The Ice Queen

Info silverhawk
29 May. '17

I was a hundred miles from home, too tired for more than a fast food burger, and not tired enough to sleep.  All I really wanted, that first night, was to find a place to sit down, have a couple beers, and do some serious people watching.  Bars usually work pretty well for doing all three.  I didn’t know anything about The Sundowner, but the parking lot was half full when I drove by at eight, so I figured it must be popular.  The name as well as the number of pickup trucks in the lot told me it was probably a country bar and that it was likely there would be a fair number of single women inside.  Finding a partner for the night wasn’t really my goal, but single women tend to dress to show off what they have, and I love looking when they dress that way.

The outside was pretty plain.  There weren’t any windows, and the neon sign over the door was pretty small.  I really didn’t care what the place looked like as long as it had stools and cold beer.  A bunch of half-dressed girls would be a plus, but I didn’t plan on taking one back to my hotel room.  I was fifty three, and most young girls in my favorite bar back home considered me one of two ways.  I was either going through a late mid-life crisis and needed the ego boost of balling a girl young enough to be my daughter, or I was there for the thrill of watching since I couldn’t get my cock hard enough to do anything else.

Neither was correct, but I hadn’t tried to change their minds.  The truth of the matter was that the young women I knew, those under thirty anyway, weren’t mature enough hold a decent conversation.  Well, maybe it was just that I’d lived too much of life to think which girl was fucking which guy was all that important. Their little skinny bodies didn’t do anything for me anyway.  I’ve been partial to hips and breasts since I can remember, and B cups and boy butts aren’t my cup of tea.

It was one of those B cups who smiled at me just inside the door and told me the cover charge was five dollars.  She smiled again when I handed her the bill, and then stamped my hand and turned and grinned at the young guy behind me.

There were a few stools at the bar that faced the little dance floor and the raised stage where I saw a drum set and several microphones.  As I sat down on the stool with the best view of the dance floor, I hoped the band was getting paid.  If they were, they’d probably be at least decent.  If they were playing for tips, like they do in some bars in Nashville, the listening might get hard to do.

The soft voice pulled my eyes from the stage.

“What can I get for you?”

She was young, but she was a lot more woman than the other girls I’d seen so far.  By saying she was a lot more woman, I don’t mean she was overweight, because she wasn’t at all.  She just looked like a woman rather than a girl.  Her breasts were round and full, and did wonders for the T-shirt she wore. Her short, brown hair framed a pretty face that did look young.  I didn’t see her ass until I’d told her which beer I wanted and she walked to the tub of ice on the other side of the bar.  It wasn’t wide and flabby, but it was an ass a man could hold on to.
She smiled when she set the dripping long neck on a napkin in front of me.  

“Two seventy five.”

I handed her three ones, and when she came back with my quarter, I dropped it and another single into her tip jar.  She said “Thank you”, and then walked down the bar to another guy.

The band was pretty good, and there were a couple older women dancing to the music that I’d have considered trying to meet if they hadn’t been wearing rings and sitting with guys who looked about the same age.  Since it was a Monday night, the bar was almost deserted.  Only a couple young girls were out on the floor, and they were dressed to cover rather than display.  I found myself watching the bartender more than the girls on the dance floor.

My beer was half-gone when a young guy with his ball cap on backwards took the stool beside me.  The bartender came back to our place and asked him what he wanted.  The guy told her and she walked back to the same tub of ice.  The guy laughed.

“You’re watching Toni’s ass like you’d like some of it.”

I chuckled.

“She’s nice, but she’s pretty young for me, I think.”

The guy smiled.

“Wouldn’t do you any good if she wasn’t.  That’s there’s the Ice Queen of The Sundowner.  Lot o’ guys tried to get in those panties, but they never even got close enough to smell it.  I’ve never seen her act like it, but some of the guys think she plays on the other team.  As many of us as she’d flipped the bird to, she might.  That’d be one hell of a waste of some big titties and a nice ass if she is.”

She plunked his beer on the bar, and her smile was more of a straight mouth than friendly.

“Two seventy five.”

The guy handed her a five.  She took it back to the register, and came back with his change.  The guy dropped the quarter in her tip jar, and then waved the two singles.  

“I’ll put this in your jar if I can put something in you.”

She held up her middle finger, and then walked away.  The guy laughed.

“See?  Coldest bitch in the place.  Probably freeze your dick off if you did manage to get it in.”

He headed off to prowl around the tables and dance floor.  I went back to watching - Toni, he’d said her name was Toni – I went back to watching Toni.

She was really a nice looking woman, and I didn’t think she was really all that cold.  The guy deserved her gesture.  I don’t have much respect for any man who doesn’t respect women.  The asshole had basically called Toni a two-dollar whore, so I wasn’t surprised that she wasn’t happy with him.  The only thing that was a little surprising was that she hadn’t picked up his longneck and hit him right between the eyes with it.  That’s what I’d have done.  

When I thought about it a little more, I liked the fact she was mature enough to be satisfied to just let the asshole walk without saying anything or doing anything to him.  In the long run, that would probably hurt him more than a black eye.

I watched Toni’s breasts sway gently as she walked up to me.  She smiled the same smile as before.

“Can I get you another?”

I said she could, and then watched the rise and fall of her great ass when she went to get it.  I watched her breasts again when she walked back.  Her smile this time was a little forced.

“Why are you watching me so much?’

I shrugged.

“Well, you’re pretty nice to watch.”

“Yeah, and the next thing you’re gonna say is how you’d like to take me home and fuck me until I pass out.”

I couldn’t keep from chuckling.

“Well, besides the fact that I’ve never told a woman that in my life, it’s likely I’d be the one passing out.  In case you hadn’t noticed, I have several years on you.”

Her smile came back.

“Sorry, I just thought you were a friend of Jeremy’s.  That’s the guy who was with you while ago.”

“Nope, never saw him before.”

“What’d he tell you about me?”

It’s been my experience that women can be hurt by words almost as much as by being hit, and I think sometimes the pain is worse.  I saw no reason to upset Toni over some jerk who didn’t know how to wear a ball cap, much less how to treat a woman.

“Oh, nothing much.  He did say your name is Toni.  Is it?”

Toni smiled again.

“That’s me.”

“Well, Toni, I wouldn’t worry to much about Jeremy.  I think he likes to talk a lot about things he doesn’t know anything about.”

Toni’s eyes narrowed.

“You sure he didn’t say anything else about me?”

“Well, he might have.  I wasn’t really listening to him.  I was too busy watching you.”

I handed her a five and watched her all the way to the cash register and back.  When she handed it to me, I dropped the quarter and both singles in her tip jar.

Toni frowned.

“Just because you didn’t ask doesn’t mean I’m gonna do that with you either.”

I grinned.

“That’s not why I did it.  I just want to see you smile again.

She did, and then thanked me.

I finished my beer about ten, and waved to Toni as I left.  She smiled and waved back.

The next day of my workshop was just as boring as the first.  I treated myself that night to a pizza and then headed to The Sundowner for a couple of beers and maybe a little more conversation with Toni.  She was interesting.  Most women are interesting to me, but Toni was different. She could have had her pick of any guy in the bar, and yet she didn’t go with any of them. If she came on like a cold fish to the guys she served, there had to be a reason.  She had been a little distrustful with me, but she definitely didn’t seem cold.

Toni had just finished dropping off a guy’s change when she saw me sit down.  I guess dropping isn’t exactly the right word.  It was more like she stood back and tossed it in his general direction.  She was frowning when she walked up.

“What’ll it be tonight?”

I grinned at her.

“A smile would be nice for starters.  What was wrong over there?”

Toni sort of half-smiled.

“Nothing you’d be interested in or could do anything about.”

“Try me.  I might be more interested than you think.”

“I’ll just get your beer.”

Toni’s smile had gotten better when she sat the longneck on the bar.  I gave her three ones, and like the night before, dropped the quarter and another single in her tip jar.  She thanked me and walked off to another customer.

There weren’t many people in The Sundowner yet, but it was another weeknight.  Most people would have to work the next day, and would stay home.  Only the girls who were fishing for a man, and the guys who were fishing for a good fuck that night were there.  That included Mr. Backwards Ball Cap, the guy Toni had called Jeremy.  He walked up beside me and slapped me on the back.

“Hey man.  Get anywhere with Toni last night?”

“No, but I really didn’t try.”

“Maybe you oughta.  She ain’t gonna spread them legs for any of us, and she needs it bad.  Look what she’s wearing.”

I had looked, and it was hard to not stare.  Her tight, knit top hugged her big breasts but wasn’t quite long enough to cover the bare skin between the bottom and her low rise jeans.  That bare skin looked smooth, soft, and I’d been thinking about how it would feel to my fingertips.

“Maybe she just likes to dress sexy.  A lot of women like that.  Look out there on the dance floor.”

“Well yeah, but most of them girls put out once in a while.  Toni never does.  She even turned down Mack.  He’s got the biggest cock in seven states, and she told him to go fuck himself.”

As Jeremy strolled away with his beer, I looked back at Toni.  I didn’t really know her at all, but somehow, I didn’t think she was actively looking for a man.  Most female bartenders are all smiles and sexy clothes like Toni, but they do that for tips.  No, she either just liked how she looked or she liked the tips that look brought in.   It was unavoidable that her body did things to that knit top and jeans that were turning me on.

Things quieted down a little about nine, and Toni walked back to my stool.

“Ready for another?”

I held the bottle up to the light behind the bar.


When she sat the bottle on the bar, she smiled her same beautiful smile.

“So what did you and Jeremy talk about tonight.”

I drained the first bottle and pulled out my wallet.

“Well, a little about you and a little about me.”

“What about me?”

I grinned.

“He said you’re dressed like you are because you need it.”

Toni sighed.

“That’s about what I figured.  That’s what every other man in this bar figures too, unless they think I’m a lesbian.  You probably think one of those things as well.”

“No, not really.’

Toni looked at me questioningly.

“No?  Why?”

“Well, if you did need it, like he said, I think you wouldn’t keep turning them down.  I don’t think you’re a lesbian either.  The lesbians I know might dress like you are, but they’re never more than just casually friendly.  They never talk with me about anything personal, like you are now.”

Toni leaned on the bar to get her face closer to me.

“I’m not a lesbian.  I like men, only men.  I just don’t like any of these men.”

I had to chuckle softly.

“Even Mack?  From what I hear, he’s rather well equipped.”

“That’s what he told me, kind of.  He said he’d stretch me so much I wouldn’t be able to walk the next day.  I guess that was supposed to make me all hot and bothered.”

I chuckled again.

“And you didn’t jump at that?”

Toni frowned.

“No.  I don’t want a man who thinks he’s the best thing to ever come along in my life.  He isn’t, and while big can be nice, it’s not everything if the guy doesn’t know how to use it.”

“So, there have been a few that didn’t think that way?”

“Yes, a couple.  They didn’t stick around long once they found out I have a daughter.”

“Well, if they let that scare them away, they didn’t deserve you anyway.”

Toni cocked her head.

“That sounds like you’re gonna tell me it wouldn’t matter to you and then you’ll start asking me to go home with you.”

I smiled.

“Let’s understand each other here.  If I was looking, and I’m not, you having a daughter wouldn’t send me on my way.  I’d know if you were the right woman for me, I’d have to share you with her, but if you were the right woman, I’d be willing to do that.  And no, I’m not going to ask you to go home with me.”

I grinned.

“You’re pretty young.  People I know would think I’m a dirty old man.”

Toni grinned back.

“You don’t look all that dirty to me.”

“So you think I’m old, though?”

There was that beautiful smile again.

“No, not really.  I just heard a joke like that once.  How old are you?

“Fifty three.”

“When I was twenty, that would have seemed old.  I’m almost thirty, and fifty three doesn’t sound so old anymore.”

I grinned.

“Well, if that’s the case, wanna come back to my hotel room?  I promise you’ll be able to walk tomorrow.”

Toni smiled.

“I thought you weren’t looking.”

“I’m not. It hasn’t been long enough since my divorce for me to be looking.”

“You’re divorced?”

“Yeah, about six months.”

“Four years here.  It doesn’t get any better after that long either.  You find somebody, and then you start to wonder.  Is he going to do what the last one did?”

“He was pretty bad, was he?”

“I never did anything right, no matter what it was.  The house was never clean enough.  My cooking was never good enough.  Whatever I wore either was too sexy or not sexy enough.  I wasn’t good enough in bed.  I believed that was the truth for a while.  Then, I realized it was just him and left him.”

“She left me for a guy in her office.  She said he understood her and I didn’t.  I understood her.  I just didn’t like what I understood.  She didn’t want me to even touch her for the last three years.  She was always too busy, or she’d just taken a shower, or it would make her feel dirty and she’d have to take a shower…she always had a reason why we couldn’t...  

It was then I realized I was ranting.

“Toni, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have unloaded on you like that.  It’s just that…I wasn’t some guy who just wanted her because she was convenient, like she thought.”

“Don’t worry about it.  For about a year, I did the same thing to anybody who’d listen.  Oops, gotta go.  Ralph is waving his bottle in the air.  He’ll probably ask me if I’m wearing panties.  Last time he was in here, he said his tongue would take me places I’d never been, and my panties would just be in the way.”

Toni swayed down the bar to the guy in a western shirt and took his order.  He grinned and said something to her.  Toni said something back, but she wasn’t grinning.  She still wasn’t grinning when she came back to me.

“Well, he didn’t ask me if I was wearing panties.  He told me he’d been dreaming about fucking me all day, and it would be a shame if his dream didn’t come true.”

“Sounds like you’ve found that special someone.”

“There’s nothing special about Ralph except his opinion of himself.  You want another beer?”

“No, I have another long day tomorrow.  I need to get back to my room and sleep.”

“Will you be back tomorrow night?”

“Probably, unless I die of boredom sometime in the afternoon.”

The next night, I got back to The Sundowner about eight, took my stool at the bar and waited for Toni.  The young girl who took my order was about as far from being Toni as I could imagine.  Toni wasn’t very tall, about five one or five two, I thought, and her short hair was brown.  This girl was five eight at least, and the blonde mane fell almost to her waist.  Toni’s breasts were full and round and her hips were the same.  This girl had little breasts being helped to stand out by a very well designed bra, and her hips were narrow and flat.  

I asked her where Toni was.  She just said it was Toni’s night off, but that she’d take care of me just like Toni would.

My plan for that night had been to spend about three hours watching and talking with Toni.  That had all changed, now.  I drank about a fourth of the longneck in one long swallow.  It wasn’t really going to be enjoyable staying there much longer.

It was in the middle of taking the bottle down to half full that I felt a tap on my shoulder.  Thinking it was probably Jeremy again, I turned to tell him to go the hell away.  Instead of the tall jerk with his ball cap on backwards, I saw Toni smiling at me.

“Would you buy a lady a drink?”

If I hadn’t spent two nights watching her, I’m not certain I would have recognized Toni.  Her black dress was cut low enough to show an abundance of very delicious cleavage that caressed the gold locket on the chain around her neck, and the hem cut her about midway between her knee and hip.  The dress fit well enough I didn’t have to imagine much about how Toni would look without it, and her stockings didn’t hide her sexy legs.  The low heels only made her even more erotic.

“You’re staring.   Haven’t you ever seen a woman before?”

“Yes, lots of them.  They just didn’t look like you.”

“Is something wrong with me?”

“Not a thing that I can see.”

Toni climbed up on the stool next to mine.  The hem of her dress rode up about three inches, and lace stocking tops peeked out at me..

“So, are you going to buy me a drink, or are you going to keep trying to look up my dress?”

I waved at the blonde bartender.  She walked over, her eyes lit up and she said, “Damn, Toni, you’re a knockout tonight.  What’ll you have?”

After the blonde walked away, Toni swirled the ice in her vodka sour, took a sip, and then smiled.

“Were you surprised to see me?”

“I was surprised as hell to see you looking like this.  Is this the way you always dress on your days off?”

Toni giggled.

“Usually, I just stay in my PJ’s and fuzzy slippers all day.  I didn’t think they’d do much for you, so I put this on.”

“You dressed like this for me?”

“Well, a girl likes to dress up for herself once in a while too, but mostly it was for you.”

“I’m not sure what I should say about that.  I mean, you’re beautiful, but I don’t want you to think -“

Toni touched my arm.

“I just want you to think I’m a woman who met a man she likes, and she’s trying to make an impression he won’t forget.”

I smiled.

“I don’t think you have to worry that.   You’re uh…pretty enticing as well as beautiful.”

Toni grinned.

“Enticing, huh?  You gonna tell me how you’ll make me feel, and how many times you’re gonna make me feel that way?”

“No. I could tell you how I think you’d make me feel, though.”

“And how would I make you feel?”

“Like the luckiest man alive, at first.”

“And later?”

“Like the most satisfied man alive, I expect.”

Toni smiled.

“That was the right answer.”

We talked about a lot of things, that night, and before I knew it, it was ten.  I didn’t really want to leave her, but I didn’t want ruin everything by asking her something I knew she’d refuse.  I looked at my watch again.

“It’s ten,Toni.”

“I know.  I’ve been watching the clock on the other side of the bar.  That means you have to leave, doesn’t it?”

“Unfortunately, yes.”

“Will you be back tomorrow night?  I’m working again.”

“Probably not.  The workshop ends at noon tomorrow.  I should be getting back home.”

Toni just looked at me for a few seconds, and then put her hand on my arm.

“Is there some way I could convince you to stay another night?”

I wasn’t sure if I was hearing what she said, or trying to believe she’d said what I wanted to hear.

“I don’t know.  Do you have something in mind?”

Toni stroked my arm, and leaned close to me.  Her voice was so soft I almost didn’t hear her over the noise in the bar.

“Remember when Jeremy told you I needed it?”


“I do…I really do…but not with him or any of those guys.  Tonight, I need it with you.”

It felt a little shabby, really, taking Toni to my hotel room.  I’d saved my company a little money on the cheap place because all I was going to do was sleep there.  She deserved more, but she didn’t seem to mind.

I locked the door and turned to see her looking at me and smiling.   Then, she put her arms around my neck, pressed her soft breasts into my chest, and kissed me.  

It wasn’t just a kiss.  I could feel Toni’s desire in the way her open lips softly touched mine and in the way she moved them slightly.  I’d thought kissing like that was gone for me forever.  It was without thinking I put one arm around her waist, and stroked the side of her flattened breast with the other.

Toni eased away slightly, looked up and smiled.

“I guess that means you like me.”

I stroked her side and then cupped her hips with both hands.

“I think you could say that.”

Toni kissed me softly again, and then looked up and grinned.

“I like you too.  So what should we do about it?”

“It’s been a while, but if I remember right, we’re wearing way too many clothes.”

Toni smiled.

“Think you could fix that?”

The zipper on the back of her dress was easy, and when she shrugged her shoulders, it fell in a puddle of soft black at her feet.  I had to stop and stare because what I saw kept me from doing anything else.

Toni’s black bra held her big breasts in an embrace that cause the cleavage I’d stared at when I first saw her that night.  The cups were nearly transparent.  Her nipples were plainly visible, two round, beautiful nubs sitting sensuously on the dark pink of her nipple beds.  Just seeing that would have made me want her.  The tiny little thong panty was just transparent mesh.  Toni was shaved, and the small slit between her thighs showed plainly through the panties.

Toni started to unbutton my shirt, and then stopped and giggled.

“You’re staring at me again.”

“You uh…you almost didn’t wear panties tonight.”

Toni unbuttoned the last button, pulled the shirt open, and then stroked my bare chest.  She purred softly.

“I hoped you’d like them.  They’re small enough they won’t get in the way, like Ralph said.”

“You won’t mind if I do what Ralph wanted to do, will you?”

Toni reached for my belt buckle.

“If you don’t, I’ll be really disappointed.”

Lying there on her side on my bed, Toni looked like sex aching to happen.  Her hips rose a little from her soft thighs, and the dipped down to her waist, a soft, smooth waist I was stroking at that moment.  From where my hand was enjoying the feeling of her soft skin, that waist led to her large, round breasts.  One rested easily upon the other, and her nipples beckoned my fingers and lips.

I kissed her and cupped her hip.  Toni put one arm around my back and put her silky thigh over my legs.  When she snuggled close, I felt her soft lips pressing against my thigh.

Every fiber in my body tingled when I slipped my hand from her hip to her breast.  Toni caught her breath when I stroked the side, then eased away from me a little.  My gentle squeeze brought a smile to her face.

“Are you always this gentle?”

“Usually.  Why?”

“It’s nice not having my boob grabbed like some guys seem to think girls want.”

I stroked a fingertip down over Toni’s nipple and felt it tighten a little.

“I don’t have a lot of experience, but I thought most women liked gentle.”

I pushed Toni’s nipple down and let it pop back up.  Her voice was a soft purr.

“Mmm.  I do.  I like that a lot.

I cupped Toni’s butt cheek again, pulled gently, and stroked a fingertip down the soft separation.

“You like it gentle here too?”

Toni shivered as I stroked her crack again, and then chuckled.

“Yeah…I really like that.”

My hand slipped around her cheek and between her thighs.  Soft lips met my fingertips, soft lips just a little puffy and with the little ripples that made me want to savor what I knew would be wonderful.

“And here?”

Toni caught her breath as my fingertip slipped over the rippled surface of her lips.

“Mmmm…especially there.”

Gently, I eased Toni onto her back, and then knelt between her upraised thighs.  For a while, I tried to go slow by softly stroking her inner thighs from her knees to almost touching her soft lips, but I couldn’t keep that up for long.  For the first time in a long time, I was touching a very sensuous woman who really wanted to be touched, and the feeling was overwhelmingly erotic.  My instincts were telling me to take her, to take her right then, plunging my stiff cock through those soft lips and pumping away until I spent.  My mind said Toni deserved better.

Toni was all soft ripples and wetness under my tongue.  At first, I just licked the edges of her slender outer lips. She was tart and moist and as the ripples of her lips flowed around my tongue, she opened herself a little more.  My tongue found her entrance and pushed in.  Toni moaned and I felt her hands stroking my head as she murmured, “mmmm…I’d almost forgotten.”

My hands stroking her breasts caused another moan, and my fingertips, a sharp rocking of Toni’s hips when they lightly pinched her nipples.  She squeezed my face between her thighs a little then, but opened herself when my tongue found her clit.  She gasped and stroked my head again.

“Yessss…ohhhh yesssss.”

Waiting was both difficult and exquisite torture for me.  Toni was probably as ready as was I, but the sound of her moans and the movement of her body were exciting me more than anything had in years, and I didn’t want that to stop.  I think Toni didn’t want to rush things either.  From time to time, she would rock her hips, gasp, and then push me gently away for a few seconds.  Then, her soft hands would pull my face back between her silky-soft thighs.  Only when she gasped as my tongue slowly rasped over her swollen clit and then whispered, “I want you now”, did I go further.

Her arms went around my back as I searched for her entrance with my rigid cock.  I found it, all slippery wetness and warmth against my cock head and pushed in slowly.  Her hands slipped down my body as far as she could reach, and pulled at me to go deeper.   As my cock sank into Toni’s warmth, she sighed and then chuckled.

“You’re being gentle again.”

“Well, you’re pretty snug.  I didn’t want to hurt you.”

“Mmmm….I don’t think you have to worry about hurting me.  You’re definitely not hurting me now.”

“It feels pretty good on this end too.”

I felt a tightening around my embedded cock, and then heard Toni’s whisper.

“That feel pretty good too?”

I kissed Toni softly on her lips, then whispered back.

“Not just good, fantastic.”

And she was fantastic.  I don’t know if it was my need, or hers, or maybe a combination of both.  What I do know is Toni was that combination of raw desire and quiet sensuality that has always been my fantasy, but has always eluded me.  She wasn’t aggressive, really, but as I lay there with my chest lightly pressing her heavy breasts, she kept milking my cock with that tight ring just inside her soft lips.  

That milking didn’t last for long; I couldn’t just hold still and let her keep doing it.  My strokes began slow and deep, because I didn’t know what Toni liked the most.  Occasionally, I’d pull out until the rim of my cock head sort of stopped at that snug little ring of muscle, and then make little short strokes right there, letting my cock head stretch that ring over and over.  Toni seemed to like that a lot.  The second time I did it, I felt her nails rake my back, and the third time, she murmured, “Yessss…that’s so nice…”

Toni let one hand slide down my arm, and then pulled my hand to her right breast.  The little catch in her breathing when I stroked her taut nipple was almost as erotic as feeling the rubbery nub sliding under my fingertip.  A tentative little pinch made Toni rock her hips up a little and gasp.  I felt her nails pressing into my back when I gently rolled her nipple between my thumb and finger, and a little moan slipped from her throat.

“Mmmmm…more, not so gentle, now.”

What I thought was not so gentle set Toni’s hips to meeting every stroke I made, and I felt her hands moving down to my ass.  Soon, they were pulling my strokes into her thrusting hips, and thrusting wasn’t the only thing Toni was doing.  She had a way of rocking her hips just when my cock bottomed out that was causing some really, really exquisite sensations in my cock head, so exquisite I wasn’t going to last very much longer.

I kissed her, and then nuzzled her ear lobe.

“Slow down, Toni.  I want you to be there when I am.”

Toni moaned and rocked her hips up a little harder on that stroke.

“I can’t slow down.  I’m….Oh God…just don’t slow down and…spank me.”

“Spank you?”

“Yesss…spank me.”

Three more strokes into her wet, clasping warmth and two rather sharp swats to her right ass cheek was all it took.  I felt the surge building after two strokes, and right after the third, there was no way to even slow down, much less stop.  I smacked Toni’s ass and then rammed my cock in deep just as the first spurt of seed raced out the end.  Toni pushed back at the same time and cried out.  I pulled back out a little, smacked her soft cheek again, and started back inside her, but Toni beat me.  She gasped, then started to pant, and her body slammed into mine with enough strength to lift us both up a little.  In the process, the sensations of my second and third spurts were heightened by Toni’s cries and by the shaking of her body.  

She started to giggle as she eased back down on the bed.

“Wow…that was…that was great.”

At the pulling of her soft hands, I eased my body down on top of Toni.

‘I know.  Are you always this good?”

Toni chuckled.

“I don’t know.  Are you?”

“Up until this point, I don’t think I was.  You uh…you’re pretty special.  I think that had a lot to do with it.”

Toni stroked my back.

“No man ever called me special before.  You think I really am?”

I kissed Toni softly.

“We wouldn’t have done what we just did if I didn’t think so.”

“Am I special enough to spend the night?”

I didn’t answer her at first.  There were too many thoughts running through my head.  

Sex with her had been fantastic, but I was old enough to separate that from reality.  Toni was so young, and yet she didn’t seem to be concerned by the difference in our ages.  Maybe that was just because she did need to be touched, to reach that pinnacle of arousal and then fall off the edge into an orgasm.  No, if that was all she wanted, any number of men would have been happy to do that, maybe not the ones at the Sundowner, but she wouldn’t have to look very hard in other places.  It felt so right, but maybe “right” was just knowing she’d not just given herself to me, but had wanted me to take her.  Toni’s sigh and trembling voice broke my concentration.

“I guess I’m not that special after all.”

I squeezed her breast and kissed her again.

“Toni, it’s not you.  I’ve not met anyone like you, ever.  You are special to me.  I just don’t know if I’m really right for you.  I’m trying to figure out why me, when you could have any man you wanted.  It’s my age, I guess.”

Toni stroked my back.

“When you work in a bar, and you look like I do, men are always coming on to you and usually they’re not very subtle.  You didn’t tell me how good you are in bed and how much I’d love it.  You didn’t try to grab my boobs when I got close enough.  I saw you looking at me, but you just looked, and you talked to me like … like we were friends.  Age doesn’t matter between friends, even if they’re more than friends.  That’s part of the reason.”

“And the rest?”

“I don’t know.  It’s just this feeling I have.”

“What would your daughter think if she knew you had that feeling?”

“She’d probably think I was a little crazy, but she’d get over it once she got to know you.  I could let you meet her if you want.”

“I’ll tell you in the morning, if you still want to stay.”

Toni giggled.

“I want to stay, but you’re getting kinda heavy.  Maybe we should sleep side by side?”

I’m not sure where we’re going yet.  The next morning, after making love to Toni again, I bought her breakfast.  On my way to the last day of my workshop, I dropped Toni off at The Sundowner and she drove back home.  I didn’t go home after my workshop.  The evening at The Sundowner was great, even though Toni was working.  When she got off at three, we went back to my hotel room and had another fantastic night and next morning.  The sex was more than I ever hoped to experience.  Just being with her was even better.

I’ve been going back to The Sundowner every Friday night for the last two months.  If I knock off work a little early, I can be there by about five, and Toni and I will have dinner together.  Then, she’ll work her shift while I sit at the bar and people watch.  Well, mostly I’ll be watching Toni.  She likes it that I watch her, and so do I.  I think Jeremy and the other guys have figured out something’s going on between us, because Toni says they’re a little more polite to her.  

I found a better hotel that doesn’t cost a fortune, and after she clocks out, we go there.  We have Friday night, Saturday morning and night, and Sunday morning before I have to head back home.  We always talk about “us”, because we have a lot to talk about, but that usually comes afterward, when Toni is snuggled up with her big breasts against my chest with her soft thigh draped over my legs.  

This weekend, I’m going to meet her daughter, and I hope things go well.  If they do, I won’t be driving to The Sundowner much longer.  I’ll just come home from work to Toni and her daughter.  If they don’t…well, a hundred miles isn’t really that far, and maybe once her daughter gets to know me a little better she’ll warm up to me.  I really hope she does.  I would never make Toni choose between us, but I really don’t know how I could ever give her up.  The Ice Queen of The Sundowner is the Queen of my life now, and she makes me feel like a King.  That’s a feeling I want to keep forever.