The Taboo Family Files Chapter 6

"Quinn, Ted, Nadine, is anyone here?" I called out, walking in the door.

"I'm here," she replied, strolling towards me.

As soon as she got to me, she kissed me and wrapped her arms around me.

"Whoa, whoa," I objected, pushing her off me slightly. "Are we the only ones here?"

"Yes, I wouldn't just kiss you like that right in front of the door like that if I thought there was someone else here. If we come out, it shouldn't be someone catching us, don't you think?"

"What are you talking about, you want to tell your mom that we're having an affair?"

"No," she replied, shooting me a dirty look. "Although, if you were screwing me doggie style and she caught us, that would certainly cause a shit storm. Whether she found out like that or if we just told her, she'd have a fit either way. We've been seeing each other for a few weeks now, and I don't think we're gonna slow down. No matter when she finds out, shit will hit the fan. Guys aren't supposed to have sex with their step daughters."

"Okay, I understand. Do you know where everyone is?"

"Well, I told my mom I was going out with friends, and you were lawn mower shopping," she admitted, shrugging her shoulders and breaking eye contact. "I have no idea where they went, Hank," she replied, closing the gap between us.

She kissed me and placed her palms on my shoulders. "Do you want to fuck me? Would you like to insert your dick into one of your step daughter's holes? I'm sure you'd love to, you sick freak. You don't need a combination to get into my panties, you have a key right in your pants," she reminded me, feeling my crotch.

"Yes, I would, but have you let anyone else into your panties lately?"

"No, it has been 'Hank' parking only in there for a while now."

"Okay, can I bounce something off you?"

"What, do you want to stick it in my ass?" she giggled.

"No, but maybe this might make us love each other a little bit more," I informed her, placing my hands onto her butt.

We just glared at each other for a moment in silence.

"Well, what did you have in mind?"

I stayed silent for a moment. "Would you get off on being shared?"

She leaned her head back somewhat and raised an eyebrow. "Do you mean you want to see me with another guy?"

"Well, yes, but I thought that maybe I'd be occupying one hole, while the other guy occupied another. What do you think of that?"

"Okay, what two holes and what other guy did you have in mind?"

"Will the answers I give directly affect the answer you give me? I just mean, we're the only two people in the world that know we're having a affair. Obviously, something like this could fuel the engines a bit, or it could just drain them. I love you too much to lose you, you just rock my world," I explained before I placed my palms onto her butt. "I just want to be adventurous too."

"You love me that much?" she pondered, feeling my crotch. "Now you want to see me suck another guy's cock? Is that the direction our taboo relationship is heading in?"

"It sounds weird when you say it out loud."

"Or do you want another guy to watch me give you a blow job?"

"I don't know, I guess I just got turned on when I thought of just bringing another guy into the bedroom with us," I admitted, caressing her butt.

"Well, tell whoever you had in mind, I'm in," she told me before she kissed me. "Just make sure they are someone that won't open their mouths before or afterward."

"I understand."

She kissed me once. "Just one more thing, he's not bigger than you, is he? I don't want you to get jealous."

"I honestly don't know, Nadine."

"Already than, set it up. Somehow I don't think Ted or my mom will be back anytime soon."

"Really, you want him to come now?"

"Yes, hung beast. Unless you aren't as excited about it now?"

"No, I can't wait," I replied before I reached into my pocket for my phone.

It took literally no effort to get my friend to say yes and bolt over here. Meanwhile, I took Nadine right to my room and we got naked.

I stood up near the bed and she lowered herself to her knees. "He just said 'Yes.'?" she pondered, stroking my manhood.

"Yes, he accused me of having a crush on you many times before, and he loved the chance make it with you."

"Will he get turned off if he comes in and sees me giving you head?"

"Honestly, I think he might like it."

"If you say so," she added before she took my schlong into her mouth.

We immediately made eye contact and she began thrusting her mouth.

"You are bar none, the best step daughter I could ever hope for," I praised her, placing my hands onto the back of her head.

I caressed it ever so softly and we maintained eye contact. I smiled for a moment, but then I let my tongue in between my lips. I slathered them a bit and felt my entire body vibrating.

"Oh, I just love it when you take the whole thing in your mouth. I feel the touch of your lips at very back of my cock, and it just makes me twitch a little more, you sexy goddess. I love you, Nadine. There is no one, other than your mom that has just taken my breath away."

She nodded slightly and then let her hands rise up with me. Our palms came together and we grabbed onto one another. We just held each other like that for a couple minutes as I fought with every fiber of my being to not cum down your throat.

"You have a beautiful smile, a great set of tits, and you certainly love to pleasure me too. What is not to love?"

She shrugged her shoulders, but kept thrusting her mouth as calmly as she could.

I stared into her brown eyes and just saw the woman I loved. "You aren't your mom, but you are surely close. I love your mom, but I think I might love you just a tiny bit more now, Nadine," I explained, breathing heavily and shedding a couple tears.

She kept going for a couple more minutes and we both jiggled a little bit too. "You are a naughty young woman, aren't you? Are you sucking on your step dad's long and thick pecker just because you want to pleasure him?"

She nodded again and then her tongue came right onto the tip of my dick.

"Okay, you kinky devil, now are you massaging my wood too? Are you trying to make me cum now?"

She grinned and continued to rub my wood with her tongue. After that, I found myself applying pressure onto her hands and shaking a bit more. I drenched my lips numerous times and just fought the urge to cum.

"Are you laughing a bit now?" I pondered, wiggling around.

She nodded and then I slanted my head back. "Oh, you are good, babe, I gotta pop now."

She let my johnson fall out of her mouth and she brought her tits to it. "Douse them for me, step daddy."

I brought my head back. "Yes, sweetheart," I moaned, taking my cock in my right hand.

I stroked it and let the white juice she craved all over her melons. I started the at the top of the left tit, soiled it and then did the same to the other.

I let out a deep breath. "Holy shit, that never stops being so hot."

"I'll say," I heard him say.

I immediately turned to the door. "Ralph," I said, before I came to him. "Glad you made it," I mentioned before I kissed him.

"Oh, now this is hot," she pointed out, standing up. "Are you bisexual, Hank?"

I kissed him for twenty seconds and then my lips came off his. "I missed you."

"Me too, Hank. I can see you are still hung."

"I'm just bisexual for this guy, Nadine," I confided, spanking his ass.

She came right to him and kissed him on the lips.

It lasted for about a minute before she parted her lips. "Not bad, a cute red head with a somewhat plump stomach, but may I see what you are packing, Ralph?" she wondered, rubbing her crotch.

"Aren't you going to buy me dinner first?" he pondered, smiling at her.

"No," she answered before peeked down and undid his jeans.

They immediately fell and his schlong instantly popped out through his boxers.

She took it in her right hand. "Nice and thick. How long is it? 8 or 9 inches?"

"I don't know, I haven't measured it lately," he confessed, placing his palms onto her butt.

"Have you sucked my step dad's cock before?"

"Yes, and he has sucked mine too. Damn, you have a soft ass," he commended her, rubbing it.

"Thank you," she replied before she kissed him. "And you have a hard dick," she pointed out, stroking it.

I just stood a few feet away from them and rubbed my cock. "Your mom has no idea about him, so I'm gonna have to ask you to keep this under your hat."

She turned her head to me. "I can do that, step Daddy. Come here."

I strolled right back to them as he stripped. Then she wrapped her other hand around my manhood too.

"Oh, I have two big and hard peckers to play with, I like that," she mentioned before she kissed me on the lips and dropped to her knees.

She glanced up at us. "Let me see you two kiss again."

We leaned towards each other and kissed in the middle. She rubbed both of our cocks the entire time and had us both jiggling a bit too.

'As much as I love kissing her, I did miss his lips a bit too.'

After another minute, his lips parted from mine. "Holy shit, she sucking my dick, Hank. Damn, she is a cocksucker," he moaned, slanting his head back and placing his hands onto my head.

I glanced down at her. "Take his big fat sausage in your mouth, Nadine."

"I love it, sexy lady," he added, positioning his hands onto his hips. "Shit, I love your step daughter, Hank. She has such elegant lips, and they feel so damn great rubbing on my cock. With all do respect: fuck you for keeping her all to yourself."

From one second to the next, she switched peckers.

"I'm not sorry, Ralph. She is too good to share, buster," I muttered, clenching my fists. "I'm doing this for her, because I love her."

She began thrusting his lips onto my manhood and I bit my lips as they were right in between my teeth. I desired to watch his face as he eyeballed her, but I couldn't force myself to. I closed my eyes and fought as much as I could not to cum too soon.

"Even though she is just stroking your pecker right now, but you still might want to make yourself not cum too soon, Ralph. She normally doesn't like it if I cum prematurely."

"You once sucked my wood for five minutes straight in college, and I didn't cum then. Granted, this is so much hotter, but I think I can hold out, fucker."

Then she switched cocks.

"Then why are you shaking so much and breathing so heavily? Is she getting the better of you now?" I wondered.


"Good," I moaned before I took a deep breath.

She continued to alternate dongs for a couple minutes as we both were just enjoying the pleasure the best we could.

"I love this beautiful woman more than anyone else in the world."

"Even your wife?"

I bit my tongue for a moment as I stared at him. Meanwhile, I felt her movements halt, and then she stood up with me.

She placed both of her palms onto my shoulders. "Do you love me more than my mom?"

"It certainly is a valid theory, Nadine. Why else would we be having so much sex? Whenever both your mom and Ted are gone, we're usually having sex," I explained, putting my hands onto her butt. "Maybe we're just sparking some real feelings that aren't directly related to sex," I said, prior to kissing her.

"That is a good theory, Hank. I have logged in a lot of hours with your cock inside me. You've easily doubled all my past boyfriends combined," she let me know before she kissed me.

We made out for a moment before our lips parted. "You're bitchier, but sweeter too."

Then he came right up to us and placed palms onto both of our butt cheeks. "If I didn't know any better, Hank, I'd say you had a major thing for her."

"Maybe," I replied, looking into her eyes. "A big thing."

"Do you want to suck some dick with me?" she giggled.

"I could do that."

"Meet you down there," she told me before she dropped to her knees.

She instantly leaned towards his rod and took it right in her mouth. I just viewed the hot action for a moment and my mouth opened widely.

"Holy shit, she really knows how to suck a dick," he moaned before he seized my right hand. "Come on, get down there with your seductive step daughter. I'm sure she seduced you into fucking her."

"Maybe," I answered before I kissed him.

We made out for a few seconds before his lips parted. "You haven't lost your touch."

"I know," I replied, prior to dropping down with her.

She let his cock fall out. "Suck on his fat schlong."

I instantly took his pecker into my mouth and went all the way back.

"Fuck yes, my sexy ex boyfriend, that's my entire eight inch johnson," he moaned, bringing his hands to my head. "Suck it and make me cum right in front of her. I want to see all the white shit you can make come out," he let out, caressing my head.

"I do too, Hank. I had no idea you had a boyfriend before, but I'm so glad you told me."

I began thrusting my mouth a little bit on it, only going about two inches back and forth towards the center. I opened my left eye and peeked right at her.

"Do you like viewing me play with my pussy as I watch you give your ex a blow job?"

I nodded a bit and smiled too. We all maintained our positions for a few moments as everyone pleasured each other. Then I closed my eyes again and placed my palms flat on the floor.

"Yes, pace yourself to make Ralph have to shoot his load. It'll certainly please me to see him shoot all over your face."

My eyebrows went down and I shook my head no.

"Fine," she said before she smooched my cheek. "Let him soak your chest, and then you can watch me lick it all off you. Do you like the sound of that?"

I nodded quickly a few times, took a deep breath through my nose and began thrusting my mouth a little quicker.

"Fuck yes, my sweet and loving friend, suck as quickly as you can. I never stopped loving you, now you are making me tingle a bit. I'm sweating my ass off and I think my schlong is as hard a rock, Hank. Yes, cheat on that hussy with your step daughter watching."

"That's my mom, asshole!" she roared before she slapped his ass.

"Sorry, Nadine," he moaned, strained.

She stood up with him. "Just don't let it happen again, I might be screwing her husband, but she is still my mom," she informed him, prior to kissing him.

"I understand, and BTW, you have lovely breasts."

"Go ahead," she offered, snatching his hands and placing them on her tits. "Feel them."

I peeked up at him and his eyes widened. "Damn, they feel so much better than I ever imagined. Shit, I'm gonna pop, Hank."

I immediately evicted his pecker and leaned my chest to it. "Douse my chest, Ralph."

She took his johnson in her hand and stroked it ever so quickly for a few seconds. "Are you gonna shoot, Ralph? Are you gonna let your white stuff off the leash now?"

"Yes," he moaned, breathing heavily.

Then his wood let loose and fired his steaming hot seed right onto my chest. She kept it aimed right at the same place, and didn't let it move, even as he was twitching. After he was done, my chest was completely drenched and the cum was drizzling down onto my stomach too.

"Oh, let me get all that for you," she offered, getting down onto her knees.

She leaned towards my chest and began licking all of his seed off.

"Oh, that's good, Nadine," I let out, placing my hands onto her head.

"No kidding," he agreed, lowering himself to his knees.

I watched him grab his member and align it with her cherry.

"Oh, fuck me," she moaned, lifting her head up. "That's a big cock, Ralph. It feels so much bigger in my twat, than it did in my mouth."

"Thank you," he answered, putting his hands onto her butt.

"I love you so much, step daddy," she confessed before she kissed me.

I saw him watching us and slowly thrusting his rod. "Lucky bastard," he mouthed.

I placed my hands onto her bosoms and she wrapped both of her hands around my junk. "He does have a nice dick to suck on," she mentioned, before she leaned within only a couple inches of my left ear. "Although, I love your cock so much more, Hank," she whispered before leaned down to my schlong.

She took it right into her mouth and my body immediately felt like a cold feeling going through out my body. My cock felt her somewhat cool and wet lips on it and my body immediately felt to be transformed. As if every bone in my body was broken, but then they suddenly healed.

I kept my eyes right on her the whole time. 'Oh, this is so bad, yet so good. I'm fucking in love with my wife's daughter, how can that be? How can I ever get out of this without causing a huge shit storm?' I thought, caressing her head again.

I slanted my head back. 'The pleasure seems to be more than just pleasure, it is something else. She is putting so much enthusiasm into my blow job: increasing speed, not using too much teeth, but using a lot of tongue. If I didn't know any better, I'd say she was in love with me too.'

"Yeah, take my giant cock inside your pussy, Nadine. I know it is big, but you can handle it, can't you?" he questioned before he began thrusting his dick a little bit faster.

The results of that immediately showed as she slowed down her thrusts.

"Hey, this is my beyond beautiful girlfriend, that just happens to be my step daughter, so be nice."

"You said we could both have some fun with her, remember?" he questioned, putting his hands up.

I just lied down on my back. She failed to let my pecker even exit her mouth, she just kept it in there and arched her back.

"Oh, that's my girl," I moaned, closing my eyes.

In that position, her thrusts picked back up. I didn't look back at him, but he seemed unphased. On the floor, I instantly felt all the perspiration on it. I had my heart beating ever so quickly again and I was sure was getting close to her goal.

"Oh, now you have my whole figure shaking a bit, dare I ask: are you trying to make me cum, Nadine?"

She failed to reply, but suddenly he pulled out. "Shit, I'm shooting now."

I saw him, but not his face. She didn't let anything distract her from sucking the life out of my cock.

"I'm gonna cum on your ass now, Nadine."

"Fuck, I'm gonna blast now too, sweetie," I moaned, letting my face go back and forth.

She let my schlong out. "Douse your girlfriend's face," she commanded me, stroking my dick.

"I'm already doing it to your ass."

Then I performed the same naughty deed, but on a different body part. I seemed to last a little longer, even though he started before me. I shot five shots of my seed onto her beautiful face.

I took an extra deep exhale. "Holy shit, sweetheart, you are definitely more than a woman, you are like some kind of supernatural sexual being, only better," I moaned, stretching out.

After a moment, she placed one kiss onto my lips and helped me up. "I think you should make love to me now, boyfriend," she suggested, prior to getting back on the bed.

I got right on top of her and stuck my manhood right into her snatch. "Thank you for the suggestion," I let out, thrusting my rod.

"Hey, what about me?"

We both peeked at him.

"Well, no one said you had to be involved all day, just watch us make love for a few minutes, Ralph."

"No, fuck that, Hank!" he groaned, stomping his feet. "You fucked up, you are in love with her," he pointed out, grabbing his clothes. "Admit it!"

"Maybe a little bit, but you don't have to leave," I told him, rising up slightly.

"No, but I do," he said, putting his shirt back on. "I've met Quinn many times before and she is a wonderful woman. Why you felt it necessary to have sex with her daughter, I don't know, but I'm not about to be instrumental in breaking you two up."

"Fine, go!" she yelled. "I need a real man to fuck me. One that keep things calm when they need to be calm," she pointed out, flipping him the bird. "That's not you."

"Well, fuck you too, Nadine! Have fun screwing up their marriage," he whined before he left.

After a few seconds of comprehending what just happened, we peeked at each other. "Damn, that was so hot, angel. I fucking love you so much, I think we're just fucked up together now."

"I knew you'd like that, so make sweet love to me now and make sure you don't forget to kiss me a lot too."

I kissed her and began making love to her again. 'He is right, son of a bitch,' I thought, falling even more in love with my step daughter.