The Taboo Family Files Chapter 5

I stood in my room and pulled my hair. "Holy shit, Quinn is just driving me nuts," I moaned, pulling my hair really hard. "Of course, now my phone is buzzing," I said, reaching for it.

A new text pulled up. "'I can't wait to ride your giant cock again, step son. My pussy is begging me to let your schlong back inside it again. Do you think your dick would be willing to journey inside my twat again? Even better, with some more privacy? I have a surprise for you, Ted.' Oh, fuck me, I don't even know what it is, but sweet," I whispered, shaking around.

Suddenly, there was a knock on my door. "Quinn, is that you?"

"No," she answered, opening the door. "It's just your cunt step sister you seem to hate."

I took a deep breath and leaned my head back. "I don't hate you, Nadine, I never did," I replied, still holding my phone.

"Well, you may hate me in a minute, but first, what are you doing? Sexting my mom, you horny bastard?"

"No, you noisy bitch, and what does that mean? I may hate you in a minute?" I pondered, putting my phone away.

She broke eye contact and strolled towards me. "Well, I'm not so pissed off that you're fucking my mom anymore," she stated before she stopped in front of me.

"What are you talking about?" I questioned, crossing my arms.

She put her eyes on me and placed her palms on her hips. "Funny story, well, for me that is."

I clenched my fists and moved even closer to her. "Just spit it out, step sis, whom I don't hate at the moment."

"As it turns out, your dad had a crush on me, did you know that?"

I tightened my arms for a moment and slanted my head back towards the ceiling.

I stared at it for a moment. 'There is no way she did it. No, she couldn't have, but she has proven she can be a bitch in the past.'

"Please tell me you didn't have sex with my dad, Nadine," I begged, jiggling somewhat.

"I wish I could. Well, that's not true," she stated before a pause. "I wish I could show you, asshole."

I looked back at her, grinding my teeth.

"He made sweet love to me, Ted," she muttered, rubbing her clit. "The way I wanted you to fuck me."

"You wench!" I yelled, pushing her onto my bed.

She wasn't hurt, as she smiled at me again. I came to her and punched the bed near her.

"Oh, that's sweet of you. You completely have right to slap the shit out of me, but you won't let yourself. Could it be that it's because you love me?" she wondered, grinning.

I placed my hands onto my face, began breathing very loudly and started moving the top half of my body back and forth for a minute.

"I can't believe you did that, Nadine," I told her, taking my hands off my face. "What the fuck is wrong with you? He is married," I reminded her, bringing my hands up.

"Really?" she laughed. "That's your argument? My mom is married too, you jackass! Why the hell didn't you stop and tell yourself that?" she asked, getting up. "You started this, Ted! I only did it to get back at you, but now we can be together," she pointed out, closing the gap.

"We both realize the mistakes we made, so there is nothing for either of us to feel guilty about," she mentioned, taking my hands in hers. "Now you can start receiving my sexy texts, sound good?"

"No, Nadine, that does not sound good."

"Why not?"

I stayed silent and put my hands up.

"Oh," she said, crossing her arms and nodding. "I understand now: she gave a taste of the sex and you loved it. You are like a kid eating ice cream, so you aren't just gonna stop eating it because the ice cream has another name on it. Now you're hooked on her. Would you say I'm at least in the ballpark? We both know I got the nail on the head, but give me some credit."

She grinned for a moment and chuckled a bit. "So, how do you want this to work?" she pondered, circling me. "We both just see one another's parent behind closed doors? Help them both commit adultery, until what, everything just blows up in everyone's faces?" she inquired before she stopped in front of me.

"You won't just tell me you want to avoid all the heartache? You've called me a bitch a million times before, so you know if you continue to see my mom, I'm gonna keep seeing your dad. He loved the scoop, so he is going to want the all you can eat buffet too," she explained, before she took my hands back in hers

"Will you just be with me, please? We can have sex right now if you want to."

I glared right at her for a moment. "You really think I'm just gonna fuck you? Just drop my pants and stick my dick inside you?"

"Well, that's a simplistic way of looking at it, but yes," she replied, bringing her right hand to my crotch. "You can stick in my mouth, my pussy or even my asshole if you want to. Sound good?" she wondered, rubbing my dick. "You can keep it inside me until you cum."

"No, Nadine!" I asserted, pushing her away. "Just get out, you dumb hussy."

"Fine, have it that way, but remember, you had the chance to end this," she made clear, keeping her eyes on me as she strolled to the door backward.

She stopped at my door. "Have fun fucking my mom. She certainly is a beauty, isn't she?"


"She is just more attractive than me. Its that or the MILF factor. What other reason would you have to reject me and pursue her?"

We kept our eyes on each other for another thirty seconds in silence before she left.

"Son of a bitch," I groaned, clenching my fists.

I lied down. "Shit, it is wrong, but fuck, my dad fucked Nadine. I can't see Nadine just making that up. How bad should I feel, and should I tell Quinn? How can I not?"

After another emotionally conflicting hour, I heard a knock at the door. "Go away, Nadine."

"It's not Nadine," she mentioned, opening the door. "It's your alluring step mom that has the hots for you."

"Hi, Quinn," I replied, smiling. "You are a beauty."

"Thank you," she replied, walking towards me.

She lowered herself to her knees and kissed me. "I sense anger in that kiss, what's wrong?"

I bit my top lip for a moment and broke eye contact.

"Would a blow job make you feel better?"

"Maybe, but I have something to tell you."

"Is it something bad? Something that getting your dick sucked won't solve?"

"I'm afraid so."

She stayed silent for a moment. "Do you want to stop seeing me?" she cried slightly.

"No, no, Quinn," I let her know, leaning up and placing my palms on her face. "I love you, but it's something I think you should know."

"Okay," she answered, letting out a deep breath. "I have a nice surprise for you and we have to drive there. Tell me on the way," she told me, standing up.

She put her hand out and I took it. We made our way out and held hands the whole time. No one else was home at the time, but it was still really quiet. Anyway, we made it to her lime green car and got in. We pulled out and started driving.

"I don't want this is to get in the way of your surprise, but what do you need to tell me?"

I rubbed my hands onto my jean shorts. "Shit, my hands are sweaty."

"I can tell, I know you love me and you don't want to stop seeing each other, so what is it?"

'Just rip it off like a band aid,' I thought, clenching my fists. "Nadine and my dad had sex."

She instantly stomped on the brake and pulled over. "What?!" she exclaimed, glancing at me.

"She knows about us too."

"Fuck!" she yelled before she hit the steering wheel. "How did she find out?"

I placed my left hand onto her bare leg. "Please don't be mad," I pleaded, shedding a few tears. "I don't want to lose you, Quinn."

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath for a moment. "Just tell me what happened," she told me, glancing at me.

I took a deep breath. "She caught me coming out of your room that first time we had sex and I kind of bragged right outside your door."

She grinned slightly. "Okay, but how does her fucking my husband come into this?"

"Well, the short version is, she has kind of had her own crush on me and has asked me out quite a few times before."

"And you were never interested?"


She failed to say a word for about a minute.

'Crap, what is she thinking?'

"Obviously, it wasn't because of Sherry," she pointed before she peeked back at me.

She placed her right hand onto my leg. "Was it because you wanted to be with me?"

"Nadine and I share that theory, yes."

She put the car in 'park' and leaned towards me. "I love you too, Ted," she assured me, hugging me. "I don't want to lose you either."

I hugged her back and a moment later, she let go of me. "That stupid bitch, I can't believe she did that. I realize you fucked me, but it was lust driven. She just did it to get back at you?"


"How did she even get him to do it with her?"

"He confessed to having a crush on her. I'm guessing one thing led to another, I can't see him just screwing her like that."

She lied back on her seat and rubbed her forehead. "Motherfucker," she chuckled. "Well played, Nadine. I did not know she could be that big of a tart."

"Me either."

She peeked at me, but stayed silent for a few seconds. "We can't bust them without busting ourselves. That clever harlot," she laughed before she covered her face with both hands.

She stayed silent again for a moment. "Wow," she mentioned, dropping her palms. "I never thought I'd call my daughter that, but she pulled this shit?" she giggled.

"Yes, she did."

"I'm so pissed off, but yet, I'm laughing," she chuckled before she peeked back at me. "Oh, fuck it. I'm wrong, she is wrong, everyone is wrong deep down. This isn't getting in the way of your surprise," she made clear before she kissed me again. "I love you, Ted and that will never change. We've been seeing each other for a month now and I've really grown quite fond of you. I really do love you, Ted. You definitely know to please a woman, physically and mentally."

She put the car back in 'drive' and we went off. Although, not another word was spoken until we arrived at our destination.

"A hotel?"

"Yes, your dad is..." she replied before she paused. "Well, given this new information, he's probably not shopping for a new lawn mower and Nadine isn't with friends. Wherever the hell they are, we are here and I have something else in store for you," she informed me, rubbing my leg.

We got out and she took my hand. "Are you ready to get laid?"

"Yes," I responded before we checked into a seemingly nice hotel outside of town.

'I don't know how to feel, I'm excited for sex, but still feeling emotionally twisted,' I thought, strolling towards our room.

We made it there and as soon as we walked in the door, she forced me onto the wall. She put her lips onto mine and we made out for about three minutes straight. During our make out session, her hands dropped to my crotch.

She rubbed it rather quickly with both of them and I brought my hands to her knockers. I caressed them as slowly as I could and felt drops of sweat lazily coming down on my forehead.

After a minute, her lips came off mine. "Well, considering where this is going, we should probably shut the door," she suggested before she pushed it closed.

She remained right in front of me, but peeked down a bit and took my hands in hers. "You love me for me, right? I mean it's not because of the sex?"

"No, of course not, Quinn," I guaranteed her before I kissed her.

"Good, because I like you, Ted. I like you a whole lot," she confided in me as her face was only a couple inches in front of mine.

"Hence the hotel?"

"I guess," she whispered, backing away slightly. "Although, are you okay helping me commit adultery? I guess I never really thought about it like that until now. No one likes to be cheated on."

"It's not ideal, but it's very hot."

We stared at each other for a few seconds before she grabbed onto the bottom of her dark blue tank top.

"Holy shit, they are spectacular," I moaned, rubbing my body against the wall.

"I know, Nadine made my tits bigger and they never drooped either," she mentioned, lifting them up a bit.

"Would you like me to take off my bra?"

I bit my lip really hard and felt my heart feeling like it was gonna pop right of my chest.

She brought her hands to her back. "What's wrong, Ted? You are about to see naked D-cup hooters, I'd think you'd be smiling and having some kind of good impressions on your face," she pointed out, strolling back to me.

"Ted, I love you more than life itself. If there is something you need to tell me, then tell me."

"I just think our relationship might be heading in a serious direction, Quinn."

"I think you are right, considering what my surprise is."

"I had sex with Nadine once," I blurted out while shedding a couple tears.

Her smile faded away and she broke eye contact. "When?"

"It was that night after you and my dad left. She busted me and blackmailed me into sex. If I didn't fuck her, she was gonna blow the whistle."

"Why didn't you tell me this earlier?"

"I guess I didn't want to pile that on too. Then she threw herself at me earlier today too."

"No kidding, but you turned her down?"

"Yes, because of you."

"Did she strip?"

"No, but she was down to fuck though. I didn't want her, I want you."

"Oh," she said before she kissed me. "You are sweet," she let me know, bringing her hands to her back.

She took off her bra, undid her shorts and pushed them down too.

As she stood in front of me in just her violet cotton panties, she strolled back to me. "She means nothing to you, though, I mean sexually?" she wondered, placing her arms on my shoulders and wrapping them around my head.

"I attempted to make that clear, yes."

My hard on expanded a bit and pushed my shorts out a bit.

"Oh, did you hear that? Someone just knocked on the door. Do you think we should answer it?"

"I do."

Then she leaned towards the door.

"Shouldn't you cover up?"

"Not for this guest," she answered before she opened the door.

"What the fuck, did you two start without me?"


Quinn took her hand, brought her into the room with us and shut the door.

"Ted, you remember my big chested, blonde friend, Britta. I asked her if she'd be interested in having a little fun with us," Quinn informed me, bringing her to me.

"She is a mother too," she let me know, rubbing Britta's melons. "We had fun with a lot of different guys in college, so I think you'll enjoy us together, Ted," Quinn assured me before she kissed me.

We made out again and she managed to get my shorts undone in the process.

She pushed them down. "Your big friend seems to be happy," she whispered, wrapping her right hand around it.

We made out for two full minutes in front of Britta and then her lips parted from mine. "I'm gonna suck on your big cock now, feel free to get to know Britta little better. Just remember: this is all for you, hunk," Quinn explained before she dropped her knees.

She kept to her word and took my entire schlong into her mouth.

"Fuck yes, Quinn."

"Wow, you have not lost your touch, Quinn," Britta admired Quinn before taking off her white tank top.

"Feel free to feel them if you wish, Ted," she offered before she kissed me.

I placed my hands onto her bare tits right over the nipples. "Wow, are these real?"

"I don't know, do they feel real?"


"Good," she mentioned, leaning towards me and dropping her skirt off herself. "They are very real," she informed me before she kissed me.

We made out for a moment as my palms remained on her bosoms.

'Holy shit, this is really happening?'

I squeezed them a bit and began jiggling around too. Her tongue made the trip into my mouth after a couple minutes and her right hand slithered it's way onto my butt. Tears slipped out of my eyeballs and my grip on her boobs lessened a bit.

Her lips came off mine. "You are a good kisser, Ted," she praised me, placing her other hand on the back of Quinn's head. "How many times has she given you head?"

"Roughly, twenty-five times."

"And your dad has no idea?"

"None, as far as I know anyway."

"Naughty young man," she whispered, getting behind me.

She pressed her hooters against my back and reached over to place both of her palms onto Quinn's head.

Her chin came to rest on my left shoulder. "Where does she let you cum, Ted? On her boobs, her face or her stomach?"

"Wherever I want, Britta," I moaned, clenching my fists.

"Oh, she has your entire cock in her mouth. FYI, she learned how to deep throat from me."

She peeked up at both of us and smiled slightly.

"Crap, Quinn, I'm gonna pop," I muttered, shaking around nonstop.

Quinn let my schlong slip out and Britta immediately grabbed it. "Douse her tits," she moaned, stroking it.

I shook around, but I watched the entire thing. After a few more seconds, the first shot of my seed bolted out.

"Shit," I let out, cumming.

I spit out three streams of seed for the amusement of the two sexy ladies. Every shot was more pleasurable than the last, but the whole thing took a toll on me by the time I was done.

"Son of a bitch, Quinn," I moaned, exhaling deeply and leaning back onto Britta.

She stood up with us and wrapped her arms around both of us. "You are a good step son, despite that you are fucking your step mom," she giggled before she kissed me. "Now I want to see you have sex with my best friend."

She let go of us and Britta turned me around. "Would you like to slide my panties off me?"

"Sure," I whispered before I fell to my knees.

I seized the sides of her panties and slid them down.

"Oh, did you shave just for us, Britta?" Quinn pondered, lowering herself with me.

"Maybe," she answered, getting down with us.

"Would you like to see us kiss each other, Ted?"

"Yes, I would."

Then she both rose up a little bit and leaned towards each other right over my right shoulder. Without delay, their lips pressed together and they made out for about thirty seconds.

"Son of a bitch, that is hot."

Their lips came apart. "Don't tell your dad, but I do find myself fascinated with some lovely ladies, like Britta here."

"My lips are sealed."

"Good," Britta said, lifting herself up a bit over me.

She grabbed my rod and guided it right into her slit. "Oh, shit on a stick, Quinn, you are one lucky harlot," she moaned, placing her hands onto my shoulders.

"Come on, wrap your arms around her," Quinn, whispered.

I did as she suggested. "Holy shit, your knockers feel so damn good on my chest."

"I know," she replied, moving her torso around a little bit. "Feel my titties, Ted, and feel my pussy walls rub onto your cock too. Do you like that?"


"I think he likes it a lot, Britta," Quinn added, pressing her tits against my back.

They both rubbed their breasts onto my body and giggled in the process.

'I feel like I'm in a volcano, but it's worth it.'

"I'm riding your step son, Quinn," Britta let out, shaking her entire body. "Yes, stretch out my pussy lips, Ted. I haven't had a young guy's cock inside me since my first husband, make sure you pleasure me beyond belief for me."

"You better do it. She demands to be pleasured and will not take any half assed work," Quinn informed me by she smooched my cheek.

I gathered all the strength I could and began bouncing myself up a bit and letting my schlong thrust in her cherry.

"Yes, Ted. You know how to fuck, don't you," Britta commended me, leaning back. "Put your hands on my lower back and hold me while I ride you."

I did as she advised me and then Quinn quickly went right behind her.

"Oh, let me get those nipples, ravishing woman," Quinn let out, dropping her head to her tits.

Even as Britta's breasts were flopping around, Quinn managed to get it. "Who doesn't love big and natural melons?" she pondered before she licked Britta's right nipple.

Suddenly, I just halted my movements and watched the spectacle. "Fuck, that is so steaming hot, Quinn," I muttered, vibrating around.

I watched her lick the life out of Britta's nipple and it seemed like a dream where anything was possible.

Britta placed her hands onto Quinn's head. "You still like licking that nipple, you cheating slut? Show your step son that you don't just love sucking on his cock, but you certainly love licking female nipples too," she moaned, caressing Quinn's head.

My eyes closed about halfway. "Crap, I'm gonna cum, ladies."

Quinn lifted her head up and Britta leaned to me.

She wrapped her arms around me. "Fire that juice inside me, Ted."

I placed my hands onto her butt and leaned my head back. My seed came bolting out and right up into her slit.

"Oh, wow, that was a lot of cum, Ted. I didn't see it, but I felt a shit load," Britta pointed out before she rose up.

She spread out her pussy lips. "Nice."

"What the fuck, Ted?" Quinn wondered, coming up behind me and enveloping her arms around me. "You never came that much inside me before. Were you just saving it for her?"

"I don't know, Quinn, but thanks for this."

"Your welcome, my sweet hunk," she replied, prior to smooching my cheek. "Damn, its really splattering out. I'm jealous."

"Really?" Britta inquired, taking her fingers off her cherry. "Just like Sam. We had a threesome with her boyfriend and she nearly bit his head off for kissing me too much," she explained before she lowered herself to me.

She leaned down to my schlong and took it in her right hand. "Would you like me to suck your dick, Ted? While your step mom watches?"

"Yes, I would, you dazzling woman."

"Oh, aren't you sweet?" she asked before she took my pecker into her mouth.

"Yes I am, Britta," I moaned, letting my arms reach out.

Each one of them landed on a head. My right went to Britta's head while the other touched down on Quinn's.

Then Quinn's chin touched down on my shoulder. "Does she suck your dick better than me?"

"No, step mom, you are the queen cock sucker. There is no one better than you."

"Not even Sherry?"

"No," I moaned through my teeth. "You are the best, Quinn."

"That's good, because the only woman that loves you the most should have that title. I love you, Ted. I do a hell of a lot more than any other woman should love her step son. Just don't forget that. I don't know where this odd relationship can go from here, but remember how much I love you."

"I understand, Quinn," I let out, caressing her head and closing my eyes.

The intense feeling of having Britta's lips rub onto my johnson was beyond great. Even as Quinn was sniffing distance away, I couldn't resist the great pleasure Britta was giving me.

I kept my eyes closed and my hands busy. I nearly felt to be going into a pleasure coma as both my physical and emotional feelings skyrocketed. I felt Quinn sweating a hell of a lot as well, which meant she was feeling something too.

Eventually, her hands slithered up to my face. "Feel my heart beat right through my hands. It's beating so hard because of you, Ted. I certainly hope we can take this somewhere someday, because I can't picture my life without you fucking me in it."

I just bit my tongue and said nothing. 'What the hell could be added to that? Is she falling for me now?'

"Britta, please stop."

Britta immediately brought her head up. "What, I thought we were having fun."

"We were, but please stop," she pleaded, leaning up.

She instantly helped me up and kissed me. "He is just my step son, but more importantly, he is my boyfriend," she told her, looking at me.

She peeked at Britta a moment later. "I'm sorry, but would you please go now. I just don't want to share him."

"Quinn," Britta said, standing up. "You are married to his dad, this is an affair. Do you understand, you can't get emotionally attached to him. You asked me to come all the way out here to have a threesome, and now you are just kicking me out?"

"I'm sorry, but yes," she replied, enveloping her arms around me.

She held me for a moment as Britta just stood there.

'Yeah, this isn't awkward.'

"Oh, fuck this, Quinn. You two are sick," she bitched, grabbing her clothes. "We are best friends, so I looked the other way on this odd hook up, but you've lost it," she whined, putting her panties on. "Sam was one thing, but this is way fucked up."

She got fully dressed as Quinn just hugged me. We kept our positions until we heard the door open and close.

She let go of me and kissed me.

"Are you crying?"

"Maybe a little bit. We are sick, but you are my boyfriend. So, let's just keep seeing each other. Your dad is just gonna keep seeing my daughter too, so fuck it. Do you think of me as your girlfriend?"

"Yes. I'm not getting action from anyone else, so how about we just have sex in our hotel room?"

"Sounds good," she agreed with me, bringing me back to the bed. "I didn't mean to freak you out, you are just my rock, and I don't want to share my rock. I took me sharing you to figure it out, but I did."

We lay down on the bed and I got on top of her. "I understand completely, sexy lady," I let her, prior to sliding my cock into her pussy.