The Taboo Family Files Chapter 4

I walked right into the living room. "Okay, there is something wrong with this picture," I pointed out, peeking at both of them.

"What are you talking about, Dad?"

I stopped right in the middle of the room in between the two couches. "Ted, I know you are seeing Nadine here," I made clear, pointing at her. "You two are a couple, but yet, I see you on one couch and her on the other. A couple sits together, cuddles, and performs the act known as PDA. I can see why you left Sherry to be with her, Ted, Nadine is really pretty. Are you two just trying to hide your relationship until you are ready to come out to your parents?"

"Sure, Hank, that's what we're doing," she mentioned, getting up. "Thank you for the compliment, but I'm gonna go to my room now," she informed me, prior to zooming right by me.

I scratched my head and glanced at him. "What, are you in the doghouse already, man? I saw her walking out of your room last week when Quinn and I went out, and she seemed pissed then too. Are you two going through a rough patch or is it about Quinn and I? I know we'd both support you two."

"I don't know, Dad. I guess you could say that its one of those two," he answered, getting up.

Then he left too and I shrugged my shoulders. "Huh, that was weird. Maybe I'll catch Nadine in a bit," I said before I headed to my room.

I went into my room and shut the door. "Well, I don't know how they'd be going through a rough patch already. She is beautiful and I'd gladly be screwing her every five minutes if I was with her," I pointed out, lying down on my bed. "Her boobs are just the right size for her body, unlike Quinn's bosoms. They are just a little big, even for me. I'd also like to feel Nadine's lips around my cock," I moaned, before I undid my pants.

I whipped out my schlong and began rubbing it. "Oh, do you want suck on my dick for me, Nadine? I'll gladly let you because you are so ravishing. I don't know what Ted did to make you unhappy, but he is an idiot," I said before I closed my eyes. "Oh, just like that, my sweet step daughter. Rub those lips right onto my pecker and make me want to unleash my seed right down your throat."

My body vibrated a bit and I felt some perspiration flow down my head and back. I bit down on my bottom lip and my right arm already felt tired.

"Yes, yes, yes, Nadine, deep throat me now. I want the entire thing in your mouth, please do it for me. Oh, I love looking at your black hair covered head, Nadine. Now look at me as you suck my dick, I want to look right into your brown eyes."

My hand went faster and I leaned up. "Oh, now you've done it, Nadine, I'm about to pop now," I moaned before I let out a stream of my cum out. "Fuck yes, Nadine."

I let out a deep breath and calmly lied back down. "Oh, what I wouldn't do to screw, Nadine. I want to have sex with her so badly."

I lied there for a few minutes until I heard a knock at the door. "Quinn?" I asked, looking at the door.

"No, Hank, its me, Nadine."

"Crap," I muttered before I put my dick away.

I wiped my seed and sweat away with the blanket. "Come in, Nadine," I mentioned, leaning up.

"Hey, Hank," she greeted me, coming in.

"What's wrong, Nadine, you seem sad."

"I am," she replied, stopping in front of me and sparking a tear.

"Come here and sit with me," I offered, patting the spot next to me.

She sat next to me and I hugged her. "What's going on, babe?"

We let go of each other.

"Ted and I just aren't gonna work out. We had sex that night you went out, but it seems nothing else is gonna happen between us. He says he wants to go back to Sherry and isn't interested in me."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I'm guessing you really liked him?"

"Yeah," she cried while nodding. "Just a little bit, Hank."

"I'm sorry, hun. I've definitely noticed there has been a little tension between you two. I just thought you two were fighting about coming out to us," I mentioned before I hugged her again. 'Whoa, shit, I don't know what to say. She is crying, so how can I console her? I've never had this kind of thing fall into my lap before,' I thought, rubbing her back.

"I just told him a number of times that we should be together as we just got each other. I knew you and my mom would support us, but he still turned me down. Eventually, I got him to make love to me, but he said it was just a one time thing," she explained before she leaned off me and wiped away her tears.

"Well, that's too bad, Nadine. You are a pretty lady, so I'm sure you'll find someone to be with. You never know where you might find someone, you just can't give up hope. You know, its weird to say, but I actually had a little crush on you."

She grinned. "Really? You want to have sex with me?"

I put my hands up and backed away somewhat. "Well, I just want you to know that anyone could want you."

"Okay," she said before she smooched my cheek.

I failed to make eye contact with her and my hands tingled a bit. 'Okay, just tell her to be on her way sense she feels better.'

"How big of a crush did you have on me?"

'Oh, shit, did I just open up a big can or worms?' I thought, biting my bottom lip. "Just a small crush,

Nadine. Nothing to worry about, I'm married to your mom. I'm not gonna ask to have sex, I wouldn't put that kind of pressure on you."

"I know, you love me and respect me a great deal. Although, we're both adults, so we can talk about this," she made clear, turning her entire body to me. "Have you ever masturbated thinking about me?"

My cheeks immediately went red and my lips ventured into my mouth.

"I take that as a yes," she giggled. "Well, that makes me feel really good, if I can attract my step dad."

"Well, good," I replied, looking back at her.

"Is there anything I can to make you feel better?" she wondered, placing her hand onto my leg.

'No, she can't be offering me sex. Besides, it would be cheating,' I thought, shaking a bit.

"No, I'm just glad you are feeling better. Could you give me some time alone now?"

"Don't be embarrassed, Hank, I'm not freaked out, and I'm gonna tell my mom," she assured me before she smooched my cheek. "I'm just your step daughter, so you still masturbate thinking about me?"

I put my hands up and slanted my head back.

"What do you have me do, if you don't mind me asking."

"I do mind," I informed her, peeking back at her. "This isn't an appropriate conversion for us to have, even if we both are adults, and you promise to not let it leave this room," I warned her, pushing her hand off my leg.

"Will you at least let me show you my boobs? I'm sure you want to see them, so you'll have a better picture for when you jack off."

I clenched my fists for a few seconds and glanced at her tits. "Okay, just for a couple seconds."

Her hands went underneath her baby blue tank top.

Suddenly, she threw her dark green silk bra my way. "It'll be easier to flash you without the bra."

"Okay," I muttered, fighting the urge to pick it up.

"Enjoy," she said, prior to lifting up her tank top.

She kept it up for five seconds before she let it back down.

"Wow, those are rather nice, Nadine."

"Thank you, now may I see your dick?"

"No," I protested, getting off the bed. "I'm glad I made you feel better, but I think you should go now," I told her, opening up the door.

"Why?" she inquired, getting off the bed. "You made me feel better, and I think its fair to say we're both attracted to each other," she suggested, strolling to me.

She put her hands onto my thighs. "May I see it, please?"

I stood there for about a minute debating. 'I'm so going to regret this,' I thought before I shut the door and undid my pants.

I pulled out my cock and her eyes were glued to it. "Wow, its so big, Hank. What is it, eight inches long?"

"Well, when its hard. You want to touch it?"

"Yes," she replied before wrapping her right hand around it. "Wow, that's hard, step dad. If I didn't know any better, I'd you were really turned on. Are you?"

I jiggled around and felt my heart pumping. "Yes, Nadine, now let's stop before we do something we'll regret."

"So, you don't want me?" she cried, slanting her head down.

"No, I do, but this is still wrong, Nadine. We've gone over the line a little bit here, but we can easily come back," I told her, pushing her hands off my rod.

"Ted doesn't want me, and you don't want me either. What the hell is wrong with me?"

"I can't speak for Ted, but I'm married, Nadine," I made clear, putting my wood away. "We can't have sex."

Her tongue came in between her lips. "Do you think about me giving you head when you masturbate, Hank?"

I took in a deep breath. "Yes, Nadine."

She closed the gap between us completely and looked right up into my eyes as I was slightly taller than her.

"May I kiss you?"

My heart danced around in my chest and my brain felt like it was about to implode.

"Please, Hank? It would mean a lot to me."


"Thank you," she mentioned before she kissed me right on the lips.

It lasted for ten seconds, but she managed to keep her arms down, as did I.

After that ten seconds, her lips parted from mine. "How was that, Hank?"

"I've got no complaints, thank you for that."

"Your welcome," she answered before she kissed me again and put her palms onto my butt.

She pressed her lips onto mine, but I found my hands coming onto her lower back, rather than her chest. 'Oh, this is wrong, but fuck it. My step daughter seems to be ready and willing and is an adult now. She can make her own decisions and there is no reason anyone will need to know about this.'

After a five minute make out session, my lips came off hers. "Just to be clear, you want to have sex?"

"Yes, Hank. You obviously want to fuck me, so fuck me. It can be our secret," she proposed, taking my hands in hers.

I stayed silent for a moment. "Why now though? Just because I confessed that I had a crush on you?"

"Well, you've been a great step dad to me," she reminded me, taking off her shirt. "I just want to repay for all your sweet doings for me," she let me know before she crossed her arms around my neck and kissed me again. "What do you say?"

We made out for another minute and then my hands made their way to her shorts. 'Its now or never.'

"May I undress you?"

"Of course, step dad, I love you and you love me. Although, will you let me do something first?"


She undid my shorts and pulled my rod back out. "Will you let me fulfill your masturbation fantasy?" she requested, stroking my cock.

I stayed silent and grinned for a moment. "Hell yes," I chuckled.

"Good," she responded before she pushed me onto the bed.

As I was on my back, she tugged on my shorts and boxers and took them off me completely. "Just how many times have you fantasized about me before, Hank?" she pondered, seizing my dick.

"I have no idea, Nadine, just a lot," I confided, leaning up.

"Why didn't you tell me you wanted to have sex with me?"

"This just in: I'm married to your mom."

"Well, considering how close we are, you should have told me," she let me know before she took my schlong into her mouth.

"Well, fuck, would you like me to actually hit myself?" I wondered, peeking into her eyes.

She nodded and I hit myself on the head a few times. She giggled a little bit and then snatched both of my hands. She placed them over onto the top of her head and began thrusting her mouth.

I managed to keep my palms on her head for a couple pleasurable moments. "You are obviously working yourself up, Nadine. Your hair is soaked right now, dare I ask: are you loving this?"

She nodded again, but right after that, she slanted it forward and began thrusting her mouth even faster. I bit down on my bottom lip and began jiggling around a bit. From the very first second that she took it in her mouth, I had a smile plastered on my face.

"How can anything be so wrong, but feel so right too?" I moaned, prior to falling back onto my back.

I continued to rub her head as she failed to stop for even a second. She also used her tongue to lick the head of my rod, which made me twitch around a little bit too. I closed my eyes, but pictured her in my mind.

'I found her to be quite ready and willing, it seemed that she needed to convince me to have our sexual encounter. There has to be more to this than just her repaying me, but I just can't wrap my head around it right now.'

After a couple more minutes, I leaned back up and looked right back at her. "You are such a dazzling young adult woman, Nadine. I really don't know why my cock is in your mouth, but who gives a shit? Just keep going until I cum," I moaned, caressing her head.

She lazily let my pecker fall out of her mouth. "I give a shit, Hank," she informed me, stroking it. "A sweet step dad deserves a blow job from his sexy step daughter."



"I know this is the first time we are having sex, but may I cum on your face?"

"Hey, don't get greedy, step daddy," she recommended before she kissed me. "I'd love it on my breasts though."

"I like that too, step daughter."

"Good," she mentioned, prior to taking my johnson back into my mouth.

I felt my back, chest, stomach and head completely drenched in perspiration, and then I reached over onto her butt. "Even through your shorts and underwear, you have quite a smooth ass. I should have undone your shorts when I had the chance."

I heard her giggling a little bit, then I saw her hands come onto the top of her shorts on both sides. She pushed them down, but kept her panties up.

"Oh, do those matching panties that go with your bra?"

She nodded slightly and I had to reach onto her butt again. I didn't dig into her panties, I just placed both of my palms onto her butt. My feet began tapping the floor and my palms became extra sweaty too.

"Oh, shit, Nadine, you are getting ready to make me pop now," I moaned, shaking around.

She let my dick fall out of her mouth. "Cum on your step daughter's tits."

I angled my wood up a little bit only a few inches above her boobs. "Here you go, babe," I let out before I shot out my first stream onto her glorious melons.

"Oh, fuck yes, Hank, give me more, pretty please."

She pleaded and I granted with three more shots of my boiling hot seed onto her bosoms and her upper chest too.

"Fuck me, Nadine, thank you," I laughed faintly, falling down onto my back.

"Your welcome, step daddy," she answered, climbing up onto the bed with me.

She lied on top of me and wrapped her arms around me. "I love you, Hank."

My arms came around her too and then I brought her lips to mine. "I love you too, sexy lady."

Her tits collided onto my chest and my hands slithered back down to her butt. I caressed her bare cheeks just outside her underwear as we made out for five minutes.

'Shit, I only wonder if I'd be making out with Quinn right now if I married Nadine, instead of her.'

As my hands slithered back onto her panties, her lips lazily came off mine. "Would you like it better if you took those pesky panties off me?"

"I think so, yes. I'd like to actually have sex now. May I make love to you, Nadine?"

"Yes, step daddy."

I flipped us around so she was lying on her back. I kissed her one more time on the lips and then smooched my way down to her underwear.

"That tickles," she giggled, jiggling around.

"Are you sure you want to have sex? Once I make love to you, it can never be undone."

"A minute ago, you asked if you could, so do it, Hank. You want it and now you have your green light, so put your foot on the gas. We already know we love each other, dude, so do it," she advised me before she blew me a kiss.

I blew one back and then I grabbed the side straps of her undergarments.

I pulled them right off her, dropped them on the floor and scanned her entire naked body. "Son of a bitch, you can put super models to shame, Nadine."

"Would you say that I'm sexier than my mom?"

"As long as you never ever repeat this: yes, you are, Nadine. You are a younger and sexier version of your mom," I replied, getting up onto her body.

I laid a kiss on her lips. "I do fucking love you, Nadine."

"I know, now why don't you prove it," she proposed, grabbing onto my schlong.

She held it with one hand for a few seconds, then she guided it right into her twat. "I fucking love you too, Hank, more than you know," she let me know, bringing her palms to my shoulders. "Now make sweet love to your step daughter. Just pull out before you cum. I'm not on the pill."

I placed my hands down onto her thighs and slid my rod right into her cherry. "Naughty young lady," I branded her, beginning to thrust my cock.

"Naughtier older guy, cheating on your wife with your appealing step daughter."

"Which your mom is never ever gonna find out about, got it?"

"Yes," she answered before she kissed me. "I told you I can keep a secret. I like you, Hank, I want to keep you around."

"Good to know," I stated, letting my schlong go in and out ever so slowly.

Our eyes came together and never separated.

'Holy shit, what the hell am I doing? I've had a crush on her ever since I met her, and now I find myself having sex with her. I love her mom so much, but maybe I just wanted this a little more. So, I just did it when the opportunity came up. She was also seemingly ready and willing. I'm not sure why, but I'm already doing it.'

She massaged my shoulders nicely and smiled at me too. "Is it as great you thought it would be?"

"Yes, and your pussy is quite lubed up, Nadine, I like that."

"I only lube it up for the guys I love, no one else gets the privilege of fucking me with my pussy juice pumping out nonstop."

"Did you like sucking on my dick?"

"Yes, your cock was the biggest I've ever attempted to suck on. Its so thick and long, Hank, I think you are quite lucky. I really just did it because I wanted to pleasure you."

"Well, thank you, and I'm also screwing quite a stunning lady, that gets it bigger and longer. The whole thing is just so hot, so I find myself screwing you because of that, Nadine. How many guys can say that they fucked their step daughter? Probably not too many, so this is just one for my sexual history books."

"Me too, I've had four other cocks inside me before, and your pecker is definitely the biggest. Its easily no contest, just so you know."

"That's very good to know," I mentioned, leaning up.

I placed my palms flat on the bed and slanted my head up for a moment too. "Oh, I'm gonna make you feel good, Nadine. So good, you'll never need to fuck another guy again," I let her know before I slammed my schlong back in.

"Oh, fuck," she moaned, shaking around. "You may make that happen, Hank. Keep fucking me like that and make my pussy sore," she let out, grabbing onto the sheets with both hands. "Once you do that, I'm all yours."

I fucked her like that for a few more seconds, but then I swiftly dropped back down to her. I pasted my lips back onto hers and I suspended my thrusts for the time being. As our lips moved incessantly, I brought my hands right up to her face.

Her hands slithered off my shoulders and made their way down to my lower back. She massaged it ever so softly as both of our bodies moved calmly. Her breasts rubbed onto my chest and I was sure she enjoyed that too.

'Damn, I think we might have both just bitten off more than we can chew. We've been making out ceaselessly for five full minutes now and I feel my heart growing for her to some extent too.'

Literally from one second to the next, I twitched slightly and then my lips bounced off hers. "Fuck, I just came inside you, Nadine. I'm so sorry," I told her, before I got up off her.

I stood up, began tapping my feet on the bed and biting my bottom lip.

"Don't worry about it," she replied, getting up with me.

She kissed me once and then placed her fingers from both onto her slit lips.

She spread them out. "Oh, there is that white baby making juice. Its sliding out like a water fall. Damn, you flooded my pussy, Hank."

"I'm sorry, it just happened. I couldn't stop to save my life. I'll do-" I said before she came to me and kissed me.

We made out for a couple minutes and she stroked my rod with her right hand.

Then her lips came off mine. "Even if you do get me pregnant, I'll still love you. I can't say my mom would, but I will, I promise. If we're gonna fuck on a regular basis, I may need to get on the pill though."

"So, may I see you again?"

"Yes, if you really want to," she responded before kissed her fingers and placed them onto my lips.

"I do, Nadine. I've wanted to fuck you for two years now."

"Okay, horny man. Well, I better go now, someone could come home at any moment," she mentioned, getting off the bed. "Thanks for the fuck, it was memorable," she pointed out, grabbing her clothes.

I got off the bed and came to her.

As she had them all, she kissed me again. "Until next time," she mentioned before she left.

"Holy shit," I muttered, bringing my hands to my head. "I've never felt so good and bad at the same time.

"Fuck me, I just screwed Nadine, and it was awesome," I said, prior to dropping my hands.