Weekend Rush

Info SexyKaty
02 Jun. '17

Stacy chuckled, examining the muscular man she was hoping to have the best night in years with. He walked with grace, as his curly hair shone underneath the light as did his backside which had an attractive look as he walked up the stairs.

Stacy had no idea how things would transpire, so she thought of having a shower first.

“I’d be with you in a minute. I need to have a bath”, she explained, disappearing into the bathroom.

John looked around the room, to the view of scented candles, roses scattered all over the bed and on the floor, with the air fuelled with sexual desire than he had ever seen. He felt the softness of the silk sheets before lighting his face with a smile. He had the feeling he was about having the night of his life.

Stacy had just turned the shower on, stepping underneath it as the cold water drizzled down her body in quick flow, paying no attention to the bathroom blinds sliding open, until the feel of warm hands cupped her big breasts from behind.

She gasped in breath at the feel of his body around her, engulfing her in totality, as he bent over to run kisses on her neck, with his breath warming her skin underneath the cold shower. She could swear she was about having some sexually driven heart attack, as she felt him harden with his penis probing hard against her back.

With muffled moans, and heavy breath, Stacy turned around to the sight of a body so fit in shape; she wanted him penetrating her there and then without having getting fully turned on. Running down his chest was a beautifully inked job of an angel’s wing.

Taking his hand off her breasts momentarily, he held her face in commanding grip, which seemed to further turn Stacy on than she had been in a while. She loved the fact he was dominant, as he parted his lips to lock it with hers, sending trembles down her spine, and almost buckling her knees while she stood.

They kissed passionately for the next minute, with a mix of wildness in it. His tongue probed around her mouth, with their tongues sticking together before occasionally going apart for their lips to continue the heart melting kisses.

She could swear her loins were getting lit, as she felt for his penis underneath with her hands. The size of his cock alone sent further gasps through her mouth, as it was the biggest in width, as well as the longest she had ever come to feel. Her hands could hardly get a full grip around it, as he slowly pushed her head down his chest, kissing it along the way before coming to a halt in front of the mighty third leg.

Without further invitation, she plunged the huge manhood into her mouth, teasing the cap with soft licks, before beginning to bob away at the full thing in continuous oscillation. She could hear John’s breath thicken underneath the running shower, just before he pulled her up, lifted her underneath his well-built arms just enough for her body to be above his manly part in totality.

Her legs wrapped around his waist as he held her underneath her shoulder, he slowly drove himself into her already swollen vulva begging for the mercy of his penis. It was like heaven had fallen upon her private part, as the mighty penis penetrated her wet underside, bringing with it ecstatic moan and sweet pain from the size of it.

“Make me beg for more”, she found herself moaning in words.

“I intend upon doing that”, John replied kissing her as she bobbed up and down on his penis as her legs remained wrapped around his masculine body in the abdominal area. Her breasts pressed hard against his chest, with her mind occupied with nothing else but the sexually captivating prowess of the man she had in her grasp.

Within minutes, she had begun screaming atop her voice, without being able to control what parted her lips in words. John worked his magic into her, leading to explosive grunts and moans without end. He put her down, gently crouching with her left leg held high against the tiled wall, while the other remained grounded.

Clasping his mouth around her clitoris, he heard her swear and curse in graceful words at the same time. She was losing it, and he was glad she was. It was the exact thing he had wanted, as he made certain to run his tongue wildly against her clitoris, feeling her realizing copious amount of vagina juice into his mouth.

“I want you… Please, I want you”, she came crying once more, as John complied, her leg remaining high against the tiled wall, he drove himself into her from a much better angle of entry, as the loud scream from a satisfied Stacy travelled around the house.

He finally came to his climax, releasing in warmness inside of her before they exited the shower. Stacy felt glad within, thinking it was all and done, just before he carried her in his masculine arms and headed back down the stairs towards the diner.

She looked down at his penis to find the gentleman upright with no intent of going down. She was in for the day of her life, as he set her upon the dining table, legs parted, and bare breasted as her stone hardened nipples stared at the ceiling while their master’s vagina got pierced one more time by the gigantic cock she had fed on just a few minutes before.

In slow alternation between slow and fast stroke, John worked himself tenderly between her legs, feeling a cup of her attention seeking breasts with one hand while the other guided her waist in the right direction towards his stiffened cock.

Her body stiffened every time he went inside her,, with her lips curling into one of appreciation amidst the words that had no meaning she muttered every time. Slowly rising up, she lifted her back away from the glass feel of the dining table to savor every moment as well as see the fire burn within her partner’s eyes.

He intended to make her want him to the point she won’t be able to keep begging. He knew his way around any woman’s body, and he intended upon sharing that knowledge with Stacy’s.

It was to be a weekend like no other for her, as they had sex everywhere around and in the house; from the kitchen to the living room, right on the expensive table her husband bought from China, to the final time in her car just before she went to drop him at home by Sunday end.