Celia and the CEO

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30 May. '17

“Celia Janson, right this way please,” a male voice said, startling me out of my daydreams. He was dressed in a tailored suit and tie, motioning for me to follow him. We walked up the hall and entered into a room with five people seated around a table.

Well, here goes nothing, I thought, nervous but elated. I took an empty chair at the table. If I did well in this training course, I would be much closer to my goal of leaving my boring bank teller job. Getting in with a major financial institution like this was the key to my future and I knew it.

I sat down, looking around at the people I would be training with. I seemed to be the youngest person here, by a long shot. Before I could think too much into this, the door I had just come through opened up and the room grew instantly quiet, with all eyes pinned toward the door.

What’s going on? I thought. I had been adjusting my purse on the chair and didn’t immediately understand what everyone was looking at.

I followed their gaze and looked toward the door. I could not believe my eyes. Alex Chain was entering the room. This man was essentially a god in the world of finance. He owned this company, but I didn’t realize that he actually appeared in person here. I most certainly didn’t expect to see him in real life, now or ever.

Rising to incredible, record-breaking success before turning 30, this man was rumored to be as rich as Oprah. He was essentially one of my idols and I was trying to get my head around actually being in the same room as him when I realized I was gaping and closed my mouth.

I knew this guy was hot (after all, I was an avid reader of Financial Weekly and he was featured in it at least every few months), but I wasn’t prepared for his presence in the flesh.

Alex Chain was tall, with medium-length black hair, bright blue eyes, and incredible dark lashes that made them stand out. In the photos I’d seen of him, I could tell that his eyes were nice, but in person, they were beyond captivating. He was also a genius, hence his professional and social status. And unlike other “finance geeks,” he had the brain and the looks.

I had seen several seminars given by him and his advice to new investors was always spot on, articulate, and well-spoken. On top of all of that, he was in amazing shape. I had read in his interviews that he was an avid tennis player and also lifted weights and did running. All of this was obvious and his tall physique was stunning even in the suit jacket and dress shirt he had on. I found myself wondering what he looked like without these extra layers. By the looks on the other women’s faces, I wasn’t the only one.


“Hello, everyone,” he said in a deep and commanding tone, “Welcome to our training course.” He seemed either unaware or simply unfazed by everyone’s shocked and awed reaction to seeing him in the flesh. “This is where we find out what you’re made of. Take out some paper and write down your ambitions for this job.”

I did as he said, but kept a close eye on him. I simply couldn’t help myself. He was looking around the room at each person and when his eyes met mine, he didn’t simply scan past as he had with all the others. His eyes lingered and a slight smile formed on his face, his eyes narrowing. I could almost feel them burning into me. I waited for him to look away and, when he didn’t, I finally broke eye contact by looking down. I could feel my face burning.

“Now, I want you to take these notes home, think about them, and see if you still feel the same way after sleeping on it,” he continued after everyone had spent about 15 minutes writing. “We want people with a clear direction for this company. Make sure you know what you want before you return tomorrow,” he said, “You can all go home now.”

There were some surprised murmurs around the room. Was that really it? 20 minutes of training? But nobody argued. This man knew what he was talking about when it came to professional banking, after all, and his status and bank account proved that many times over.

“All except for you,” he said, and my heart leapt into my chest. Oh my god, I thought, looking up and seeing that his eyes were again fixed unwaveringly on me. I started wondering again if I had done something wrong, then realized that that was impossible. I had done exactly what everyone else had. Why was I being singled out?

Maybe he could tell just by looking at me that I was too young and inexperienced to be here and was going to send me back to my teller job. The rest of the people in the room filed out, some glancing back at me curiously. The door closed. It sounded deafeningly loud.


“Come over here,” Alex said to me, again using that commanding tone, as if no one had ever said no to him before. I had no idea what to expect and found that I had intense butterflies leaping around in my stomach. On legs that felt like cooked spaghetti, I walked over to where he stood. As though there were an electric force field around him, every hair on my body stood up as I got nearer to him. I started tingling and my face continued to burn.

“What’s your name?” he asked me, his eyes still searing into my soul. I told him.

“Celia,” he said, the sound of his voice saying my name making my legs feel even weaker. I was actually facing Alex Chain, having a conversation with him. I had daydreamed about talking to him and probing his mind for tips on financial success, many times. Now I was taking in his overwhelming vibe, looking into his face, and being directly addressed by him. It was almost too much to handle mentally.

“You’ll be happy to know that I’ve decided to give you a special position,” he continued.

A special position? What the hell could that possibly mean?

“They probably didn’t tell you, but I just transferred from a small local bank and had to convince my boss to let me come,” I said, “I don’t know much yet abou-“

But he held up his hand to cut off my speech. I had been rambling.

“Never mind all that, Celia. Let’s see if you’re a good fit for what I have in mind. Turn around,” he said.

I stood still, thinking I must have heard him wrong

“You heard me,” he said, that faint smile forming on his lips again. I spun around.

“Hands on the desk,” he said.

This situation clearly seemed sexual in nature. Part of me wanted to storm out of the room in indignation and file a lawsuit against him. But a larger part of me felt compelled to obey. He was my idol after all and sexier than any man I had ever glimpsed.

My mind couldn’t believe what was happening, but my skin buzzed with energy and heightened sensitivity. My pussy grew extremely hot at his presence and the sound of his commanding voice.

I listened to my body, complying with his demand and placing my hands on the table, arching my lower back slightly. How could a man in his position act so unprofessional? My mind was at war with itself.

“You’ll be perfect, Celia,” he said, “But first…”

I gasped as his strong hands met my hips. Was I okay with this? I didn’t have time to figure that out. I was too distracted and shocked by my body’s reaction. My skin was tingling and throbbing where his hands were. My nipples felt hard enough to cut through my blouse.

He started easing my pants down until they were just below the swell of my ass. I had worn a white silk thong today. I felt extremely vulnerable and exposed in this position, and very turned on. I wouldn’t let just anyone see me like this, but I was compelled to please and impress Alex.

His warm hands began caressing my bare ass. My heart rate quickened as my panties grew even more soaked. He slipped a couple of his fingers above the back of my waistband to touch my silk-clad pussy and I almost came right then and there. His fingers slid easily over the wet surface and the sensation of this drove every coherent idea out of my head in a single instant.

“You are going to be my appointed slave,” he said, “What I say goes and I am your master now. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” my mouth said before my brain could agree or even catch to the situation. His hand spanked me, leaving a stinging sensation and my arousal grew.

“Address me as sir,” he commanded.

“Yes, sir,” I answered, just hoping he would keep touching me. What the fuck is happening? My brain tried to intrude with, but I ignored it and again chose to trust my body instead.

“Now turn around and face me,” he said, and I did so. I was taken aback again by his eyes, incredible jawline, and presence as a whole. I only came up to his shoulders. The smell of his cologne was intoxicating and obviously very expensive. I had never, ever encountered a man like this before in the flesh. The men I had been around previously seemed more like boys to me, all of a sudden.  

“On your knees, now,” he commanded.

I dropped down to the floor, my pants still pulled down. I wondered if someone was going to walk into the room at any moment and found that, rather than being horrified by that idea, it turned me on even more. I knew that this was my last chance to walk out the door before anything happened, but I was rooted in place. I could never say no to him and had to know where this would lead.

Alex unbuckled his pants and pulled out his rock-hard cock as I stared on, mesmerized and amazed by what was happening. It looked perfect to me, just like the rest of him. I looked up at his face. “Open your mouth,” he instructed me, “And keep looking at me. I want to see those eyes as I enter your sweet mouth.”

His words gave me those electric tingles all over my body again. I opened my mouth and he placed the tip of himself onto my waiting tongue. The head of his penis was warm. I closed my lips around it and I eagerly waited for him to give me more. I didn’t have to wait long; he began moving slowly, sliding back until his cock was almost fully submerged in my mouth.

“Mmmmm,” he said, “You’re an obedient little slave, as I knew you would be.”

I moaned around his cock as it filled my mouth. It was new for me to be spoken to during sex and his words sent me to new heights of ecstasy.

“Keep sucking,” he instructed. He leaned his head back, breathing in deeply and moaning lightly. He slid in and out of my mouth. His skin smelled clean and amazing. I had to open my mouth pretty wide to accommodate his size and was starting to drool slightly but I didn’t even care. In fact, I found that I would have loved to make him cum this way. I was honored to pleasure him. But he had other plans. He pulled his length out of my mouth.

“Okay, you can stand up now, and sit on the edge of that desk right there,” he said. Again, I obeyed his command without any argument.

“Lie back,” he told me. I did so, but with my pants the way they were, this was a slightly awkward position to be in. My pants had my legs pinned together. I moved my hand to adjust them and he said, “I did not instruct you to do that, Celia. Do you want this position or not?”

I stopped and he reached down and lifted both my legs, still stuck together, up into the air so that one foot was on either side of his neck. Then he reached around and unbuttoned the top of my blouse, exposing the tops of my breasts, then pulling them from my bra. He stroked them for a second or two, my nipples tingling from his rough gestures, then reached his hand back down between my legs.

He moved my soaked panties aside, then sighed with pleasure as he stroked my slippery, hot slit with his finger. I let out little moans as his fingertips brushed my clit, making me lightheaded and sending me to the edge of longing. I wanted and willed him to fuck me. As a woman who was usually so controlled, being in a situation full of the unexpected was something very new to me.

“I like your pants this way. It keeps you held in place and will make your sweet cunt even tighter,” he said, “I can tell by looking at you that you have a nice tight space for my cock.”

“Yes,” I said, as he jammed two of his fingers up inside me. He had large fingers and I moaned as my pussy stretched to take them, unable to stop myself even though there might still have been others in the neighboring offices. He didn’t seem concerned. “Fuck my tight pussy, Mr. Chain,” I said, “Please!”

Were these words really coming out of my mouth? It was like a stranger had taken over my mind.

“Such a good, eager little slut,” he told me, “You’re going to be the perfect way for me to relieve my tension after a long day of work.” He said this while bringing his fingers up to my mouth. I sucked them without being asked, tasting myself and still willing him to get inside of me as soon as possible.

I soon got my wish and braced myself as he placed himself against my pussy, then slid his shaft up inside of me, using both hands to grab onto my thighs for leverage.

“You’re going to be my submissive little sex slave,” he growled as he fucked me, “Whatever I say, you do. Is that clear, slut?” His cock was bigger than any I had taken before and was hitting new spots that I didn’t even realize were there.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I cried, just wanting him to keep thrusting. “I’ll be your dirty little slut, just tell me what to do and don’t stop fucking me!”

“Right now I just want you to lie there and let me use your tight hole,” he said, “Show me how obedient you can be. This is a test to see if you’re capable of this position.”

I obeyed, willing myself to be quiet, lie back, and absorb what was happening. Staying quiet was a challenge, but enjoying this wasn’t hard at all. He had opened the top buttons of his shirt before flipping me back over and I was enjoying the view of his well-defined chest, as well as the changing looks on his face as pleasure gripped him. He was not just sexy, but beautiful to me.

“God, your cunt is unbelievable,” he told me, “You’re going to make me cum. I’m going to fill up your tight little space with my load, and you will take it all. Every single drop, won’t you my little obedient slut?”

“Oh yes, give me all of it,” I groaned, “Fill up my pussy, I’m ready! Fuck me until you cum!”

He started thrusting even harder. Since I was not used to his size, both in terms of width and length, it started to hurt a bit, but I didn’t care at all. I was too lost in my own pleasure. I could tell that he was edging closer to his climax by the sound of his breathing and the speed of his thrusting. He reached one of his hands under to rub my clit, bringing me to an orgasm.

I cried out as my climax ripped through me, racking my body, taking my breath away, and making the muscles of my pussy spasm and shudder. This reaction obviously turned Mr. Chain on, because shortly after, he was pumping his load into me, as promised.

Afterwards, he stood for a second or two, his eyes closed, both of us breathing deeply.

I said nothing, too stunned to even think straight.

“You’ll be perfect,” he said. Alex was buckling his pants and buttoning his shirt again. “Go home and come in tomorrow for training, as planned. I’ll be in the office at the back of the hall when your course is done. Meet me there.”

I started to get dressed. “Oh,” he said, “And don’t forget this.” It was my training packet for work. I almost laughed.

I just had time to get my pants pulled up and my sweater pulled on before he exited the room. What if someone had been out in the hall and seen me? How was he not even worried about that? These were the thoughts occupying my mind as I left the room and headed to my car. I said goodbye to the receptionist, wondering if she could tell that I had just been fucked within an inch of my life on a desk, fully clothed.



That night I was at home sitting on my couch, enjoying a glass of wine and looking over my training course workbook.

I tried to focus on the material, but my mind wouldn’t stop. I had just fucked one of my idols, a man who I had fantasized about. Was this real? I had already pinched myself earlier to see if I was dreaming, but it seemed as though today had really happened.

The worrying part of this was that I not only admired and respected Alex’s outer-appearance and sex appeal, but admired and looked up to his intellect, mind, and legacy. He was truly an incredible and inspiring businessman and I was going to be seeing more of him. My heart fluttered at this idea. I felt like a fan girl with a gigantic crush.

It had taken me weeks to finally convince my supervisor where I was a bank teller to let me go to the training. You were supposed to have a higher ranking or at least more years of experience than I had to be able to go.

Was I compromising my new position by engaging in sexual activity at work? I mean, it was technically after work hours. And clearly, it couldn’t be that much of a problem if the highest possible boss had been the one to initiate it. This job was something I had wanted more than anything in the world.

I was in awe of the fact that Mr. Chain found me attractive enough to pull aside for a fuck so quickly after seeing and meeting me. Talk about a confidence boost! I decided that I was just going to trust what he had initiated and see what happened. I wondered where my future would lie with the company.

With these thoughts chasing each other in my head, I fell asleep in my bed that night, just wanting the morning to come so I could go back to my training.



The next morning I selected a green blouse that showed off my cleavage without being too revealing. It had black buttons on it to match my black skirt, short enough to be slightly sexy but again, not overly revealing. I pulled on sheer black tights. Today, I opted for heels instead of comfortable flats. I curled my shiny brown hair, wearing it down instead of pinned up in a bun this time. I applied my makeup carefully, and even threw on a little red lipstick, before heading out the door.

When I walked into the building this time, the receptionist did a double take, almost as if she didn’t recognize me from the day before.

When I entered the conference room, it seemed as though I was one of the last people there. The people in this room also did double takes and the males looked me up and down approvingly.

Apparently, my extra effort this morning had worked! It was a good thing to look nice for work. Hopefully Mr. Chain (sir, I thought, he is sir to me now) would approve, as well. I smiled, thinking of the naughty little secret him and I shared. The training session started with a female manager heading the meeting, writing down notes on a white board and checking with us about whether or not we had questions on the material. I kept glancing over at the door and waiting for Mr. Chain to enter, but he never did.

In between work-related talk, the people taking the training course with me kept excitedly gossiping about Mr. Chain appearing in person the day before. A couple of them, who hadn’t been there, were in disbelief that he had really shown up.


Although my mind was occupied with Alex, I had always been so excited by numbers and was still elated to be working at this job, so I made myself pay attention. I had a lot to look forward to lately and life was going well. I felt high on possibility and what was coming up this afternoon with Alex.

Maybe if I really focused, I could move up and work directly under Alex one day. With this thought, my mind drifted to the day before when I had been literally directly under Alex, and I smiled.


It was finally almost 3 in the afternoon, nearly time to go meet Mr. Chain. What were we going to do today? I was absolutely beside myself with curiosity and lust. I was so wet from fantasizing about him that my juices had soaked through my panties again, moistening the crotch of the tights I wore. I visualized his chest, jawline, and of course, those stunning and captivating eyes. I wanted to look into them while we fucked, some time. The thought of this sent my mind and body reeling with longing.

Once the course training session was over for the day, I leapt out of my seat, grabbed my things, and walked out the door. I didn’t want to risk someone pulling me aside to ask me something or holding me up in any way whatsoever. I needed to get to the room down the hall.

I found it just where he said it would be. His name was etched into a gold plate on the door. I hesitated, then remembered that I had been invited here, and knocked.

“Come in,” Mr. Chain’s voice said from inside. I walked in and he was sitting behind his desk. I was shocked to see that he was wearing a plain white T-shirt. His biceps were completely exposed and I could not tear my eyes away for the life of me. There was something about seeing him in casual clothes like this that made him even more attractive to me, more human.

“Aren’t you going to say hello?” he asked me, but I couldn’t speak. He was smiling that small smile again.

“I see you dressed accordingly for our activities this afternoon,” he said in that smooth, deep, and sexy voice of his. “I want you to continue to wear your hair down when we meet. Is that understood?” I nodded.

“What do you want me to do?” I asked.

He pulled his office chair out into the center of the room and sat on it, then gestured for me to come forward. As I neared him, he held up his hand as a signal for me to stop where I was. Standing right in front of him, looking down into his face, I was struck again by his eyes and the way he held eye contact; frankly and unabashedly. My heart throbbed. This was a man who knew exactly what he wanted and would always get it.

“Pull your skirt up,” he instructed. I complied, pulling it up until it exposed my thighs.

“Higher than that. And turn so you’re facing away from me.” I spun around as he commanded and pulled up the skirt until my tights-clad ass was visible to him. I wondered if the wet spot caused by thinking of him all day was visible.

I could hear him unbuckling his pants. “Now sit on my lap,” he said. I sat down and could clearly feel his boner underneath me. I adjusted myself so I was on top of it and the tip was aligned with my clit. He put his hands on my hips and began to move my body back and forth along his length. I could hear him sighing lightly with pleasure, and I started to move even slower, teasing him.

Then, he stopped what he was doing and did something unexpected. He reached his hands underneath me and ripped a hole in my tights. Rather than getting angry that he just destroyed my nicest pair, this barbaric act sent my arousal to a new level as my body buzzed and tingled.

He moved my panties aside, just as he had done the previous day, and jammed himself up inside of me with no warning. Luckily, I was well-lubricated and his large cock easily glided up into my pussy. He kept pressing until he was all the way in. I was still tender from the day before, especially from this angle.

For a moment, I was so fixated on how deep he was that all I could do was sit there with my eyes closed, waiting for his next move. I could feel my cunt dripping around his girth.

“Show me how well you can fuck me, Celia,” he told me, and I started moving up and down right away, fucking him with all I had. I knew that this was my chance to prove myself.

Even his thighs were rock hard, which I could feel under my own as I bucked my hips on top of him. I had always been very attracted to men in impeccable physical shape, like most women, but had never gotten to fuck one before this. It was better than I imagined it would feel in my fantasies.

His strong arms were wrapped around my body, encircling my waist and making me feel tiny. Even though I was the one on top, I realized that I might not be able to move if I wanted to and that this was actually a huge turn-on to me. I was completely at his mercy. Alex ripped open my blouse, the black buttons flying across the room, then started groping my chest with the same savage intensity.

I kept moving, letting my impending orgasm drive my motions. I was in a trance-like state. It was clear that my movements were making him wild with lust. It was empowering to know that I had this effect on him.

I reached up and took my breasts out of my bra, so that they were outside of it, offering him easier access. He immediately started to tease and tweak my nipples, increasing the intensity of my arousal and starting the stirrings of an orgasm within me.

“Mmmm, you make such a good little slave, doing exactly as you’re told,” he said to me, and began thrusting with his own rhythm now, creating an intense sensation as is cock moved even deeper inside of me. “And you’re so damn tight, too,” he growled, “It makes it hard to maintain control.”

I was unsure about what he meant, but wanted to find out, “Don’t maintain control then,” I said between sighing and moaning.

Seeming to pause to think for a moment, he reached his arms around me again, even tighter, and stood up, holding me where I was, and walked over to his desk. He set me down so that I was standing up, facing the desk, then pressed my upper back down until I was lying flat on it. Amazingly, he achieved all of this while still inside of me.

He started thrusting incredibly hard, pinning me down so that I couldn’t move, but I didn’t care. I just wanted him to keep fucking me. He grabbed the back of my blouse and ripped it off so my back was bare. He unbuckled my bra, threw it and my ripped blouse aside, and then stared running his hands along my bare back, stopping at my neck and encircling it gently with his hands.

He used one hand to keep my upper body held down against the desk, and then ran the fingers of his other hand through my hair in a way that felt quite tender in contrast to the manner in which he was fucking me and holding me down. The savage intensity joined with this caring gesture made my heart surge with something so strong and new that it was slightly unnerving. I knew at that moment that I was beyond infatuated.

Alex picked up his pace and intensity, rocking my body so that my hips started lightly slamming against the desk. I wondered if it would leave bruises there, but didn’t care much. This was, by far, the roughest sex I had ever had. I had heard of rough sex before, and never would have thought that I would be into it, but it was exciting. The times I had had sex before this didn’t even seem like the same activity, by comparison.

I allowed myself to be taken over by Mr. Chain, getting lost in my body’s pleasure. I was impressed by his stamina, but not really surprised given the state of his body. I felt my orgasm building up from deep within me, threatening to take me over, body and mind.

Almost as though he could sense this, he picked up my body as though I weighed nothing. Alex started fucking me even harder, making me come so hard that I started yelling and screaming, “Oh my god, Mr. Chain, fuck me! Fuck me!” I yelled, oblivious to everything but the sensation of my climax washing over my body.

As soon as the last waves of my orgasm had passed, it was his turn. He set me back on the ground so that I was standing as before and pinned down my upper body again as he fucked me wildly. The entire inner-thighs of my tights were now soaked with my juices. I could sense him getting closer to the edge by his breathing.

“Give me your cum, sir,” I cried, “I want to take it all!”

I realized in that moment that I wanted nothing more than to be his obedient slave as he demanded and that nothing could satisfy me more. I also realized that no matter what he asked, I would probably do it without a single question. This was a potentially dangerous level of attraction and infatuation.

I got ready to feel his cock spasm inside of me as he climaxed. But once again, Mr. Chain threw me a curveball. Instead of emptying his load into me again, he pulled out and came on my lower back. It felt warm as it splattered against my skin. Afterwards, I lay there and he stood there for a moment or two, one hand resting on my hip.

Then he went over to one of his desk drawers and pulled out a dress shirt. He peeled off his white T-shirt (giving me a chance to glimpse his washboard abs and the entirety of his perfect chest) and tossed it onto the desk beside me. He pulled on the dress shirt, then his pants, put his shoes on, and left the room.


I was covered in sweat and still recovering from the orgasm I had just had. In fact, I could hardly even move from where I was lying on the desk. I realized that I was still technically on the property of my work and decided to stand up, pulling myself together.

I reached over to the T-shirt he had left on the desk beside me. As I slipped it on over myself, I could smell Alex’s scent on it. Again, I felt that rush of intensity in my chest and what felt like butterflies in my stomach.

I thought about who Alex was, all he had accomplished, the fact that he still found time to keep so physically fit and active while becoming one of the world’s youngest billionaires. It was never any secret to myself that I looked up to and was fascinated by this man, but now that I had met him and had sex with him, what did it mean?

Deciding that I could mull it over more later, I gathered my things and pulled my skirt down over the ripped hole in my tights, grateful that both the skirt and T-shirt covered this in case someone was out in the hallway or lobby when I left. But I needn’t have worried, the building was deserted except for a janitor mopping the hall. It was dark outside, meaning that a lot more time had passed in that room than I had realized. I drove home still slightly dazed from my afternoon activities.


That night, I was in bed, tossing and turning. I couldn’t stop thinking and eventually accepted that sleep wasn’t about to grace me with its presence anytime soon. I decided to call my best friend, Julia. I needed to talk to someone about what was happening or I was really going to lose my mind!

“Hey, Celia,” she answered, “What’s up?”

I felt relieved to hear her voice instead of my own echoing inside of my head. “Hey, I can’t sleep and have to tell someone about what’s happening to me lately,” I answered in a rush.

“Whoa, sounds intense,” she said with concern in her voice. “Go ahead and spill, you know I’m always here to listen.”

I told her everything. She already knew that I had my training sessions going on at the big bank, but I hadn’t had time to tell her about Alex, yet.

“Wait,” she said, stopping me mid-sentence when I was in the middle of the part with Alex pulling me aside and fucking me after the first training session. “You are claiming that you not only met Alex Chain, but he offered to have sex with you?” she said, incredulous.

“I’m not claiming anything,” I answered, irritated, “It really happened! I’m wearing his T-shirt right now. I swear to God, Julia, I couldn’t make this up!”

“You’re messing with me, Celia,” she answered, “I guess it’s kind of funny, but…”

“This isn’t a joke, damn it!” I answered, growing really angry.

I hung up the phone, furious at her. I felt incredibly lonely and incredibly horny.

I had been with about two or three guys before today, but I wasn’t sure if I had ever been “in love” or not. I tended to be on the more logical side of things when it came to romance, thinking that losing your head over a chemical reaction in the brain (hormones) was kind of silly. Now, I finally understood how people described being “high” on another person.

Breathing in the scent of cologne and pheromones from Alex’s shirt, I touched myself, thinking of him. What on earth was I getting myself into?