink mound of pussy. He buried his face in there, lapping up her delicious juice like a thirsty dog. she moaned and twisted till she climaxed, squirting more juice that he lapped up.

Moments later, he straightened up to his knees and pierced his long pulsating cock into her tight, frothing pussy. She screamed in ecstasy as she kept the rhythm he had begun, her tits bouncing in accordance.

‘’Oh god…yes, yes!’’ she spoke for the first time since the session. Black guy had become hard again, he knelt in front of her and watched as she jerked him off a little before taking him into her mouth again.

Shanna had never felt this way in all her years as a ‘service girl.’ As the lithe white guy fucked her from behind and the firm black man fucked her in the mouth, a severely erotic tug-of-war motion was established, and as they moved together, moaning and grinding, they felt like three bodies, one soul, until they all quickened their pace in unison furiously till they reached climax together, collapsing on the red padded floor, fluid mixed, panting and smiling.

As she put on her leather skirt and crop-top and walked out of the room into the room still clouded in smoke, White guy called after her, and for the first throughout the session, spoke: ‘’you’ll hear from us again. soon.’’

She turned back with a devilish smile on her lips as she opened the door and stepped into the cold night.

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