Mystery Bra....

Info Roy_Tic
04 Feb. '16

“Do you think we will get confirmed seat, since its Diwali time?” Radhika inquired as we boarded the train. We were going to Gwalior to attend Montu’s wedding. It was actually the reception (a party trown by Groom's parent) as they had already got married in Delhi, against their parent’s wishes. But all is well that ends well, their parents are finally happy for them. 

“Can’t say for sure but let’s hope we get one and anyway we have two RAC seats (sleeper seats to be shared by two passenger) and its just an overnight journey!!” I replied back. She was anxious as our RAC seats were in different compartments but I talked to my co-passanger and he agreed to exchange. At least, we can be on the same berth now to her relief and my delight. 

Radhika and I were buddies since college time but were not in touch for more than a year now. We had a lot to catch up, so we decided to spend the whole night talking as anyway it was not possible for both of us to sleep on the same berth. We hopped on our side lower berth and sat facing each other in a single blanket that the attendant had provided. The curtain gave us a little privacy not being disturbed by nearby activities and noise. Our legs were folded avoiding any accidental touch. I wonder sometimes, how a gap of a year or two brings so much of awkwardness between two people. But then she has always been like this, taking time to open up. 

It’s been an hour since the train left the station. I noticed, Radhika had become a little chubby and her lips even more red. Her even bigger boobs were constantly demanding my attention which I was avoiding with a great effort. She was wearing a red kurta with black leggings. These clothings are comfortable for a train journey. I was also wearing a tee and a three-fourth. She was hiding her otherwise exposed cleavage with her medium length straight black hair but in spite of her efforts her cleavage showed up every now and then. :p  I don’t know why it didn’t occur to her to button her kurta. I was could feel as if her eyes were saying a lot to mine in private to what we were already talking verbally. I was wondering what would be the color of her bra and I was hoping to get a glimpse of a black strap. In my opinion nothing could look better than a black color for her bra but God knows what was lying beneath. And the top of all this, she was wearing some deodorant from KS but I can’t recall the exact flavor. I had already noticed her red nail paint on her not so thin fingers which were hypnotizing me. I was wondering what would those fingers would look like at different places and my mouth was constantly watering to lick them. WTF!! I need to stop all these weird thoughts. Right Now!!

We reached Ghazibad in an hour, the train was a little behind the schedule but it would cover up. She wanted tea so, I got down to get the tea. When I got back, she had stretched her legs in a corner. She told me she was tired and that I should also stretch mine. Thank God!! I was dying to stretch as my blood has been blocked in a part. Such a relief! She told me she has been walking all day and had she been at home, her mom would have given a good foot massage. I was quick to inform, that I was also an expert in the area and she could confirm that from Soha. "WTF!! Did I really say this? I must have sounded desperate and cheap!!", I scolded myself. Oh, by the way, Soha has been my girlfriend since an year. “Dude, if I confirm it from Soha she will kill me on the phone itself!! But still, I will give you chance to prove yourself. Just for the foot massage, it badly needs one. But don’t get ideas!!” Radhika surprised me! And to which I dared to take one more step. “Even I had been walking all day and that too in formal shoes but never mind, I will manage!” Radhika surprised me again this time “OK, OK! Stop showing your puppy face, I will give you a foot massage too. But you better give me a good one!!” 

Oh, she has such a soft skin there on her foot. I was just scared that my immoral thoughts are not communicated through her skin but then suddenly she tickled in my sole startling me and giggled. I responded to her similarly tickling her foot. We kept talking and massaging and teasing each other for some time and then finally I gathered the courage and asked her, “Why don’t you keep my feet in your lap so that it would be easier for you?”. She smiled lightly at me and followed my advice. What’s happening? Why are the Gods smiling on me all of a sudden!? Then put her foot on my thighs without asking her. Her thighs were so warm I could feel the heat and so soft and little plump. I couldn’t wait more, I put her legs in between mine and vice-versa. She didn’t object. I rubbed her foot and legs. With my foot I rubbed her closed thighs and also pressing her boobs lightly. I could feel the half erect nipples. She then put my foot inside her kurta and also keeping her thighs tightly closed. Oh God! It was so soft and velvety inside, my penis suddenly increased many fold in girth and length. She must have felt it that’s why she pressed my penis with her foot and smiled at me too. I was rubbing her abdomen with my foot and then tried to massage her navel. I could see her anxious, exciting looking face making me even more aroused. She then unhooked her bra. I lifted her bra with my foot. Oh, what an awesome feeling!! I pressed her boobs with my foot and in the process her hard nipple was being rubbed. I couldn’t help but I opened my mouth for a sigh of contentment as if I was flying. She was signaling me to pull my pant down by trying to push it down with her ankle. I pulled it down. She then rubbing my penis and around it.

Now I moved my leg down, this time her thighs were separated. I started rubbing her thighs with my foot and then suddenly she pulled my leg and put it right between her legs. It was so soft!! I rubbed it like crazy, sometimes with my toe and sometime with ankle. I could see her moaning. She made sure not to make noise but her breath was heavy. I also signaled to pull her pants down in the same way she had signaled me. She pulled it down and pulled her legs towards me so that we were in reach of each other easily. She without loosing a moment grabbed my penis. I touched her untrimmed pubic hair and combed it for a moment. I moved my fingers further down. It was all wet. Dripping wet. I ran the backside of my index finger on the lips of her vagina. She was getting very restless. So restless that holding my penis tight and pulling it towards her. I then, inserted my index finger in her vagina and then my middle finger. I moved it slowly in and out controlling our breath and sound so that the uncle upstairs doesn’t wake up. She was also rubbing my penis slowly. Then finally when we couldn’t control anymore, I moved my finger faster and faster. She was done in next five minutes. But I couldn’t find the color of her bra. I guess, some things always remain mystery.