My Last Client (Part 3)

He bent her over her desk. Then he kneeled down behind her. Not touching her at first, just slowly breathing so she could feel his breath on her clit and ass, waiting for her anticipation to build

She could feel her heart beat. She wanted his tongue inside her, deep inside her, but nothing. Then he started slowly licking her from her clitoris to her anus. Very slowly flicking his pointed tongue when he landed on either. Not enough for her to cum, just enough to drive her crazy with lust.

As her desire rose she said, “fuck my cunt with your tongue”!

He did not respond, he just kept slowly licking, from her clit to her asshole and back again.

She loved his tongue on her clit but as her anticipation grew, his tongue on her asshole drove her completely insane. She began to moan, loud. This only made Tomasso want to tease her that much more.

He started concentrating on her asshole, licking around her anus then slowly inserting his tongue. She yelled and started to buck back and forth. She begged him to make her cum.

“Please, I will do anything you want me to do”, she moaned.

“Anything?”, he said.

“Yes”, she yelled, “Make me fucking cum!”

"Will you suck my cock in the parking lot, outside this building"? He said.

As he asked he licked her clit again.

"Fuck, Yes! I will do anything you want", She said.

"Ok, will suck my cock outside and I am going to cum in your mouth. Do you agree"? He said.

He knew she was so horny, he could get her to do anything he wanted. He was very happy with himself.

She said, "Yes, anything"!

He liked to be in control and he liked to control people. She was under his control and he was very turned on.

He started licking her clit faster, occasionally licking her ass as well. This drove her mad.

She pleaded, "Make me cum, I promise I will make it worth your while." He started licking faster. He inserted two fingers inside her hole and rhythmically started fucking her with his fingers and bringing her to climax with his tongue. She tensed up, moaning louder until she yelled. She started to convulse.

"Put your monster cock inside my cunt", She said.

He obliged, but he wanted her to be horny when she was giving him his blowjob. So after she was completely satisfied and his cock was soaked with her pussy juice. He pulled out and held her ass tight, so she could not resist and inserted his cock inside her ass. She tensed up right away. If he had not held her ass tight he feared she would have pulled off. He heard her say "no..", but not very convincingly. She slowly started grinding into his cock. He smiled as he fucked her ass slowly at first then increasing his rhythm. He couldn't wait to cum in her mouth and all over her.

She was getting very horny again, he could tell because he could feel his balls getting soaked as they slapped on her clitoris. He slowed down and pulled his cock out of her asshole. She shuddered.

She said, “My ass is killing me.”

“You seemed to like it while I was fucking it”, he said.

“Oh I liked it, I would have liked to feel you fill me up with your cum. I like when I can feel it spurt in my ass,” she said.

“All in good time”, he said. He smiled a wicked smile.

“I am going to get cleaned up. You are going to take off your blouse and only keep on your bra. You can keep your skirt on. Put your jacket over top. I want to see your beautiful tits as I fuck your mouth.” He said.

He left to go to the bathroom.

What the fuck did she get herself into, she thought. She could not control herself around this guy. She was about to go into an alleyway and suck his cock right around the corner from where she worked. Anyone could see her. The worst part was She was looking forward to being treated like a whore. It was making her wet just thinking about it.

He came back from the washroom. He smelled and looked great.

“Go downstairs and I will meet you in the alleyway, take your jacket off when you’re there. I want you looking as sexy as possible”, he said.

“A deal is a deal”, She said.

She could feel her pussy get wet as she walked down the hall, down the elevator and around the corner into the alley. She took her jacket off; she thought she must have looked like a prostitute. She admitted to herself, she did look smoking hot.

He walked into the alleyway. Fuck he was gorgeous, she thought.

“How much for a blowjob and to cum in your mouth?” He said.

“$50”, She said. He took out $50 from his wallet and handed it over to her. This game was turning her on, another one of her fantasies.

She placed the money between her breast and her bra and put her jacket on the floor, she got on her knees unfastened his belt and pulled his pants down to his knees. He was rock hard.

No matter how many times she saw his cock she was always surprised at how thick and large it was. She started on the head. It was her turn to be in control. She licked the underside of his cock head where she knew it was most sensitive. She took the whole head into my mouth and started slowly sucking up and down on it. Her tongue going over his sensitive area. She started playing with his balls as well.

He said, “No hands”

She started taking him down her throat. Slowly bobbing on his cock at first and then gradually picking up the pace. She wanted to suck his balls a bit so she took his cock out of her mouth. He moaned. She started licking down the shaft of his cock until she got to his balls. She put one in her mouth and played with it with her tongue. Then she took in the other one. She licked behind them between his asshole and his balls. That got him very excited. She could see a drop of cum dripping from his cock head. She licked up the shaft until she licked it off.

She continued giving him head. She wanted to make him explode with a fantastic orgasm. She used her fingers at the tip of his cock getting as much of his pre-cum on her finger as she could. She rubbed it on her lips, he liked what he saw.  She started sucking his cock again slowly bobbing on his cock. He was getting very excited. He started grabbing the back of her head and fucking her mouth hard. He picked up the pace.

It was time to make him explode. She started going up and down on his cock again this time a lot faster. He grabbed her head again and starting to pound her mouth. She felt him get harder and then tense up. He was going to cum. She put her pre-cum soaked index finger up his ass. This sent him over the top. He came with a force she wasn’t expecting. Her mouth filled with his cum. It exploded out the sides of her mouth and all over her skirt and bra.

He pulled out his cock and starting jerking off all over her. She couldn’t believe the amount of cum. It was everywhere on her. She was proud of herself.

He was exhausted breathing very heavy, trying to catch his breath. She licked and sucked out whatever cum was left on his cock.

“Worth the fifty bucks”, she said.

“I’m giving you a big tip”, he went into his wallet and gave her another $100.

“For a $150 I would have done you and a friend” She smiled.

“In time”, he said.

She was tingling again.

“I can tell you were very excited by the way you lapped up my cum. Now go to your husband and let him do whatever he wants to you” he said.

“Bye,” he said. And left me in the alley and walked away.

She walked back to her car, her cum dripping between her legs.

She never felt so sexy, she never felt so alive.